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3-D News   Free Hannah Montana 3-D Glasses at Walmart

Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus 3-D glasses.Walmart is giving away free red/blue 3-D glasses for the television premiere of the Hannah Montana/Mylie Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds concert on The Disney Channel. The 3-D concert airs one night only, July 26.

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The Fox Theatre in Toronto Presents 3-D Fest July 11-17, 2008

Fox Theatre 3-D FestThere’s a scene from Dial M for Murder that always makes many jump out of their seat. Grace Kelly’s character Margot answers the phone late one night, when suddenly she is attacked from behind in the darkness of her own living room. A grisly scene follows, not soon forgotten. As frightening a film moment as it is, it pales in comparison to experiencing the heart-pounding suspense of the movie’s original 3-Dimensional format. Fortunately, the Fox Theatre will be showing Dial M for Murder in 3-D, along with several other classic films this month in celebration of everyone’s favourite disposable glasses-wearing artform.

The concept of 3-D film can be traced back to the late 1890's, but the earliest confirmed screening of a 3-D movie was not until Sept. 27, 1922. The film was The Power of Love, which premiered at the Ambassador Hotel Theatre in Los Angeles. Technology has advanced greatly since then, but the results are basically the same.

Using two cameras that are facing each other, two images in two chromatically opposite colours are projected in perfect synchronization at a 90-degree angle using mirrors. To see a 3-D picture in all its glory, audience members put on anaglyph glasses, those famous red and blue lenses. The colored filters separate the two different images so each image only enters one eye. With the help of the glasses, your brain automatically puts the two pictures back together, creating a three-dimensional viewing experience.

As the 1920’s saw the innovations of audio and colour in film, one would think 3-D would have been an immediate hit in Hollywood, but despite its early history, the technology struggled to make an impact until the 1950’s. Now known as the “golden era”, audiences were re-introduced to 3-D film with Bwana Devil (1952), a colour feature about man-eating lions that was critically panned but nevertheless launched the 3-D boom. The following year, Man in the Dark and House of Wax were so hugely successful at the box office that it proved to studios money could be made from 3-D movies. House of Wax also marked the first time many audiences had heard recorded stereophonic sound, a massive change in audio quality from the previous tinny mono.

After those movies, nearly every studio started producing 3-Dimensional films, flooding the cinemas in 1953. It Came from Outer Space was an alien invasion movie that also delved into the complicated topic of human paranoia. Spooks was a short featuring the Three Stooges aiming pies at audience members, many of whom hid under their seats so not to be splattered with custard. Inferno followed the plight of a man left for dead in the Mojave Desert, and how he seeks revenge. Even Disney released a 3-D movie in 1953, a short called Melody that was shown before the first 3-D western, Fort Ti.

3-D’s box office success continued in 1954 with Creature from the Black Lagoon, an immediate sci-fi cult classic that is still referenced by movie fans today. The movie was so popular at the time that other 50’s films cited it, most notably The Seven Year Itch (1955). After seeing Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tom Ewell asks Marilyn Monroe what she thought of the movie. “I felt sorry for the creature,” she says, to which he replies, “What did you want him to do, marry the girl?”

The last truly successful 3-D film of the 50’s was Alfred Hitchcock’s critically acclaimed Dial M for Murder (1954). This was Grace Kelly’s first Hitchcock feature and the film that solidified her new stardom. Unfortunately, due to the complicated screening conditions, most theatres did not show Dial M for Murder in 3-D, choosing instead to project it flat. Theatre-goers were also losing interest in the genre as prints often went out of sync, leading to eye strains, headaches, and refunds. As a result, there was a sharp decline in 3-D film production after 1955, something that would remain relatively unchanged for the next 30 years.

In 1970, Stereovision developed a single-strip method of filming which printed two images side by side. This new technique meant that a 3-D film was now able to stay in sync for the duration of the feature (no more headaches!). Following this breakthrough, 3-D film quality became more inventive and plot lines more subversive. Many were either softcore or even hardcore adult films, horror films, or occasionally a combination of both. Andy Warhol's Flesh for Frankenstein (1973) is a good example of this trend. Using an essentially gothic backdrop to delve into themes of power, knowledge, and social order, the film was rated X for its stark violence and explicit sexuality, more grindhouse than art house. Another 70’s 3-D film was the raunchy Four Dimensions of Greta (1972), a take on sleazy 60’s London and its blossoming sexual liberation. Both Frankenstein and Greta offer interesting glimpses of their film period.

It wasn’t until 1982, however, that 3-D films truly made a comeback when Stereovision re-issued the original versions of Dial M for Murder and House of Wax. Their screenings were such a success that it set off a new 3-D craze comparable to that of the 50’s. Employing the over-under process technique pioneered by Stereovision, the 3-D films of the 80’s were blockbuster productions with the goal of entertaining audiences, not winning awards. Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982) was the first big screen draw, with Jason Voorhees back again as the masked maniac. This was followed up quickly by another famous trilogy sequel, Jaws 3-D (1983), a movie who’s special effects at the time made even the most seasoned thriller aficionado jump back. Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (1983) followed space rangers as they battled an intergalactic, super villain. The film featured a young Kelly Preston and Richard Moll of TV’s Nightcourt. Other films, like Amityville 3-D, The Man Who Wasn’t There and Starchaser were also released in 3-D format in 1983.

Since the resurgence of 3-D in the early 80’s, the genre’s technology has changed so much. Canadian-made IMAX has not only enabled audiences to see films in large format, but has intensified the movie-going experience by releasing some films in 3-D, including Ghosts of the Abyss (2003), Spy Kids 3D: Game Over (2003), Polar Express (2004) and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (2005). In 2005, Disney released Chicken Little in its new digital 3-D format known as REAL D. The new format uses one digital projector alternating clockwise and counterclockwise polarized images at 144 frames per second. This vastly improved the technology by eliminating the ghosting or leakage effect of the older linear polarization, allowing viewers to tilt their heads without affecting the 3-D projection. Monster House (2006), Meet the Robinsons (2007) and Beowulf (2007) have all recently been shown in REAL D.

The Fox Theatre is proud to be showcasing many of the classic films that trailblazed the 3-D genre, July 11-17. Don’t miss your chance at enjoying a uniquely movie house experience...and they’ll provide the glasses!

Film times
Friday July 11
7 p.m.-Jaws 3-D
9:15 p.m.- Friday the 13th 3-D

Saturday July 12
2 p.m.-House of Wax 3-D
4 p.m.-It Came From Outer Space 3-D
7 p.m.- Dial M for Murder 3-D
9:15 p.m.- Andy Warhol's Flesh for Frakenstein 3-D

Sunday July 13
2 p.m.- Jaws 3-D
4 p.m.- Creature from the Black Lagoon 3-D
7 p.m.-Friday the 13th 3-D
9:15 p.m.- 3 Dimensions of Greta 3-D presented by Dion Conflict

Monday July 14
7 p.m.- Dial M for Murder 3-D
9:15 p.m.- Andy Warhol's Flesh for Frakenstein 3-D

Tuesday July 15
7 p.m.- Creature From the Black Lagoon 3-D
9:15 p.m.- 3 Dimensions of Greta presented by Dion Conflict

Wednesday July 16
7 p.m.- House of Wax 3-D
9 p.m.- Dial M for Murder 3-D

Thursday July 17
7 p.m.- It Came From Outer Space 3-D
9 p.m.- Metalstorm 3-D

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Stereo World Magazine Features 3-D Cover and Centerfold

Stereo World magazine cover May/June 2008The May/June 2008 issue of Stereo World magazine, published by the National Stereoscopic Association, features a two page cross-eye view stereo image on the cover and another full two page cross-eye view as the centerfold image. I don't know whose idea it was to do the centerfold but I support continuing the practice. The magazine started doing cross-eye covers a few issue ago, which are also a welcome use of magazine space in my opinion.

Also in this issue:

  • John James Reilly - Additions to chronology, Catalog, New Series (1879-86) and views (1870-86). The second of two articles by Paul Hickman.
  • A Solid 3-D Primer - A Ray Zone review of the book Stereoscopic Imaging: A Practical Guide by Shab Levy.
  • Ancient Egypt in 3-D - Converting Mummies to Stereo by Ray Zone.
  • Some Cool 3-D Effects - A Ray Zone review of the book 3-D Stereo Magic - How to Make Magic Frames and Power Windows by Michael Beech.
  • Jack L. Nelson, 1938-2008 - A memorial by John Dennis.
  • Fantastic Fractals to Enchant NSA 2008 - A collection of spectacular computer generated 3-D fractal images created by Jerry Oldaker with text by John Dennis.
  • Documenting a Rose That Doesn't Fade - The book George Rose Australia's Master Stereographer by Ron Blum is reviewed by John Dennis.
  • Guenther Bauer, 1931-2008 - A memorial by John Dennis.

Stereo World magazine is distributed to National Stereoscopic Association members as part of their membership. The National Stereoscopic Association is a non-profit organization whose goals are to promote research, collection and use of vintage and contemporary stereoviews, stereo cameras and equipment and related materials; to promote the practice of stereo photography; to encourage the use of stereoscopy in the fields of visual arts and technology; and to foster the appreciation of the stereograph as a visual historical record.

To find out how you can join the National Stereoscopic Association, visit www.stereoview.org.

The annual National Stereoscopic Association Convention is being held July 9 - 14 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Details about the convention are also available on the Web site.

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Events at the 3-D Center of Art and Photography during July

3-D Center logoThe 3-D Center of Art and Photography in Portland, Oregon has two new stereoscopic events scheduled at the center from July 3 through Sept. 6, 2008. A "First Thursday" reception with the artist on Thursday, July 3 from 6 to 9 p.m.

In the Gallery
Window Shopping
by George King

Window Shopping is a collection of intimate
anaglyph portraits taken on the streets of towns and
cities both in the U.S. and abroad. The subjects are store mannequins and other silent onlookers that share our streets with their appeal for our attention.

Rather than using special equipment to take his 3-D images, George King takes all his photos with a typical “point and shoot” digital camera, pressing the camera against the store windows to take the two necessary images of each subject. The subjects, unsurprisingly,
find it very easy to hold still between the two shots.

In the Stereo Theatre
Liquid Magic
by John Hart

Liquid Magic by John Hart

In an effort to present dramatic visualizations of the basic principles of weather events to his atmospheric and oceanic science students, University of Colorado Professor John Hart began photographing the interactions of liquid droplets
in 3-D.

Combining stereo and macro photography with exact lighting and timing, Hart was able to create beautiful compositions that speak equally to the scientific and artistic merits of liquid, a key player in the micro-physics of clouds.

Professor Hart injected the fluids with various colors with the intention of revealing the intricate and, often times, unanticipated patterns found in nature; many of
his photographs echo glass sculpture or exotic flowers.

The 3-D Center of Art and Photography is located at 1928 NW Lovejoy in Portland, Oregon. Call (503) 227-6667.

Open Thursday - Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. First Thursday (Free), 6 to 9 p.m. Admission for Adults (over 12) is $4. Save with the $7 rate for families.

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Marcus Theatres® to Install Digital 3-D Technology at 12 New Locations Throughout the Midwest

Circuit continues to enhance the moviegoing experience

Marcus Theatres® Marquee artMarcus Theatres®, a division of The Marcus Corporation, today announced that moviegoers will soon be able to experience digital 3-D movies at 14 Marcus Theatres locations throughout the Midwest. The company already operates two digital 3-D systems in New Berlin and Madison, Wis. and plans to install 12 new digital 3-D systems in time for the July 11 opening of New Line Cinema's 3-D feature film Journey to the Center of the Earth.

"Digital 3-D is a new way that audiences can engage their senses to experience movies as they have never been able to before. The power of this new entertainment can be seen in the incredible success of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert and films such as Nightmare Before Christmas and Beowulf in 3-D," said Bruce J. Olson, president of Marcus Theatres. "As a result of this success and the unique experience it offers guests, studios have geared up to bring moviegoers an increasing number of 3-D features. Upcoming titles include Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Toy Story 3 and Avatar, James Cameron's first feature since Titanic. DreamWorks Animation also recently announced that all their new films, including Shrek Goes Fourth, will be released in 3-D."

"Digital 3-D technology is light years ahead of traditional 35mm film 3-D processes. Digital 3-D uses a digital cinema projector to very rapidly switch images and color schemes between the right and left eyes to create an incredibly realistic 3-D image. That just is not possible with film. This technology is truly amazing," said Mark Collins, director of projection technologies for Marcus Theatres.

"At all 14 of our digital 3-D locations, audiences will be able to enjoy the vibrant quality and lifelike clarity of 3-D images using the newest technology available. Marcus Theatres is always looking for opportunities to create the best entertainment experience for our guests, and we are excited to bring this incredible 3-D technology to moviegoers throughout the Midwest," added Olson.

Ballantyne of Omaha, Inc. and XpanD of Pasadena, Calif. will provide equipment and glasses and Dolby® will provide the digital cinema servers for the new 3-D systems.

The new Digital 3-D technology systems will be implemented at the following Marcus Theatres locations:

Bay Park Cinema, Green Bay
Marcus Cinema at the Renaissance, Sturtevant (Racine)
Marcus Majestic Cinema, Brookfield
Menomonee Falls Cinema, Menomonee Falls

Pickerington Cinema, Pickerington

Gurnee Cinema, Gurnee
Orland Park Cinema, Orland Park

Marcus Ultra Cinema at Oakdale, Oakdale
Parkwood Cinema, Waite Park (St. Cloud)

Lincoln Grand Cinema, Lincoln
Village Pointe Cinema, Omaha

North Dakota
Century Cinema, Fargo

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3-D TV Comes to Japan

DDD logo.Hyundai's new 3-D TV is here...or to be more exact, in Japan. It's the first product for watching the 3-D programs that cable stations in Japan now broadcast about four times a day.

The 46-inch liquid-crystal display requires 3-D glasses and it's expensive at $3,960, including two pairs of glasses, or about 25 percent more than a comparable regular LCD TV. For now, the only programs available include just a few minutes of video from Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. 3-D images include shots from the zoo, motorcycle races and other short scenes.

Seen on regular TVs, 3-D programs split the screen vertically so the same image appears in both the left and right halves. Conversely, wearing the 3-D glasses while watching regular programming on the Hyundai 3-D TV produces a slight 3-D effect.

The TV uses TriDef stereoscopic technology from DDD Group Plc in Santa Monica, California, which works by sending the same image separately for the left eye and the right eye.

Ryo Saito of BS 11, the cable channel that runs the 3-D shows, says, "more content is needed for the technology to catch on, and other manufacturers need to start making 3-D televisions. People are showing interest in 3-D programs, but most homes don't have the special TVs."

Samsung already sells rear projection 3-D TVs in the U.S., but there are no 3-D TV broadcasts in the United States. TriDef 3-D technology is available on desktop monitors and for video games.

Hyundai IT is hoping to boost its image by gaining a niche audience in Japan, where the TV market is dominated by Sony Corp. and Sharp Corp. The South Korean electronics maker's 3-D TV went on sale in April, but unit sales numbers weren't available. According to senior manager Kim Pyeng-joong there is no plan to sell the TV overseas.

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Oceans 3-D: Voyage of a Turtle

Scene from Oceans 3-D: Voyage of a Turtle.A new 3-D documentary is in production with the working title Oceans 3-D: Voyage of a Turtle.

The film will be one of the earliest feature-length documentaries to be filmed digitally for digital-cinema theatrical release.

Oceans 3-D tells the story of Aris the sea turtle who embarks on a journey across the oceans in search of the origin of mysterious, far away calls.

Oceans 3-D is based on an original script developed by Jacques Attali and written by Pierre Alain de Garrigues and Elisabeth Mantello.

It will feature an original score by Christophe Jacquelin.

"We spent over 1,200 hours in the water to capture 200 hours of what we believe is exceptional footage," producer Francois Mantello said.

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Dolby Licensing 3-D Cinema Playback Support

Dobly Digital logo.Dolby Laboratories Inc., a supplier of audio and video enhancement applications, announced on June 23 that it will launch a program to allow manufacturers of digital cinema servers to license their servers to support Dolby 3-D Cinema playback.

Digital cinema servers provide content to cinema operators to exhibit via compatible projectors. The Dolby 3-D system does not require installation of special silver screens in cinemas. Most digital cinema projectors can be supplied or retrofitted to support Dolby 3-D playback.

By licensing its digital 3-D cinema playback to the digital server manufacturers, Dolby will be making it easier for server manufacturers to build in interoperability, removing the need for studios supplying 3-D content to perform specific preprocessing to allow their content to be displayed using Dolby 3-D Cinema.

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The Butler's in Love 3-D

The Butler's in Love by Mark Stock artwork.On June 23, actors David Arquette and Courteney Cox-Arquette, 44, took 4-year-old daughter Coco Riley along to the premiere of The Butler's in Love, a 12-minute 3-D film directed by David, at Mann's Chinese 6 in Hollywood, California.

The film is a romance featuring the love story between a butler and a guest during a fancy party on a night in 1912.

The film is based on Mark Stock 's The Butler's in Love painting hanging on the wall of Bix Restaurant in San Francisco.

When David and Courtney got married at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, they had dinner at Bix Restaurant near Pacific Ave in the Old Barbary Coast and they noticed the Mark Stock painting hanging on the wall. Mark plays a magician in the film. The film took three days to shoot and it revolves around a butler and his love for his madame and Absinthe.

The film stars Thomas Jane as the butler.

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Mitsubishi To Roll Out 3-D DLP Packages

Mitsubishi says it has entered cooperative agreements with NVIDIA and Aspen Media Products to distribute and promote use of PC-based 3-D video games with Mitsubishi DLP rear-projection sets.

"Starting in July, the three companies will make 3-D gaming systems, including a Mitsubishi HD DLP TV set, Aspen Media Products Windows Media server and various 3-D video games, available for demonstrations in Fry’s Electronics and select A/V specialty stores before rolling out wider to about 300 stores of varying distribution channels across the country throughout the summer," said David Naranjo, Mitsubishi product development director.

Initially, the various components of the 3-D ensemble will be sold separately, Naranjo said, but the companies are working out a means of selling complete 3-D bundled packages down the road.

“Consumers will also now have a solution to buy,” Naranjo said. “These will be purchasable so consumers can take something home and actually experience 3-D.”

Aspen Media, which to date has offered Windows Media Center entertainment servers through custom installers, will make its first appearance in A/V specialty stores through the arrangement. NVIDIA is working with Mitsubishi “to also offer us a solution that will tie into the overall 3-D experience, combining various important aspects of the solution,” Naranjo said. NVIDIA will announce that added solution later.

John Oliver, Aspen Media Products CEO, said working with NVIDIA his company will supply a “full-blown Windows Media Center server” for the in-store 3-D gaming demonstrations. The server, model GL3158 ($1,999 suggested retail), runs a 2.4GHz AMD Dual Core processor, and has 1.5TB of hard disk space, 2GB of RAM and a GeForce 8800GTX GPU.

NVIDIA, which developed 3-D-capable GeForce FX Go series graphics processing units for PCs, is working to put the system components together for retail demos. Its GeForce 3-D stereoscopic technology is a driver for Windows Vista, which renders two views for stereoscopic display systems to show depth with Microsoft DirectX games. The 3-D stereoscopic driver is compatible with all GeForce 7 series and higher GPUs, which are compatible with Mitsubishi’s 3-D-ready, high-def, DLP rear-projection sets, NVIDIA said.

Naranjo said PC gaming represents the largest “gaming platform” of any video game system, and that virtually every new PC game written going forward will be 3-D capable. Naranjo said Mitsubishi is working on developing the 3-D TV market for downloadable games and movies in the future, and is in discussions with content producers, gaming developers and online distribution services to bring that capability to viewers in the near future.

“There are well over 100 million PC gamers out there in the U.S. alone,” said David Naranjo, Mitsubishi product planning director. “Right now, about 1 million of those already have 3-D gaming capability through various NVIDIA solutions. We are looking at leveraging that and growing that segment of the market place.”

A NVIDIA spokesman said that, to date, 350 3-D PC video games have been certified by NVIDIA.

“As long as the game is written in 3-D, we will be able to take advantage of everything the gaming developers have already put into the game to create 3-D depth,” the NVIDIA representative continued.

NVIDIA 3-D solutions will support all Mitsubishi DLP TVs and GeForce 7 and higher desktop GPUs, the company said.

As for the future viability of DLP rear-projection technology, Mitsubishi is betting that 3-D and its forthcoming LaserVu laser-based DLP TVs will reinvigorate the technology’s popularity.

“There is some real demand out there for large screen, whether it is flat-panel or DLP,” said Frank DeMartin, Mitsubishi marketing VP. “We see that demand continuing. The great thing about home theater TV is that it is a great value.”

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Intro to Photoshop for Stereographers Taught by Shab Levy at the 3-D Center in Portland, Oregon

Wednesdays July 23 and 30 and Aug. 6 and 13
7 to 9:30 p.m. at the 3-D Center in Portland Oregon

Most of the other classes offered by the 3-D Center assume a basic working knowledge of Photoshop. If you have little or no prior experience using Photoshop but want to enter the exciting world of digital stereography, this is the class for you.

Not only will you learn techniques used in stereographic image creation, but you will also learn the fundamentals of the premier image manipulation software which can be used in all aspects of your creative endeavors.

You must either own or have access to Photoshop CS1 or higher, and there will be times available outside of the scheduled class sessions when students can come to the 3-D Center and use its equipment and software.

For specific questions about your interest in this class, contact the instructor Shab Levy directly by e-mail at shablevy@comcast.net.

Cost is $50 General or $40 Friend of Center (level 2 or higher).

Register online at www.3dcenter.us/classes.html.

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The Sarah Silverman Program Uses View-Master® Style Opening Titles

The Sarah Silverman Program through the View-Master like window.

The opening titles for The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central features images clicking by as if moving through a View-Master® viewer.

Sarah Kate Silverman, born Dec. 1, 1970, is an American comedian, writer, singer, guitarist and actress. Although usually credited as Sarah Silverman, she is sometimes credited by her nickname Big S. Her satirical comedy addresses social taboos and controversial topics such as racism, sexism and religion.

She often performs her act as a caricature of a Jewish-American princess, mocking bigotry and stereotypes of ethnic groups and religious denominations, by endorsing them. Silverman was first noticed as a writer and occasional performer on Saturday Night Live. She now stars in and produces The Sarah Silverman Program, which debuted Feb. 1, 2007, on Comedy Central.

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Jim Freeman's Outside the Third Dimension Surf Posters

Back in 1964, Jim Freeman presented his spectacular 3-D film, Outside the Third Dimension. The surf movie was shown at various California venues. Here are four versions of the rarely seen rock 'n' roll event style posters promoting the movie.

Poster images courtesy of www.surfclassics.com.

Outside the Third Dimension poster art

Outside the Third Dimension poster art

Outside the Third Dimension poster art

Outside the Third Dimension poster art

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Auction Results

Phantom of the Rue Morgue  window card art

A 1954 Phantom of the Rue Morgue window card sold for $51 with five bids. The 14" x 22" poster does not have the words 3-D printed on it but does have "In 3-D" written in at the top.

Phantom of the Rue Morgue presskit art

A Phantom of the Rue Morgue presskit sold for $11 with two bids. Released by Warner Bros. in 1954, the pressbook measures 11" X 19" with 19 pages. The 3-D horror film starred Karl Malden, Claude Dauphin, Patricia Medina, Merv Griffin, Steve Forrest, Allyn Ann McLerie, Anthony Caruso and The Flying Zacchinis. Directed by Roy Del Ruth. Staining and scuffing on the covers. Minor spine wear.

Tickled Pink art

A Tickled Pink movie poster sold for $51 with three bids. Produced by Independent International Pictures in 1975, the one-sheet poster measures 27" x41". This film is also known as A Man with a Maid. This is a 1970s sexploitation film starring Sue Longhurst, Marylou Cartright, Ole Soltoft, Diana Dors, Charlie Elvegard, Julie Bernby, Bengt Olsson. Directed by Vernon P. Becker. This is an unrestored poster with bright color and a clean overall appearance.

Bellboy and the Playgirls poster art

A one sheet Bellboy and the Playgirls movie poster sold for $64.53 with six bids. Released by Joseph Brenner Associates in 1962 the poster measures. 27" x41". This comedy starred June Wilkinson, Don Kenney, Karin Dor and Willy Fritsch. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Fritz Umgelter and Jack Hill.

The French Line art

A French Line lobby card sold for $54 with six bids. This comedy starring Jane Russell, Gilbert Roland, Craig Stevens, Arthur Hunnicutt, Mary McCarty, Joyce MacKenzie was released by RKO in 1954. Directed by Lloyd Bacon. This is an unrestored 11" x 14" lobby card that appears virtually unused.

Devil's Canyon movie poster art

A Devil's Canyon movie poster sold for $21 with four bids. This 1953 western starring Virginia Mayo, Dale Robertson, Stephen McNally, Arthur Hunnicutt, Robert Keith, Jay C. Flippen, George J. Lewis, Whit Bissell, Morris Ankrum and Earl Holliman was released by RKO in 1953. Directed by Alfred L. Werker. This is an unrestored poster measuring 27" X 41" that displays signs of average wear and use, including signs of age, fading, paper loss, pinholes, insect damage, minor tape stains, brittleness, or staining. There is a Canadian censor stamp on the background, and pieces of paper tape covering the 3-D credit.

Frankenstein 3-D movie poster art

A one sheet movie poster for Andy Warhol's Frankenstein 3-D sold for $27 with five bids. Released by Landmark Films in 1973, the poster measures 27" X 41". The horror film stars Joe Dallesandro, Udo Kier, Monique van Vooren, Arno Juerging, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Srdjan Zelenovic, Nicoletta Elmi, Marco Liofredi, Liu Bosisio, Fiorella Masselli, Cristina Gaioni and Imelde Marani. Directed by Paul Morrissey. This is an unrestored poster with bright color and a clean overall appearance.

Creature from the Black Lagoon movie poster art

A one sheet movie poster of Creature from the Black Lagoon sold for $4,780 with one bid. Released by Universal International in 1954, this large poster measures 40" X 60". Although Universal had abandoned their horror franchise several years earlier, they went back to the well in 1954 with the advent of the science fiction boom. The result was one of the most popular films of the era, which introduced the Gill-Man, one of the silver screen's great monsters. Brought to life by Ricou Browning in the swimming scenes and Ben Chapman on land, the Creature was so popular that the film spawned two blockbuster sequels. This dynamic poster had wrinkling and edge wear, as well as a vertical tear in the center, that extends from the bottom of the poster into the title area.

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