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Norman Rockwell View-Master® 3-Reel Set Released by Snap 3D

Norman Rockwell View-Master set

Snap 3D has released a new high quality View-Master® 21-image set featuring The Saturday Evening Post paintings of Norman Rockwell.

Twenty of the scenes are 2-D to 3-D conversions of Rockwell's famous cover paintings for the venerable publication. The other scene is an actual 3-D photo of Rockwell from 1922.

Reel One - Youth

  1. 3-D Rockwell photo 1922
  2. Sunset
  3. Check up
  4. Girl at the Mirror
  5. Soda Fountain
  6. Before the Date
  7. After the Prom

Reel Two - Professions

  1. The Runaway
  2. Before the Shot
  3. Doctor and the Doll
  4. Happy Birthday Miss Jones
  5. The Art Critic
  6. The Tatooist
  7. Rosie the Riveter

Reel Three - Sports

  1. Triple Self Portrait
  2. Catching the Big One
  3. 100 Years of Baseball
  4. Bottom of the Sixth
  5. Weighing In
  6. Weekend Travelers
  7. Going and Coming

We were extremely impressed with several of these conversions especially the scene 2 on reel 2 featuring Rockwell's painting Before the shot. The 3-D is so well done you feel like you are standing in the doorway of the doctor's office.

Scene 2 from reel 2 of Snap 3D's Norman Rockwell View-Master 3-reel set.

This is just one of the highlights of this well crafted View-Master® set. The set is available directly from Snap 3D. The 3-reel set costs $19.75 US each + $2 shipping in North America and $4 shipping elsewhere.

For 5+ sets the price is $19 US each + shipping. For 10+ sets the price is $18 US each + shipping. To buy a set or express interest in future sets of famous art such as Renoir, Must See 3-D AwardVermeer etc.,contact Snap 3D at 416-850-1972 or by e-mail at

Snap 3D accepts Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. Their Paypal account is To preview the images featured on the reels including one 3-D side-by-side (Catching the Big One) and one anaglyphic (Triple Portrait) view visit Snap 3D's Flicker photostream site at

The Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell View-Master® 3-reel set receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D™ Award".

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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3-D Release Date set for Feb. 10, 2012

Darth Vadar 3-D anaglyph20th Century Fox has announced the first of the Star Wars 3-D movies will be released on Feb. 10, 2012. Lucasfilm announced plans last September to begin re-releasing the Star Wars movies in 3-D, starting with The Phantom Menace.

The films are being converted from 2-D to 3-D by Industrial Light & Magic and digital pioneer, John Knoll, the co-creator of Adobe® PhotoShop®.

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Jefferson Stereoptics Next Online View-Master® Auction is March 23, 2011

View-Master® auctionsOne of the best places to find View-Master® and other 3-D items for sale is Jefferson Stereoptics regularly held View-Master® and stereoview auctions conducted by John Saddy. The latest collection of View-Master® goodies goes on the auction block on Wednesday, March 23, featuring lots 1 through 614.

Subscribers receive John's catalog several times a year. Cost of the subscription pays for printing the catalog and postage to mail it. Each issue of the printed catalog includes photos of some of the most sought after 3-D items featured in each sale.

Some of the items in the March auction:

  • Lot 122 - James Bond - Live and Let Die.
  • Lot 128 - James Bond Moonraker.
  • Lot 308 - 5 blister packets including The Legend of Indiana Jones, The Indiana Jones Chronicles, Star Trek The Next Generation, Dick Tracy and Jaws 3-D.
  • Lot 426 - Bonanza. This includes the famous image in reel one showing the Cartwrights each subtly giving VM viewing children the world over "the finger."
  • Lot 427 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
  • Lot 428 - The Time Tunnel.
  • Lot 458 - Book with reels from Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy (Section VII - The Back reels 214 to 221.
  • Lot 463 - The Royal Wedding (Charles and Diana) Cannister Set with purple Model J viewer. Some of the plastic is torn on the cannister.
  • Lot 470 - Plastic reel storage boxes and Chinese Art Set boxes.
  • Several lots featuring test reels, advertising reels and much more.

The auction items are also listed and all lots are scanned on John's Web site at The Web site is easily navigated by topic. Each item is grouped in areas of interest such as View-Master® packets USA and Canada or View-Master® packets Television and Movies and so on. You will need to register on the site in order to place a bid online.

John grades each item and includes elaborate descriptions, too. Unlike eBay, sniping is not part of the equation in John's auctions. Lots are closed with a very liberal waiting period. Beginning at the closing time, after 10 minutes with no bids or inquiries, all lots are closed together.

You can contact John via an e-mail link on his Web site to find out about subscribing to the catalog. Jefferson Stereoptics is located in London Ontario, Canada.

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47 Ronin in 3-D - Keanu Reeves Tackles an Epic Japanese Legend

Universal Pictures has announced shooting will commence on 47 Ronin a Japanese action thriller based on the folk tale The 47 Samurai.

The folk tale, based on actual events from 18th century Japan, is the story of a group of Samurai who plot vengeance on the Overlord who killed their master (turning them into Ronin) and banished their kind. Keanu Reeves will play the role of Kai, an outcast who joins the Ronin to seek his revenge.

No release date has been announced yet.

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NASA Using 3-D Cameras on Final Discovery Space Shuttle Mission

The era of NASA sending shuttles into space draws to a close with the final Discovery mission. That doesn't mean innovation is over though. The shuttle is packed with technology including the DragonEye 3D FLC.

The folks at Advanced Scientific Concepts (ASC) are planning to use the 3-D technology of the DragonEye as an automated docking solution that takes humans out of the picture. The same tech is currently being used at Langley to test automated landing procedures.

"We are confident this test run will be the final before the DragonEye is regularly deployed for AR&D solutions," says ASC CEO Roger Stettner. "The DragonEye 3-D Flash LIDAR camera allows new solutions for space, making unmanned or manned autonomous rendezvous, docking and landing a reality."

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Top Cat 3-D

Top Cat poster art.Anima Studios and Illusion Studios have reportedly been developing an animated big screen adaptation of the 1960s Top Cat TV show. Reports on the Internet say Warner Bros will release the movie in Mexican theatres this September and there are poster images posted online reportedly for the film.

On the 60s TV show, the smooth-talking New York City cat, known as T.C. to his kitty cohorts Benny the Ball, Choo-Choo, Spook, The Brain and Fancy-Fancy, is always on the make toward a big score or swindle. The bothersome Officer Dibble is relentlessly on his case, although always a step behind.

Buy 3-D items at The Stereo Store!

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New Spider-Man Costume Designed to Make it Look Better in 3-D

At the 2011 Toy Fair, a Hasbro excutive close to the production of the new Spider-Man film talked about the the previous work of the costume designer for the film and the Spider-Man suit itself. The executive explained that the suit won't look the same on film as it did in the set photos that have been seen online.

The executive spoke on the fabric of the suit and stated, “…there are things that are done to it to make the 3-D work better." Check out the Vimeo clip below.

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First Live Opera Shot in 3-D to Hit Theatres March 5

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Royal Opera House produciton of Carmen filmed in 3-D is to be released in 1,500 theatre locations worldwide on March 5. More...

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Hasbro's Transformers 3-D Optimus Prime Mask Glasses May Contain a Dangerous Design Flaw

Hasbro's Optimus Prime 3-D glasses Transformers Mask.

Hasbro's Bumblebee 3-D glasses Transformers Mask.

1995 Batman Forever View-Master viewer.Stylish 3-D glasses on steroids? Yep, Hasbro has done it. Prior to the release of the new Transformers Dark Side of the Moon 3-D film, Hasbro is selling customized Transformers masks containing actual RealD 3-D glasses. Kids can choose from Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. The kid-size Hasbro Transformers Cine-Mask 3-D glasses cost $10 each and are supposedly compatible with most 3-D cinemas featuring RealD 3-D technology. We think overall it is a great idea and fun for the kids, but...

Product safety groups might notice the Optimus Prime mask design is similiar to the infamous 1995 View-Master® Batman Forever viewer, named one of the "10 Worst Toys of 1995" by Edward Schwartz. What if a little kid trips and falls in a dark movie theatre carrying the Optimus Prime glasses...those spiky ear tips at the top of the mask could accidentally poke little eyes out. This was the fear of parents about the pointy ears extruding above the Batman viewer. It would probably be much safer this time around to be Bumblebee.

That said, we look forward to the next round of this type of movie merchandising with unique 3-D glasses well designed to promote the movie theme. What better glasses design for the proposed View-Master movie than View-Master® glasses with a fun, clickable button.

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Rainier sculptor Mary Lewis' work to be celebrated at First Congregational March 3 through 27

A retrospective of the work of Rainier sculptor Mary Lewis will be held from March 3 through 27 at the First Congregational United Church of Christ at 1126 Park Ave. in Portland, Oregon. Exhibit hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, or by appointment. Lewis will be exhibiting liturgical and secular sculptures, drawings and woodcuts from her 67 years as an artist.

The sculptor, who was a Fullbright scholar in Pakistan in the 1950s and created models for the View-Master® company in Oregon. Her depictions of the book of Genesis and the life of Jesus were made into the circular cards of slides viewed by children around the world. She still has the original figure of the paralytic let down through the roof to Jesus in her small home gallery used for the View-Master® reels.

A reception for the artist was held from 5 to 8 p.m. on March 3 at the church gallery space, located across from the Portland Art Museum.

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3-D Center March Event The Nature of New York: A Lenticular exhibit by George J. Kunze March 3 through May 29

The iconic flatiron building, chess tables in Central Park, a subway platform and a carousel ride in the park. These are just a few images highlighted in a special showing of lenticular photography by New York City photographer, George Kunze.

Kunze is a self-taught photographer who is known for his unique vision and impressionistic style. He has exhibited and sold his photography since 1990. Kunze has participated in several solo and group exhibitions and has received numerous awards and honors. Most recently, he received the Fuji Award for 3-D Image at the 2010 National Stereoscopic Association convention.

The 3-D Center of Art and Photography is located at 1928 NW Lovejoy in Portland, Oregon. Call (503) 227-6667.

The 3-D Center of Art and Photography has regular monthly Stereo Theatre and 3-D Art Exhibitions. Open Thursday - Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. First Thursday (Free), 6 to 9 p.m. Admission for adults (over 15) is $5.

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Auction Results

Robert E. Lee stereoview.

U.S. Grant stereoview.

In observance of the upcoming 150th anniversary of The Civil War, we point out the south beat the least when it comes up at auction. A Robert E. Lee stereoview sold for $669 with 16 bids. A Ulysses S. Grant stereoview sold for $422 with 20 bids. The Lee stereoview is Prominant Portraits No. 5325 GENERAL ROBERT E LEE C.S.A. published by E. & H.T. Anthony & Co. The Grant stereoview is Prominant Portraits No. 3878 LIEUT. GEN'L ULYSSES GRANT, Com. in Chief Armies of U.S. published by E. & H.T. Anthony & Co.

Brazilian Imperial Family stereoview.

A very rare stereoview of the Brazilian Imperial Family and Pedro II at Niagara Falls in 1876 on his travels around the U.S. sold for $819 with 12 bids. He was the second and last ruler of the empire of Brazil.

Dom Pedro II (Portuguese pronunciation: ['ped?u]; English: Peter II; Dec. 2, 1825 – 5 Dec. 5, 1891), nicknamed "the Magnanimous", was the second and last ruler of the Empire of Brazil, reigning for more than 58 years. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he was the seventh child of Emperor Dom Pedro I of Brazil and Empress Dona Maria Leopoldina and thus a member of the Brazilian branch of the House of Braganza (Portuguese: Bragança), and was referred to using the honorific "Dom" (Lord) from birth. His father's abrupt abdication and flight to Europe in 1831 left a five-year-old Pedro as Emperor and led to a grim and lonely childhood and adolescence. Obliged to spend his time studying in preparation for rule, he knew only brief moments of happiness and encountered few friends of his age. His experiences with court intrigues and political disputes during this period greatly affected his later character. Pedro II grew into a man with a strong sense of duty and devotion toward his country and his people. On the other hand, he increasingly resented his role as monarch.

Inheriting an empire on the verge of disintegration, Pedro II turned Portuguese-speaking Brazil into an emerging power in the international arena. The nation grew to be distinguished from its Hispanic neighbors on account of its political stability, zealously guarded freedom of speech, respect for civil rights, vibrant economic growth and especially for its form of government: a functional, representative parliamentary monarchy. Brazil was also victorious in three international conflicts (the Platine War, the Uruguayan War and the Paraguayan War) under his rule, as well as prevailing in several other international disputes and domestic tensions. Pedro steadfastly pushed through the abolition of slavery despite opposition from powerful political and economic interests. A savant in his own right, the Emperor established a reputation as a vigorous sponsor of learning, culture and the sciences. He won the respect and admiration of scholars such as Charles Darwin, Victor Hugo and Friedrich Nietzsche, and was a friend to Richard Wagner, Louis Pasteur and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, among others.

Although there was no desire for a change in the form of government among most Brazilians, the Emperor was overthrown in a sudden coup d'état that had almost no support outside a clique of military leaders who desired a form of republic headed by a dictator. Pedro II had become weary of emperorship and despaired over the monarchy's future prospects, despite its overwhelming popular support. He allowed no prevention of his ouster and did not support any attempt to restore the monarchy afterwards. He spent the last two years of his life in exile in Europe, living alone on very little money.

The reign of Pedro II thus came to an unusual end when he was overthrown while highly regarded by the people and at the pinnacle of his popularity, and some of his accomplishments were soon brought to naught as Brazil slipped into a long period of weak governments, dictatorships, and constitutional and economic crises. The same men who had exiled him soon began to see in him a model for the Brazilian republic. A few decades after his death, his reputation was restored and his remains were returned to Brazil as those of a national hero. This reputation has lasted to the present day. Historians have regarded the Emperor in an extremely positive light, and he is usually ranked as the greatest Brazilian.

The 3-D image is by S.J. Mason, Prospect Park, Niagara Falls. On the back of the card in this sale it reads (in pencil) Parte da Familia Imperial do Brazil.

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