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Sports Illustrated Kids Goes 3-D in November 2008 Magazine and Releases In Your Face 3-D Hardcover Book

Sports Illustrated Kids is releasing a 3-D issue in November 2008. Much of the edition and half the ads in the title’s November NBA preview issue are in 3-D. Check out an online gallery of 15 of the anaglyphic 3-D images on the SI Kids Web site.

The issue coincides with the release of SI Kids' new book, In Your Face 3-D, featuring 3-D photos by SI photographer David Klutho, who also shot the 3-D content for SI Kids. This is much more than a kids book, though. 3-D and sports enthusiasts will want to add this book to their library collection as an example of great 3-D images and a document of today's greatest athletes and competitors in all variety of sports.

This 96-page, hardcover book will literally have kids ducking, jumping and flying out of their chair with every turn of the page. When we looked at the book, we didn't want the fun to end. Awesome 3-D images from just about every sport you can imagine are featured. The book is packaged with a pair of high-grade 3-D glasses.

In Your Face 3-D cover art.

You can ignore the old saying don't read a book by it's cover. This really is one of the best 3-D books ever! It takes you into the action over and over again...without the high priced tickets and stadium food. Even with all the images of today's sports superstars, the image one image that stands out the most is of the various sports equipment (see page 29). It is one of the best 3-D images in the book featuring an image of a tennis ball, golf ball and tees, baseball, ping pong ball, hockey puck, dart and boomerang that when viewed in 3-D seems like you can literally pick them up off the page.

Must See 3-D AwardMust See 3-D Images

  • Tools of the Trade - Page 29
  • G-Force - The Green Bay Packers Fans on Page 21
  • Michael Phelps - Olympic Gold Medalist on Page 55
  • Wall climbers - Page 6
  • Danica Patrick - Page 8
  • Skateboarding - Page 9
  • Inline Skating - Page 24
  • Mike Myer's Fastball - Page 45

Stereographer David Klutho is a member of the National Stereoscopic Association (NSA), The New York Stereoscopic Society and The International Stereoscopic Union (ISU). According to Klutho, the project would not have been possible without the assistance of Ron Labbe of Studio 3D.

Sports Illustrated Kid In Your Face 3-D is available through various online merchants and in major bookstores. Check out an additional look inside the book at

Sports Illustrated Kid In Your Face 3-D receives our Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D" Award.

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Hannah Montana Lenticular 3-D Motion Cups

Hannah Montana lenticular cup art.

Here is the blue version of the lenticular 3-D cup featuring Hannah Montana. A pink version also exists and both retail for around $10 each. Yikes! Look for them in the bargain bin or a yard sale in a few years for 10 cents.

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High School Musical Lenticular 3-D Motion Cups

High School Musical lenticular cup art

Here is the white version of the lenticular 3-D motion cup featuring the kids from Disney's High School Musical. There are other colors and images featured on several different cups available in stores.

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Panasonic Develops World's First 3-D HD Plasma Theatre System

Panasonic logo.Panasonic, the leading brand by which Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is known, has developed the world's first 3-D full HD Plasma Theater System, which enables the viewing of true-to-life 3-D images by using a 103-inch plasma television and a Blu-ray Disc player, distributing full high-definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) images to left eye and right eye. Panasonic will present this system at CEATEC JAPAN 2008, at Makuhari Messe from September 30 to Oct. 4, 2008.

Human beings feel the 3-D impression because each of the left and right eyes recognizes different images. Panasonic's system comprises a 103-inch plasma television and a Blu-ray Disc player that plays back Blu-ray Disc onto which 3-D images, consisting of left and right-sided 1080p full HD images, are recorded. By wearing active shutter glasses that work in synchronization with the plasma television, the viewer is able to experience 3-D images formed with twice the volume of information as regular full HD images, and enjoy them together with high quality surround sound. This system enables full HD signal processing on each of the left and right images in every process -- recording, playback and display.

Previous consumer 3-D display systems have encountered many different problems, including reduced vertical resolution caused by a 3-D display method that divides the scanning lines between the left and right eyes, and picture quality degradation caused by pixel skipping that results from the squeezing of two (left and right) screens' worth of full HD images into one screen's worth of data capacity for image storage and transmission. Until now, there has not been a system capable of displaying the equivalent quality to original master of Hollywood 3-D movies.

Panasonic has developed the following technologies for realizing the new system.

1.Plasma display: The performance of Panasonic's plasma panels, whose self-illumination allows for excellent video response, has been brought out to the fullest extent in the development of a 3-D driving system that displays the left and right images together as full HD images.

2.Blu-ray Disc: Using the optical disc technology cultivated by Panasonic over many years, and the authoring technology developed by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, it has been possible to record 3-D images, consisting of respective left and right 1080p full HD images, onto a single, standard Blu-ray Disc.

3.Blu-ray Disc player: Panasonic has developed a technology to decode and play back the left and right full HD image data recorded to the Blu-ray Disc in real time.

4.3-D images: Panasonic has produced 3-D contents that allow the viewers to experience fascinating 3-D images, including dynamic images of athletes at the Olympic Games and animated movies by Hollywood. These contents will be shown in a special theatre set up in the Panasonic booth in Hall 3 at CEATEC JAPAN 2008.
Panasonic will work to promote the 3-D system by standardization of 3-D format at Blu-ray Disc Association, with the cooperation of the Hollywood studios and consumer electric companies which are members of the Blu-ray Disc Association, in order to allow consumers to enjoy 3-D images in the comfort of their own homes.

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3-D Science News  

3-D Science News is a Web site that features science-oriented news updates in various stereoscopic 3-D formats free for download. Newscasts and special features are currently produced several times per week.

The site is loaded with short 3-D anaglyphic videos with topics ranging from a serires of videos featuring an African trek to 3-D minutes including a video from Lake Victoria in Africa that hosts thousands of species of Cichlids. These brightly colored fish are popular for aquariums. They make an interesting study in evolution, given that there are many species in the wild that are in very close proximity to each other, while still being isolated. To adapt,. the different types of Cichlids have adopted varied diets and lifestyles, creating an incredible diversity in species.

The site has several anaglyphic videos viewable online and you can download left/right view or interlaced versions, too.

Visit 3-D Science News Web site to request a free pair to red/blue anaglyphic glasses (some restrictions apply).

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3-D Center of Art and Photography November Events

3-D Center logoThe 3-D Center of Art and Photography in Portland, Oregon has two new stereoscopic events scheduled at the center from November 6 through Dec. 28, 2008.

In the Gallery: Cross Views into Fractal Fantasies
by Jerry Oldaker

Jerry Oldaker's Fractal Fantasies stereo pair.

These brilliantly colorful fractals are the result of many hours of computer time. Oldaker has taken the concepts developed by Mandelbrot in the 70s to the extreme by creating stereo versions of amazingly whimsical fractals.

"I was interested in fractal art long before I discovered I could move parts of two images around to create depth in my art," said Oldaker. "I worked completely outside the stereoscopic community because I had never even heard that others were doing what I was doing with my art. I found out on the Internet that others were doing what I was doing. Then, I spent a few years re-doing other people's 2-D art, converting their artwork into cross-view 3-D stereo. Only in the last five or six years have I been building fractals into stereo art."

In the Stereo Theatre: Sacred Sites
by Dale Walsh

David Walsh's Sacred Sites stereo pair.

"This is a selection of stereoscopic imagery of sacred urban and natural environments at times juxtaposed with their profane counterparts. It is a celebration of different perspectives, cultures and people. It is also an attempt to understand and learn from the other cultures. It is a search for meaning. It is connecting to something beyond one's own individual reality."

The images date from 1986 to present and include photographs from Australia, Asia, North and South America.

The 3-D Center of Art and Photography is located at 1928 NW Lovejoy in Portland, Oregon. Call (503) 227-6667.

Open Thursday - Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. First Thursday (Free), 6 to 9 p.m. Admission for Adults (over 12) is $4. Save with the $7 rate for families.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications 20th Anniversary DVD-ROM in Production

SD&A logoIn celebration of 20 years of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference, a special DVD-ROM is currently in production.

Over the 20 year history of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference there has been an impressive library of knowledge built up on the topic of stereoscopic imaging.

The Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference started on the shoulders of a series of eight 3-D related SPIE conferences dating from 1977. Over that time, more than 1,100 technical papers have been published.

The January 2009 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference advance program is now available online. January 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference. Nearly 90 technical presentations on topics including Digital 3-D Stereoscopic Entertainment, 3-D on Mobile Devices, 3-D Image Processing and Image Quality, 3-D Displays, Applications of Stereoscopy, Depth Map Techniques, and much more. There will also be a number of special events including: the Keynote Presentation by Lenny Lipton (CTO of REAL D), the popular Demonstration Session, 3-D Theatre, a Discussion Forum on 3-D Gaming and more.

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NowIn3D Magazine Available Online

NowIn3D issue No. 1 cover art. © 2008 NowIn3D Magazine.NowIn3D Magazine is a new publication dedicated to news about the developments, technologies and personalities involved in the new, revolutionary 3-D filmmaking industry.

The first issue was published in April/May 2008. It and the second issue are available online in PDF format.

The first two issues feature an interview with Dan Symmes, renowned 3-D expert, cameraman, designer and historian/author.

A one year subscription to NowIn3D Magazine is $12. To subscribe, send payment to:

Attention: Jen Hilbert
P.O. Box 9903
San Diego, CA 92169


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Minoru 3-D Web Cam

Minoru 3-D Web cam3-D video chat will soon be a reality with the Minoru 3-D Web cam. British designers have developed the low cost 3-D Web cam system that will hit stores in December.

The idea of a 3-D Web cam builds on the long held fascination for 3-D images we have. The View-Master® has been around since 1939, steroscopic images were invented in the Victorian era, and 3-D movies continue to be made. Minoru brings the 3-D tradition right up to date, putting 3-D Web chat and 3-D home movie making within reach of anybody.

The Minoru 3-D Web cam is a single piece with two cameras spaced roughly the same distance apart as human eyes, for the stereoscopic effect. This creates an anthropomorphic look that means users tend to look into the eyes of the camera as they light up. The Web cam has a multi-position stand that can sit or stand on a desk, or perch on a monitor. Viewers wear anaglyphic 3-D glasses to see the stereoscopic image. Five pairs are included with the Web cam.

Minoru means “reality” in Japanese, and it reflects how users feel about the 3-D image. The Minoru can be used with Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL instant messenger, OoVoo and other video conferencing packages. The camera can also be used to take still pictures or record 3-D video for YouTube. It can also be used as a normal 2-D Web cam.

USB 2.0 High Speed 3-D Web cam
Output Modes – 3-D, 2-D, Picture in Picture (PiP)
3-D Mode – Optimised Red/Cyan Anaglyph viewed with Red/Cyan 3-D Glasses
Output size – 704x576, 640x480(VGA), 352x288, 320x240 pixels
Frame rate - 30 frames per second
Power consumption < 1.5 W operating mode, <2 mW in standby mode>

The Minoru 3-D Web cam will ship in December, and PDT Ltd is currently looking for retailers and distributors worldwide. Pricing hasn’t yet been set, but it should be under $100.

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Joe Dante to shoot The Hole in 3-D

Director Joe Dante is going to film The Hole in 3-D starting this month. The film based on a script by Mark L. Smith.

In a chat with Blog Talk Radio's This Is Some Scene, the director of Gremlins and The Howling revealed he'd be shooting The Hole in 3-D next month. The story is about two brothers who discover a mysterious hole in the basement that leads to their worst nightmares.

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3-D Biz-Ex Sees Record Attendance

3-D Biz-Ex drew a record attendance of 265 enthusiasts, demonstrating the heightened consumer and industry interest in 3-D displays. The conference, tutorials, exhibition and special events, held Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2008 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif., covered a broad range of 3-D applications from cinema to gaming; from handheld communication devices to simulation and training.

Following the event, a number of attendees were asked to comment on what the highlights, take-aways and buzz of the event were. Below is a summary of some of these comments:

  • The wide availability of 3-D DLP and PDP sets shows that the chicken-and-egg
    logjam is being broken as the installed base grows.
  • What was interesting is just how fast this segment of the 3-D marketplace is evolving. We can now see how 3-D will become a consumer product. The fundamental
    technologies are becoming available and can be purchased by early adopters. The quality of the experience is there, but we just don't know how well homeowners will receive it.
  • The real question we have been asking, and I heard voiced by others at the show, is what will really happen when 3-D is available to consumers. Will they wear glasses? Will gamers truly embrace the technology based on the responses to brief demonstrations?
  • The studios are pushing hard for more 3-D screens by 2009 as they have 3-D content
    they want to expose it to as wide an audience as possible.
  • Disney, Paramount and others will create mainstream animation movies, etc. for 3-D
    but some of the really interesting potential for 3-D could come from some of the
    independents, who are willing to experiment with the technology and its affects on the
    visuals (and the audience). I was impressed that so many of these types were at the
  • Hollywood studios are divided on the speed of introduction to 3-D.
  • We can't underestimate the importance of the content. 3-D could become a gimmick
    that people get used to (or even taken for granted) so the content still has to be
    strong. And, good 3-D cannot make up for bad content.
  • Given the growing realization that more 3-D content is needed, we now feel a need
    for more professional 2-D-to-3-D conversion (not real-time in display).
  • The general economic slowdown may actually be good for 3-D.
  • nVidia is getting serious about 3-D gaming, which may become the first big engine for
  • A lot of time on the agenda was for standards groups, which is indeed a reflection of the state of the industry right now.
  • The hyperactivity in 3-D standards development is both good and bad. Standards are needed, but standards bodies tend to be territorial and slow moving. If companies wait for the standards bodies to act, it could slow 3-D adoption.
  • The best buzz was Philips Quad full HD autostereoscopic display, which showed for
    the first time that HD level quality could be achieved with a no-glasses solution. This
    is a key milestone that will lay the groundwork for no-glasses 3-DTVs for the home.
  • The concern with lenticular no-glasses approaches is the failure to be able to see the
    image when your headed is tilted (as it might be if youre lying down on a couch).
  • The availability of an evening event that is something other than a panel discussion -
    but that is still on point (Imax 3-D cinema), was a big winner. The IMAX
    presentation was quite stunning, and IMAX remains the best place to see 3-D cinema.
  • Some of the tutorials were particularly good, providing a comprehensive look at the
    subject matter.
  • The 3-D Around the World session provided important and useful information in a compact format and was presented by people who should know the latest. This session should definitely be continued in future 3-D conferences.
  • Several people specifically commented that they appreciated the networking opportunities
    provided by 3-D Biz-Ex.
  • I believe the 3-DTV is the thin edge of the wedge that will drive the thoughts/needs of commercial buyers for design/research, etc.
  • I was surprised by just how much energy is being pored into 3-D technology. I didn't
    expect the level of investment I saw by some companies this early on.

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Jefferson Stereoptics View-Master® Auctions Nov. 19 and 20

View-Master® auctionsOne of the best places to find View-Master® and other 3-D items for sale is Jefferson Stereoptics regularly held View-Master® and stereoview auctions conducted by John Saddy. The latest collection of View-Master® goodies goes on the auction block on Wednesday, Nov. 19, featuring lots 1 through 295. The second part of the auction concludes on Thursday, Nov. 20, with lots 296 through 592.

Subscribers receive John's catalog several times a year. Cost of the subscription pays for printing the catalog and postage to mail it. Each issue of the printed catalog includes photos of some of the most sought after 3-D items featured in each sale.

Some of the items in the November auctions:

  • Lot 410 - Mickey Mouse Display for Model J and packets. Approximately 10" x 12" plus the ears and foot sticking out.
  • Lot 394 - ABC's Wide World of Sports Theatre Set in box. This is the first time John has seen the box that goes with this set. Includes Model G viewer, reels, projector and a sharp looking carrying bag.
  • A Step into the Universe set in box. Includes 10 reels. Black reel holder. Beige Model G viewer, Mission Folder, 45 rpm record and outer box. The lenticular image on the top of the box is loose and has some abraisions.
  • Lot 493 - 3 packets including Lost in Space, Land of the Giants and Star Trek.
  • View-Master Blank Reel Mounts - Want to make your own View-Master reels? Here are 11 reel mounts made for the View-Master Personal Stereo Camera. There are also some loose film chips in the lot.
  • There is a large amount of View-Master test, proof and production reels listed in this sale catalog. Test and proof reels can have different images on them than the final production reels. Sometimes even having intentional missing cells with just a few film chips in the reel. Treasured by collectors because they came from the factory, are very limited in production and were never supposed to be in the public's hands.

The auction items are also listed and all lots are scanned on John's Web site at The Web site is easily navigated by topic. Each item is grouped in areas of interest such as View-Master® packets USA and Canada or View-Master® packets Television and Movies and so on. You will need to register on the site in order to place a bid online.

John grades each item and includes elaborate descriptions, too. Unlike eBay, sniping is not part of the equation in John's auctions. Lots are closed with a very liberal waiting period. Beginning at the closing time, after 10 minutes with no bids or inquiries, all lots are closed together.

You can contact John via an e-mail link on his Web site to find out about subscribing to the catalog. Jefferson Stereoptics is located in London Ontario, Canada.

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3-D Indie Expo to be held Nov. 24

3-D Indie Film Expo poster artwork.

The first-ever 3-D Indie Film Expo takes off into the far reaches of the dimensional universe on Monday, Nov. 24, from 1 to 6 p.m. in the historic Park Ballroom in downtown Paso Robles, California. This five-hour event begins with a 1 to 2 p.m. social hour featuring a liquid dark chocolate fountain and various dipping items presented by artisan chocolatiers, Herrmann's Chocolate Lab paired with a nirvana-invoking cabernet sauvignon and other vintages by award-winning Central Coast winemakers, Vina Robles.

While you are sipping wine paired with liquid chocolate, you'll---parden the obvious pun--feel a little tipsy and in turn welcome the gypsy jazz stylings of The Tipsy Gypsies, a phenomenally talented band I believe are destined for movie soundtrack greatness.

Further stoke your taste buds with tri-tip steak bites, bruschetta, fried/stuffed mushrooms topped with melted cheese, garlic bread, and sodas & bottled waters served throughout the event courtesy of our generous food and beverage sponsor, F. Mclintock's Saloon and Dining House.

Unique 3-D visual displays placed about the Park Ballroom will go far in satisfying your deep space appetites. At 2 p.m., the 3-D Indie Film Expo will begin the first hour of immersive award-winning three-dimensional documentaries, comedies, dramas, extreme sports, music videos, and innovative animated shorts by visionary American and international filmmakers realized through high-defnition stereo polarized projection. Glasses will be provided.

Then, acclaimed 2-D and 3-D Director of Photography, Paul Taylor dazzles the eyeballs with a fascinating high-definition 3-D video demonstration.

Next up, The Desktop 3-D Revolution is a panel discussion on do-it-yourself 3-D moviemaking moderated by 3-D film historian and author, Ray Zone and featuring film makers, Eric Kurland, Tom Koester, and John Hart.

After a short break is a second blissful 60-minutes of short 3-D films from around the world, some of which are premiering in front of North American audiences for the first time.

The day's celebration will come to a glorious close with a 45-minute networking and social mingle period.

Tickets for this historic five-hour exploration of dimensional eye candy are only $30 in advance, $40 at the door. Seating limited to just 120 seats.

For tickets and more information, log on to

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Cleopatra Rock and Roll Musical 3-D Movie

Steven Soderbergh is looking to direct a 3-D live-action rock 'n' roll musical about Cleopatra starring Catherine Zeta-Jones in the title role and Hugh Jackman as her lover, Marc Antony.

The film, which would be Soderbergh's first full-blown musical, will include music written by the indie rock band Guided by Voices. James Greer, a former bass player for the band, and an author, wrote the script.

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Auction Results

Stereo viewer.

A reproduction rotary antique stereocard viewer sold for $456 with 12 bids. The vintage viewer is a reproduction antique stereo card viewer. It is fashioned from the turn-of-the-century Mills Quarterscope. This is the arcade model that features beautifully hand crafted red oak cabinetry, 1/2" thick cast aluminum decorative face-plate, bronze eye shade and quality glass optics. A 14" high decorative marquee picture frame accents and draws attention to the Arcade Model.

This viewer holds forty-four flat or curved stereo cards. When a quarter is deposited in the coin slot, it displays each of 11 cards for six seconds - a 1-minute "show". The eleventh card of the show asks the viewer to "Deposit Another Quarter for Another Great 3-D Stereo Exhibit". This is suitable for arcades, amusement parks, theme restaurants and bars. Four sets of reproduction cards were included.

The viewer's coin-operated function was currently bypassed so you can view the cards by just pushing the coin return. According to the seller, this can easily be changed back to the coin-operated mode.

The viewer cabinet is 21 "high, 15.5" wide and 15.25" deep. A 26" platform stand is included.


  • Attractive polished aluminum casting with ornamental reliefs.
  • Hand crafted oak cabinetry.
  • Glass optics.
  • Solid bronze eye-shade.
  • Stainless steel card holder wires won't rust - new design won't jam.
  • Holds standard 3.5" X 7" stereo cards

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View-Master sign.

A View-Master® round lighted store display sold for $480 with 24 bids. The View-Master® store display is a really nice promotional fixture that View-Master® dealers would have on the wall in their stores. It takes two bulbs inside for fairly even illumination. There is a mounting hole to hang it on a nail or screw, three standoffs on the back that hold it away from the wall and a long pull chain to be able to turn it on and off. It is about 14-inches in diameter.

A set of 20 Hunchback of Notre Dame stereocards were listed at auction but did not sell. The sale featured the original 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame promotional stereoview set issued by Universal Studios. The sale also included the original viewer. Asking price for the set started at $700.

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