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Shahrokh Dabiri's stereo pairs and anaglyphs from Iran.

Mark Blum's Undersea 3D - Great stuff, and not all under the sea!!

Snake River Gold Fields (Idaho) Stereoview Cards.

Stereoviews from the early 1900s - from the collection of Agnes Svoboda Morris.

Doug Smith's Stereoviews.

Portals of the Past - Dealers in photography and more since 1976. Includes many stereoviews.

The Liberty Bell Museum - Stereoscopic Photography of the Liberty Bell.

Features from Katherine Kuckens' Stereoview Collection.

Lisa Kay's Country Cupboard - Stereoviews.

Needful Things Antiques & Collectibles - Stereoview Pictures.

Nihongi's Imaginary Depth - stereo pairs.

Okinawa Stereoview Company.

Jeff Kraus's Stereoviews and Antique Photographica.

Tim McIntyre's Antique Photographs.

David Spahr's web site.

Old West 1873 Stereoviews.

Online Archive of California - Hundreds of stereoviews, just search around for them.

Early Dutch Photography 1893 - 1860. Do a search for stereo.

George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. Many Stereo Views.

NASA's Visible Earth. Search for Stereo.

Gene Levine's Color stereograms, stereo pairs, & anaglyphs. Check out the amazing animations!

Fritz Antiques - Antique Photography web site.

Dave Johnson's Old Photographic Items for sale.

Dr. Susan Clark Slaymaker's Stereoviews related to Geoscience & SO MUCH more.

Italian site (with English) that includes streo pairs including some very creative montages.

Stereo photos taken at the Berlin Wall as it began to come down. Text in German.

The new Keystone Stereo - Johnson Shaw Museum.

Bruce Feist's stereoviews online.

Puppet Kite Kid's 3D Video experiments.

Ted Papoulas's site with 2 stereo macros.

US Navy Online Library of Selected Stereo Images.

John Thurston's See Juneau, Alaska in 3D.

Dale Smith's "TRIPLLLVIEWS".

Mike Bittner's "The World Through My Eyes" Stereo Pictures.

3D Fractals by Lee Lane.

Brian Reynold's Stereo Images.

Hi-res 3D Hotrod gallery.

Didier's Stereo Pictures.

Stereoscopic Photography of Flowers in Japan by Dekoyama

Dutch site that catalogues known "early photographs" in public Dutch collections including Stereo.

Jim Long's 2D - 3D Stereo Conversions as stereo pairs.

Ray Norman's "The Wonderful World of Stereoviews". MANY antique stereoviews for sale.

Stephan Stahl's Stereo CDs - includes some nice pair samples.


Cohen Holten's 3D Conversions.

Guy Fery's 3D Conversions. Great animations.

Erich Caparas's 3D Conversions.

Kerry Gammill's 3D Conversions.

Michael Kupka's stereopairs, anaglyphs and much, much more.

Original Stereoscopic Renderings by EatAPotato - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Bob Craig's Underwater and Colorado Galleries - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Various Renderings & Stereo Photos - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Ralph Taggart's Stereo Images - uses Stereoscope Java Applet. Stereo Images, iuncludes Herbie View-Masters - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Simon Bell's Thirdspace Photography - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Uwe Förster's Stereo Web Site - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Aloys Engel Stereo Web Site - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Krause's Stereo of the World - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Various Stereoscopic Images - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

SAM3D's Stereoalbum - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

GALERIA DE FOTOS 3D - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Berthold Lechler's Stereo Gallery - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Bugscope 3D Macro Gallery - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Gerhard Herbig's Stereo Gallery - uses Stereoscope Java Applet. 3D Gallery - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

3D Stereo Dinosaurs! - uses Stereoscope Java Applet. Stereoscopic 3D Galleries - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Louis Duveau's Stereo Images - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

StereoWeb by Alfredo Gonzŕlez - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

StereoEYE by Takashi Sekitani - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Chris Grossman's Stereo Photography - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Baltic Amber Inclusions by Wolfgang Wiggers - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Stereoscopic Photo Gallery of David Motz - uses Stereoscope Java Applet.

Mr. Toma's private STEREO PHOTO GALLERY - "Japan Day by Day".

Kawagoe's Stereoscopic Photography.

John Goodman's 3-D Views Home.

Okuyuki's 3D Photo Gallery.


3D Studio - Photos by by H.Asakura.

Japanese Orchid Gallery.

Bernardo Galmarini's 3D Conversions - "3d-apeiron".

Joe Pedoto's 3D Photography - Premium Blend Productions.

Antique Photography Auctions - often includes Stereoviews.

John Hart's Crystal Canyons - incredible Stereo Photos. A MUST SEE!

Stereo Quicktime VR movie where you can rotate the Space Shuttle to look at various sides.


Some really nice Black & White Stereo images including the WTC in 2000.

Erwin Ilias's Stereo Photos.

Holger Ziegler's Stereo Photos.

Peter Schnehagen's 3D-DIAVISION.

Stephan Schulz - Live 3D Diashows.

Eberhard Köhler's Stereo Photos.

Timo Nothdurft's Stereo Photos.

i-Art Corporation - Losts of interesting information & LCS formatted stereo images.

Bob Gorrill's "Photo-New England" web site. Some stereo pairs.

John Toeppen's Virtual Reality Stereo Photos online.

Mark Newbold's Hyperspace Star Polytope Slicer - really excellent!

Jeremy Hinton's Stereoscopic Images of Lighter Than Air Flight. A stunning collection!

Many unique Anaglyph images, some of balloons and airships.

Ulrich Metz's Historical Photos - Includes cards and anaglyphs of Zepplins under construction.

Side-Step Stereo 3D views of Ballooning.

Early Stereoscopic Photography - French site with many stereo images.

German site with lots of great stuff! - Die Stereoskopie.

LES YEUX EN STÉRÉO. French site w/English version. 2D to 3D conversions.

Vues 3D - Rendered Stereo Pairs.

Carmel Morris's Stereo tour of Portmeirion, the Welsh town where The Prisoner TV show was filmed.

LASSE YDHAG's - 3D-site. Greetings from Sweden!


AI Effects Stereoscopic Imaging - Tony Alderson's company.

Marichan from Tokyo Japan's "marichan scope". A new way to see Stereo Panoramas.

Blade Runner - Millennium Expo Pictures - Stereo by Elliott Swanson.

Ferran Mańez's Stereo Photos.

Moni Ames - 3D Moments Frozen In Time.

Spanish page of Stereo Photographs.

Duke's Den of 3D. Stereo Photos.

Craig Goldwyn's web site which features various stereo photographers.

P.I.X.L.F.U.X.A.'s Stereo Dungeon. Rendered Stereo Pairs.

Donald Simanek's Stereoscopy and Illusions.

P. Schwarz's Nikon Coolpix 3d Photos (stereo pairs).

Christina Bartsch's site with great rendered stereo pairs and much more!

Russian "GALLERY STEREO OF IMAGES" with both anaglyphs & JPS images.

Jane Wassenmiller's Russian web site in English - "Stereophotographer's Site".

A bunch of anaglyphs stereo photos & conversions.

Galeria Stereoskopowa - Many stereo pairs & Anaglyphs.

StereoS Galerie 3D. Many stereo images in multiple formats.

Borys Wasiuk's Stereoscopic Photography web site. Includes some nice stereo pairs.

Antoni Rut's Polish Photography site with some nice stereo pairs.

Eskils Hemsida's Web Site with stereo images in Various formats.

"Have a stereoscopical look at MAYA - Objects". Stereo Pairs.

3D Hub - stereo photos displayed in cross-eyed and anaglyph formats.

AJ3D - Cross eyed stereo pairs of Rome and Venice Italy.

George Vidacovich's - Amateur 3-D Photography - left-right-left triplets.

Galerie-3.De - Cross-eye-view pictures of various models.

Yossi Sorogon's parallel stereo-pair picture gallery.

Rafael Mullor Casero's 3D Web Site. Great stuff!

Eltville am Rhein in 3D - stereo photos in various formats.

Graham's Guide to 3D Photography - stereo pairs of Australia & USA.

Dinosaurs in 3-D!!! CD Rom for sale with Interlaced, Anaglyph (red/blue) and Stereo Pair formats.

John Wattie's "STEREOSCOPIC PHOTOGRAPHY from New Zealand". Lots of info & 3D photos.

Dale Gombert's Stereo/3D Photography. Some great pairs.

D&S Antiques - dealer in antique stereoviews. Great stuff!

Bryan White's Nitescapes 3-D Photo Gallery. Auroras & Comets in 3D presented as stereo pairs.

Adam Smialek's stereo pair & anaglyph images of Poland.

Experience 3D - create & sell CD-ROMs & Stereo Cards.

La Stéréoscopie - French site with a variety of information and images.

Jeff Cooper's stereo image website.

Dave Wood's antique stereoview web site. Excellent!

A bunch of antique radios, TVs & more in stereoscopic pairs.

Gary Magdalik's Photography & Stereoscopy web site.

Henry Chung's web site. Includes his 3-d movie camera rig, viewers, & some 3d photos.

Ian Watson's great site with a nice selection of antique stereoviews included.

Stereoscopic Maps of Nearby Stars

Robert Thorpe's "Classic Stereoviews" for sale. Some really great stuff in a new format. (Some Adult)

Some nice autochrome & nude stereoviews for sale. (Adult)

Terry Wilson's (Adult)

Lincoln Kamm's - Stereo Views.

David W. Allen's Stereoscopic Images.

Steven Stultz's Stereo Photo Gallery.

Michael J. Henderson's Stereo Pairs.

A site containing various rendered Stereo Pairs.

Erlys Jedlicka's bunch of great Stereo Pairs.

3d-conversions - Great stereo pair and anaglyph 2D to 3D conversions.

More great stereo pair and anaglyph 2D to 3D conversions from Harry.

Browse the California Heritage Finding Aids - Includes many antique stereo cards.

Wide selection of stereo pairs and more in an FTP style directory.

Stereo Pairs of complex molecules from Douglass F. Taber. - David Spahr's Maine Antique Photographica Gallery.

13 of Norman Barth's Stereo Pairs of Paris, France.

Terry Blackburn's site which includes many stereo pairs and anaglyphs.

Stereo Pairs & Anaglyphs - The Dutch Society for Stereophotography.

Stereo Pairs and Anaglyphs of the Moon.

Many images of several Burning Man festivals from Harold Baize.

Studio 3D - Ron Labbe - Stereo Pairs, services, anaglyphs, etc... Excellent!

Boris Starosta's excellent rendered and photo Stereo Pairs.

Takeo Kuwahara's New York Stereo Pairs and Anaglyphs.

Viking Orbiter Stereo Images of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site.

Franklin Flocks's High Speed and Greatful Dead 3D images.

Several stereo pairs from the Apollo 11 Moon mission.

Several stereo pairs from the Apollo 12 Moon mission.

Several stereo pairs from the Apollo 14 Moon mission.

Hayden Baldwin's Crime Scene stereo pairs & more.

David Stuckey's Stereo Pairs and Anaglyphs of and around Australia.

The Stereo New England web site.

Daniel Greenhouse's Medium Format stereo pairs.

Jeffrey Cooper's 3D Photography - Stereo Pairs of a wide variety of subjects.

Alexander Klein's Antique Stereoviews of Stuttgart, Germany.

Stereo pairs of the Sun.

Image Quest 3-D - with info on 3D book formats and some great stereo pairs.

Photographic Society of America - STEREO DIVISION.

Dale Walsh's Solid Illusion Imagery site with anaglyphs and stereo pairs.

Brad Richmond's Stereo Dog images.

Vizpar - 2D to 3D conversions, and all types of lenticular and barrier screen products.

Solar System Live which allows you to create infinite stereo pairs.

Some great stereo pairs and anaglyphs by Jim Crowell.

Some stereo stuff by Tom Deering.

Some stereo pairs by Michael A. Amundson.

Many stereo pairs of many things, but especially Paris.

The Oliver Wendell Holmes stereoscopic Research Library. (NSA)

The Sky In 3D - Pairs & Anaglyphs of galaxies.

Dave Arendash's 3D Stereoscopic pictures from a trip to Germany and Austria.

Shab Levy's Stereoscopic Photography pages. Lots of great stuff here.

Some Stereo Pairs of Northern California by Adam Beckerman.

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery - Has some rendered stereo pairs.

Jaap Zonneveld's Stereoscopic show of Mathematical Models.

More Boris Starosta stereo work can be found here. (Adult)

Stereoviews from the 19th Century.

The Robert Dennis Collection of New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut Stereosviews.

"The And_J 3D Page!" with a few scanned Viewmaster Stereo Pairs.

Japanese site with many Stereo Pairs.

N.E.Thing page about how to see 3D. Includes pages of stereo pairs.

Duane Starcher's Stereo Pairs.

Japanese site with Stereo Pairs

Antique Stereo Pairs.

A few different images in and FTP style directory.

Ken Satyshur's how to see Stereo Modelling.

Rendered Stereo Pairs - from 3D ARTIST Magazine.

Ian Collier's Stereo Pairs and Anaglyphs of Chicago.

There are two links to Stereo Pair images of Marilyn Monroe here.

OSO's Stereo Pairs and Stereograms.

Ray Hannisian's great site with Stereo Pairs and much more.

Union Pacific Railroad Stereoview Collection. (Russell, Carbutt, Hart, Jackson, Savage, & more.)

Many links in the Califonia Museum of Photography - Keystone Mast Collection.

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