3D By Dan Shelley
5th Exchange - 03/98

Each of the stereographic views included in the APEC III 5th Exchange is copyrighted by the maker of the view described. All rights to the image in each such view are reserved to the maker. Reproduction in any form whatsoever is strictly prohibited except by express written permission of the maker of the image sought to be reproduced.

Information is as provided by the maker of each image. E-mail addresses are listed where possible, but personal addresses and telephone numbers have been deleted.

APEC III Member Name
The Pair
Joel Alpers
Gerald Belton
Tom Dory
Alex Fernandez
George Freeman
Les Gehman
Jon Hoggatt
Carole Honigsfeld
Gabriel Jacob
Ralph Johnson
Greg Kane
David Lee
Kirby Lee
Shab Levy
Mike McEachern
Jim Norman
Ernie Rairdin
R. Rowe
Kimberley Shaw
Dan Shelley
RJ Thorpe
Emil Volcheck
Juan Voutssas
Darryl Zurn