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3-D News Gives Civil War Stereoviews New Life with Restoration

Civil War in 3-D cards.

Want to go back in time and visit the battlefields of the Civil War...get a close up and personal view of the military commanders who fought for the blue and the grey...or witness the aftermath of war following the assasination of Pres. Lincoln? Visit to journey back to the 1860s by viewing their online galleries of Civil War stereoviews restored from the Library of Congress collection.

The Library of Congress began collecting the original negatives for the stereoviews in the 1940’s and continued collecting them for the next 20 years. During this period they collected thousands of images. Both 2-D and 3-D material as well as prints, engravings, sketches, water colors, etc. were collected. In addition to the glass negatives of the stereoviews many of the original cards were collected. A search of the digital archive’s in the Civil War section displays a total of 2,112 images. Of these, 2,037 are from glass plates. Not all of these glass plates remained intact. Since a single plate consisted of two negatives (for the left and right stereoview) many of these were cut in half and printed as 2-D images. In some cases one half of the original stereoview was lost and what is left is a 2-D image only. Of the 2,037 glass plate negatives more than 1,900 have both sides. has painstakingly started to restore and colorize these stereoviews to give "life" to the real flesh and blood people who fought for the North and South. Many of the small detail elements are difficult to see and can really only be appreciated on the finished card. If you look closely, you will understand how much attention to detail is given each image. shows a step-by-step example of how they create the restoration on a card featuring Gen. Sherman. A typical image like this can take many days or even weeks of work and then it has to be repeated for the other side! provided 3-D Review with several sample cards. We were amazed at the quality. Using a magnifying glass, we expected to find halftone dots when we inspected the details of the stereoviews. No halftone dots! The cards are truly photographic in quality and extremely sharp in detail. The stereoview titled Capt. Gibson's Flying Artillery, Peninsular Campaign, June 1862 features Capt. Horatio Gibson leading nearly 100 men and their horses. The compelling image is a fine example of the detailed restoration being done for each one of the cards offerd by

Enjoy the various links on's website. Its an enlightening trip through the history of 3-D and contains educational and informative examples of how they brought these stereoviews to a modern audience. Several flyout links lead you to additional surprises on the site. Click the Brownell link to discover how they restored one stereoview bMust See 3-D Awardy using the colors of the actual Civil War uniform worn by a soldier pictured in the vintage card.

The only thing we wish they would have added would've been a numbering system to help collector's keep track of cards as they collect them. Still, these cards are a worthy addition to anyone's stereoview collection.

You can purchase the stereoviews by visiting receives a 3-D Review Online Magazine "Must See 3-D™" Award for their outstanding restoration work in bringing these cards to the collecting world.

Editor's Note: After we published this article, David Richardson of CivilWarIn3D told us there is a numbering system for the cards on the CivilWarIn3D website, "We are using the number from the left side of the image from the Library of Congress (so they are not just numbered 1-2,000)," said Richardson. "This will allow you to type in the number into the search field, in the image area and find your card and the corresponding original un-restored card from the Library of Congress."

Civil War in 3D numbering system example.

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Fujifilm's 2nd Generation FinePix Real 3-D W3 Digital Camera Adds 720 3-D HD Video

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3-D W3 camera.Fujifilm introduced the 3-D shooting FinePix Real 3-D WX1 in 2009 and it will stay a generation ahead of the competition with the just announced FinePix Real 3-D W3.

The W3 is the most advanced 3-D capable digital camera to date thanks to its manual controls, 3-D display adjustments and shooting mode capabilities.

The dual-lensed, dual 10 megapixel sensor W3 has many of the same specs as last year's W1, but with a few interesting changes. The two-CCD camera is capable of shooting 720p high definition 3-D video through its pair of 3x-optical-zoom lenses, offers a new image processor capable of some innovative shooting modes and includes an HDMI-out port for viewing 3-D images and video on compatible 3-D TV sets.

No glasses are needed to view images and video in 3-D on the camera itself. Like the W1, the W3 features a 3.5-inch, lenticular-layer-coated LCD, but Fujifilm says the version on the W3 is an improvement over the last-generation camera. With the W1, 3-D images seemed to flicker at times during playback, and the screen had "sweet spots" you needed to find to view 3-D content properly. Fujifilm says that the new screen is much brighter, has less of a flicker effect and displays more vivid colors.

During playback, you're able to manually adjust the parallax controls on the display to change the camera's depth effects. There are a few interesting modes in the mix that make good use of the camera's two-lens setup for both 3-D and 2-D shooting purposes.

In 3-D mode, the camera lets you manually capture left- and right-lens images at different times to create more eye popping depth effects for large objects in the distance, and the W3 also allows you to take 2-D shots with different effects and settings for each of the camera's lenses. The camera also boasts full manual, aperture-priority and scene-based modes.

The FinePix Real 3-D W3 is set for release in September and will be priced at $500.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 3-D Motion Poster

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World motion poster.

Here is the lenticular 3-D motion poster for the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

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Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance to film in 3-D

Ghost Rider lenticular motion poster

Romanian website Hot News has confirmed that the upcoming superhero sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance will be shot in 3-D, with production taking place in Romania.

The film will go before cameras this fall, according to Bogdan Monceau, the marketing manager for Romanian production company Castel Film, who relayed the news to the site. This confirms statements star Nicolas Cage made to MTV Movies Blog, who said his character will also encounter Dracula in the sequel. Here's an excerpt from the site's article:

"I'll be filming it in Romania, which is exciting, since that's where Dracula's castle is," he explained. Even if Ghost Rider doesn't fight a vampire, he'll still get to check out the scenery. "The Ghost Rider has to ride up to Dracula's castle."

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance comes to theatres in 2011 and stars Nicolas Cage. The film is directed by Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor..

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Piranha 3-D Bites at a Sequel

Piranha 3-D poster art

A sequel to Piranha 3-D is already being talked about by producer Mark Canton. The movie, which opened in theatres on August 20, is a hit among critics at the box office.

Piranha 3-D has earned about $11, million dollars worldwide.

The movie, directed by Alexandre Aja, stars Richard Dreyfuss, Christopher Lloyd, Adam Scott, Elisabeth Shue and Kelly Brook.

"We are thrilled that audiences are not just loving Piranha 3-D, but cheering for it," said producer Mark Canton. "Iit's fantastic so many critics are really getting the movie and recommending it. We can't wait to get to work on the sequel."

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U.S. Open in 3-D

The U.S. Open sporting event is to be broadcast in 3-D. CBS Sports and Panasonic have teamed up and under the deal, CBS will broadcast 3-D versions of the matches set to take place during Labor Day weekend (Sept. 3-6) and the weekend of the finals (Sept. 10-12). Tennis and 3-D aficionados will be able to find these special versions on DirecTV channel 103.

Panasonic will also be setting up a few 3-D showcases at the U.S. Open and in retail stores nationwide. The deal is in place for three years so you have another chance to check it out in case you miss it this year.

Sports broadcasting has embraced 3-D. While it is still limited to larger premium cable or satellite channel packages, soccer, football and now tennis all are available in 3-D.

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Hacker Creates a Digital View-Master®

View-Master® with digital scenes.

The View-Master® just got an awesome modern upgrade: two 1.5-inch LCD screens. What we have here is the idea of the View-Master® brought into the 21st century by a creative hacker.

Long gone are the days of light shining through celluloid images on a paper disk. This hacked View-Master® has two Colby 1.5 inch digital key chain picture frames lined up with each lens to create a digital stereoscope.

The two digital screens sit inline with where the original design would have the dual film images sitting. When you pull the lever it taps a switch inside to progress to the next image. Power is on the top and USB ports on the side. Now all it needs is an SD card slot.

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Jackass 3-D Poster Art

Jackass 3-D poster art.

Here is the poster art for Jackass 3-D.

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SAW 3-D Poster Art

Saw 3-D poster art.

Here is the third poster created to promote Saw 3-D.

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Film Forum Holds 3-D Film Festival in New York

House of Wax poster art.Film Forum, New York's independent nonprofit cinema, held a 3-D film festival Aug. 13 through 26. All films were shown as they were during Hollywood's first 3-D Golden Age (1953-54) using Polaroid filters and lenses and the double-system projection with two big reels running simultaneously. Film Forum is the only NYC cinema equipped to screen vintage doulble-system 3-D.

In addition to running two weeks worth of various classic 3-D films, several events were presented by the New York Stereoscopic Society during the festival.

The festival kicked off on Friday Aug. 13 with screenings of Man in the Dark and The 3 Stooges short Pardon My Backfire.

Saturday, Aug. 14, one of the most gorgeously shot color 3-D movies, Gorilla at Large was accompanied by a vintage Kodachrome 3-D slideshow.

Sunday and Monday, Aug. 15 and 16 - Kiss Me Kate with separate admission Aug. 16 for Those Redheads from Seattle.

Wed. Aug. 18 were separate showings of Gun Fury and The Nebraskan.

Thursday, Aug. 19, one admission got the double-feature of The Stranger Wore a Gun and Drums of Tahiti.

Fri. and Sat. Aug. 20 and 21, Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder put Grace Kelly in peril once again on the silver screen.

Sun. and Mon. Aug. 22 and 23, Vincent Price, aided by henchman Charles Bronson, wax-coated their victims in the greatest 3-D movie of the 1950s House of Wax. Separate admission allows 3-D fans to see Phantom of the Rue Morgue, The Mad Magician and The 3 Stooges short Spooks.

Wed. Aug. 25, the outdoor melodrama Inferno hit the screen in full Technicolor. An additional 3-D Kodachrome slideshow featured Harold Lloyd's 3-D nudes.

Thurs. Aug. 26 Rita Hayworth sizzled in Miss Sadie Thompson. With separate admission, Sangaree was shown in 3-D in New York for the first time since 1953 using a brand new 3-D print provided by the Academy Film Achive. Star Arlene Dahl appeared in person for a Q&A for the 5:30 screening.

If you missed the August 3-D film featival, you still have a chance to see two more 3-D films during the William Castle festival Sept. 3 through 6. Fort Ti shows on Fri. and Sat. Sept. 3 and 4 and Jesse James vs. The Dalons shows on Sun. and Mon. Sept. 5 and 6.

Film Forum is located at 209 W Houston St, in New York City.

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Kelly Rowland's Rose Colored Glasses 3-D Music Video

Kelly Rowland 3-D video shoot.

Director and fashion photographer Rankin and cinematographer Marco Mazzei chose the Element Technica Quasar 3-D rig for one of the newest 3-D music videos, Kelly Rowland’s Rose Colored Glasses. Rowland sings about a break up with a boyfriend who was bad news and mistreated her contrasting the difference between the reality of him and the way she used to see him through rose colored glasses.

Shot on a minimal stage with SI-2K cameras and Zeiss 6-24mm DigiZooms, the video features innovative 3-D effects and focuses on Rowland’s performance. “It offers the immediacy of 3-D as a vantage point for watching her,” Mazzei explains. “We had mostly a black background and a white background and created sets by moving pieces and elements such as flying doves, snow, rain and smoke to delineate 3-D space.”

Mazzei’s first time using Element Technica’s Quasar rig convinced him it was the perfect match for the video. “I really like the extreme adjustability in terms of interaxial and convergence and its rigidity in keeping the camera aligned even with dolly moves, being buffed by wind and aggressive operating among other elements.

“It was perfect for keeping the cameras in alignment during two days of shooting where we had minimal time for readjusts. It worked nicely with our existing dolly and head and we were able to move around a lot without realigning, saving time and stress.”

Technica 3-D is a family of stereographic 3-D rigs designed by Element Technica to precisely align and control positioning of a pair of cameras necessary for stereographic 3-D imaging. Element Technica’s goal from the beginning was to design the Technica 3-D family of tools to free creative producers, directors and cinematographers from the limitations of existing 3-D equipment and the often artificially created constraints erected by boutique 3-D production houses seeking to keep the secrets of 3-D behind the magic curtain.

Technica 3-D Quasar, Neutron and new Pulsar stereoscopic rigs are renowned for their robust construction, and for the ability to be set up and precisely aligned in a short amount of time. Additionally, Element Technica 3-D rigs are camera agnostic and the same rig can be configured in side-by-side or beam-splitter modes (over/thru and under/thru).

Rose Colored Glasses is available on YouTube 3-D and will be featured on new 3-D channels that are soon coming out as well as in a 2-D version on all of the regular music video venues

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6th China International 3-D World Forum and Exhibition is Nov. 3 through 5

The 6th China International 3-D World Forum and Exhibition (C3D World) will be held Nov. 3 through 5, 2010 at the Riverfront Business Hotel, Shanghai, China. C3D World is held in conjunction with the International 3-D Fair 2010 , which is jointly organized by the China 3-D Industry Association of China, 3-D Fusion Industry Consortium, 3-D Display Research Center of Korea, 3-D Consortium of Japan and 3-D@Home Consortium of USA. Last year’s event had over 1,700 exhibitors and 60,000 attendees. New this year is the addition of the 2010 International Workshop on 3-D Information Technology.

To further the development of the China 3-D market, Insight Media has again partnered with the organizers of the China International 3-D World Forum & Exhibition to offer Exhibition space, forum attendance and conference Sponsorships.

“China is a huge and important market,” said Insight Media President Chris Chinnock. “I expect it to also aggressively embrace 3-D in all shapes and forms. While some 3-D solutions will be home grown, many will come from other regions. A trade show focused on 3-D in China is a great way to build technology and business relationships that can benefit both parties long term.”

Exhibiting in China can be challenging, which is why Insight Media has partnered with The C3D World organizers to facilitate international exhibitors at this event. It makes a lot of sense to begin building or expanding relationships and partnerships for what is sure to be a robust 3-D Market.

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3-D Film Festival Hollywood 3-D Film Contest Deadline is Sept. 15

3-D Film Festival graphic.The 3-D Film Festival Hollywood is accepting entries into its 2010 3-D film contest through Sept. 15 (postmark). There is no entry fee to enter the contest.

Please review all eligibility criteria and requirements prior to making a submission to the festival. Entry materials will not be returned.

Projects that are not yet complete must be clearly marked “Work in Progress” or “Rough Cut”. Please submit a written explanation of what will be altered or changed or what part of your project is missing from your draft, cut or game.

You must submit a valid student ID card or letter from your school that verifies you are a student if you are participating in our official college program.

To be eligible for consideration by 3DFF:

1. Entrants must fully comply with the Rules and Regulations.

Applicants may contact the festival organizers by phone, e-mail or can send their work to:

3-D Film & Interactive Festival
Attention: Submissions Coordinator
1641 Ivar Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028
323-785-2389 Phone

All entries must include the following:

Available press materials including project credit list, team bios, photos and at least one production still (hard copy or jpeg).

1. A 2-D DVD or link copy of the work labeled with the title and running time along with your contact information.

2. Work can also be submitted as electronic Quicktime or *.avi files.


1. 3-D Narrative Feature Films (animated or live action) (Eligible for Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Performance).

2. 3-D Short Films (animated or live action) (Eligible for Best Director and Best Performance).

3. 3-D Commercials (Eligible for Best Director and Best Performance).

4. 3-D Music Videos (Eligible for Best Director and Best Performance).

5. 3-D Television Program (animated or Live Action) (Eligible for Best Director and Best Performance).

6. 3-D Video Game (Eligible for Best Developer).

The 3-D Film & Interactive Festival will also be giving out awards for technical achievement in the following categories:

  • 3-D CGI FX

The 3-D Film Festival is also sponsoring a 72 hour school filmmaker challenge. 3DFF has invited some of California’s most prestigious colleges and film schools to organize into teams and compete to create a :30 second 3-D PSA for the 3-D Film Festival.

3DFF will provide 3-D cameras and post production workflow solutions along with stereoscopic experts who will help guide and educate the teams as they embark on a three day journey to develop, shoot and edit a 3-D project to be shown at its very own 3DFF 72 Hour Filmmaker Challenge Award Show.

The 3-D Film and Interactive Festival takes place in Hollywood Sept. 30 through Oct. 3.

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Auction Results

A View-Master® The Nebraskan Movie Preview Reel sold for $98 with 15 bids.

A View-Master® Second Chance Movie Preview Reel sold for $47 with 17 bids.

Nash Auto View-Master set

A View-Master® Nash Automobile advertising set sold for $350 with 1 bid. This advertising set is all complete and original. It includes the box that it came in that reads Nash 3 dimension pictures along with graphics of a Nash Logo.

The box measures 4 3/4" x 6 1/4" and is 4 1/2" tall and has a separate cover with the advertising on it. The cover is in very good condition with minor edge wear. The box base has the start of a split on one end and minor wear.

It set is made up of four reels labeled 1 - 4 1953 Nash Airflytes. The reels are all in very good condition no black rub marks and in good working order. They come in white paper envelopes with no printing. The envelopes are fairly good with two having minor foxing. The reels are marked Sawyer's Inc. along with patent numbers. The four reels are a series of photographs of Nash automobiles in different colors and includes station wagons and convertibles along with various sedans. They are shown with attractive backgrounds.

The 1953 Nash was often nick named the bathtub Nash as they were very streamlined resembling an upside down bathtub. The sale included a black bakelite viewer with a "NASH" decal on it. The viewer was accompanied by a Luma View Light Attachment for View-Master® Stereoscope.. It is made of black bakelite plastic and is in very good condition with the metal parts that mount it to the viewer and no corrosion to the battery case parts.

Beaver Brook Colorado stereoview

A Beaver Brook Colorado Mine Train stereoview sold for $325 with 1 bid. The stereoview is on a 4" x 7" yellow mount. Period pen manuscript ID on paste on label on back appears to be "Beaver Brook" along with imprinted " From Golden City to Central, Idaho Springs and Georgetown". Additional description regards the area geography and mining. The view features a locomotive in middle ground, miners in foreground. Perhaps the ore train. Published by Martin's Rocky Mountain Scenery, Central City Colorado.

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