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The Man with F.E.E.E.T View-Master® Released by Emmy-Winning Comedian

The Man with F.E.E.E.T cover art, reels and story booklet.

The Man With F.E.E.E.T. is a brand new comedic adventure for View-Master® viewers from Eric Drysdale. It features 21 three-dimensional photographs on three View-Master® reels, accompanied by a read-along 16-page story-booklet. The three-reel set lovingly and hilariously spoofs the TV and movie-licensed View-Master® packets of the late '60s and '70s. The story will also be brought live to a stage in New York City, but more about that later.

Christian Finnegan stars as Jack Strider, the ordinary man called to extraordinary action when he becomes steward to the most powerful pair of loafers in the world -- known as F.E.E.E.T. (Footwear-based Electronically Engineered Emulation Technology.) In this story based on the fake episode of the made-up mid-'70s-ish TV show, handsome Jack Strider and his amazing compu-electronic shoes catch the trail of a crooked beach ball manufacturing mogul, Artemide DuVillet. The adventure leads the team to a deadly confrontation with a dangerous international weapons smuggler with whom Jack has tangled before!

The adventure stars Christian Finnegan (Are We There Yet?, Chappelle's Show, Comedy Central Presents) as Jack Strider, the man whose loafers are reborn as F.E.E.E.T. Also starring Amber Nelson, Anthony Atamanjuk (30 Rock), Andree Vermeulen, Gary Rudoren (Comedy by the Numbers) and Rob Lathan.

Eric Drysdale is an Emmy-winning writer for Comedy Central's The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. A co-founder of the New York Stereoscopic Society, Eric has been pursuing 3-D photography as a hobby for 15 years. With The Man with F.E.E.E.T., Eric brings his work as a comedian and writer together with his love of 3-D for a uniquely silly and wildly colorful taken on the View-Master® story-telling style.

The Man with F.E.E.E.T. - The Show Jan. 15, 2011
A staged reading and view-along of The Man With F.E.E.E.T. will be presented at 7 and 9 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011, at the Producers' Club Grand Theater at 358 W. 44th St. at 9th Ave. in New York City.

The reading will be presented by cast members while each audience member enjoys the 3-dimensional images in his or her own View Master® viewer. Between each reel, some of the funny people involved in the creation of The Man With F.E.E.E.T. will perform bits related to the primary nonsense as well as free-floating nonsense. featuring live musical accompaniment, comedy bit, and a horn section. A copy of The Man With F.E.E.E.T. and a View-Master® viewer is in included with the $20 ticket price. Tickets are available online.

Narrated by Ben Rameaka. The re-premiere stars Christian Finnegan with Amber Nelson, Gary Rudoren, Rob Lathan, Anthony Atamaniuk and Serra Hirsch. Improvised score by Joel Esher. Music from elizabeth! and the Agency Unit Bureau Horns (Trombone Division). Audio from these read-and-view-along live shows will be recorded and made available for free download as an add-on to the reel packets.

The stereo images on The Man With F.E.E.E.T. reels poke you in the eye as well as the funny-bone. The well-conceived and executed sets enhance the action as well Must See 3-D™ Awardas entertain. Check out this new crime-fighting adventure by getting your own copy of The Man With F.E.E.E.T. Hilarity abounds even with the printing on the set's outer packet, "Satisfying mechanical 'KA-SHROING!' heard when switching views!"

Order your copy of The Man With F.E.E.E.T. from the Humor Logistics Amazon store. Read more about the project and see sample images at The Man with F.E.E.E.T. Web site.

The Man With F.E.E.E.T. receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D™" award.



Kodachrome processing no longer exists

Kodachrome boxes."Don't take my KODACHROME away..." Paul Simon's song, sadly, has come true. Eastman Kodak Company announced on June 22, 2009 it was discontinuing sales of KODACHROME Color Film, concluding its 74-year run as a photography icon. Sales of KODACHROME, which became the world's first commercially successful color film in 1935, declined dramatically in recent years as photographers turned to other films or digital capture. Today, KODACHROME represents just a fraction of one percent of Kodak's total sales of still-picture films.

Many 3-D photographers continued to use KODACHROME to make 3-D slides. The loss of this film and the processing will affect many stereographers who used nothing else but KODACHROME. KODACHROME film slides retained their vibrant colors better than most other slide films. Some slides taken during the 1950s look as good as the day they were processed.

Processing KODACHROME involves a highly complex development process, which became too costly over the years for many companies to offer developing services due to the drop in the film's use by the general public. The last company that was processing KODACHROME in the entire world, in Kansas, stopped processing the film forever on Dec. 31, 2010. Another company in Switzerland, where KODACHROME film was sold along with a prepaid mailer, continued to accept those mailers for processing through Nov. 30, 2010. KODACHROME processing no longer exists anywhere in the world.

Although KODACHROME has very distinct characteristics and no film will give the exact same results, Kodak urged KODACHROME users to try other Kodak films. Kodak released seven new professional films over the last three years alone.


Why has Kodak decided to stop offering KODACHROME?
Due to declining customer demand for KODACHROME, continued production of this film in no longer viable. Over the years people have moved from KODACHROME to other methods of capture, be it new films or digital. Simply put, not enough people are shooting KODACHROME for us to continue offering it.

What are recent sales of KODACHROME?
KODACHROME currently represents a fraction of 1% of Kodak’s still film sales. While KODACHROME is a truly iconic product that has served photographers very well for 74 years, the simple truth is that people have moved on and are no longer purchasing it in sustainable volumes.

What about KODACHROME (PK) processing mailers, which were sold separately in the U.S.?
In the U.S., Kodak accepted PK processing mailers though Dec. 31, 2009, provided the mailer had a valid expiration date or no expiration date. Expired mailers were not be accepted. This is a change in policy that affected many people who purchased the mailers in the secondary market. Kodak had previously accepted expired mailers...some dating back more than 20 years. The mailers may still be good for Ektachrome processing, although this has not been confirmed with Kodak.

What product do you recommend KODACHROME shooters transition to once it is no longer available?
There’s no doubt that KODACHROME is a unique look, and no film will give the exact same results. That said, Kodak recommends KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTAR 100 Film and KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E100G.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference is Jan. 24 - 27, 2011

The Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference and exhibition is Jan. 24 to 27 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel in South San Fransisco, California.

The SD&A conference chairs announced Dr. Mike Robinson, Chief Scientist at RealD will present the first SD&A Keynote Presentation on the first day of the conference Monday, Jan. 24, 2011.

The title of his talk is The Current Status of Stereoscopic 3-D.

A second forum is The Screen Size Factor in 3-D Content Production: Myths and Realities from 9:10 to 10:10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011.

Panel Moderator:
Bernard Mendiburu, Author, 3-D Movie Making.
Panel Members:
David Broberg, Vice President, Consumer Video Technology, CableLabs (USA).
John Merrit, The Merritt Group (USA).
Jukka Häkkinen, Adjunct Professor, Aalto University (Finland).
Frédéric Devernay, INRIA (France).

The Advance Program for SD&A 2011 is available at www.stereoscopic.org/2011.

The Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference is held as part of the IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Symposium. The EI Symposium runs Jan. 23 to 27, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel, just south of San Francisco, California. SD&A itself will run Jan. 24 to 27, with Andrew Woods and John Merritt’s excellent short course the day before, on Sunday Jan. 23. Twenty-two other imaging conferences, including three other 3-D conferences, share the symposium, providing good synergy across the imaging community.

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Rachel Ray's Halloween Bash in 3-D

You could enter a whole new dimension in daytime TV with Rachel Ray’s Halloween Bash in 3-D, which aired on Oct. 29, 2010! It wa’s one monster surprise after another as Penn & Teller attempted to levitate Rachael, Pee-wee Herman rode into the studio with hilarious eye-popping gags and Rachael cooked up a fiendish feast! 3-D glasses were inserted in the October 25 issue of TV Guide Magazine to get the full 3-D experience!

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Rachel Ray's Halloween Bash in 3-D featured in TV Guide Magazine

TV Guide cover art Oct. 25, 2010 featuring Rachel Ray Halloween Bash in 3-D.

American Paper Optics manufactured and folded more than 2,400,000 ColorView 3-D glasses for a special Halloween 3-D viewing of the Rachael Ray show. The show aired Oct. 29, 2010.

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Future of mobile multimedia, 3-D imaging, robotic vision and more to highlight Electronic Imaging program

New ideas for future applications of 3-D and multimedia in mobile devices, entertainment, medicine, security and other areas will dominate the conversation in several conferences at the broad-ranging IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging: Science and Technology symposium this month in California.

The event includes top international conferences on stereoscopic displays, 3-D imaging, human vision and other topics and will be held at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency Jan. 23 through 27.

"Electronic Imaging is the one international conference where papers on all aspects of electronic imaging are presented," said Symposium Chair Sabine Süsstrunk (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne). Majid Rabbani (Eastman Kodak) is Symposium Co-chair, and Gaurav Sharma (Univ. of Rochester) is Short Course Chair. Sharma will become Editor of the Journal of Electronic Imaging, copublished by IS&T and SPIE, in January.

The perennially popular conference on Human Vision will include talks on topics such as:

  • Visual search, Radek Grzeszczuk (Nokia).
  • Joint design of optics and image processing for application-specific sensors, David Stork (Ricoh Innovations).
  • Visualization grand challenges, Georges Grinstein (Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell).
  • How 3-D immersive visualization is changing medical diagnostics, Anton Köning (Erasmus MC).

A conference banquet talk by Mark Changizi (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) will cover the evolution in human vision of color, illusions, forward-facing eyes, and writing -- and what that might imply for extraterrestrial vision.

In a Bay Area multimedia session in the Multimedia Content Access conference, researchers from Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo!, FXPAL, and Google will update the audience on advances in audiovisual data, such as face recognition on social media, automated photo organization, online video content search, and scalable multimedia retrieval.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) presentations on 3-D imaging metrology, processing, and applications will focus on technology with noteworthy applications in areas such as medicine and security.

A session on "The Dark Side of Color" in the Color Imaging conference will include speakers from Xerox, Univ. degli Studi di Milano, McCann Imaging, Hewlett-Packard Labs, Purdue Univ., and Apple.

3-D Theatre

Highlights of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference, chaired by Andrew Woods (Curtin Univ.), Nicolas Holliman (Durham Univ.), and Neil Dodgson (Univ. of Cambridge), include:

  • Keynote speaker Ramesh Raskar (MIT Media Lab), on "Content-adaptive parallax barriers and six-dimensional displays".
  • Discussion forum on "3-D TV Dangers: Truth or Fiction?", moderated by Lenny Lipton (Oculus 3-D), with panel members Marty Banks (Univ. of California, Berkeley), Christopher Tyler (Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute), Christopher Riemann (Cincinnati Eye Institute) and Pete Ludé (Sony Electronics).
  • The popular annual 3-D Theatre session showcasing a wide range of 3-D content produced around the world.

A conference on Visual Analysis and Visual Analytics will include sessions on cyber security, and super-resolution will be covered by papers about Computational Imaging.

Single-photon imaging, high-speed, and other high-performance systems for cameras, atmospheric imaging, and other uses will be covered in conferences on Sensors, Cameras, and Systems and Digital Photography.

A new conference on Parallel Processing for Imaging Applications is being introduced this year. Conference chairs are John Owens (Univ. of California, Davis), I-Jong Lin (Hewlett-Packard Labs), and Yu-Jin Zhang (Tsinghua Univ).

Conference proceedings papers will be published individually in the SPIE Digital Library as soon as approved after the meeting, and also in collected print and digital volumes and collections.

The Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) is an international non-profit dedicated to keeping members and others apprised of the latest developments in fields related to imaging science through conferences, educational programs, publications, and its website. IS&T encompasses all aspects of imaging, with particular emphasis on digital printing, electronic imaging, color science, photofinishing, image preservation, silver halide, pre-press technology, and hybrid imaging systems.

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, was founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. Serving more than 180,000 constituents from 168 countries, the Society advances emerging technologies through interdisciplinary information exchange, continuing education, publications, patent precedent, and career and professional growth. SPIE annually organizes and sponsors approximately 25 major technical forums, exhibitions, and education programs in North America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, and supports scholarships, grants, and other education programs around the world.

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TRON View-Master® (1982)

TRON View-Master blister packet.

The new TRON Legacy movie projecting in 3-D theatres but did you know the original TRON movie also had 3-D images related to one notable collectible item? Neato Coolville has posted images from the old TRON 3-D stereoscopic View-Master® blister packet. The 3-disc set had 21 images from the original movie, including shots from inside the the computer world and images of Sark, CLU, Flynn and even the end of the MCP. More...

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LG's 65-inch Flicker Free Passive Cinema 3-D TV and 72-inch LED 3-D TV to unveil at CES Las Vegas

LG logo.LG offer a 47" passive 3-D TV but they plan to up the ante and will unveil it at CES in Las Vegas. A 65-inch 3-D TV using regular polarized glasses.

This is similar to what you would experience in the cinema whilst watching a 3-D movie. Passive (Cinema 3-D) TVs use polarised glasses to separate the images
displayed, only letting the correct image intended for the left and right eye filter through the relevant lens. One of the key features for consumers is these are the same polarized glasses currently used in Cinema 3-D screenings. LG’s
passive (Cinema 3-D) 3-D TV is the 47-inch LD950 and comes with four pairs of glasses included.


  • Accessible for many of your friends and family to come and enjoy 3-D.
  • Glasses are cost effective and easy to replace if lost or broken.
  • Provides a convenient 3-D experience - glasses do not require batteries.
  • LG’s passive (Cinema 3-D) TV uses the same side by side frame format as Sky’s new dedicated 3-D channel making it the perfect choice for watching the
    latest content available via your Sky HD box.

Havis Kwan, president of LG's Home Entertainment division said, "With the introduction of our innovative CINEMA 3-D TV, LG is setting another standard for 3-D entertainment. For consumers who want to enjoy cinema-quality 3-D at home with their family and friends, LG is now making that possible.

So you say 65-inches isn't enough...how about a 72-inch LED 3-D TV
LG Electronics will also unveil the 72-inch LZ9700, the world’s largest FULL LED-backlight LCD 3-D TV at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The LZ9700 gives viewers life-sized action with a beautifully crisp picture in both 2-D and 3-D.

Fitted with LG’s innovative FULL LED technology, the LZ9700 is illuminated by a full panel of LEDs directly behind the screen, producing pictures as colorful as paintings in an art gallery. The extra spacious FULL LED screen size also makes the picture more expansive than ever, enabling viewers to experience superb picture quality with detailed images as big as, or larger than, real life.

Further enhancing the experience, the LZ9700 offers extraordinarily comfortable 3-D viewing. Combining the world’s largest FULL LED screen, the LZ9700’s 3-D takes on added depth and draws viewers even further into its immersive viewing experience. In addition, TruMotion 400Hz delivers a super-fast processing rate for exceptionally smooth 3-D images.

“The LZ9700 combines the ultimate in LG’s picture quality with our latest developments in 3-D TV,” said Kwon. “With the LZ9700, LG is poised to take the lead in the TV market with the world’s largest FULL LED screen that delivers a truly outstanding TV viewing experience.”

This state-of-the-art TV is also fitted with LG’s Smart TV functions. Via a strikingly simple Home Dashboard, this Smart TV delivers premium content from global providers as well as the best locally sourced shows and movies. It also provides access to LG’s growing collection of TV apps, which offer everything from language classes to games. And thanks to LG’s intuitive and easy-to-use Magic Motion Remote Control, the LZ9700’s numerous functions are extremely simple to find and operate.

The LZ9700 will be available to customers early 2011.

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Xbox World 360 Magazine Releases 3-D Issue in February 2011

Xbox 360 magazine 3-D issue cover art.

Anyone with an Xbox World 360 magazine subscription can celebrate the publication's 100th issue with a special 3-D version of the magazine.

Included in the February 2011 special edition is a countdown of the top 100 Xbox games and the best 20 games coming up in 2011.

Anyone who unwrapped a Kinect on Christmas Day will be looking forward to reading about Microsoft's plans for 2011, which the company's boss Stephen McGill said will be "all about Kinect" adding the device "is going to blow people's minds".

In addition, the publication will reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of some of the best known industry insiders, including Cliff Bleszinski, Ken Levine, Marty O'Donnell, Warren Spector and Ian Livingstone and lift the lid on some of the Xbox World 360 team's best gaming moments.

The magazine also comes with what is described as "the most jam-packed DVD we've ever made", complete with special 3-D effects and Chromadepth 3-D glasses.

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3-D Movies for 2011 and Beyond

Some of the following are in production or are in development but have been announced as 3-D movie releases.

Untitled 3-D Shark Thriller Post-production 2011
Horrid Henry Pre-production 2011
Beauty and the Beast Awaiting Release Date 2011
XXX: the Return of Xander Cage Pre-production 2011
Cave of Forgotten Dreams Awaiting Release Date 2011
A Monster in Paris Post-production 2011
The Green Hornet Post-production Jan. 14, 2011
Sanctum Awaiting Release Date Feb. 4, 2011
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Post-production Feb. 11, 2011
Drive Angry Post-production Feb. 25, 2011
Mars Needs Moms! Post-production March 11, 2011
Sucker Punch! Post-production March 25, 2011
Rio Awaiting Release Date April 8, 2011
Thor Post-production May 6, 2011
Priest Post-production May 13, 2011
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Post-production May 20, 2011
Kung Fu Panda 2 Post-production May 27, 2011
The Green Lantern Post-production June 17, 2011
Cars 2 In Production June 24, 2011
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Post-production July 15, 2011
Captain America: The First Avenger Post-production July 22, 2011
The Smurfs Post-production Aug. 3, 2011
The Darkest Hour in 3-D Aug. 5, 2011
Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World Pre-production Aug. 19, 2011
5nal Destination In production Aug. 26, 2011
Dolphin Tale 3-D Pre-production Oct. 7, 2011
The Three Musketeers 3-D In Production Oct. 14, 2011
Contagion In Production Oct. 21, 2011
Puss in Boots In Development Nov. 4, 2011
Happy Feet 2 in 3-D Post-production Nov. 18, 2011
Arthur Christmas Post-production Nov. 23, 2011
Hugo Cabret In Production Dec. 9, 2011
The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn Post-production Dec. 23, 2011
The Room 2011 or 2012
Clash of the Titans 2 Pre-production Spring 2012
Godzilla In Development 2012
Step Up 4ever Rumored/Announced Project 2012
Newt In Development Summer 2012
Stretch Armstrong In Development 2012
Frankenweenie In Development March 9, 2012
The Croods In Production March 30, 2012
Madagascar 3 In Development May 18, 2012
Men in Black 3 Pre-production May 25, 2012
Brave In Development June 15, 2012
Untitled Spider-man Reboot Pre-production July 3, 2012
The Dark Knight Rises Pre-production July 20, 2012
Hotel Transylvania Pre-production Sept. 21, 2012
Monsters Inc. 2 Pre-production Nov. 2, 2012
The Guardians In Development Nov. 21, 2012
Life of Pi Pre-production Dec. 14, 2012
View-Master Announced Project
Star Wars Saga Announced
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Announced

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Rollei Announces a Point-and-Shoot 3-D Camera and 3-D Picture Frame

Rollei digital 3-D camera

German manufacturers, Rollei have announced their new 3-D point-and-shoot digital camera Power Flex 3-D, to be released in UK, then the U.S.

Along with Power Flex 3-D camera, a Design Line 3-D digital picture frame was also announced. The Rollei uses special Parallax barrier display technology that lets users see 3-D videos and images without using glasses.

The camera specs pretty basic. You can shoot 3-D images at 2592 x 1944 pixels at a maximum resolution and videos can be captures in HD quality of 720p at 30 fps. It has a decent 2.8 inch LCD display of 640 x 480 pixels. Features with 5-megapixel, it also shoots in 2-D mode. It has an 8x digital zoom with an easy to get by menu and OS. It easily connects to TV via TV output of PAL/NTSC and HDMI.

As for the 7-inch Design Line digital picture frame, it displays 3-D images at 800 x 480 pixels. The Blaze Video Magic 3.0 software also creates any 2-D image to 3-D in simple steps on PC.

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Drive Angry 3-D Poster Art

Drive Angry 3-D poster art.

Here is a look at a poster image for Summit's movie Drive Angry starring Nicholas Cage, Amber Heard and William Fichtner (as the devil's right hand man). The movie is directed by Patrick Lussier will be released Feb. 25 in 3-D.

Cage stars as Milton, a hardened felon who has broken out of Hell for one last chance at redemption. Hell bent on stopping a vicious cult of fanatics who murdered his daughter, he has three days to stop them before they sacrifice his infant granddaughter beneath a full moon. Milton must use his anger to go beyond all human limits in order to save his last connection with humanity.

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Star Wars 3-D

Darth Vadar anaglyphLucasfilm Ltd. announced the live-action Star Wars saga will be converted to 3-D! There are few movies that lend themselves more perfectly to 3-D...from the Death Star trench run to the Tatooine Podrace, the Star Wars saga has always delivered an entertainment experience that is completely immersive. Presented by Twentieth Century Fox and Lucasfilm Ltd., the cutting edge conversion will take that immersion to the next thrilling level, with Industrial Light & Magic supervising the project. Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace is expected to be released theatrically in 2012. A release date has not yet been determined.

"Getting good results on a stereo conversion is a matter of taking the time and getting it right," said John Knoll, Visual Effects Supervisor for Industrial Light & Magic. "It takes a critical and artistic eye along with an incredible attention to detail to be successful. It is not something that you can rush if you want to expect good results. For Star Wars we will take our time, applying everything we know both aesthetically and technically to bring audiences a fantastic new Star Wars experience."

See an interview with John Knoll talking about the stereo conversion of the Star Wars films here.

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 3-D

David Fincher has confirmed his upcoming adaptation of literary classic 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea will be his first movie to be filmed in 3-D.

The director of The Social Network also admitted that it was likely that 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea would be his next project after finishing filming on his adaptation of Stieg Larsson's thriller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

"Yes it will be in 3-D," Fincher admitted in an interview with Collider.

While the director wouldn't specify whether the film would definitely be his next project due to the amount of movies he is currently involved in, he did point it out as being one of his top priorities.

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Auction Results

Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World movie poster art.

A lot of 17 lenticular movie posters sold for $202 with 19 bids. The posters included

The Avengers - 1998
E.T. The Extra Terrerstrial (Advance) 2002
Final Destination
The Frighteners (Advance)
Independence Day (Video) 1996 26" x 39 3/4 printer proof
Jack Frost - 1998
Jurassic Park 2
Lilo & Stich (2 copies)
Shadow Builder (Video) 26 1/2" x 39"
Species II (Advance) (2 copies)
Species II (Video) 26 3/4" x 39" (5 copies)

modoc stereoview

A Modoc war stereoview sold for $857.56 with 12 bids. This is Edward Muybridge's stereoview of the Modoc War #1629 titled "Warm Springs Indian Scouts in the Field". Published by Bradley & Rulofson.

Donati's Comet stereoview

A Donati's Comet stereoview sold for $471 with seven bids. Handwritten title on the back reads "The Comet of 1858, as seen from the Surrey Side of the Thames".

Salt Lake Steamer stereoview

A Salt Lake Short Branch Steamer stereoview sold for $475 with one bid. "Short Branch, Great Salt Lake." One of the nice views of folks out for a steamer ride boarding at the Short Branch on the Great Salt Lake, just West of Salt Lake City.
Views well. Stereoview is by C. W. Carter (Charles William Carter) Possibly second only to Savage as one of Utah's most noted 19th Century photographers. Mount: Regular (smaller) sized grey blue colored mount, with a typical Carter printed reverse.

Egypt through the stereoscope 100 card set, book and maps.

An Egypt 100 card set with book and maps sold for $385 with six bids. This sale included the consecutively numbered cards 1 to 100 in excellent near mint condition. in the original box case. The sale also included the Keystone View Co. book Egypt Through the Stereoscope - A Journey Through The Land of The Pharaohs by James Henry Breasted PhD.

This book was copyrighted by Underwood and Underwood in 1900. This printing is by Keystone after their acquisition of Underwood and Underwood. The book comes complete with the original insert packet Maps & Plans containing 20 maps pertaining to Egypt. The books condition is very good with a solid spine. All pages are secure to the spine with no missing, loose or marked up pages. The maps are in very good condition and are in order. The first map is detached but all others are attached, in order and in great condition.

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