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July 2007 Issue

Vol. 5,
No. 7

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3-D Review Online Magazine 5 year anniversary!

View-Master® Super Sounds Projector with Remote Control

View-Master® Super Sounds Projector The View-Master® Super Sounds Projector allows you to put on a show with sound effects, character voices and music, using View-Master® reels and a cordless infrared remote control.

The SuperSounds Projector comes with a manual advance and an infrared remote control with a clip on storage area built into the projector.

Additionally, the unit swivels to allow the child to project images onto an eight-foot ceiling. The projector will have storage for thee super sounds reels.

The projector has an easy-adjust focus ring and portable handle. It is powered by four AA batteries.

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Godzilla 3-D IMAX Update

Godzilla 3-D poster. Courtesy of Monster Zero.Last month we told you that we had thought the Godzilla 3-D movie was dead in the water. Now it appears that the Big G in 3-D is resurrected after all and his radioactive spines have the backing of some former Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) employees.

Kerner Productions recently announced that Tokyo based Digital Motion, have provided initial development funding for the project. Kerner Productions and Kerner Optical LLC staff will also be providing miniature, creature creation, physical effects, and visual effects support.

Tokyo based Producer/Director Yoshimitsu Banno and Producer Kenji Okuhira, have teamed up with Hollywood 3-D veterans Producer Brian Rogers, Director Keith Melton, and Director of Photography Peter Anderson, ASC to form the core production team.

So, it appears that Godzilla is returning to the big screen, for the first time in 3-D! This contemporary version of the largest classic cinema creature of all time will take full advantage of the growing popularity of digital 3-D theaters to bring Godzilla to its worldwide audience in a way that has never been experienced before.

Godzilla 3-D will be designed to take full advantage of the composition, staging, and dynamic editing of original three dimensional photography. The film will also incorporate updated creature technology along with cutting edge motion capture and 3-D CGI animation to bring a more fluid and realistic energy to Godzilla. This will create more subtle facial moves and will allow the filmmakers to expand and enhance Godzilla’s character.

The anticipated start date for this original production is slated for February 2008, and will lens in South America, Mexico, Tokyo, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Casting for this English language film will take place in Los Angeles.

Not only is Kerner Productions involved in the Godzilla 3-D project, they have another 3-D film projects in the research and development. Kerner Productions also just recently optioned the rights to Silo 13, a 3-D feature film from a script that won the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards - 1st Place Gold Prize in the horror/thriller category.

Silo 13 Synopsis (Spoiler Alert)
The story: Meet Maggie Caulfield (22), a tomboy beauty who is breaking new ground as one of the first female security specialists in the Air Force. It's her first assignment: to guard the highest security facility on the planet -- an atomic missile base 100 feet underground, at the height of the Cold War. She patrols a steel-ribbed tunnel that stretches on forever. Alone. Then, the eerie sound repeats: clang… clang… clang… The noises come from a place no human should be -- behind the blast door to Silo 3. An atomic missile silo. Three years ago, a fatal accident earned it the alias Silo 13. A crewman working inside died a horrific death, abandoned by his fellow crewmembers in the name of duty. And now, Maggie must stop an invisible presence that almost kills a young crewman she once loved… A presence that begins to kill the other crewmembers one-by-one… A vengeful spirit with a terrifying agenda that Maggie, the outsider, must uncover before it’s too late.

Kerner Optical Research and Development




Kerner Research and Development
90 Windward Way
San Rafael, CA 94901
United States
(415) 448-2000

Kerner Optical Research and Development is a dynamic, creative, and technically expert team dedicated to disruptive innovation in cinematic camera design, three dimensional stereoscopic content production/presentation, optical design, spatial sound recording, image generation, imaging software, media display and event production. We deliver these technologies and services with speed and reliable turn-around; assisting with design, application and implementation.

On August 14, 2006 Kerner Optical emerged from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) in the same manner $7.4B Pixar grew out of ILM in 1986.

Kerner Optical represents the 14-time Academy Award-winning motion picture physical effects unit, model shop, shooting stages and camera group located in the once super secret ILM San Rafael, CA campus. Associated companies include Kerner Productions and Kerner Research & Development. We are 30 years of movie making history, expertise and craftsmanship now available to any project, anywhere in the world.

Since 1975 this elite group also garnered 17 technical achievement awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for groundbreaking systems, techniques, software and processes applied to the creation of motion picture visual effects. Beyond these prestigious awards, the same group was nominated more than 20 other times for visual effect Oscars.

Kerner R&D brings new concepts, techniques and systems to life. Our projects involve three dimensional stereoscopic image acquisition/delivery and real-time motion capture as well as enabling technologies for feature film, simulation and immersive training environments.

We are a high-end incubator within a world renowned studio. Our staff is surrounded by top movie industry professionals with literally hundreds of years of experience. However, unlike ILM, the technologies Kerner R&D develops will be productized, not kept proprietary. Our relationship with ILM remains close as we explore licensing and productizing of their existing proprietary technologies.

Kerner R&D’s primary value is our staff - focused on leveraging practical creative problem solving into next-generation tools for clients and industry professionals.

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3-D Center and Ray Zone Present The History of 3-D Comics

Ray Zone

Ray Zone

3-D Center of Art and Photography logoThe 3-D Center of Art and Photography in partnership with Ray Zone presents The History of 3-D Comics in a special exhibition July 19 through Sept. 9, 2007.

For a brief period between 1953 and 1954, 3-D comics took the comic industry by storm. Familiar comic characters, such as Mighty Mouse and the Three Stooges, began appearing in multiple dimensions, and new characters emerged, such as Captain 3-D. But the boom only lasted six months, and 3-D comics virtually disappeared from newsstands until a man from Los Angeles, named Ray Zone, resurrected the medium in the 1980’s.

Zone’s line of 3-D comics, The 3-D Zone, was the world’s first comic line that was strictly 3-D. Since 1983, he has published his own comic conversions, as well as other’s comic artwork. He has also consulted on numerous 3-D projects including Tool’s 10,000 Days 3-D CD, which took home the 2006 Grammy for Best Record Packaging.

The 3-D Center will be projecting Zone’s 3-D slide show, The Great 3-D Comics Show, in the Stereo Theatre for the duration of the exhibition.

Friends Only Preview
Friends of the Center are invited to preview the new exhibition at a special reception from 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18.

Opening Reception
An opening reception with special guest, Ray Zone will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 19 at the 3-D Center.

Special Event
Zone will also host a demonstration on how he creates his 3-D comic conversions from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, July 20. The special event to be held at Newspace Center for Photography at 1632 SE 10th in Portland.

Tickets $6 advance, $8 at the door. Friends discounted tickets are $4.

The 3-D Center of Art and Photography is located at 1928 NW Lovejoy in Portland, Oregon. Call (503) 227-6667.

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Beowulf to be in Digital 3-D and IMAX 3-D

Angelina Jolie in Beowulf concept artMoviegoers keen on catching Paramount Pictures' Beowulf in 3-D this holiday season will have two formats to choose from, digital and IMAX.

IMAX said it has signed a deal with Paramount, a unit of Viacom Inc., to release Beowulf in IMAX 3-D on Nov. 16.

The agreement follows last October's announcement by Paramount that the film will play in more than 1,000 theaters in digital 3-D using delivery-technology created by the California-based REAL D. Other cinemas will show the movie in standard 35mm.

At the time, the studio said the film would be released in REAL D and at " other large-format" 3-D theaters, but no deal with IMAX had been signed.

Released in March, the adult-oriented 300, an adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel, grossed nearly $25 million in the IMAX network.

Beowulf is directed by Robert Zemeckis, who also helmed The Polar Express, which was a huge hit in IMAX 3-D when released in November 2004, and is considered to have kickstarted Hollywood's 3-D film renaissance. Beowulf based on the epic English poem and boasting such stars as Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich, is a digitally enhanced live-action film using the same motion-capture technology seen in The Polar Express.

Beowulf will mark the first time a film is presented on both REAL D and IMAX 3-D platforms, which cater to audiences willing to pay a premium price for a premium, or multi-dimensional, viewing experience. It was also a reason some market observers thought IMAX would pass on it.

The deal is also a first in that IMAX and Paramount haven't released a film together since IMAX began remastering commercial films into the large format in 2002.

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Terminator Lenticular Cover Edition DVD

The Terminator lenticular cover

A special edition DVD featuring a lenticular cover is available of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator. The image switches from a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger to an image of the terminator robot.

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Robocop Lenticular Cover Edition DVD

Robocop enticular cover

A special edition DVD featuring a lenticular cover is available of the film Robocop. Robocop's visor change images.

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The Breed 3-D Lenticular Cover Edition DVD

The Breed  3-D lenticular cover

A special edition DVD featuring a 3-D lenticular cover is available of Wes Craven's The Breed. The 3-D lenticular shows a girl facing two wolves with a dark sky in the background.

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Fletch (The Jane Doe Edition) 3-D Lenticular Cover DVD

Fletch 3-D lenticular cover

A special edition DVD featuring a 3-D lenticular cover is available of Chevy Chase in Fletch (The Jane Doe Edition). The 3-D lenticular shows Fletch holding several fake I.D. cards. Fletch also changes from a suit and tie to a hippie and the I.D. card images also change.

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Shh3D.com Jones Soda Bottle

Shh3D.com Jones 3-D soda bottleShh3D.com produced a very limited edition collector's special 3-D Jones Soda bottle featuring a beautiful pin-up girl on the label.

This full size 12 ounce 3-D Jones Soda bottle was specially produced for Shh3D.com featuring the cover girl from the popular 3D and Naughty book of 3-D photos to help kick off the new online magazine Shh3D.com in a very "tasteful" way.

Only 12 bottles with this special 3-D label were ever produced in this limited run and each bottle included with it's own pair of 3-D glasses attached around the neck with a silver beaded chain so you or a friend can enjoy a cool drink and a cool 3-D image that appears to spring to life, as if the sexy girl is coming to you right out of the bottle label.

Bottle No. 9 of those 12 bottles was recently listed for sale on eBay. It sold for $12.95. Bottle No. 10 of 12 also sold at auction for $12.95.

The bottle contained Strawberry Lime flavored soda.



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2007 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference Photos

Aira Hotta from Toshiba Corporation (Kawasaki, Japan) demonstrated the Head Dome Projector - a head-mountable personal projection system in which a 2D image is projected on the inside of a dome-shaped screen with wide viewing angle of about 150 degrees horizontal. (Photo ©2007 Andrew Woods)

Toshiba Corporation (Kawasaki, Japan) demonstrated the Head Dome Projector - a head-mountable personal projection system in which a 2-D image is projected on the inside of a dome-shaped screen with wide viewing angle of about 150 degrees horizontal. (Photo ©2007 Andrew Woods)

Photos from the 2007 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference are now online. The conference was held Jan. 29-31, 2007, in San Jose, California.

The 2008 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference will held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Centre, San Jose, California as part of the 2008 Electronic Imaging: Science and Technology Symposium - jointly organized by IS&T & SPIE. The dates of the 2008 EI Symposium are Jan. 27-31, 2008.

This conference focuses on recent advances in stereoscopic imaging, including 3-D display hardware, computer software algorithms, digital techniques, and applications illustrating the user-interface issues or cost/benefit trade-offs of stereoscopic 3-D displays. In both real-world and computer-generated imaging applications, stereoscopic 3-D display technologies can enhance the user's ability to perceive objects in their correct spatial locations, to move through display space easily, and to manipulate objects efficiently and accurately.

The conference's parallel focus on human factors issues and applications requirements is intended to guide future display system development and task-based evaluation of 3-D technologies. The conference brings together practitioners and researchers from industry and academia to facilitate an exchange of current information on stereoscopic 3-D techniques and applications. Hardware demonstrations of 3-D technologies and applications are strongly encouraged at the conference demonstration session. Facilities for large-screen stereoscopic projection (both still and video) will be available and presenters are encouraged to make full use of these during their presentation.

Papers are solicited for, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Applications of stereoscopic displays. We are especially interested in novel applications and in user trials of existing applications. Application areas include scientific visualization, medical imaging, teleoperation, telepresence, industrial inspection, communications, entertainment, broadcast/cable TV, training, CAD/CAM, molecular modeling and advertising.
  • Advances in stereoscopic display technologies:
    • autostereoscopic displays, super and high-density multi-view displays, volumetric displays, mobile 3-D displays, stereoscopic projection, mobile 3-D displays, and other 3-D displays.
    • methods for recording, playback, transmission and processing of stereoscopic video.
    • stereoscopic computer graphics and stereoscopic gaming.
  • Stereoscopic 3-D digital cinema including production, presentation and case studies.
  • Digital stereoscopic imaging
    • stereoscopic and multi-view computer graphics.
    • image processing and compression of stereoscopic imagery.
    • stereoscopic image synthesis: 2-D to 3-D conversion, depth map generation, and multi-viewpoint generation.
    • transmission standards supporting digital stereoscopic images.
    • software and hardware issues for computer display of stereoscopic images.
  • 3-D image acquisition and generation techniques
    • single- and multi-lens camera systems.
    • motion parallax, volume projection, graphical construction, stereoscopic computer graphics, computational photography and other stereoscopic image generation techniques.
    • guidelines for stereoscopic content development.
  • Design and development of stereoscopic display systems for teleoperation, telerobotics, telepresence, telesurgery and augmented reality.
  • Human factors issues in stereoscopic display systems
    • task performance comparisons between stereoscopic and non-stereoscopic displays.
    • side-benefits of stereoscopic display techniques.
    • evaluation methodologies (e.g., depth-acuity measurement) and task-performance testing.
    • benefits for processing and compression of stereoscopic images.
    • User-interface issues in stereoscopic display system design.
    • perceptual and cognitive guidelines for stereoscopic displays.
    • 3-D remote manipulation and control of viewpoint.
    • ortho-stereo, hyper-stereo, and the geometry of 3D perceptual space.
  • Standards for stereoscopic imaging

Due dates for abstracts are July 16, 2007.

For more information visit http://www.stereoscopic.org/2008/cfp.html.

Items of note in the world of 3-D displays

1. Holographic Imaging by Stephen A. Benton and Michael Bove. Stephen Benton co-chaired the SD&A conference for five years until his death in 2003. This book was in production at the time of his death and has been completed by Michael Bove. The book will be released later this year:

2. Enhanced Visualization: Making Space for 3-D Images by Barry G. Blundell. The book provides a summary of nearly 100 years of Volumetric Displays R&D.

3. 3-D Technology and Markets; A Study of All Aspects of Electronic 3-D Systems, Applications and Markets by Insight Media and USDC. A commerial report which documents the current state of the 3-D industry. This report was mentioned during the discussion forum at SD&A 2007.

4. Third Dimension Newsletter by Veritas et Visus All things three dimensional are covered in this paid newsletter, which comes out with 10 huge issues a year.

5. 3-D Review Online Magazine A free monthly news magazine providing information about new stereoscopic products from around the world.

6. stereoscopy.com 3-D News by Alexander Klein. A free regularly updated collection of 3-D related press releases.

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Stacie Lynn 3-D Convention Program

Stacie Lynn 3-D convention programA rare limited edition convention book featuring adult model Stacie Lynn in amazing 3-D were printed for Stacie's rare personal appearance at the the 2007 Motor City Comic-Con.

Only 1,000 of these convention books were printed.

This full color 3-D portfolio features over 40 3-D nude photos of Stacie. She shows off the natural assets that have made her one of today's top adult models and popular pin-ups.

Some photos take up the entire 8 1/2" x 11" pages and offer some very dynamic 3-D poses.

Stacie Lynn appeared in the debut issue of Shh! online magazine and in the pages of Swank.

This portfolio is sealed in plastic with a pair of sexy 3-D glasses. All the photos were taken using modern stereo-photography equipment, and converted to anaglyph (red/blue) for easy viewing in 3-D.

The portfolio is printed on 16 high quality, sturdy pages. The special edition was produced by Shh! Productions from Battle Creek, Michigan.

Shh! Productions has a limited number of these convention programs for sale. Visit www.shh3d.com for ordering information.

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DivaBikini 2008 Calendar features 3-D Lenticular Cover

DivaBikini 3-D lenticular cover artDivaBikinis 2008 Divas on Tour calendar is now available and it's cover is an eye-popping 3-D treat!

The cover for the calendar is a large 9" x 11 3/4" 3-D lenticular image of Penthouse cover girl Taya Parker. The 2008 Divas on Tour from Jamaica Calendar features Penthouse Pets, entertainers and film stars wearing Penthouse Swimwear by Diva Bikinis.

The Divas on Tour 2008 calendar is advertised as the world’s first printed calendar to have the cover in 3-D, which uses a special process developed by Azuna, a Diva Bikini partner. Penthouse Swimwear features stunning and sexy micro bikinis and one-piece swimsuits in various patterns and colors, which include Swarovski crystal embellishments.

The calendar is available as of June 2007 for $19.95 by itself and as a package with the Behind the Scenes video for $34.95.

“We are grateful that Taya has agreed to be our spokesmodel and Cover Girl. She will be appearing in clubs around the country and at Diva events nationwide signing autographs on the calendars beginning in June 2007. We are excited about the endless opportunities for cross promotion that will be developed by the addition of Taya Parker to the Penthouse Swimwear by Diva Bikinis swimwear line,” says Joseph Isaacs, President of Diva Bikinis. “Merchandise will also be seen on Penthouse Pet models appearing in the magazine and at promotions and events nationwide,” he added.

“I am honored to have been chosen as the new face of Penthouse Swimwear by Diva Bikinis! This company and their products are exciting. The owners are amazing and innovative in their designs. To represent such a company is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am excited to play a key part in its future and success! I, along with all of the other beautiful Diva Models, plan on making 2008 a year to remember...Year of the Divas," says Taya Parker.

Click on the links to see large images of the models featured in the 2008 Divas on Tour calendar:

For more information visit www.divabikini.com or call 1-866-678-DIVA. Visit the DivaBikini Web site to order a copy of the 2008 DivaBikini 3-D calendar.

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Shh3D.com Launches its Second Issue

Shh3d.com logoShh! #2 cover artShh! first issue cover artShh! Productions offers you a chance to receive direct access to a monthly online collection of wildly erotic 3-D girlie photos and adult cartoons!

Shh3D.com is a monthly E-zine featuring 3-D nude girls and sexy adult cartoons and comix in amazing anaglyph form. Just put on your red and blue 3-D glasses to see vintage 3-D pin-ups, today's hottest centerfolds and 3-D cartoons.

The second issue of Shh! is now online.

Each monthly online issue of Shh3D offers a fun and sexy selection of hips, lips and comic strips that employ the techniques and artistry of 3-D. Easy navigation takes you to your choice of 3-D girl images, adult humor and cartoons, risque artwork and vintage vixens featuring sexy 3-D images from the past.

3-D photos of the cover girl model are featured in the new issue. The photos were taken by Shh! Productions with 3-D conversion by Ray Zone. All online images are in anaglyphic 3-D. The Shh3D editors could improve the site by adding a link to previous issues and offering a choice of 3-D images using the drift and cross-eyed methods as well as the anaglyphs.

Access to Shh3D.com is available by subscription.

Warning: Shh3d.com is a site designed and intended solely for adults, people who are at least 18 years old, who are interested in and wish to have access to visual images, verbal description and audio sounds of a sexually oriented, frankly erotic nature. The materials which are available within this site may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity and should not be accessed by anyone who is younger than 18 years old or who does not wish to be exposed to such materials.

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3-D Auction Results
Here are a few 3-D auction results from the past month

Shh stereoview prints

A set of 50 original, one of a kind, stereoviews featuring pretty pin-ups and nude girls from the vaults of Shh3D.com sold $27 for with nine bids! This set of 50 photos features different, random pictures. This set of 50 photos was taken at several different locations with different girls. Additional lots of different photos were listed in other auctions. Each of these lots featured a different and random assortment of girls and poses.

View-Master® Stereo-Matic 500 Projector

A black View-Master® Stereo-Matic 500 Projector sold for $980.99 with 25 bids. This later model projector has the 2 1/4" lenses and also came with the black carrying case.


Species II 3-D lenticular movie poster

A Species II 3-D lenticular movie poster sold for $17 with three bids. The poster has four images starting with Natasha Henstridge gradually changing into an alien. The poster measures 39" x 27" and was issued by MGM to promote the 1998 film in theatres.

Yogi Berra How to Catch Stori-View #801

A Stori-View set featuring Yogi Berra's "How to Catch" sold for $9.99 with one bid. This is Stori-View set #801 with six 3-D slides in box.


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