The Bill Walton 3D-CD Project contains a historical collection of over 1,000 modern stereoviews presented as both stereo pairs and as anaglyphs. The backs of each stereoview are also presented to document what is contained in the 3-D image on each.

If you have ever been involved in the Photo-3D e-mail list, or a member of the National Stereoscopic Association, the Photographic Society of America, or the Stereoscopic Society of America for any length of time, chances are that you have already heard of Bill Walton. Bill is a champion of the stereo photography cause, and quite the prolific stereo photographer.

Several years ago Bill created a book, "BACK TO BASICS: INFANTRY ONE STATION UNIT TRAINING IN 3-D." This book contains 75 black & white stereo pairs of today's infantry soldiers' initial training at Fort Benning, Georgia. This CD includes many more images that were taken during the creation process of this book.

This new 3D-CD Project includes images and information about:

  • Infantry Basic Training from Bill's book - Back to Basics
  • Celebrity stereographs (about 100)

    (Tiger Woods a few years back.)

  • Miscellaneous military stereographs including Vietnam Memorials, Helicopters
    and Ranger and Airborne Training
  • A collection of miscellaneous stereographs
  • Stereographs of Bill's Trip to Japan
  • Stereographs of Bill's Trip to Rochester NY & Niagara Falls
  • Flensburg, Germany stereographs
  • Arkansas stereographs
  • Georgia stereographs
  • Several years of Walton Christmas card stereographs
  • Stereographs from various others involved in the various stereo activities Bill participates in:
    - from old SSA members, from the SSA archives
    - from Dick Twichell & Bill Patterson representing the SSA
    - from Shab Levy and Klaus Kemper representing the North America-Germany
    Stereo Card Circuit.
    - from Stan White representing the PSA
    - from Walter Dubronner representing the ISU Stereo Card Circuit
    - from Craig Daniels who does masterful conversions of mono (2D) images to
    stereo (3D) images

    Walter Dubronner Sample
    Klaus Kemper Sample
    Shab Levy Sample
    Dick Twichell Sample
    Walter Dubronner
    Klaus Kemper
    Shab Levy
    Dick Twichell
    Bill Walton Sample
    Stan White Sample
    Craig Daniels Sample
    Dan Shelley Sample
    Bill Walton
    Stan White
    Craig Daniels
    Dan Shelley

    The Bill Walton 3D-CD Project originally sold for $35.00 US, but remaining copies have been reduced to $15.00 US.