-- Very high resolution hand-mounted prints of six of Brian's best stereo images (views 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 in the litho edition) which you saw on the previous page.

-- Each stereo pair mounted on archival, museum quality, 4-ply board using archival glue, and packaged in a stiff protective sleeve from Russell Norton.

-- Edition strictly limited to 100 sets, each set accompanied by a signed letter from Brian and Dan. This letter will be printed in color with anaglyph copies of several of the images on it. A pair of anaglyph red/cyan "glasses" is included.

-- Included in the set will be a NASA color aerial image of lower Manhattan, taken after 9/11 and showing the devastation. On that image is marked the positions from which each image was taken, so you can figure out better what you are seeing in each image. (This is VERY helpful!!)

-- $150 per set, $35 of which goes to The Bowery Mission.

Dan Shelley is hand mounting the 3.5" X 7" stereocards for both the 6 and 20 stereocard editions. When these editions are fully subscribed, no more hand-mounted, archival, numbered stereoview sets will be sold to the public.

TO ORDER up to two* 6 stereocard sets of 3.5" x 7" ARCHIVAL QUALITY STEREOVIEWS:

-- Send an e-mail to Dan Shelley letting him know that you would like to have him put a set (or two) aside for you.

-- When Dan acknowledges receipt of your request by e-mail, you will have a week in which to send him your payment in the form of a check or PayPal payment (if you have a confirmed address with them).

-- Dan will e-mail you again to verify receipt of your check, and let you know when to expect delivery of your set(s).