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For the time being, I am no longer offering these 3D-CDs for sale.

The 3D-CD Project - Compiled between October, 1997 and May, 1998. It contains about 20,000 files connected to each other taking up about 608 MB of space. It includes many complete web sites, reference materials, e-mail list archives, shareware & other software, pictures, movies, sound files, and more. This is out of print, and no longer available from DDDesign. Click here for more content detail if you are curious.
The 3D-CD II - Compiled between May, 1998 and May, 1999. It was an extension of the first 3D-CD in that many people who missed participating in the first project request a chance to be included in a second one. Along with content from these people, over 2,000 antique stereoviews were also presented along with a large collection of Mars Pathfinder 3D images and information, about 300 images of various 3D hardware, revised e-mail list archives, and newer versions of some 3D software. Click here for a full list of the contents and some samples.

Cost is $15.00 US. (Marked down from $25.00 US.)

The Bill Walton 3D-CD - Also compiled between May, 1998 and May, 1999. It contains over 1,000 modern stereoviews presented as regular stereocards (both front & back) as well as in anaglyph format. These are primarily by Bill Walton of course, but also include many by his friends: Dick Twichell, Bill Patterson, Shab Levy, Klaus Kemper, Stan White, Walter Dubronner, Craig Daniels - and a historical selection from the archives of the Stereoscopic Society of America. Click here for more information and some samples.

Cost is $15.00 US. (Marked down from $35.00 US.)

Have you been looking for some great 3D pictures for your kids (or you) to look at since you got new 3D glasses when you saw the recent Spy Kids 3D movie? How about a 3D-CD that contains about 500 modern and antique stereo images of various members of the animal kingdom including bugs, fish, bears, giraffes, lions, elephants, snakes, frogs, gators, birds, dinosaurs, and SO MUCH MORE! Well, this is what you have been looking for. You and/or your kids will get hours and hours of enjoyment out of this! - The ANIMALS! 3D-CD. These are presented as both stereo pairs and anaglyphs, and good quality lorgnette and anaglyph glasses (in case you don't still have yours!) are included. There are image submissions from a variety of modern stereo photographers.Click here for more information and some samples.

Cost is $15.00 US.

The 2003D-CD EXPO - Compiled between January, 2002 and January, 2003. It contains over 1,200 modern stereo images by 76 stereo photographers from all over the world (Asia, North America, Europe, & the Middle East). These are presented as both parallel stereo pairs and cross-eye stereo pairs and includes a "slide-show" viewing format as well. There are also a few anaglyphs scattered throughout. Click here for more information and some samples.

Cost is $35.00 US.

Click Here to see 30-some more thumbnail samples (about 1% of the total) of the images contained in this 3D-CD.

The CLIPS! 3D-CD - Compiled between 1995 and 2003 - our 6th 3D-CD Project! It contains 65 stereo related woodcut/engraving clip-art type images of stereo cameras, stereo viewers, photographers, etc. Each file is saved in 600 DPI TIF format. There is about 35 MB of content. Click here for more information and some samples.

The CLIPS! 3D-CD Project is the result of about 8 years worth of image collection, and is available to you for only $10.00 US!


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