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April 2003 Issue

Vol. 1, No. 1

3-D Review is your headquarters for information about new stereoscopic products from around the world.

3-D Review does not sell any of the products featured on our Web pages. You can order directly from the vendors using the links or addresses provided.

PicMaster ver. 3.8 New icon.

PicMaster is a software program that can create an electronic 3-D image from a pair of images for the left and the right eye. You can view the 3-D images with common red-green glasses so that the image appears to come out of your monitor. PicMaster also supports viewing methods with shutter glasses, mirrors and for free viewing. The help file describes the different methods in detail. It shows you how to make your own 3-D images with any photo camera. With PicMaster you can print your own 3-D glasses. PicMaster can also convert the images. For example a 3-D image for shutter glasses can be converted into a 3-D image for red-blue glasses. The program rivals Adobe Photoshop for it's other photo manipulating features and comes with one of the most versatile and unique library of filters in any software package. The most unbeliveable part is the software is only $29.90 to register.

Missouri State Fair View-Master® Reels New icon.

Missouri State Fair View-Master setThis three-reel set was produced exclusively to observe the 100th Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri, held during August 2002. The State Fair Centennial Committee wanted an item of interest to both children and adults that would tie into the Centennial Fair theme. Of course, 100 years ago, stereoscopes were the television of today. The State Fair Commission approved the production of the reels as one of the few items to have the official Centennial State Fair logo on it. Only 1,000 sets were produced. Now that the fair is over, a few sets remain and you can get them at the Missouri State Fair's official Web site.

Reel A features images from the fair dating back to the early 1900s. The reel includes photos of Presidents Taft (1909) and Truman (1950s) at the fair.

Reel B and C feature 3-D images at the fair including alligator wrestling, bungee jumping, Missouri State Fair mascot Bartholomule, Hillbilly Bob, Buttons the Clown, prize winning produce, BBQ contest, livestock, the huge carnival midway, antique tractors and much more.

Order a set of these out-of-print travel event reels for $12 plus shipping from 3-D Review's Stereo Store.

Lewis and Clark View-Master® Collection

Lewis and Clark View-Master book and reels.Two years in preparation and now these View-Master® 3-D Reels are available. This unique View-Master® series represents a departure from the conventional reel sets -- a FOURTH DIMENSION has been added. View-Master® images taken by veteran View-Master® photographer Charley Van Pelt are combined with text, captions and detailed maps to create a complete "picture" of the Journey of the Corps of Discovery. The 84 graphic 3-D scenes take you along the "Trail" and let you see the country in nearly the same way that Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and the other members of the "Corps" saw it.

Charley Van Pelt
1424 E. Mountain St.
Glendate, CA 91207-1224
PH/FX (818) 243-5636

Pro-Shades for the Stereo Realist New icon.

Stereo Realist Pro-ShadesPro-Shades for the Stereo Realist are designed for the Stereo Realist user that demands the most from any outdoor or indoor 3-D shot. Pro-Shades will significantly reduce or eliminate problems with light refractions and lens flare from angles, lens cleaning scratches, or imperfections from ruining your 3-D. If you want the best 3-D, use Pro-Shades.
Stereo Realists are classic 3-D cameras made in the 50's. Over the years the cameras have experienced countless lens cleanings. With each cleaning, the lens is subjected to abrasive scratching. Lens scratching is a major problem that causes poor contrast, haziness, and unclear photos. Light actually is refracted off of any cleaning scratch. This can make photos appear hazy or out of focus. You may not see scratches with the naked eye, but under magnification they are present.

Pro-Shades are designed to give you the best 3-D possible. They are precision hand machined of the finest polymer materials, and will not damage or scratch your Stereo Realist like metal shades. Your 3-D will be improved! Just slide them over the Stereo Realist lens like a filter.

You can buy vintage metal lens shades for over $60, and they will destroy the chrome plating on the lens barrel. Pro-Shades are designed to preserve the value of your Classic Realist, and will not damage your camera. Pro-Shades exclusive polymer is engineered to prevent damage to your classic 3-D investment.

If you want to take the best 3-D, and want to preserve the value of your Stereo Realist, adding Pro-Shades to your accessory bag is the solution.

Pro-Shades for the Stereo Realist are the # 1 accessory for improved 3-D images.

3D Development Company
P.O. BOX 100
Savage, MN 55378-9998

Le Secret Des Yeux New icon.

Le Secret Des YeuxA new book was recently published in France. "Le Secret des Yeux" ("The Secret of the Eyes") contains 96 stereo black & white stereo pairs of classically posed nudes, tastelfully tinted as in the old days of photography.

The author and artist, Philippe Assalit, carefully chose his subjects and manages to re-create an "old-time feeling". The coloring is very well made, and adds the extra touch to the images.

There is one scene per color-printed page: the 2-D version on top, and below, near the bottom rim of the page, the stereo pair. This means that you can enjoy the detail of a large image, and can then study the 3-D image later. Since the stereo pair is located at the bottom of the page, you can also use other stereoscopes (includng "Grandfather's Holmes-type stereoscope"), if you wish to do so.

To order, you must be 21 years or older (all countries, except except Europe, where 18 years is the minimum age).

Stereoscopy.com Book Service
Attn: Alexander Klein
P.O. Box 10 26 34
70022 Stuttgart

Marilyn Monroe 3-D Book New icon.

Marilyn Monroe in 3-D bookThis book uses 3-D photographic conversions of a selection Marilyn Monroe images, the most glamorous actress of all time, as an approach to the 3-D experience. Through these photos, you can get a closer look at some episodes of her public and private life, while you relive a little bit of the golden age of Hollywood.

This is a limited edition, which included only 1,000 individually numbered books! It contains nearly 100 prints. The book is written in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and is a unique work.

The last three pages of the book goes over the 3-D conversion process the author uses to convert the 2-D images to 3-D. Softbound, 96 pages, 28 stereo pairs (some in color), six anaglyphs, many 2-D images. The book contains a pair of 3-D anaglyph glasses.

New York City Times Square 2000 View-Master® set New icon.

NYC 2000 VMFamed 3-D photographer Sheldon Aronowitz and John Zelenka shot this during the 2000 Millennium festivities in Times Square and produced this 3-reel custom blister pack. If you have never been to Times Square for New Years Eve, then this is the next best thing - and you can see it without even feeling the cold. Included are picture of celebrities such as actor Ron Silver and NYC mayor Rudolf Giuliani and floats and party pictures. You all saw it on TV - now see it in 3-D!

Each of these are autographed by Sheldon and come in a 3-reel blister pack.