-- Very high resolution duplicate transparencies of six of Brian's best images. (see text below)

-- First edition limited to 25 numbered sets signed by Brian. Initial limit: one/customer.

-- $200 per set.

-- Second edition (if there is demand) limited to no more than 100 unsigned sets priced at no less than $200. Limit: five sets per customer.

-- $50 per set goes to The Bowery Mission.


Brian's original views were shot as 3-D Stereo Realist transparencies.

Those of you who are active transparency stereographers know that, as wonderful as transparencies are, there is no high quality slide mounting service in the U.S.A. doing reliable 3-D Stereo Realist format work. Brian himself has no time available to mount slides, but David routinely mount his own and has volunteered to do a limited number of sets for people who would like something comparable to Brian's originals.

David will be assembling these sets and can't promise to complete more than a set or two a week, but if people are patient, they can have the closest possible equivalent to seeing Brian's original slides.

Everything about making the duplicate slides is materials and time intensive. Even the transparencies themselves have proved to be surprisingly expensive, for the quality Brian wants.

*To keep the set affordable, we have reduced the set to the six images that you know as No.s 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 in the litho set. To see which views this includes, please visit

Every view in the first edition will be individually signed and numbered by Brian Loube on labels that David will affix when he has mounted and viewed the slides and verified that they are properly aligned.

Included in the set will be a NASA color aerial image of lower Manhattan, taken after 9/11 and showing the devastation. On that image is marked the positions from which each image was taken, so you can figure out better what you are seeing in each image. (This is VERY helpful!!)

Brian has produced a new package for the slides, similar to the one that your litho cards came in but distinctive, printed in color with anaglyph copies of his images on it--including ones not on those particular six slides. A pair of anaglyph red/blue "glasses" is included.


(1) EMAIL your purchase intentions* to David Eisenman.

(2) Within a week of his confirmation of your email, SEND DAVID A CHECK for $100.

Your email will establish your place in line; your check for the $100 down payment will preserve that priority.

David will let you know when your set is ready, at which time the balance of $100 will be due.

*SIGNED SETS ARE LIMITED TO ONE PER HOUSEHOLD until September 30. If the first edition of 25 is not subscribed at that time, one additional signed set per purchaser will be released on a first-requested, first-released basis. David will make no more than 125 slide sets. ONLY THE FIRST 25 SETS WILL HAVE EACH VIEW SIGNED BY BRIAN.


At this time you may order up to six sets of these 6 transparencies, but if 25 different individuals request signed sets by September 30, only one of your sets will be signed; and production of your unsigned sets will take place only when all outstanding orders for the signed sets have been filled, in the order in which they were received.

One deposit of $100 will suffice to reserve up to six sets; when each set is delivered David will ask you for a new deposit if you have additional sets on order.