The 2003D-CD EXPO Project contains over 1,200 modern stereo images by the following contributors: Keith Angus, David Arthur, Ron Beck, John Billingham, Mike Bittner, Richard W. Black, Fritz M. Brown's, Larry Byrd, Bob Clark, Bob Curtis, Shahrokh Dabiri, Tom Dory, Walter Dubronner, Jim Dusen, Todd Eifert, Rolf Eipper, Larry Ferguson, Jose Carlos Fernandez, Michael Galazin, Les Gehman, Thom Gillam, John Goodman, Clement Gosselin, Dennis Green, Dennis Hanser, Jim Harp, John Hart, John E. Hart, Dwight C. Harvey, Steve Hughes, Andrew Hurst, Bernard Jacobs, Ralph Johnson (w/some Paul Wing), Harold Kaiman, Franz Kaslatter, Mark Kernes, David W. Kesner, Ken Kovar, Ron Labbe, David Lee, Kenneth Luker, Robert MacLeay, Martha McCann, Michael McEachern, Eric Miner, Dorothy Mladenka, Linda Nygren, Don Parks, Joe Pedoto, Don Radovich, Ernie Rairdin, Wladyslaw Reksc, Brian Reynolds, Harry Richards, Marshall Rubin, Peter Schnehagen, Takashi Sekitani, Mary Ann Sell, Dan Shelley, Martin Simon, Dave Spacey, Boris Starosta, Stuart Stiles, Elliott Swanson, George Themelis, Richard Van Hessel, Juan Voutssas, Ian Walker, Bill C. Walton, Egon Weiss, Luebeck, Dennis Wiens, Walter Wolff, Ken Wright, Akio Yuda, Holger Ziegler, & Ray Zone.

Each 3D-CD comes with a prismatic Stereo Viewer (Lorgnette) with a fold-down nose bridge like the ones that came with the Hollywood 3-D book. These are much nicer than the lorgnettes included with previous 3D-CDs. They will also come with a new pair of red/cyan anaglyph glasses so you can see the few anaglyphs sprinkled around the 3D-CD and on it's label!

Here are a few random samples from the 2003D-CD EXPO:

(Samples shown here in cross-eye format.)

"Wild Phlox" by Richard W. Black

"Shadows" by Shahrokh Dabiri

"A Ruthless Innocent" by John Goodman

"Wait For Us!" by Dennis Hanser

"World Trade Center Globe" by Harold Kaiman

"Bee On Pink Flower" by David Kesner

"Eagles of NY" by Ron Labbe

"Hyde Park Corner Tube" by Eric Miner

"Wow! That's Me" by Ernie Rairdin

"Peak Action" by George Themelis

"Angel-fishes from Veracruz, Mexico" by Juan Voutssas

The 2003D-CD EXPO sells for $35.00 US.