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May 2004 Issue

Vol. 2, No. 5

3-D Review is your headquarters for information about new stereoscopic products from around the world.

3-D Review does not sell any of the products featured on our Web pages. You can order directly from the vendors using the links or addresses provided.

65th Anniversary View-Master® set Introduced at 2004 Toy Fair

View-Master® 65th Anniversary set (Photo courtesy of Mattel)
Click for larger image

View-Master® 65th Anniversary Set (Photo courtesy of Mary Ann Sell)
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View-Master® 65th Anniversary Base (Photo courtesy of Mattel)
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View-Master® 65th Anniversary viewer and reels (Photo courtesy of Mattel)
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Mattel is selling a specially created set to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the View-Master®.

The 65th Anniversary View-Master® set was introduced at the 101st annual American International Toy Fair, which ran from Feb. 15-19, 2004. At the four-day show, more than 1,500 toy manufacturers showed off their latest playthings to 20,000 toy buyers from around the world.

3-D Review Online Magazine interviewed Dana Marciniak at View-Master® to find out about the behind-the-scenes production of the anniversary set.

What went into choosing the images featured on the reels for the 65th anniversary set?
[Dana Marciniak] Our main goal was to choose images that really reflected the 65 years View-Master® has been documenting history, events and pop culture. We wanted to ensure that each image really "spoke" to what the era was all about and would resonate with our audience. It was important to us to also choose images from past View-Master® reels. For example, when choosing an image to represent Disneyland, we wanted the image to be authentic with View-Master® photography, therefore it was imperative that the image reflected Disneyland in the 1950s as a popular tourist attraction, not an image from today.

How many sets will be produced for collectors?
[Dana Marciniak] We are producing 65,000 box sets in total and sending six to be auctioned/raffled off at the National Stereoscopic Association Show in July. One of those sets will be signed by a member of our View-Master® team.

Any behind-the-scenes information about the specially designed viewer in the set?
[Dana Marciniak] We tested the viewer with consumers and the red "L" viewer was the most recognizable model. It really sparks that nostalgic feeling in people when they see it. The metallic finish is simply unique and gives this viewer a premium look.

Any other unique information about the set?
[Dana Marciniak] It also comes with a display base that will allow consumers a place to display the viewer and the eight reels.

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram in 3-D

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram 3-D logoOn April 1, The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, a Texas newspaper, printed a special section of anaglyphic 3-D photos taken around Tarrant County featuring animals, culture, people, scenery and sports. The newspaper also printed all advertisements in the special section in 3-D.

The 18-page 3-D section was distributed in the Thursday, April 1 issue to all subscribers, including Sunday-only customers. In addition to the special section, 3-D glasses were inserted with the newspaper.

Some of the 3-D images are conversions from 2-D originals. The newspaper's Web site posted some of the 3-D photos. (Editor's Note: It took a long time to download the Flash 3-D images using a dial-up modem.) Reader's could enter an online contest to pick a favorite 3-D advertisement.

Hal Lifeson's 1966 Music CD

Hal Lifeson's 1966 CD cover artThe cool companion compact disk to the book Hal Lifson's 1966! features 23 audio tracks to enjoy from the year 1966, "the coolest year in music history!"

The CD's cover art uses a View-Master® reel design to depict 14 music icon images from 1966.

According to Lifeson, "My goal is to prove that 1966 may have been the best year ever. Looking back at my life as a kid in the safe, suburban confines of Encino, California, I was exposed at a very young age to the best pop and rock music of the 20th Century, all via the low-fidelity of a Thrifty Drugs transistor radio. The sounds of '66 changed my life forever. I went to sleep with the radio under my pillow as I didn't want to miss a beat."

Music Tracks
1. These Boots Are Made for Walkin' - Nancy Sinatra
2. Lies - The Knickerbockers
3. Batman - Main Title - Neal Hefti
4. Our Man Flint - Main Theme - Jerry Goldsmith
5. Magic Town - The Vogues
6. Double Shot (of my Baby's Love) - The Swingin' Medallions
7. The Big T.N.T. Show - Commercial
8. Last Train to Clarksville - The Monkees
9. Secret Agent Man - The Ventures
10. The Dating Game - TV Theme
11. Cool Jerk - The Capitols
12. If I Were a Carpenter - Bobby Darin
13. Who Am I? - Petula Clark
14. The Newlywed Game - TV Theme
15. Shapes of Things - The Yardbirds
16. Great Shakes - Commercial - The Yardbirds
17. The Time Tunnel - TV Theme - John Williams
18. You Baby - The Turtles
19. All Strung Out - Nino Tempo and April Stevens
20. Dark Shadows - Commercial
21. Psychotic Reaction - Count Five
22. Star Trek - Main Title and Closing Theme - Fred Steiner and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
23. Good Vibrations - Beach Boys

Find out more at www.hallifson.com.

Nanosaur II: Hatchling Video Game Hatches in Two 3-D Formats - Anaglyphic and LCD Shutter Glasses

Nanosaur II: HatchlingNanosaur II: Hatchling is the only game for MacOS X that supports the use of stereo 3-D glasses for a truly immersive experience. Mac users can now play a 3-D game the way it was meant to be played, in real 3-D! Two different types of 3-D glasses are supported: Anaglyph and LCD Shutter glasses.Nanosaur II: Hatchling Anaglyphic 3-D glasses

Nanosaur II: Hatchling is in final development and will be available March 10, 2004. The game is a continuation of the original Nanosaur storyline, yet this time you get to fly a pteradactyl who's loaded with hi-tech weaponry and the game is much larger than the original 1998 game. In addition to the adventure mode where you blast enemy dinos and save eggs, there are also six two-player levels including racing, capture-the-flag and battle.

The minimum system requirements for Nanosaur II: Hatchling are

  • MacOS 10.2.8
  • iMac G4/700mhz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Radeon or GeForce 2 graphics acceleration with at least 32MB of VRAM

The game might run in only 256MB of RAM, but the load times will be extremely long and the game may run a little choppy. The game will not run on older iMac's with Rage 128 accelerators. This includes All pre-flat-panel iMacs. Only flat-panel iMac's come with Radeon, GeForce or better video accelerators.

Shutter glasses are amazing because there is no color distortion in the image, so it’s like looking through a glass window into a 3-D universe. However, it is more difficult to use 3-D shutter glasses because they only work with CRT displays, not LCD displays. For the best results, the CRT must be capable of at least 85hz.

There are several types of shutter glasses out there, but the only kind that will work with OpenGL on Mac OS X is the “blue-line sync” type. Before purchasing a pair of shutter glasses be sure it is the blue-line sync type.

3-D Review Online Magazine Receives Monster Kid Cool Site Award

On our one year anniversary, April 2004, 3-D Review Online Magazine is proud to have received the Monster Kid Cool Site Award.The staff of 3-D Review Online Magazine is proud to announce the Web site is the recipient of the Monster Kid Cool Site Award.

Monster Kid is modeled after the classic monster magazines of the 1960s, such as Famous Monsters of Filmland. Editor Kerry Gammill (Count Gamula) presents great information and entertainment through Monster Kid. Kerry Gammill is a talented artist whose work has appeared in both Marvel and DC comics. Some of his work can be seen on his Gammillustrations Web site.

The staff and management of 3-D Review Online Magazine appreciate this honor.


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