3D By Dan Shelley

Regarding the NEW 2003D-CD EXPO:
(Updated March 10th, 2003)
"WOW!!! Great... 3D Views that cover the full range. Fast with good shipping."
From an eBay purchase - sirtjelite
"Thank you for a lot of wonderful pictures! I am very much satisfied."
From an eBay purchase - lexxkai
"Thank you for your response and fast shipping. A lot of interesting and wonderful pictures! I am very much satisfied."
From an eBay purchase - Ryohei Saigan
"The 3D-Expo CD is wonderful, don't miss it, I recommend it to you all! Buy one, your collection won't be complete without this CD! It may be the best 3D project that I have seen yet!"
Shahrokh Dabiri
"What a collection of great imaging. You have managed to attract real talent to that project. I can only imagine how much of your work it took to assemble it. Viewing alone takes almost forever :) ... which is actually a good part."
Wladyslaw Reksc
"It is greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!! It seems you had as much work to do as fun. Well done :-) !! I think it is a great compilation about the stereo photography. So many photographers, so many subjects, so many styles. Surely it will be a reference for many many years to come."
Juan Voutssas
"Yesterday I received the 2003D-CD EXPO (with stamp date January 28th). It took a while but I think it worth the wait."
Jose-Carlos Fernandez
"I Liked the instant loading of images and the good resolution and depth when cross viewing. It is certainly a more than reasonable price..."
Dale Yingst
"Its unbelievable! ...Absolutely fantastic!! Thanx again and lets hope it was not the last project of that kind."
Holger Ziegler
"I haven't gone thought all the images but it looks great. You did a great job putting this together."
Ron Kostecka
"...I really NEED to say publicly how fantastic this CD is both in Dan's orchestration of the images and for all the great images submitted. Anyone who hasn't gotten one yet should grab one while they're still hot off the CD burner! Great stuff!"
Mike Kersenbrock
"Thanks for the CD. It is excellent. I spent several hours with it yesterday. I appreciate the work that it took to pull this together and publish it."
Carl Symons
"I got it...Im going through it now... You did a GREAT JOB!!!"
Eric Miner
"I like the format of the CD more and more as I use it. Great 3D photo collection. Thanks for your great work."
Loren Mills
"I have been busy the past week looking the new 2003D-CD Expo Dan produced. It is great and I recommend everyone get a copy."
Tom Dory
"I got the CD and it's great! I've been enjoying looking at it."
Rick Langlois
"Been enjoying your work on the Expo CD. Gonna take a long time to work through them all!"
John Thurston
"Have been meaning to let you know that I am enjoying the CD. It is wonderful. You did a great job."
Rod Sage
"I started to look and what I have seen of the pictures is absolutely great. Well worth the small amount charged for the CD."
Clement Gosselin
"Bravo!!!!!! I can't imagine that anyone could come up with enough words to express how great this collection is that you have put together. It is obviously a labor of love on your behalf."
Mike Bittner
"Received my copy and think it is a great CD. I especially like the cross-eyed viewing feature as I can free view by this method much easier than parallel viewing."
Bill Walton
"I received my copy of the 2003-D CD EXPO today and was VERY pleased with the content. It is laid out well with a clean look, and is easy to use. It is great to be able to see images from so many different people - even ones I had not seen from members of my own stereo club! I was surprised that the quality of the viewing experience was even better than expected. My hat is off to Dan Shelley for this wonderful treat! Do not hesitate to make it a part of your stereo experience!"
Dennis Green
"Boy am I impressed (and not just because I submitted images) LOL! This is really well worth the small fee Dan's charging for it. Some of the best images from today's stereo photographers."
Mary Ann Sell, President - National Stereoscopic Association
"I just received my copies of Dan's CD and can't begin to say how impressed I am with it. The layout and quality of the images is suberb, but the real gold mine here is the images themselves. The variety in styles, techniques, subject matter, equipment, etc. is truly amazing."
David Kesner
"I received my copy today. Fantastic!! If you have not ordered a copy, do it today. You will not be sorry. Thanks for your hard work Dan."
Harry Richards
"I've just spent some happy hours stepping through half of the Expo CD. Man, oh man! Dan, you've done a wonderful thing, and it's cheap at the price. Thank you very much!"
Tim Klein
"CD arrived safely this morning. I had a quick look and it looks great. Well done for all the hard work."
Andrew Hurst
"Dan, the CD is marvelous. You've captured a moment in the history of 3D imaging."
Jim Harp
"The images are wonderful! Great work, I hope there will be a future one so I can contribute."
David Damico
"You obviously put an awful lot of work into it, massaging and formatting all the pictures.... What a good job! Nice Nice Nice."
John Hart
"Just got mine today - WOW! What a treat! I can't recommend this item highly enough. - You have a computer AND YOU love stereo images or you wouldn't be reading this, so I can say without hesitation - you can't afford to be without the 2003D CD EXPO! - Oh, and no one asked, or paid me to say this, I just think the CD is a terrific thing to have, and view again and again."
Larry Byrd
Regarding Previous 3D-CD Projects:
"Thanks for the 3D stuff. It is very cool. There are some great pictures on there. We all really enjoyed it."
Val Freeman
"I received my CD the other day and I have been so engrossed in it I haven't taken the time to say 'Thank You!'. A lot of work went into the project, it shows. Thanks for doing all this and it is worth far more then the few pennies you charged!"
Hayden Baldwin
"Mine came and I'll chime in with a rave review both for all the work Dan did, as well as the work of all the contributors of the CD's content. The price was nominal and the worth is priceless. Quite the definition of a great deal."
Mike Kersenbrock
"I must say - even with the rave reviews coming in from others in recent days - you have to see it to believe it! A truly fabulous product. High quality AND quantity. Super work!"
Boris Starosta
"CD looks fascinating - Well Done."
David Burder
"I can't begin to comprehend the amount of work you put into this project. Congratulations on a great job, and thanks for putting together this unique time-slice of the 3D web."
Bill Burns
"We don't know how we will find enough time in the next 10 years to look at the entire disk, but it looks fabulous!!!!!"
David & Susan at Reel 3-D
"What a fabulous job you did. It's wonderful and I think my money was more than well spent. This will give me many happy hours at my computer."
Lindel Salow
"I got my 3D-CD. To those who haven't got it yet, GET IT! You'll be glad you did!"
Dave Huddle
"Excellent job and great depth!!! The 3D-CD will be a treasured resource for a long time. This should be in everyone's library who is remotely interested in 3-D."
Gabriel Jacob
"This is just about the most professional job in an interactive CD I have yet met. Hope you are planning on more in the future."
Keith Davies
"The CD is absolutely fantastic."
Tom Hill
"I have received my CD and want to let you know that I think it is great!"
Harold Kaiman
"I have received the CD and I'm very pleased with it. I appreciate your efforts on it."
Ben Melton
"I received my 3D-CD a couple of days ago and boy am I impressed! You put one heck of a lot of work into this. Thank you."
Tom White
"First, I must add my compliments to Dan for his great CD. Great job Dan, and great job to the many of you who have sites listed on the CD. This was money well spent."
Brad Richmond
"I have received your 3D CD. You have done a really good work. I am impressed."
Friedrich Brantner
"Great job Dan, Thank you very, very much! I appreciate the time you spent putting the whole thing together."
Lawrence Kaufman
"It is a wonderful piece of work."
Ron Beck
"I did get the CD and it is _wonderful_. Wow, I heard all the praise, but just didn't understand. Thanks again for providing such a great service."
Stacey Secatch
"You have excelled - the 3D-CD is a great resource."
Michael Levine
"Dan's CD was a labor of love and dedication. And a fine collection of images in a variety of formats. You have done a very good thing here. You have set a precedent."
John Toeppen
"Got it today! Thanks Dan! Fantastic!"
Mike Hodsdon
"Thanks for the prompt delivery and well done on your project."
Phil Palmer
"I received your 3D-CD and am just as impressed as everyone else. Great job."
David Kesner
"I think it is great. What a fine thing you have accomplished."
Bill Walton
"What a terrific job you have done Dan! In my opinion this is a great bargain, probably the best bargain in 3D in a long time."
Shab Levy
"3D-CD has arrived and is a gem. Great work"
Abram Klooswyk
"I want to congratulate for the excellent work you did. I know, especially from a programming standpoint, that a lot of time and thought has to go into a finished product. You did real good!"
Dave Harvey
"The CD has arrived here in the UK fine and I am very very very pleased witht all of it, my goodness what a labour of love."
Tony Davies
"I just received the CD-ROM, and find it to be a remarkable piece of work. Thank you."
Ray Hannisian
"Got my 3D-CD today. Had to try it out and I couldn't pull myself away from it. That was quite a project. You must have put a life time of work in this. I am amazed at how much information you have put on this disc. I am very well satisfied and am glad I did not miss out on this one."
Les Konrad
"You did great work on the CD."
Greg Dinkins
"The CD is wonderful and unique. I am looking forward to hours and hours of stereo watching and reading. It is like finding a hidden treasure."
Eric Kirschner
"Just to inform you that the CD arrived in perfect shape. I have just begun to browse it, but as little as I have been able to see, it seems to be a masterpiece."
Juan Voutssas
"Nice job on your CD-ROM! What a great job you did with this."
Elliott Swanson
"Thanks for the wonderful job you did on the 3D-CD!"
Jay Schumacher
"Dan's done an incredible job."
Bob Wier
"Wow, this is is more and better than I could have imagined. Dan, you've done a teriffic job. THANKS!"
Peter van Zuijlekom
"I just got my 3D-CD from Dan Shelley and it is outstanding!"
John Fairstein
"Got my 3D-CD today. What a piece of work. There is so much to look at on there. My wife couldn't tear me away from it. I am certainly glad that I did not miss out on this one. Dan Shelley did a commendable job on this."
Lester Konrad
"I just received my copy of 3D-CD. I haven't had time to look at it fully yet but a quick click here and there certainly shows what a fantastically professional job DDDan has done."
Marcus Warrington
"Heard lots of talk about price being too high. Not true. This CD is great, and a wonderful bargain. If you haven't ordered yours and you miss this offer, you will be most unhappy. I look forward to the next project. This one is a pleasure to use and view. I could not be more pleased."
Claude Belcher
"Well, you can add my voice to the chorus of those singing the praises of Dan Shelley's 3D-CD. What an EXCELLENT collection of material."
Peter Davis
"I just received Dan's CD today, and so far it's a very professional working and looking CD. I don't impress very easy but I think I'm impressed with this fine collection of work."
Fred Peters
"There is a tremendous amount of great 3D stuff on it. Everything worked flawlessly. It is very professionally done. In my opinion it is worth at least double the price and clearly took a lot of time and effort to produce. Thank you, Dan."
Steve Wagner
"You sure managed to put a lot of stuff on it!. It appears well organized and easy to navigate. Quite professional looking."
Paul Ivester
"The CD is great. Thank you."
Walter Dubronner
"I have seen the CD and it is very, very good. Easy and very complete. Congratulations for your good (and hard) work."
Victor Varela