5th APEC III stereo view exchange - RJ Thorpe

George Bush, 1988

Amateur Photographic Exchange Club
Robert Thorpe · Cedar Rapids, IA · March 1998

While this is not the most creative stereocard I have ever shot, I thought that APEC members might like to have a card of a man who was President. I took this picture in 1988 when Mr Bush was still the Vice President and was campaigning for the Presidency. It was taken for an article in the Sept. 88 Stereo World Magazine and was shot in B&W because of the publication requirements. Lawrance Wolfe, the author of the article used his own picture of Mr Bush, but my photos of Paul Simon and Pete du Pont were included (p11-15). At first I was bothered by the woman in the front right, but since I had enough croppable width to correct the stereo window, I came to appreciate the added depth she created. I used my trusty Nimslo for all the pictures I shot.