3D By Dan Shelley

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3-D Galaxy
3-D Hollywood
3-D Look at Oceans, A
3-D Look at Outer Space, A
3-D Movies : A History and Filmography of Stereoscopic Cinema by R.M. Hayes
3-D Outrageous Reptiles
3-D Planet : The World As Seen Through Stereograms
3-D Sem-Atlas of Insect Morphology : Heteroptera/With 3-D Glasses
3-D Star Maps : A View of the Universe in Three Dimensions
3-D Wings : Fabulous Flying Machines
3D Magic Portfolio
3D Model Recognition from Stereoscopic Cues
Adventures in 3-D
Adventures in Virtual Reality
Aerial Stereo : Photographs
Amazing 3-D
Amphibians and Reptiles in 3-D
An Album of Stereographs : Or, Our Country Victorious and Now a Happy Home
From the Collections of William Culp Darrah and Richard Russack
Anatomy of the Temporal Bone With Surgical Implications/Book and Viewmaster Reels
Anthony : The Man, the Company, the Cameras
Another Dimension
Another Dimension Presents...Stereographic Magic - by Bohdan Petyhyryez
Another Dimension 2 - The Big Book/High-Difinition 3D.
Astonishing Stereoscope, The
Astronomy : Journey to the Cosmic Frontier/Book and 3-D Glasses
Atlas of Stereoscopic Aerial Photographs and Remote Sensing Imagery of North America : Aerial Photographs/Instructors Supplement
Baseball Thrills 3-D - by Ray Zone
BBC Walking with Prehistoric Beasts: 3D Beasts
Beneath the Sea in 3-D
Betty Page 3-D Picture Book, The - by Ray Zone
Betty Page Captured Jungle Girl 3-D - by Ray Zone
Big Trucks and Diggers in 3-D
Boo Goes There? (Screamin 3-D)
Boris Vallejo's 3D Magic
Brewster and Wheatstone on Vision
Bugs in 3-D
California in Depth : A Stereoscopic History
Cartes De Visite in Nineteenth Century Photography
Civil War in Depth : History in 3-D, The
Civil War in Depth, Volume II, The
Clinical dermatology of small animals: a stereoscopic presentation
Clinical gonioscopy; a text and stereoscopic atlas
Clinicopathologic correlation of ocular disease : a text and stereoscopic atlas
Collectible View-Master: An Illustrated Reference and Value Guide
Collector's Guide to Early Photographs
Complete Book of Holograms : How They Work and How to Make Them, The
Creepy Crawlies : 6 Amazing Holograms Bring Insects, Spiders, and Miollusks to Life!
Creepy Crawlies in 3-D!/With 3-D Glasses
Death at Sea; A Murder Mystery in 3-D
Differential diagnosis of intraocular tumors; a stereoscopic presentation
Dinosaurs (Screamin 3-D)
Do You See What I See?: 3D Christmas Surprises from the Magic Eye: 3D Illusions
Double exposure; early stereographic views of historic Monmouth County, New Jersey, and their relationship to pioneer photography
Dr. Skincrawl's Creepy Creatures (Screamin 3-D)
Eadweard Muybridge and the Photographic Panorama of San Francisco, 1850-1880
Flatlands : Stereo Pictures
Food Fright (Screamin 3-D)
Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema - by Lenny Lipton
Galapagos in 3-D
Ghost Night : An Adventure in 3-D
Ghost Pirate : A Spirited Hologram Book, The
Ghost Train : A Spooky Hologram Book
Godzilla Saves America : A Monster Showdown in 3-D
Greatest Battles : Screamin' 3-D (Star Wars), The
Holography MarketPlace 1st edition
Holography MarketPlace (3rd Ed)
Holography MarketPlace 4th edition
Holography Marketplace (6th Ed)
Human Engineering in Stereoscopic Viewing Devices
Humongous Book of Dinosaurs, The
Insects and Spiders (Eye-To-Eye Series)
Iowa Stereographs : Three-Dimensional Visions of the Past
Jim Pomeroy, 3-D photos : January 9-January 31, 1981, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, New York
Jurassic Park : Raptor Attack
Kingdom of Giants : An Amazing 3-D View of the Prehistoric World
La photographie au Salon de 1859 and La photographie & Le stéréoscope
Lasers and Holography : An Introduction to Coherent Optics
Making three-dimensional pictures
Management of diabetic retinopathy: a stereoscopic presentation
Monsters; Hologram World
Neuroanatomy: 3D-Stereoscopic Atlas of the Human Brain (With CD-ROM)
Neuroradiologic anatomy; a stereoscopic atlas
Night for a Fairy Ball (Screamin 3-D)
Night in the Dinosaur Graveyard, A
Ocular Photocoagulation : A Stereoscopic Atlas
Outrageous 3-D Big Bugs
Outrageous 3-D Dangerous Creatures
Paris in 3D: From the Stereoscope to Virtual Reality 1850-2000
Peepshow: 1950s Pin-Ups in 3-D
Photographing In 3-D
Points of view, the stereograph in America : a cultural history
Practical Stereoscopic Fundus Examination
Old Key West in 3-D
Reel 3-D Enterprises' Guide to the Nimslo 3D Camera
Scaly and Slimy in 3-D!
Scooby-Doo and the Creepy Carnival (Scooby-Doo 3-D Storybook , No 1)
Scooby-Doo and the Creepy Carnival (Scooby-Doo 3-D Storybook , No 2)
Selected Attempts at Stereoscopic Moving Pictures and Their Relationship to the Motion Pictures Technology 1852-1903
Snakes and Lizards (3-D Focus on Nature)
Stereo-Realist Manual
Stereo Realist Camera Repair Manual
Stereo Views: An Illustrated History and Price Guide - NEW VERSION 2002
Stereo Views; An Illustrated History and Price Guide - Old Version
Stereo Views - by Arthur Chandler
Stereogram Book of Contours : Illustrating Selected Landforms
Stereogram Book of Fossils
Stereogram Book of Rocks, Minerals and Gems
Stereoscope; Its History, Theory, and Construction, The
Stereoscope and Stereoscopic Photography, The
Stereocopes: The First One Hundred Years
Stereoscopic Acuity in Ocular Pursuit of Moving Objects : Dynamic Stereoscopy and Movement Parallax : Relevance to Road Safety and Occupational Medic
Stereoscopic Atlas of Macular Diseases : Diagnosis and Treatment
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications II : 25-27 February, 1991 San Jose, California
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications IV : 1-2 February 1993 San Jose, California
Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems II : 7-9 February 1995 San Jose, California
Stereoscopic Drawing: A Theory of 3-D Vision and its application to Stereoscopic Drawing
Stereoscopic Nude 1850-1930, The
Stereoscopic Phenomena of Light and Sight : A Guide to the Practice of Steoscopic Photography and Its Relations to Binocular Vision
Stereoscopic Views of the White Mountains (NOT 3D)
Stereoviews Illustrated : Fifty Early American
Through the electronic looking glass : 3-D images from a scanning electron microscope
Under the Sea in 3-D!/With 3-D Glasses
View Synthesis Using Stereo Vision
Virtual Reality/Book and 3-D Glasses
Walking with Dinosaurs: 3-D Dinosaurs
What the Butler Saw : A 3-D Saucy Bedroom Romp
Wonders of the stereoscope - by John Jones
Wild Safari in 3-D!
Wizard of Oz /With 3-D Glasses, The
World of Stereographs, The
Zap Science : A Scientific Playground in a Book


3-D book of angels - a collection.
3-D Bible Stories
3-D Night Before Christmas, The
Another Dimension 2 - The Little Book.
Best of the Sunday Comics Magic Eye.
Disney's Magic Eye : 3d Illusions.
Do You See What I See?: 3D Christmas Surprises from the Magic Eye: 3D Illusions
Endangered Species in 5-D Stereograms
Eye Illusions/Blue Cover
Eye Illusions/Green Cover
Eye Illusions/Pink Cover
Eye Illusions/Purple Cover
Eye Illusions - Space Jam - Invasion Of The Monstars
Eye Illusions - Space Jam - Revenge of the Tune Squad
Eye Illusions - Space Jam - Rabbit Rebound!
Eye Illusions - Space Jam - To the Hoops.
Garfield's Magic Eye : 3d Illusions (Magic Eye).
God's Miracle Eye : Best-Loved Bible Stories in 3-D
Henry's Gift: The Magic Eye
Holusion Art, How and Why It Works.
Kama Sutra in 3D, The
Looney Tunes' Magic Eye.
Love in 5-D Stereograms
Magic Eye
Magic Eye - A New Bag of Tricks
Magic eye - A new way of looking at the world
Magic Eye - A Book of Posters
Magic Eye II - Now You See It ... : 3d Illusions
Magic Eye - A Book of Postcards.
Magic Eye Book of Postcards II
Magic Eye Gallery - A Showing of 88 Images.
Magic Eye - The 3D Guide - A Training Manual
Magic Eye - The Amazing Spider-Man 3d Illusions.
Reach for Your Dreams in 5-D Stereograms
Sea Life in 5-D Stereograms
Stereogram Programming Techniques
Stereogram Postcard Collection
Super Stereogram
Visions of Nostradamus, The : A Magic Eye Book


Antonio Gaudí: Park Güell (1 View-Master reel)
Bruce Goff: 3 Houses (3 ViewMaster Reels - ViewMaster Included)
Bruce Goff: 3 Houses (3 ViewMaster Reels Only)
Frank Gehry: Sheet Metal (3 View-Master reels only)
Hans Scharoun: Buildings in Berlin (3 View-Master reels)
Johnson Wax: The Wright Buildings (3 View-Master reels only)


The Ultimate 3-D Collection (Haunted Castle / Alien Adventure / Encounter in the Third Dimension) - DVD (IMAX - Includes COMPLETE H3D Viewing System)
Alien Adventure DVD (3-D) (IMAX)
Haunted Castle DVD (3-D) (IMAX)
Encounter in the Third Dimension DVD (3-D) (IMAX)
The Bubble - DVD
Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare - DVD (Includes 3D ending.)
Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb - DVD
America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills in 3-D, Volume 1 - DVD
America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills 2 in 3-D - DVD
World's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills In 3-D - DVD
Comin' at Ya - DVD
Girls - Wet & Wild in 3D - DVD
Cat Women of the Moon - VHS
Robot Monster - VHS
Mask/3D - VHS
Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb - VHS
America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills in 3-D, Volume 1 - VHS
World's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills - VHS
Comin' at Ya - VHS
Girls - Wet & Wild in 3D - VHS
Hidden World: 3D Animated Stereograms VHS
Magic Insight: 3-D Stereograms - VHS
Spiders and Snakes in 3-D - VHS
Alaska 3d-Ultimate Alaskan Adventure - VHS
3-D Video Visions - V. 1: Deep Space - VHS
3-D Safari - VHS
The following are not in 3D, but were filmed that way originally:
T-Rex - Back to the Cretaceous - DVD (IMAX)
Ultimate G's - DVD
It Came from Outer Space - DVD
Creature from the Black Lagoon - DVD
Friday the 13th Part 3 - DVD
House of Wax - VHS
Kiss Me Kate - VHS
Gun Fury - VHS
Andy Warhol's Frankenstein - VHS
Jaws 3 - VHS
It Came From Outer Space - VHS
Dial M for Murder - VHS
Creature From the Black Lagoon - VHS
Friday the 13th, Part 3 - VHS