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Digital Stereoview Exchange Group information.

The New York Stereoscopic Society web site.

Ross Alford's How to create 3d stereo photos using a digital camera and image editor.

How To Make Your Own Digital Stereo Images. (Pairs)

Del Phillips Double Exposure - with a history of stereo photography & stereoscpes.

Mary Ann Sell's collecting 3-D images workshop info. GREAT STUFF!

The new Keystone Stereo - Johnson Shaw Museum.

How Greg Kane made Stereocards a few years ago.

How Robert Thorpe made Stereocards a few years ago.

How Ernie Rairdin made Stereocards a few years ago.

How Carole Honigsfeld made Stereocards a few years ago.

How Dan Shelley made Stereocards a few years ago.

How Les Gehman made Stereocards a few years ago.

How David Lee made Stereocards a few years ago.

David Kesner's website with Mike Davis's Stereo Base Spreadsheet and more.

Stereo Club of Southern California Website.


Stereo Club Tokyo.

German Stereo Club, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie.

The International Stereoscopic Union.

Article from an old magazine on how to make your own hardware for 3D 8mm amateur movies.

Dan Shelley's NSA 2002 Anaglyph Workshop Handout.

Dan Shelley's NSA 2002 2D to 3D Workshop Handout PLUS Newsletter Article about the process.

Educator's Lesson Plan to introduce students to 3D.

Article which includes a picture of Gary Nored's "Stereoroid" instant 3D camera.

The Rocky Mountain Memories 3D Photo Friend Finder(sm).

The Rocky Mountain Memories list of 3D e-mail groups you can join!

"Give relief to your images using Bryce, Photoshop, or any software that handles RGB channels."

John Bercovitz' home page - Technical 3D (Stereoscopic) Photography Links.

Stiles Studio - Stereovisuals - Viewers, books, etc.

Chicago Stereo Camera Club's web site.

The Stereoscope and the Stereograph - text by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Cordova Camera Club site.

Marco Pauck's mailing list archives for Photo-3D, Tech-3D, Sell-3D, MF3D, & more.

The older Photo-3D archives from the Calcite days.

Stereoscopic Tutorials by Tony Alderson. Includes Photography & Rendering info.

3d Experience - Using Poser4 to create stereo images.

Information and pictures about the Kaiserpanorama — The Warsaw Photoplasticon.

Stereo Club in Spain - Asociación de Estereoscopistas Estereo-Imagen.

Sledgeham Film 3-D Pages.

Bill Davis's Organizations, Supplies and Information for Stereo Photographers.

Cascade Stereoscopic Club, Portland, OR

The Chicago Stereo Camera Club, Chicago, IL

Detroit Stereographic Society, Detroit, MI

Genesee Valley Stereo Guild, Greater Rochester, NY

K.C. Metro Photographer's Association - Stereo Division, Kansas City, KS

Nat'l Stereoscopic Ass'n Upper Midwest Region, Minneapolis, MN

New York Stereoscopic Society, New York, NY

Oakland Camera Club Stereo Division, Oakland, CA

Ohio Stereo Photographic Society, Cleveland, OH

Puget Sound Stereo Club , Seattle, WA

Rocky Mountain Stereo Camera Club , Denver, CO

Stereo Club of Southern California, Greater Los Angeles, CA

The Stereoscopic Society, London, England

The Victorian 3-D Society, Inc., Melbourne, Australia

Sydney Stereo Camera Club, Inc., Sydney, Australia

Vancouver 3D Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Stereoskopklubben, Denmark

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie e.V., Germany

Stereo-Club Francais, Paris, France

Committee for Experimentation, Learning & Exchange dedicated to Relief Images, Paris, France

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stereofotografie, the Netherlands

Stereofotogruppen of Sweden, Gothenburg, Sweden

Swiss Society for Stereoscopy, Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland

Genesee Valley Stereo Guild (GVSG) webpage.

Images of people manufacturing Stereocards generations ago.

Rod Sage's Gallery. Lots of great equipment information and pictures.

Pam Minch's Stereographic Photography web site. Lots of great info.

The Photo-3D e-mail discussion group home. Join us!

David Burder's "3-D Images Ltd" - Lenticulars, Glasses, 3D TV, 3D movies and more.

Lantor Ltd. - Manufacturer of Novelties and Souvenir items, with 3-D Lenticular Images.

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications website.

Photographic Society of America - STEREO DIVISION.

Jack and Beverly's Stereo Photography Collection.

The solar system simulator - create images of your favorite planet. Can make stereo pair halves.

MEDIA RELIEF is a company who provide anaglyphs, sirds, 3D viewer, and 3D software.

Orasee - acquired the assets and technology of Nishika & Nimslo.

The Oliver Wendell Holmes stereoscopic Research Library. (NSA)

The Oakland (California) Camera Club web site and gallery.

3D BOUTIQUE - a 3D Photography web site in Spanish and English.

Cascade Stereoscopic Club web site - Includes a few stereo Pairs.

Stereo New England Club Home Page.

Greg Erker's 3D photography items and any other pictures.

The Stereoscopic Society - founded in 1893.

The International Stereoscopic Union (ISU).

IMAX - The LARGE format movie company - major 3D movie distributor.

The 3D Yellow Pages and 3D Photography Encyclopedia from Rocky Mountain Memories.

Depthcharge - Free app to use to view JPS images without LCS glasses.

3D Expo - JPS formatted images. You need the free Plug-In.

Stereo Club of Southern California.

Kiewa Valley Stereo - The Victorian 3D Society, Inc.

Muppet*Vision 3D at Disney/MGM Studios.

Sydney Stereo Camera Club Inc.

Legba Studios - Info on my stereoscopic 3D, Field sequential 3D tapes.

Ron Labbe's Studio 3D - Stereo Pairs, services, anaglyphs, etc.

3-D Tour of the Solar System - CD ROM of stereo space images.

Dimension 3 - produced the May 1997 TV 3D specials & Comin At Ya! DVD.

Alexander Klein's Stereoscopy.com - for `true 3D imaging related info and images'.

20th Century 3-D. A neat site about many facets of 3D.

3D Photo - Information about 3D photography in Italian.

Alan Lewis - Serious Viewers for Serious Viewers.

3D TV Company with information about their products.

ChromaDepth laser shows.

Stereoscopy Art Manifesto & 3D Bibliography.

Original Calcite Archive search of the PHOTO-3D mailing list digests.

3D-Magazin - Das internationale Fach-Magazin für die 3. Dimension.

3-D by Dalia - Catalog/Magazine of 3D stuff for sale (Cameras, Viewers, Books, ViewMasters, etc.).

National Stereoscopic Association - Membership info and Stereo World magazine subscription, etc...

Reel 3-D - Company in California that sells a WIDE variety of 3D items. A must see!

Article about Imax-3D. Includes several pictures of Imax equipment.

Robert Thorpe's Stereo Pair/Stereo Card mounting guide.

Bob Mannle's New Vision Technology with lenticular applications.

Jim Crowell's stereo viewer program for Macs.

George Themelis's site with stuff for sale and Ohio Stereo Photographic Society info.

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