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September 2003 Issue

Vol. 1, No. 6

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World 3-D Film Expo Update

Read Glenn Erickson's Review column of the screening of GOG at the World 3-D Film Expo!

World 3-D Film Expo Announces Film Lineup

Special guest speakers include Julia Adams (Creature from the Black Lagoon), Rhonda Fleming (Inferno) and Kathryn Grayson (Kiss Me Kate).

World 3-D Expo trailerSabuCat Productions will present the largest 3-D tribute show ever mounted anywhere in history, from Friday, September 12 - Sunday, September 21 at the Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Boulevard) in Hollywood. The 10 day festival, which celebrates the golden era of 3-D filmmaking, will include many of the best known 3-D titles of the 1950's, such as House of Wax, Kiss Me Kate and Creature from the Black Lagoon, but will also offer fans of the format an opportunity to see some of the more obscure 3-D movies, many of which have not been seen in 3-D in over 50 years! L.A. Premieres include The Nebraskan, Flight to Tangier, Jesse James vs. The Daltons, The Glass Web. The films star favorites from the golden age such as Rock Hudson, Rita Hayworth, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Vincent Price, the Three Stooges, Casper the Ghost, Beany & Cecil and many others.

In all, 33 features and 21 short subjects will be shown along with a "rarities" show consisting of rare, wonderful, stereoscopic images, many of which have never been seen in a public setting. In person guests will speak at selected screenings. Guests will be announced as they are confirmed. See the movie listings below to find out some of the special guests including Rhonda Fleming (Inferno), Julia Adams (Creature from the Black Lagoon) and more. All prints will be 35mm and run in the "double-interlock", Polaroid System, the original method (and still the best method) for showing true 3-D. All guests listed below are appearing schedule permitting.

Festival organizer Jeff Joseph says, "Many of the prints that we're running are the last in existence... and in some cases the original negatives no longer exist. Due to the complexity of projecting these films in the stereoscopic format, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience these movies the way they were meant to be seen."

It has been over 50 years (November 26th, 1952) since Bwana Devil, opened at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood. While not the first 3-D feature film (which was Power of Love, U.S.A., 1922), the popularity of Bwana Devil was the direct cause of the production of a total of 50 3-D films from 1952 through 1955, often referred to as the golden era of 3-D.

The following is a complete schedule of the series. Shorts will precede the feature unless noted otherwise. All shows will be presented with an intermission as they were originally shown. Guests attending each show are listed at the end of the film synopsis. If you are interested in learning more about tickets, press information, etc. please see the bottom of this press release.

The Festival kicks off on Friday, September 12 at 7 p.m. with House of Wax (1953, 88 min., color) directed by Andre de Toth. Cast: VINCENT PRICE, PHYLLIS KIRK, FRANK LOVEJOY. Fifty years later, House of Wax still thrills, entertains and reveals stereoscopic wonder. Jack Warner invented the term "sensation," and set his technicians to building a 3-D camera in December 1952, just after the opening of Bwana Devil. But as the Warner 3-D camera would take a few months to build, Jack contracted with Milton Gunzburg to use the Natural Vision cameras (used first on Bwana Devil). In a matter of days, a reworked script from 1933's Mystery of the Wax Museum became The Wax Works and finally House of Wax. Advertised as the "First 3-D Film from a Major Studio," House of Wax was and still is the quintessential 3-D film. A wonderful blend of ageless story, good color, fun settings, and another 3-D first: stereophonic sound. Although the one-eyed director de Toth couldn't see 3-D, he understood perspective and framing better than many cameramen. Jack Warner demanded de Toth have at least some 3-D "gags" and the most obvious is the famous paddle ball scene featuring Reggie Rymal. Sadly, Andre de Toth passed away Oct. 28, 2002 and Reggie Rymal Dec. 25, 2002.

Guests: Paul Picerni (lead actor) and Mrs. Andre de Toth are scheduled to attend.

With short film, Motor Rhythm (1939, 10 min., color) One of the earliest examples of 3-D, this short was created by John Norling for the 1939 World's Fair. Not seen theatrically in over 50 years, we're going to have one of the first public screenings of this stop-motion rarity. This clever novelty short simulates the manufacture of an automobile. Dancing to the beat of the music, the automotive parts find their own particular places in the mechanism.

Friday, September 12 at 9:30 p.m.
STRANGER WORE A GUN, THE (1953, 83 min., color) Cast: RANDOLPH SCOTT, CLAIRE TREVOR, LEE MARVIN. Director: ANDRE DE TOTH. Columbia brought in one-eyed director Andre de Toth (House of Wax) to be the trail boss of Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and other characters. Typical western plot of the time, but many more 3-D gags than House of Wax, so duck! Not seen in 3-D in over 50 years!

Saturday, September 13 at 11:15 p.m.
GORILLA AT LARGE (1954, 84 min., color) Cast: CAMERON MITCHELL, ANNE BANCROFT, RAYMOND BURR. Director: HARMON JONES. Fox's second 3-D feature, set in a carnival involving a killer gorilla. Bancroft is radiant, Mitchell young, and Burr sinister with an excellent supporting role by Lee J. Cobb. Watch for Lee Marvin's bit.

Saturday, September 13 at 1:30 p.m.
CAT-WOMEN OF THE MOON (1954, 64 min., b&w) Cast: SONY TUFTS, VICTOR JORY, MARIE WINDSOR. Director: ARTHUR HILTON. Astronauts land on the moon and get in trouble when they meet a race of leotard-clad humanoid cats. So-bad-it's-good sci-fi appeals to trashy camp fans with its cheesy art direction and lurid cat fights. Music by... Elmer Bernstein!

With short film, Adventures Of Sam Space (10 min., color) A dramatic flight to the year 2001, when Earth is at war with pirate planets from outer space! This cartoon was not released until 1960, as Space-Attack, when it ran with September Storm. And even then, it was run in CinemaScope, distorted from its correct aspect ratio. This cartoon has been completely lost until now. We will be presenting a brand new, fully restored print!

Saturday, September 13 at 4:15 p.m.
GOG (1954, 85 min., color) Cast: RICHARD EGAN, CONSTANCE DOWLING. Director: HERBERT L. STROCK. This very rare title hasn't been seen in 3-D since its premier over 50 years ago! One of the last 3-D's of the golden era, it evokes memories of the 1950's TV show Science Fiction Theater. Directed by Herbert L. Strock, who is planning to attend the screening and who also hasn't seen this film in 3-D in over half a century!

Saturday, September 13 at 7 p.m.
KISS ME KATE (1953, 109 min., color) Cast: HOWARD KEEL, KATHRYN GRAYSON. Director: GEORGE SIDNEY (II). MGM's big 3-D production of the famous Broadway play. Flawless 3-D, colorful production numbers (including Bob Fosse), energetic direction from George Sidney. First time shown in stereophonic sound in Los Angeles in 50 years! Certainly a classic in many respects.


With short, Lumber Jack Rabbit (1953, 7 min., color) Excellent Bugs Bunny cartoon, directed by Chuck Jones. Bugs Bunny wanders into the land of giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his equally huge dog. Bugs, after the huge carrot patch, outwits the giant hound.

Saturday, September 13 at 10:15 p.m.
In Stereophonic Sound for the first time in 50 years! IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953, 81 min., b&w) Cast: RICHARD CARLSON, BARBARA RUSH. Director: JACK ARNOLD. Universal also took notice of Bwana Devil's success and quickly constructed their own 3-D camera. Secrecy surrounded their first 3-D film which started filming in January, 1953, based on a story by Ray Bradbury. A highly atmospheric film which stands on it own without 3-D. Arnold spares the 3-D gimmicks, allowing a few "natural" effects to remind us it's a 3-D adventure. One of the top five 3-D films, the "space" special effects are 1953 modest budget. Yet, allow yourself to fall into the 3-Dimensional heart of this serious-themed sci-fi and you'll remember it forever. Not seen in Polaroid 3-D in over 50 years!

Guest: Actress Kathleen Hughes will introduce the feature.

NOTE: The short subject, "Nat King Cole" follows the feature presentation, as this is the order that these were originally shown.

With short, Nat King Cole With Russ Morgan's Orchestra (1953, 20 min., b&w) The great Nat "King" Cole sings his hit song "Pretend," then swings out with "It's Crazy." Russ Morgan and his Orchestra play "Wang Wang Blues" (watch out for that sliding trombone!) The Gene Louis Dancers enact "The Bull," songstress Joan Elms croons "Blue Moon" and the Marvels perform some wild acrobatic stunts. This entertaining musical short was prepared by Universal-International as a companion piece to It Came from Outer Space, and this is the first time they are being presented together since 1953!

Sunday, September 14 at 1 p.m.
ROBOT MONSTER (1953, 63 min., b&w) Cast: GEORGE NADER, CLAUDIA BARRETT. Director: PHIL TUCKER. Found on most "worst film" lists, this is a must-see. Supposedly shot on either a $15,000 or $20,000 budget over a few days time, and it shows. But remarkably the B&W 3-D is generally pretty good. George Nader and cast perform a living comic book of sci-fi from a young boy's perspective...and this flick hasn't been seen in 3-D in 50 years! Music by Elmer Bernstein.

With short, Stardust In Your Eyes (1953, 4 min., b&w) Cast: SLICK SLAVIN. Made by the same people who produced "Robot Monster", this short was designed to be run before it, but: it never was. So, this is another short that's never been seen, until now! Famous rockabilly singer Slick Slavin shows us how various popular screen stars will appear in the fabulous new medium of 3-D movies.

Sunday, September 14 at 2:45 p.m.
FLIGHT TO TANGIER (1953, 90 min., color) Cast: JACK PALANCE, JOAN FONTAINE. Director: CHARLES MARQUIS WARREN. This film has never played in 3-D in Los Angeles, even in its original release. This will be it's Los Angeles 3-D premiere! Perhaps Palance's first "good guy" role, oddly cast with Fontaine. Certainly oil and water, but the Technicolor 3-D is great. Not seen in 3-D in over 50 years! This was one of only two films shot in Technicolor "3-strip" AND 3-D... meaning six rolls of film were being shot at the same time!

Sunday, September 14 at 5:45 p.m.
STEREO-TECHNIQUES 3-DIMENSION (1953, 50 min.) This is a show consisting of five short subjects. After Bwana Devil was released (but before the first studio films came out), theaters needed some 3-D product. So they imported five shorts and tied them together under the title Stereo Techniques. Most of these shorts haven't been seen in 50 years, and certainly not in the format and way they were intended. The shorts are

AROUND IS AROUND SHORT (1951, 10 min., color)
This short, produced by Norman McLaren, with 3-D supervision by Raymond Spottiswoode, will be run as part of Stereo Techniques. Lines and figures are used in color in an abstract, animated, form.

BLACK SWAN SHORT (1952, 13 min., b&w)
This short will be run as part of Stereo Techniques. This is a ballet subject with the story enacted to the music of Tchaikovsky.

NOW IS THE TIME (TO PUT ON YOUR GLASSES) (1951, 3 min., color)
This short will be shown as part of Stereo Techniques. This introductory film is based on a light, humorous angle. Because the third-dimensional figures and system is so completely different, this diversion sets the stage for the longer subjects.

ROYAL RIVER (1951, 9 min., color)
This short will be run as part of Stereo Techniques. In Technicolor, this is a casual trip on a slowly moving boat down the Thames River, showing pictures of the English countryside, touching on the foliage and rolling lawns. An old castle along the shores is also seen, the cameras picking up the entire vista. This gives the viewer the impression of actually being present on the boat ride. A stunning, wonderful 3-D short!

SOLID EXPLANATION (1951, 8 min., b&w)
This short will be run as part of Stereo Techniques. This takes the audience into an English zoo, where the antics of the giraffes, seals, fish and bird life are explained by a British commentator.

Sunday, September 14 at 7 p.m.
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954, 82 min., b&w) Cast: RICHARD CARLSON, JULIA ADAMS. Director: JACK ARNOLD. The last great Universal Horror Monster, the Creature is both scary and sympathetic. This is a truly terrific film, not to be missed. And it hasn't been seen in a theatrical setting in proper Polaroid 3-D in 50 years until now!

Guest: Actress Julia Adams will appear in person after the screening for discussion.

Sunday, September 14 at 9:15 p.m.
CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER, THE (1953, 95 min., color) Cast: GUY MADISON, FRANK LOVEJOY. Director: GORDON DOUGLAS Warner Bros. second 3-D feature (after House of Wax has some of the best 3-D photography and "comin' at ya" effects shots ever done! Released in the summer of 1953, this western has something for everyone!

Showing with: 3-D TRAILER SHOW

Monday, September 15 at 7 p.m.
ARENA (1953, 83 min., color) Cast: GIG YOUNG, JEAN HAGEN director Richard Fleischer RICHARD FLEISCHER This action-packed western has not been seen in 3-D in over 50 years! Thrilling rodeo scenes and the great direction of Richard Fleischer make this a can't miss flick!

Special Guest: Barbara Lawrence, director Richard Fleischer, George Wallace, Robert Horton, William Tuttle (Q&A to follow the screening).

Monday, September 15 at 9:30 p.m.
REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955, 82 min., b&w) Cast: JOHN AGAR, LORI NELSON. Director: JACK ARNOLD. Last title from the golden era, this sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon is almost as good as the original; entertaining and scary! The 3-D is right on, especially the underwater scenes shot in Marineland's (Florida) big tank. Fish swim out of the screen into your face. And check out that fellow in the lab... Clint Eastwood! Not seen in 3-D in 50 years!

With short, Working For Peanuts (1953, 7 min., color) Chip and Dale, two hard working chipmunks. have to search for their daily meal of peanuts. Donald Duck is the zoo keeper who tries to prevent them from stealing peanuts from Dolores the elephant. This wonderful Disney cartoon had very few 3-D playdates in its original November, 1953 release.

Tuesday, September 16 at 7 p.m.
Bwana Devil (1952, 79 min., color) Cast: ROBERT STACK, BARBARA BRITTON, NIGEL BRUCE Director: ARCH OBOLER. 1952 through 1955 was the golden era of 3-D cinema. Worldwide over 50 3-D films were made. Many are still the best examples of stereoscopic film art. When the major studios turned down Arch Oboler's idea to shoot a movie in 3-D, he did it himself... the result was Bwana Devil, which was the first 3-D feature to be seen around the world and was the cause of the golden era of 3-D, which we are celebrating at this festival. While in no way a classic, this film needs to be seen in the proper format to be appreciated.

Special bonus: An interview with the late, unsung hero of 3-D, Lothrup Worth.

With Short Film, M.L.GUNZBURG PRESENTS 3-D (1952, 6 min., b&w) Also known as "Time For Beany", the short was produced by Gunzburg (one of the fathers of 3-D) to introduce audiences to the "Polaroid" 3-D process. This short was designed to go before Bwana Devil, so that's where we're running it. Stars puppets Beany and Cecil, with the assistance of Lloyd Nolan. Voices by Daws Butler and Stan Freberg.

Guests: Shirley Tegge ("Miss 3-D") and Stan Freberg.

Tuesday, September 16 at 9:15 p.m.
DANGEROUS MISSION (1954, 75 min., color) Cast: VICTOR MATURE, PIPER LAURIE. Director: LOUIS KING. RKO put together a pretty good yarn with a good cast (including Vincent Price) and a forest fire in 3-D. Very good 3-D throughout. This seldom seen thriller was produced by Irwin Allen!

Wednesday, September 17 at 12:30 p.m.
MAN IN THE DARK (1953, 70 min., b&w) Cast: EDMUND O'BRIAN, AUDREY TOTTER. Director: LEW LANDERS. Edmond O'Brian and Audrey Totter star in this suspenseful crime story about a criminal who looses him memory...but does he know where the stolen loot is?

Wednesday, September 17 at 2:30 p.m.
HANNAH LEE (1953, 75 min., color) Cast: JOHN IRELAND, JOANNE DRU. Director: LEE GARMES, JOHN IRELAND. Noted cameraman Lee Garmes (Gone with the Wind) and actor John Ireland teamed to co-produce and co-direct this typical, low budget, Western of the era (1953). MacDonald Carey and Joanne Dru co-starred with Ireland. This had a troubled release, with Ireland/Dru sueing the distributor claiming poor distribution. There weren't many 3-D showings and the title was changed to Outlaw Territory . It is very rare, and this may be the last public showing ever.

Important Note: This is the only surviving 3-D print of this feature, and is in faded Eastmancolor. Due to its rarity, we have decided to run it anyway, but please be advised that the color is "off" on this title.

Wednesday, September 17 at 5:15 p.m.
JESSE JAMES vs. THE DALTONS (1954, 65 min., color) Cast: BRETT KING, BARBARA LAWRENCE. Director: WILLIAM CASTLE. Another excellent Columbia western, William Castle directs this one, starring Brett King and Barbara Lawrence. Not seen in 3-D in over 50 years!

This film has never played in 3-D in Los Angeles, even in its original release. This will be its Los Angeles 3-D premiere!

Wednesday, September 17 at 7 p.m.
PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE (1954, 84 min., color) Cast: KARL MALDEN, PATRICIA MEDINA. Director: ROY DEL RUTH. Warner's follow up to House of Wax. Similar time period, but very different flavor. More 3-D effects than House of Wax, and Malden's performance is slick. Pure 3-D entertainment!

Wednesday, September 17 at 9:45 p.m.
GLASS WEB, THE (1953, 81 min., b&w) Cast: EDWARD G. ROBINSON, JOHN FORSYTH. Director: JACK ARNOLD. Edward G. Robinson and John Forsythe star in Universal's and director Jack Arnold's second 3-D feature. This is one of the first films dealing with television production... and it's complicated by murder... in 3-D! Not seen in 3-D in over 50 years.

This film has never played in 3-D in Los Angeles, even in its original release. This will be its Los Angeles 3-D premiere!

Guests: KATHLEEN HUGHES (Q&A to precede the screening)

With short, Hypnotic Hick (1953, 8 min., color) This terrific Woody Woodpecker cartoon hasn't been seen in years! Woody Woodpecker decides to make a fast buck when he takes on the job of serving the tough Buzz Buzzard with a subpoena. This is one of the most enjoyable 3-D cartoons, with some great off-screen effects, and terrific use of depth as Woody tangles with Buzz at the top of a construction site.

Thursday, Sept. 18 at 7 p.m.
FORT TI (1953, 73 min., color) Cast: GEORGE MONTGOMERY, JOAN VOHS. Director: WILLIAM CASTLE. Set in the 18th century, the film recounts the exploits of Rogers' Rangers, a band of adventurers devoted to seeking out a "northwest passage" through Canada. At this juncture, however, Major Rogers is more concerned with helping the British forces at Fort Ticonderoga during a series of French and Indian raids. Top billing is bestowed upon George Montgomery as Captain Pedediah Horn, Rogers' right-hand man. The film boasts two leading ladies: Joan Vohs, as a suspected French spy, and Phyllis Fowler as a married Indian woman who falls in love with Captain Horn. Fort Ti was filmed in 3-D, and in typical William Castle fashion the stereoscopic gimmick is exploited to the hilt.

Important Note: The Three Stooges short Spooks will be shown after the feature film, "Fort Ti". This is how this feature and short were designed to be shown and they haven't been shown properly in over 50 years!

With short, Spooks (1953, 16 min., b&w) Cast: LARRY, MOE and SHEMP. Director: JULES WHITE. In their first 3-D appearance, the Three Stooges are private investigators hired to find a missing girl. They disguise themselves as bakery delivery men, and stumble across her in a mysterious house where she is the victim of a mad scientist and his assistant. This classic Stooges short contains some of the most effective off-screen gimmicks of any 1950's 3-D title, including Moe's famous finger-poke, and the mad scientist with the hypodermic needle. And watch out for the Shemp Bat, one of most surreal visual gags in any Stooges short!

Thursday, Sept. 18 at 9:15 p.m.
MAZE, THE (1953, 81 min., b&w) Cast: RICHARD CARLSON, VERONICA HURST. Director: WILLIAM CAMERON MENZIES. Actor Richard Carlson's second 3-D film, this mystery film is classic low budget fun. The 3-D is very good, including bats flying in your face. Directed by production designer William Cameron Menzies (Gone with the Wind), most of the story takes place in a dark castle (emphasized in B&W 3-D), and offers a mystery with an odd, surprising payoff.

Important Note: The short Doom Town will be shown after the feature film, The Maze. This is how this feature and short were designed to be shown and they haven't been shown properly in over 50 years!

Guest: PETER KURAN (Q&A to precede the screening)

With short, Doom Town (1953, 13 min., b&w) This unusual short received very limited distribution in 1953, and has not been seen since. This is the story of a nuclear test explosion done on May 17, 1953. In addition to the short itself, we have added something special: Newly discovered and declassified footage of the bomb blast aftermath...the buildings being blown over, the trees being uprooted... all in never before seen 3-D! Peter Kuran (Trinity and Beyond), who discovered and preserved this footage, will be on hand to present the material and answer questions.

Friday, September 19 at 7 p.m.
INFERNO (1953, 83 min., color) Cast: ROBERT RYAN, RHONDA FLEMING, WILLIAM LUNDIGAN. Director: ROY WARD BAKER. 20th Century Fox was fully promoting their answer to 3-D, CinemaScope, but hedged their bet by releasing this 3-D gem. It's a very satisfying crime adventure filmed on location in the California desert. Ryan is wonderful as a husband left to die in the desert by his wife and her lover. Excellent 3-D photography puts you there!

Guests: Actress RHONDA FLEMING (Q&A to follow the screening)

With short, On The Ball (1952, 10 min., b&w) This British short from 1952 was never shown in the U.S. until now! A stereoscopic angle on sport, with John Arlott commentating.

Friday, September 19 at 9:30 p.m.
DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954, 105 min., color) Cast: RAY MILLAND, GRACE KELLY, ROBERT CUMMINGS. Director: ALFRED HITCHCOCK. Alfred Hitchcock was of two minds on this. It is not one of his finest, but his use of 3-D (strictly artistic except for one gimmick shot at the end) truly made this claustrophobic stage play interesting to see. In fact, the subtle use of 3-D in this film enhances it. The cast is great, highlighted by John Williams' London inspector investigating a "murder" committed by Milland's wife, Grace Kelly. Look around: The more you look, the more you see.

Saturday, September 20 at 10:30 a.m.
MAD MAGICIAN, THE (1954, 72 min., b&w) Cast: VINCENT PRICE, MARY MURPHY. Director: JOHN BRAHM. OK, this one is usually trashed as a rip off of House of Wax. Why? Well, same producer and same writer as House of Wax. Vincent Price going mad. Time period the same. Hmmm. But, it stands on its own as having very good 3-D (B&W), and watching Price as he evolves into the persona macabre for which he is most known.

Saturday, September 20 at 12:30 p.m.
RARITIES IN 3-D We will be showing over 90 minutes of some of the rarest stereoscopic material in existence. This is a clip show, not complete features or shorts. Not only will there be material considered "lost" for many years, but there will also be material never heretofore known to have been shot in 3-D. This is the show for the 3-D fanatic! Much of this material will never be seen again. This show is being put together until the day before the presentation, so sorry, no titles will be made available until the day of the show.

Please note: Due to the technical complexity of this presentation, the admission price for this show will be $15 per ticket

Saturday, September 20 at 4 p.m.
I, THE JURY (1953, 87 min., b&w) Cast: BIFF ELLIOTT, PEGGY CASTLE. Director: HARRY ESSEX. This film noir hasn't been seen in 3-D in over 50 years! Terrific black and white cinematography by John Alton (Raw Deal, T-Men) and starring Biff Elliot as Mike Hammer, this is one of the rarest of our feature screenings.

Important Note: The short subject, Pardon My Backfire follows the feature film, as it was originally shown in this order.

Guest: BIFF ELLIOT (Q&A to follow the screening)

With short, Pardon My Backfire (1953, 16 min., b&w) Making the most of the 3-D medium, this has the Three Stooges running an automobile repair shop, and becoming involved with three crooks running from the law. The boys eventually capture the burglars and hand them over to the police, but not before everything available has been thrown at the audience!

Saturday, September 20 at 7 p.m.
MONEY FROM HOME (1953, 100 min., color) Cast: DEAN MARTIN, JERRY LEWIS. Director: GEORGE MARSHALL. This terrific Martin & Lewis film, was done up in glorious Technicolor (this was the first of two films using dual three strip Technicolor cameras), the 3-D is natural and avoids gimmicks. And you can check out a harem in 3-D!

With short, Boo Moon (1954, 8 min., color) Poor Casper scares away all the Earth people, so he goes to make friends with inhabitants on the moon. They also fear him, until he becomes a lunar hero by driving off the ferocious Treemen. The outstanding use of depth and perspective in this cartoon make it (arguably) the very best example of stereoscopic animation from the 1950's. Magnificently restored by the 3-D Film Archive, this wonderful cartoon (not shown in 3-D since 1954) will be one of the highlights of our event!

Saturday, September 20 at 9:30 p.m.
SECOND CHANCE (1953, 82 min., color) Cast: ROBERT MITCHUM, LINDA DARNELL, JACK PALANCE. Director: RUDOLPH MATE. RKO's first 3-D featured their top stars, and is enjoyable to watch, especially with bad guy Palance (fresh off of Shane acclaim). Shot on location in Mexico, it's the first Hollywood 3-D feature shot on a foreign location. Robert Mitchum is terrific...and there's wonderful 3-D on a hanging tram!

With short, Melody (1953, 10 min., color) This excellent Disney cartoon depicts how music is born. Various methods, including abstractions, are used to trace the development of a musical composition.

Sunday, September 21 at 11:30 p.m.
GUN FURY (1953, 83 min., color) Cast: ROCK HUDSON, DONNA REED. Director: RAOUL WALSH. Rock Hudson stars in this excellent Columbia western, shot on location in Arizona. This well produced film was directed by Raoul Walsh, and also stars Donna Reed and Lee Marvin.

Sunday, September 21 at 1:45 p.m.
NEBRASKAN, THE (1953, 68 min., color) Cast: PHIL CAREY, ROBERTA HAYNES, LEE VAN CLEEF. Director: FRED SEARS. Cowboys and Indians fight it out... it's 1953, so guess who the bad guys are? This Columbia western hasn't been seen in 3-D in over 50 years!

This film has never played in 3-D in Los Angeles, even in its original release. This will be its Los Angeles 3-D premiere!

Sunday, September 21 at 4:30 p.m.
DRUMS OF TAHITI (1954, 73 min., color) cast: DENNIS O'KEEFE, PATRICIA MEDINA. Director: WILLIAM CASTLE. William Castle directs Patricia Medina (also seen in "Phantom of the Rue Morgue") and Dennis O'Keefe in this South Seas Island adventure with volcanoes erupting and flames throwing!

Note: The short Down the Hatch follows the feature, as this is the order in which these were originally shown.

With short, Down The Hatch (1954, 16 mm, b&w) Cast: HARRY MIMMO. Director: JULES WHITE. After a ruby has been stolen, the thieves devise a plan to smuggle the gem out of Italy and into America. They decide to employ Harry Mimmo, a simple peasant, whom they think will not draw suspicion as he carries the valuable stone. This Columbia short was done as a "pilot" for comedian Harry Mimmo and only released "flat". It has never been seen in 3-D in a public setting until now! A true rarity!

Sunday, September 21 at 7 p.m.
FRENCH LINE, THE (1954, 102 min., color) Cast: JANE RUSSELL, GILBERT ROLAND. Director: LLOYD BACON. Don't miss this rarely seen film, with Jane Russell really "coming at you"! As the ad copy says, "J.R. in 3-D! It'll Knock BOTH your eyes out!"

Sunday, September 21 at 10 p.m.
MISS SADIE THOMPSON (1953, 91 min., color) Cast: RITA HAYWORTH, JOSE FERRER. Director: CURTIS BERNHARDT. This was Columbia's attempt at an "A" film in 3-D. Well produced, shot in tropical paradise, and featuring some excellent performances, including support from Charles "Buchinksy" Bronson, and starring a radiant Rita Hayworth!

With short, Love For Sale (1953, 10 min., b&w) Cast: BELLA STARR. Dan Sonney Productions specialized in rather sleazy "adult" material in the late 40's and early 50's. This short was shot in two-camera 3-D, but only released (very briefly) in very poor anaglyphic (red/blue) prints. We have printed...for the first time ever!...this short in it's proper left eye/right eye format, and will premiere it here! This features stripper Bella Starr in a dance routine, as well as a slick gambler and a party girl in a sensual dance sequence.

There is a printable version of the schedule on the World 3-D Film Expo Web site.

Tickets are available online. Advance tickets are recommended as shows are expected to sell out. Tickets are $10 with the exception of the rarities show which is $15. A festival pass ($320) includes admission to all 35 shows, plus a festival souvenir booklet.

The festival can be reached at (661) 538-9259 or by fax at (661) 793-6755.

World 3-D Film Expo DVD

World 3-D Film Expo DVDAs a souvenir of the World 3-D Film Expo held at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, this DVD brings together for the first time ever, original coming attractions from 45 of the 50 stereoscopic features produced during the Golden Age of 3-D. Even if you don't get to attend the expo, this DVD is not to be missed.

One thing I really like about the DVD is that Sabucat Productions Inc. has included several different versions of original trailers that promoted the same film. For example, there is more than one coming soon teaser trailer for House of Wax. In fact, I think there are three different House of Wax prevue trailers on the DVD. Even today, theatres have different trailers to promote films. The DVD producers have jam packed the DVD with content.

There are trailers included for some 3-D movies that the Expo is not even showing! The quality of the trailers is outstanding (no pun intended). Some of the trailers are even in stereoscopic sound! I was truly amazed at the high quality transfer of trailers that are almost 50 years old. There was only one trailer on the DVD that surprised me with its quality. The trailer for Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder had very saturated blacks and some dark scenes inserted inside the phone dial. I almost hesitate to even mention it because the dark scenes only last for a few seconds of screen time. I wouldn't doubt that any transfer of this trailer would be the same. Only the light of a projector would illuminate it the way Hitch intended.

The DVD also includes several very special bonuses: Trailers in real anaglyphic 3-D for The Maze and It Came From Outer Space and the famous Train Arriving footage, shot in 3-D by the Lumiere Brothers in the mid 1930s. None of this footage has ever been seen on DVD in true 3-D until now! There are over 95 minutes of trailers including 12 minutes of actual 3-D footage. There are also 3-D stills, super high resolution poster and flat still reproductions and 3-D trivia.

The DVD menus are easy to navigate. Selections include background information on the history of 3-D, the Expo and more than 250 stills of posters and other advertising materials. Along with other bonus surprises, this limited edition DVD will entertain you for hours and hours. Each DVD comes with a pair of anaglyphic (red/blue) glasses at no extra charge! Note: This is a standard DVD, not a DVD-R. Price of each DVD is $19.95 each and the DVD can be ordered online.

World 3-D Film Expo Souvenir Book

World 3-D Film Expo bookThis book is being produced by noted 3-D historian Daniel Symmes (Amazing 3-D).

On sale now and available at the special pre-show price of $14.95 per copy, plus shipping and handling. Cost of the book will be $19.95 in the theatre lobby.

This will be a limited edition, so reserve your copy now!

Marvel ComX3D New icon.

Marvel ComX3D DisplayMarvel Enterprises Inc. has agreed to license some of its characters to X3D Technologies, a private three-dimensional graphics company. X3D received exclusive 3-D publishing rights to "past and upcoming" Marvel Comics comic books in 3-D on CD-ROM formats. The CD-ROM is to be known as Marvel ComX3D. For the first time Marvel Comics' publication portfolio can be viewed in 3-dimensions on virtually any PC screen.

Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men are Trademarks of Marvel Characters, Inc. Distributed under license by X3D Technologies Corp. Copyright 2003 Marvel Characters, Inc.The first limited release collection features six comic book titles on a "mini" CD-ROM as a first edition release in 3-D. ComX3D Deluxe #1 features Spider-Man (2 issues), Hulk (2 issues), Wolverine, X-Men (2 issues) and Marvels (20 Super-Heroes). The limited edition CD-ROM is not available in store. You can only order it online at a cost of $14.95 plus shipping.

Future collections let viewers embark upon 3-D adventures to experience key moments from the comic and encounter a variety of the Marvel Universe's personalities, environments and sub-plots in 3-dimensions for the first time.

Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men are Trademarks of Marvel Characters, Inc. Distributed under license by X3D Technologies Corp. Copyright 2003 Marvel Characters, Inc.The mini-CDs feature collectible CD-Rom packaging with each unit including a show-through 3-D character view. Retail price is $4.99. Promotion includes Multi-Character Point of Sale Displays featuring Marvel characters. Launch titles include Spider Man, X-Men and The Hulk - Marvel's three biggest sellers of all-time. One full, interactive comic book is featured per disk with Special X3D Glasses™ folded into each unit.

X3D has the rights to republish more than 50 Marvel superheroes characters from the last 40 years. X3D promises over 4,000 exciting titles to come including modern, classic and retro collections.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over 5 in 1 Watch

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over watchesThe 5 in 1 Spy Kids watch is a online exclusive. This high-tech Spy gadget comes with five different attachable watch face plates to chose from. The interchangeable face plates enable Spy Kids to blend into their surroundings depending on the mission at hand. Telling time never gets boring with the 5 in 1 Spy Kids watch!



Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over FM Radio Watch

This cool digital watch actually has a built in FM Radio and includes 2 piece earphones. 5 Function LCD watch displays hour, minute, month date and seconds. Black rubberized strap with Spy kids™ logo in color.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Arnold's OverTheTop Sunglasses

These sunglasses are worn by Arnold, the Beta tester, in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. These revolutionary shades from Oakley are the ideal fit and style for all future Beta testers and spies.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over sunglassesOnly mad science would reverse engineer the human skull, discarding earstems for a hingeless frame that wraps the upper cranium. This lightweight instrument of abuse is engineered to clutch the braincase, even during the most reckless excuse for athletic competition. The dual-spherical design combines flush mounted orbitals with XYZ Optics® for optimum clarity. Performance eyewear is now combat headgear that marks the first generation of a new evolution.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Backpack

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over backpackDue to popular demand, is now offering the limited edition Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Backpack.

The backpack is marketed toward kids at school with the official Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over backpack featuring both Carmen and Juni Cortez. The pack comes with a water bottle and multiple cargo pockets for all the spy gadgets and spy (school) books.

This is a preorder item shipping on Sept. 30, 2003. Quantities are limited.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Kraft Snack Booklet

Wal-Mart stores have a Kraft display featuring a special Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Snack Booklet. 3-D Review tried to get one of the booklets, but the Wal-Mart associates were unable to find the display in the local store.

3-D Mania - Encounter in the Third Dimension Presskit

3-D Mania PresskitIn 1999, nWave Pictures released the giant screen production Encounter in the Third Dimension, a groundbreaking venture into the realm of 3-D filmmaking. Using CGI technology to its maximum potential, 3-D sight gags abound in this thrilling presentation that integrates computer generated imagery and live action to explore the history of 3-D photography and 3-D motion pictures. Audiences encounter early incarnations of the third dimension, from a re-creation of one of the earliest 3-D movies ever made to classic clips from Hollywood's 3-D heyday during the 1950s.

The electronic version of the film's presskit is available in portable document format (PDF) and is readable with the free "Adobe Acrobat Reader."

SOS Planet

SOS PlanetSOS Planet is a giant screen look at some of the most important environmental issues of our time. Former CBS-TV news anchor Walter Cronkite is the host and narrator of SOS Planet. SOS Planet uses state-of-the-art, giant screen digital animation to explore three of the planet's most troubled environmental areas. With the immersive effect of giant screen 3-D and stunningly realistic computer generated animals, the film plunges the audience into lush environments, blending live action and animation. The film enters three different endangered ecosystems: global warming, rainforest deforestation and delpetion of the oceans.

The film was produced by nWave Pictures in association with the World Wide Fund for Nature - The Netherlands.

The presskit features a history of 3-D and how it works. The electronic version of the film's presskit is available in portable document format (PDF) and is readable with the free "Adobe Acrobat Reader."

Major League Baseball 2003 All-Star Game 3-D Souvenir Program

2003 All Star ProgramMajor League Baseball used 3-D for the Official 2003 All Star Game Program. The program features two different state-of-the-art 3-D covers. One cover features baseball superstars Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez and a special Limited Stadium Edition Esteban Loaiza. This classic souvenir is packed with 240 pages of All-Star action and includes exclusive playerfeatures, All-Star rosters, a scorecard and a section highlighting the South Side’s baseball heritage. Cost of the program is $15.


IMAX Shrek 3-D

The 35mm version of Shrek was released to theatres nationwide in June 2001. Sample 3-D footage has been repurposed for the giant screen in 70mm, but the project is currently on hold.

Synopsis: Shrek is a cynical, no-nonsense ogre whose swamp has been overrun by annoying fairy tale creatures. He sets out to save his home and along the way, is befriended by a wise-cracking donkey, sent to slay a fire-breathing dragon and save a beautiful princess with a deep, dark secret. In the end, Shrek learns to love and be loved. Cast: the voices of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and John Lithgow.

Credits: A DreamWorks SKG production. Producers: David Lipman, Aron Warner, John Williams. Directors: Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson. Distributor Large Format (LF) version: Imax Ltd. Writers: Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio. LF version Director: Simon Smith. LF version producer: Don MacBain.

The Lenticular List

Here is a checklist of some of the lenticular cards you could purchase or get as free premiums with food products during the past few years. How many of these do you have in your collection?

Subject Issued By Description
Batman   Set of 8, Canada
Cheese Head "Dresser"    
Crash Bandicoot 2   Uncut lenticular sheet
DC vs. Marvel Fleer/Skybox Released in 1995 2 card Mirage set featuring lenticular images (1:360)
includes #1 Superboy/Spider-Man
Daredevil Kraft Foods Set of 3 -Daredevil #1, Elektra #2 and Daredevil #3
Daredevil Wal-Mart Exclusive Kraft Foods Bonus card
Dinocards   Oversize promo
Discovery Channel Discovery Channel Set of 4
Dragonball Z Dragonball Z Fruit Snacks Set of 3 - Vegito, Gohan and Vegeta
Flubber   3-D promo
Galidor Galidor Cereal Only card #4 is lenticular
Godzilla Taco Bell Godzilla's Eye from the USA Godzilla movie
Goosebumps Scholastic Lenticular promo
Guru Guru Korean Set of 20
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets K-Mart Set of 4
The Hulk Magic in Motion Cards Kraft Foods Set of 4
Independence Day 20th Century Fox Home Video Large lenticular - White House explodes
Independence Day 20th Century Fox Home Video Mini lenticular - White House explodes
Independence Day 20th Century Fox Large lenticular (French language)
The Iron Giant   Mini lenticular
Jurassic Park 3   3-D card
Justice League Inkworks
Released in June 2003

ActionWorks Cards: Seven cards that showcase each of your favorite Justice League heroes with lenticular zoom action.

ActionWorks Case Loader: A special lenticular card featuring all of the Justice League heroes on one card.

Lord of the Rings Flipz Artbox Set of 60
Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Artbox Set of 60
NASCAR Nilla Wafers Set of 4
Pocohontas Skybox 3-D panorama
Pinochio   Oversize card, movie
Pokemon Pioneer Video Ash Pointing, Squirtle, Pikachu Falling, Egg Critter, Pink Critter, Pickachu Elect
Pop Secret Racing Pop Secret Car #43
Scooby Doo Lunchables Set of 7
Scorpion King   SKP-UK lenticular
Spiderman Dolci Gum Set of 10
Spiderman mini 3-D cards Marinela Foods, Mexico Set of 30
Spongebob Squarepants Got Milk Milk Board 8 x 10
Star Trek Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd.
Released in 1999
Star Trek In Motion, Rittenhouse's first product, made its debut in September 1999, was the first-ever all-lenticular Star Trek card series with the first-ever Star Trek sound cards. Total production of the series was limited to 8,000 boxes, one of the most limited edition Star Trek hobby products ever created.

Star Trek Blockbuster Video Set of 4
Star Wars II Curad Bandages Set of 4
Star Wars II Energizer Set of 3
Star Wars Frito-Lay Doritos Set of 6
Star Wars Frito-Lay Doritos Set of 20 Magic in Motion Disks
Star Wars Topps Widevision Promo P1
Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones Betty Crocker Jedi Fruit Rolls Set of 8 Magic in Motion Sticker Cards
World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Little Caesar's Pizza Set of 4
World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Figure Cards   Bushwackers, Brutus Beefcake and Big Boss Man
X-Men Movie Action Flipz Artbox Set of 40 including 4 chase cards
X-Men II
X-Men United Action Flipz