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June 2003 Issue

Vol. 1, No. 3

3-D Review is your headquarters for information about new stereoscopic products from around the world.

3-D Review does not sell any of the products featured on our Web pages. You can order directly from the vendors using the links or addresses provided.

Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema New icon.

Stereoscopic Cinema book.Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema provides a wide ranging analysis of many stereoscopic topics. The book's primary focus is the stereoscopic cinema, however the book's many background sections are equally relevant to the many different types of stereoscopic display devices available today. This book provides a wealth of information for both the novice and also those already active in the field of stereoscopic imaging. Also included with the download is a five page errata list.

The electronic version of Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema is made available in portable document format (PDF) and is readable with the free "Adobe Acrobat Reader". The downloaded file contains scans of all pages in the original book. You can read the book on-screen or print out selected pages. The full text of the book can also be searched for keywords and phrases. Copyright 1982 Lenny Lipton. All rights reserved. This copy of the book is made available with the permission of the author for non-commercial purposes only. Users are granted a limited one-time license to download one copy solely for their own personal use.

Three Dimensional Photography - Principles of Stereoscopy New icon.

Three-dimensional Photography book.Three-Dimensional Photography - Principles of Stereoscopy by Herbert C. McKay (1895-1970) was first published in 1948 - this electronic edition is a copy of the 1953 edition (which was the second printing of the second edition).
The main topic of Three-Dimensional Photography is stereoscopic photographic technique. Titles of chapters include Elementary Stereography, Stereoscopic Cameras, Stereographic Technique, Flash in Stereo, Color in Stereo, Pictorial Stereography, Applied Stereoscopy, Polarized Light Applied to Stereoscopy, Close-up Stereography, Trick Work and Hyperstereo. The book also provides a review of a wide range of stereoscopic film cameras, viewers and projectors available at the time. The book touches on a few areas of stereoscopic theory but intentionally does not go into too much detail in these areas. The book contains a glossary of stereoscopic terms and is amply illustrated.

Pepsi Play for One Billion Dollars Lenticular Display New icon.

Pepsi Billion Dollar LogoPepsico is using a huge 3-D lenticular display to promote it's summer 2003 Billion Dollar Sweepstakes promotion.. The display features the Pepsi Billion Dollar logo surrounded by floating money and soda bottles of Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist products that have bottle caps with possible winning entries. The "B" in the word Billion also flashes using bright, blue lights. Since the display is not an item for sale, lenticular collector's will need to have a friend at the local grocery store or ask the manager if they can have the display after the promotion ends in August 2003.

Matrix Reloaded Lenticular Products New icon.
Drinking Cup, Postcards and Movie Poster

Matrix cup.According to Matrix collector's, the first promotional item related to the release of The Matrix Reloaded is a lenticular drinking cup. The cup is only available in one large size, presumably for use in theatres.

Matrix Reloaded card.There are two promotional lenticular Matrix Reloaded postcards. When tilted, card one shows Matrix star Keanu Reeves as Neo pulling down his sunglasses and morphing into computer code. The second card features the title Matrix Reloaded over a field of computerized code graphics. This lenticular postcard set seems to be found only in Singapore. The postcards measure 5.8 by 4.2 inches. The 27 by 40 inch lenticular theatrical movie poster for The Matrix Reloaded features the code graphics, the words, "Free Your Mind", and 05-15, which is the film's U.S. release date. Warner Brothers released The Matrix Reloaded in U.S. theatres on May 15, 2003.

Women of Star Trek in Motion Album

Star Trek Women in Motion.This is the official Women Of Star Trek In Motion Collector's Album from Rittenhouse Archives Ltd., originally released March 29, 2000. This collector's album comes with 18 plastic sheets to hold the Women Of Star Trek In Motion Lenticular card set. The album includes an exclusive "Sound In Motion Audio Card" from Star Trek Voyager. The Star Trek Voyager Sound In Motion Audio Card is only available with the album.

Ghost Ship DVD with Lenticular Cover New icon.

Ghost Ship DVDThe cover art for Warner Brothers' Ghost Ship DVD is a lenticular image that morphs from an image of the ship's bow into a creepy skull. Text across the bottom of the image reads, "Sea Evil." Ghost Ship is available on DVD in both widescreen and full-screen editions. Both editions include the 3-D lenticular packaging. Other features include: Secrets of the Antonia Graza - break the code of Katie’s twist toy game to view spooky new footage that delves into.
Strategy of the Villains - how they plotted to take over the boat.
Artwork of an Innocent Child - a collection of Katie’s paintings.
Back Story of Francesca - watch the sultry songstress prepare for her last show.
Radio - the story of the previous group killed on the ship.
Max on Set: Ghost Ship Behind the Scenes.
Three featurettes, which take an in-depth look at the making of the movie: A Closer Look at the Gore, Designing the Ghost Ship and a Visual effects featurette.

"X-Men 2, X-Men United" 3-D Poster

X-Men ™ Marvel. All Rights Reserved. A Chromatek 3-D poster with glasses featuring characters from the movie "X-Men 2, X-Men United" is available as a special order premium from Kraft Foods. Order forms are available on Chocolate Creme Oreos, Chewy Chips Ahoy, Cheese Nips Four Cheese and Ritz Bits. Each product will have special 3-D packaging featuring film graphics.