3D By Dan Shelley

APEC III exchanges of print stereo views happen four times a year. This club lets members discover valuable stereo photographic techniques and it helps us amass a collection of other stereographers' best work. If you'd like to join or if you'd like more information about the club, let us know. Deadlines for joining exchanges (yes, you can join for just one) are:

December 21st for the February 1st exchange.
March 21st for the May 1st exchange.
June 21st for the August 1st exchange.
September 21st for the November 1st exchange.

Views are due at the View Redistrubutor's no later than the first day of February, May, August and November.

How the club works

Membership is FREE. (Of course we do have to cover the costs of printing and mounting the views we send in, and we cover our own postage each way.)

We exchange print stereographs in either of two formats: classic Holmes, 3.5 by 7 inches and modern View-Magic 4 inches high by any width -- usually 6 inches. In practice 80 - 90% of the views are in Holmes format. Lately some people have been sending 'cabinet format' views, which are the standard 7 inches wide but 4 or 5 inches tall. That's not strictly legal, but it's the format they're best at, so we haven't insisted on the letter of the law. Basically we do anything that can be viewed with a Holmes style stereoscope, an over and under model PV4000 View Magic viewer or a $4 lorgnette viewer. We like innovation. Pin hole shots, black and white, macros, digital, and other unusual work is welcomed, encouraged, celebrated! But we do not exchange unmounted prints, Loreo/Argus prints (unless they're mounted in Holmes format), dot-matrix printer output, photocopies, antique views, or slides.

In contrast to the slide and print circuits run by the National Stereoscopic Association (NSA) and other groups like the Stereoscopic Society of America (SSA), APEC III members keep and own the stereo views they receive with each exchange.

In other words, with each exchange we trade one stereograph with every other club member, and also give one to the NSA Library. For example, if there are 20 folks in the current exchange, we each send in 21 copies of our stereo view of choice. We don't send 21 different views, we send 21 (or whatever) copies of the same view. This way, each of the 20 people gets a copy of your view, and so does the NSA library. When the exchange is mailed back out to you, you get the set of 20 new, different stereo views to keep and enjoy.

We use centralized mailing, which saves a bundle on postage. Everyone sends their package of views to the View Redistributor, Tom Dory in Arizona, who sorts the views, repackages them and mails them back to you.

Our experience levels vary: we have accomplished professionals photographers, award winning stereographers, and rank amateurs. Regardless of experience anyone willing to make an effort is welcome. We work to keep the club friendly and informal. No prizes, no rankings, no competitions. Friendly. Informal. Fun.

We also have our opwn private e-mail list that allows each member to communicate with all the others in a way that allows for view reviews, and discussion about technique, tools, etc.

How to Join

Just let us know if you think you might like in. Again, membership is free. We'll send you an information packet and wait to hear your final decision.

The quickest and cheapest way to contact us it via e-mail, though snail-mail is fine too. Since we aren't revenue generating, we can't return long-distance phone calls, but you can reach us by phone most evenings.

How to Reach Us


E-mail Tom Dory: tdory@cox.net


Tom Dory
APEC View Redistributor
832 W. Rawhide Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233