The first 3D-CD Project was compiled between October, 1997 and May, 1998. It started as an idea that I presented to the Photo-3D list about keeping an "off-line" copy of much of the stereo/3D content available on the web at the time for 2 main reasons:

1) Most people only had 28.8 modems at the time, and the idea of "surfing the web" for viewing 600+ MB of content was nearly unimaginable.

2) I had noticed that several very nice stereo/3d web sites had gone off line, and their content was essentially "lost" to the rest of us.

I started to ask everyone I could think of for permission to include their web site content on a CD for like minded folks who would like to have quicker, permament access to it. Most people/organizations readily said yes, and so I proceeded to "harvest" copies of their content, convert it as needed to make it fit into a 3D-CD structure, and the result was the first 3D-CD Project.

It is important to note that there is also a lot of content on the 3D-CD you couldn't just go out and find on the web. People liked the idea so much that they submitted other content that was not on the web, which greatly added to the "value" of this historical 3D-CD. About 90% of what is on the 3D-CD is connected to each other in a sort of super web site centered on a main menu. The other 10% or so is shareware, browsers, and browser plug-ins that are provided for convenience. Most of the shareware is not Mac compatible, but the whole 3D-CD is, and has been tested on several different Mac machines as well as a Unix machine.

Several people/organizations who granted permission for the inclusion of their content only did so if for a specific period of time, so I was only able to offer this 3D-CD for a while, and then could make no more. The only way you will be able get copies of this 3D-CD now is on the secondary market - I WILL NOT be making any more.

Here is a list of what makes up about 20,000 files which take up about 608 MB of space on the 3D-CD:

- - - - - - - -

A preview of the Bill Walton 3D-CD


3D by Dan Shelley - 3D Book List.
3D by Dan Shelley - 3D Links.
3D by Dan Shelley - 3D Clip Art. (NOT ALL ON THE WEB)
3-D Book Productions.
Many 3-D Movie Posters and Lobby Cards.
Ray '3-D' Zone - The King of 3-D Comics.
David Burder's - 3-D IMAGES LTD Site.
3D by Dalia - Lots for Sale!
Rocky Mountain Memories - Joel Alpers.
Studio 3D - Ron Labbe.
Reel-3D's site.
3D Image Technology, Inc.
Dr. Robert Leggat's History of Photography.
Funsite's "Build Your Own Stereoscope" page.
The Turing Institute's Stereoscopic Viewing page.
The Turing Institute's Stereo History page.
The Turing Institute's Stereo Photography page.
Pinhole 3D viewing aparatus.
Robert Thorpe's 3D pages - Good Stuff!
The National Stereoscopic Association Site.
The NSA, Upper Midwest Region.
Erkki Huhtamo - Armchair Traveller.
Morris Holbrook's Home Page.
Morris's Marketing & Consumer Research paper.
A paper and bibliography by Harold Layer.
Larry Belin's animated stereo window examples. (NOT ON THE WEB)
"How to make 3D-pictures by computer."
Alexander Klein's 3D-Magazin.
Stereoscopy.Com's 3D Movie Magic page.
Stereoscopy.Com's world-wide 3D Club listing.
The International Stereoscopic Union main page.
The ISU's 12th World Congress in 1999.
Instructions for subscribing to Photo-3D.
Stereoscopy.Com - The Shop - 3D Store.
The Stereoscopic Society main page.


Harry Poster's 3D Cameras & Accessories.
Ian Walker's - Dimension.Three site with .JPS images.
Shab Levy's Stereoscope & Images.
Kiewa Valley Stereo.
Sam Smith's 3D Hacker's Site.
3-D viewers, cameras and more by Hugo de Wijs.
Stereo Photography by Alan Lewis.
Greg Erker's "Tiny Home page".
Del Phillips's "Double Exposure" page.
3-D Concepts/RBT USA site.
49 images of various 3D Hardware. (NOT ON THE WEB)
49 images of various 3D Hardware. (NOT ON THE WEB)
47 images of various 3D Hardware. (NOT ON THE WEB)
52 images of miscellaneous 3D Items. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Stephen Kearney's stereo projects.
Daniel Greenhouse's equipment and images.
Stereoscopy.Com's Stereo Cameras pages.
Paul Wing's Stereoscopes The First 100 Years book.


The Complete Union Pacific Railroad collection.
A J Russell - Stereo views of the construction of the Union Pacific. Pt.1
A J Russell - Stereo views of the construction of the Union Pacific. Pt.2
A J Russell - Stereo views of the construction of the Union Pacific. Pt.3
A J Russell - Stereo views of the construction of the Union Pacific. Pt.4
A J Russell - Stereo views of the construction of the Union Pacific. Pt.5
A J Russell - Stereo views of the construction of the Union Pacific. Pt.6
John Carbutt - Stereo views of Excursion to 100th Meridian 1866.
Alfred Hart - Stereo views of the Central Pacific RR.
William H Jackson - Stereo views of the construction of the U P.
C R Savage - Stereo views from the Salt Lake City photographer.
Samples of the UCR/CMP Keystone Mast Collection.
Menu of 12 pages with over 450 Stereo Images. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various images/antique stereocards I. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images II. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images III. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images IV. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images V. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images VI. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images VII. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images VIII. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images IX. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images X. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images XI. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various antique stereocard images XII. (NOT ON THE WEB)
A menu of 3 Mars 3D sections on the 3D-CD.
Some of the NASA Pathfinder site - Pairs & Anaglyphs.
Stereoscopy.Com's Pathfinder Stereo Pairs.
Terry Blackburn's Pathfinder Anaglyphs.
Dan Shelley's enhanced 'Monster' Panorama.
3D by Dan Shelley - 3D Image Library.
3D by Dan Shelley - APEC III.
May 1997 ABC 3D TV - video and images. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Northern California in 3D - by Adam Beckerman.
Mike's 3-D World - Vital Signs band member.
Les Gehman's Pinhole & Stereo Photography site. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Gabriel Jacob's Image Experiments. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Hartmut Wettmann, Remagen (Rhein), Germany views.
3D Photos, Oil Paintings, Graphics, By Michael Kupka.
Jeffrey Kraus - Stereoviews For Sale.
Vaughn's Anaglyph SSTV (HAM Radio) Images.
Anaglyphs of Lancaster Bible College by Dan Shelley.
Jeremy Hinton's Balloning (mostly) Intranet Site. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Tim McIntyre's Stereo Cards for sale.
Eric Drysdale's Jews of the '50s in 3D.
Electron Microscopy by Philips Electron Optics.
Tom Hill's 3D page.
Titanic Movie Stereo Pairs.
Lost in Space Movie Stereo Pairs. (NOT ON THE WEB)
John Fairstein's 3-D Stereo and Holograms.
Noel Archambault's In Depth Motion Pictures. (IMAX-3D)
The Turing Institute's Anaglyph Images page.
The Turing Institute's Stereo Pairs page.
David Ruether's Stereo Photos.
Paul Enchelmayer's post hurricane Andrew pics.
Geological Survey of Canada SEM pics.
Franklin Flocks' High Speed, Grateful Dead & Beatles.
David Spahr's Maine Antique Photographica Gallery.
Asteroid Ida 3D pics by the Galileo spacecraft.
Douglass F. Taber's Stereo Molecules.
Microscopic waterorganisms in 3D!
Virtual North - Canada anaglyphs.
Aidan O'Rourke's Stereoscopic Picture Galleries.
3D Microscopy on Microscopy UK.
Bob Stern's Opera Stars in 3-D.
Robert Stein's AMAZING digital stereo pairs.
Tumble Interactive's 1996 ABC TV Shows.
Cascade Stereoscopic Club's Gallery.
Henry Chung's 3D Photo Gallery.
Tom Gleason's Earth from Space.
Frederick C. Sherfy's South Central PA views.
Martin Shalek's 2D to 3D conversions.
Steve Lodefink's 3D images.
Greg Marshall's 3D images with JPS's.
Michael Georgoff's 3D images. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Jan Groeneveld's NVvS 3D Gallery images.
Various NASA Apollo stereo images.
The NSA Holmes Stereoscopic Research Library.
Stereoviews of the 19th century - snow views.
3D Gallery by Andrew Woods.
Ian Collier's 3D photographs of Chicago.
Kevin Yee's Stereoview Trade pages.
Martin Simon's 3D images.
Bob Wier's page.
SOFTreat, home of 3D Stereo Image Factory.
Terry Blackburn's 3D Webspace.
John Toeppen's VR Collection CD JPS Samples.
Don Cameron's Flight Simulator 98 pairs. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Various anaglyphs from all over. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Photographic Society of America's Member Gallery.
Stereo Club of Southern California.
Scott Ressler's Movie related 3D pics.
The 3D parts of
Stereoscopy.Com's 3D Museum book page.
Stereoscopy.Com's Historic Stuttgart.
Parts of Stereo New England's Site.
Boris Starosta's excellent web site.
Ray Hannisian's Stereoscopic Imaging.
Harold Baize's Burning Man 3-D page.
Stereoskopklubben - Danish Stereo Society.
3-D Beauty web magazine - Issue #1.
New 3D Media World.
A collection of 70 stereo pairs from Brian Phillips.
Anaglyphss from Newsgroups.
7 Stereo Cards submitted by Van. (NOT ON THE WEB)
A few varied stereo pairs. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Small Pulfrich sample from German TV. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Some of Katsuhide Namai's stereo pairs.


Wolfgang & Mary Ann Sell's ViewMaster Site.
Michael Levine's Australian ViewMaster/3-D Page.
3D by Dan Shelley - VTCA Page.
Jeff Jessee's ViewMaster/3-D Page.
Paul Enchelmayer's reprint of a VM essay.
Diane Leigh Davison's 3D site section.
Tom Martin's VTCA site.
Shojo's ViewMaster site.
Van Beydler's ViewMaster site. (Contains extra "hidden")
Stereoscopy.Com's Tru-Vue pages.


Collected ASCII Stereograms. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Collected Stereograms/Sirds/SIS's. (NOT ON THE WEB)
Vern's SIRDS gallery.
The Turing Institute's SIRDS page.
Stuart Inglis's Stereogram FAQ.
The Magic Eye site.


Chromatek's Home Page.
High Resolution Bathymetry in Chromadepth.
Honeycomb cereal NoogleVision 3D box art. (NOT ON THE WEB)

PHOTO-3D ARCHIVES (Through 5/20/98)

Entire Photo-3D Archives in one directory.
Photo-3D Archive Digests (1-999).
Photo-3D Archive Digests (1000-1999).
Photo-3D Archive Digests (2000-2738).
Entire Sell-3D Archives.
Entire Stereo Digital-3D Archives.
Entire Tech-3D Archives.
Windows 95 Explorer search instructions. (NOT ON THE WEB)


A few Netscape browsers
Mac Search program you can try out...
Windows 95 Search program you can try out...
3D Photo Factory - Special 3D-CD Version (NOT ON THE WEB)
3D Fun & Magic
3D Gravity 1.2
3D Maker 1.0
3D Stuff
Sirtser v.1
Custom Stereograms v.1.1
Dimensia 3D
Flydemo (NOT ON THE WEB)
Paint Shop Pro v.3.11
Paint Shop Pro v.4.14
3D Stereo Image Factory
SIRDS_16.SCR screen saver
SIRDS_32.SCR screen saver
Canopus 3D Photo Editor
WinSIRDS 4.5 (16-bit)
WinSIRDS 4.5 (32-bit)
WinSIRDS 4.1
And, for Mac's only, there are two other ones:
Stella Obscura