Ernie Rairdin's Stereoview Process

STEP 1 - I precut large quantities of card stock using Strathmore Museum Board. I like this because it is solid color all the way through. I use a large Matte Cutter with stops so cards are quite precise for the lot.

STEP 2 - Look for pictures good enough to mount. Always the toughest task.

STEP 3 - Layout front and back design using Corel Draw. Includes cut marks for 2 edges.

STEP 4 - Print front and back artwork on 24 or 28 lb high quality paper. Printing is done on an Epson Stylus Photo 750 Printer.

STEP 5 - Apply 3M 568 PMA film adhesive to the back of the artwork. The roll of adhesive comes with a burnishing tool.

STEP 6 - Trim two edges of each artwork using the trim marks on the artwork. This gives you a precision corner so your artwork is perfectly aligned.

STEP 7 - Remove backing and mount the artwork to the card aligning the two cut edges.

STEP 8 - Lay the card face down and use an X-acto knife to trim the other two edges.

STEP 9 - Mount the other artwork in the same manner.

STEP 10 - Round the corners of the card if desired. I use the Lassco Corner Rounder with 3/8 die.

STEP 11 - Trim the left and right prints for the proper window.

STEP 12 - Apply 3M 568 to the back of the prints and burnish.

STEP 13 - Round Corners of the prints if desired.

STEP 14 - Remove adhesive backing and mount prints to cards.

NOTE: Listening to some Alligator Stomp, Baka, Manheim Steamroller, Paul Simon or some bluegrass music usually helps things move at a pretty good pace while assembling cards.