5th APEC III stereo view exchange - Ernie Rairdin

The Banana Palm.

It's not really a palm tree but it looks like it could be. As the banana plant grows to it's full size in 12 to 15 months it sends out a huge cluster of flower buds at the end of a strong, thick, curved stem which bends down toward the ground. A bract, which look slike a heavy purple petal rolls back from the bud and shows a row of small flowers which turn into small green bananas. As each petal folds back another row of bananas is formed. After producing one bunch of fruit, the banana plant dies.

I mounted this to let the bud poke through the window into your face because that's how it appeared. The stereo is most natural when viewed looking up as the bud is only 2 or 3 feet above your head. The banana isn't much of a cash crop in Hawaiian Islands but this one was photographed in Maui using a RBTx2 stereo camera in the summer of 96.

The view received a Royal Palm award at the recent Royal Palm PSA Exhibition.

Ernie Rairdin for APEC III, Feb 1998