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3-D Kromograms rediscovered at The Smithsonian show color 3-D images of the 1906 San Fransisco Earthquake

Kromogram of damage from the 1906 San Fransisco earthquake.

A rare perspective on San Francisco's legendary 1906 earthquake has been rediscovered in the archives of The Smithsonian Institution. 3-D color stereo photographs of the 1906 earthquake damage. According to The Smithsonian, the images are some of the earliest true color stereo photos in history and possibly the first color photos of San Francisco.

The images show the destruction in San Francisco six months after the earthquake. The photos are credited to pioneering photographer Frederick Eugene Ives, who is best known for developing the halftone printing process. Ives worked on ways of taking and viewing three-color images with a camera known variously as a Heliochromoscope or Photochromoscope. This experimentation resulted in the Kromskop, first marketed in 1895, a stereoscopic viewer that combined the Photochromoscope images from six monochrome transparencies through color filters to create a stereoscopic color image called a Kromogram. There are 250 Kromograms in the Ives collection.

A camera containing mirrors, prisms and color filters took three pairs of images of a given object with an exposure time of a minute respectively for each red, blue and green single 2½ x 8 inch plate. The three monochrome transparencies were mounted in a folded cardboard frame to form the Kromogram. The Kromskop's arrangement of mirrors, colored glass screens, red, green and blue filters and a light source produced a full color 3-D image.

The 1906 San Fransisco earthquake is one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. The quake registered 7.9 and was felt from Los Angeles to Oregon. At least 700 people were killed.



DXG-018 3-D View Digital Camera

DXG-018 3-D View Camera.

The DXG-018 3-D camera kit uses a dual-lens digital camera to capture stereoscopic images. To see the 3-D effect, you print the side-by-side images on 4 x 6-inch photo paper. Insert the print in one of the five included cardboard viewers to see the 3-D effect.

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Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides: Sneak Peek in 3-D

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides Sneak Peek conception art.

For a limited time, Capt. Jack Sparrow is in need of a few good scoundrels to join his crew. Embark on the Thunder Mountain Trail, become a member of Jack's crew and view a 3-D extended sequence from the upcoming release of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides.

Visitors to Disneyland in California can keep a lookout on weekend nights March 25 through April 14, 2011 and every evening from April 15 to May 1, 2011.

Prepare for Adventure
Your training starts when a group of rollicking, marauding misfits teach the basics of the buccaneer trade. Along the way, fortify your courage with a mug of pirate grog and purchase swords, hats and eye patches.

The Great Pirate Gathering
The Festival Arena has been transformed to evoke Blackbeard's mysterious ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. With training now complete, Capt. Jack Sparrow makes a visit and presents 3-D sneak peek of Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides, exclusive to Disneyland Park. But beware! Blackbeard may not be far off on the horizon.

The Attraction
Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides: Sneak Peek is an interactive stage event featuring state-of-the-art projections, 3-D film sequences and special effects that include bursts of flame, dramatic sound effects and theatrical lighting.

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Conan the Barbarian 3-D Motion Poster

Check out this cool motion poster for Conan the Barbarian 3-D!

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Minesweeper 3-D: The New Generation Anaglyphic 3-D Video Game

Minesweeper 3-D: The Next Generation logo.

Russia's YTS Games has taken the old Minesweeper video game to a new dimension and that dimension is 3-D. Minesweeper 3-D: The New Generation is a new 3-dimensional puzzle game. You are the brave mine detector. Your job is to search and neutralize dangerous naval mines underneath cold water! According YTS Games, there are bonuses and fun mini-games, fantastic music and beautiful graphics! A free 30-minute demo is available on the Web.

Minesweeper game in anaglyphic 3-D.

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Sprint Introduces America’s First 4G Glasses-Free Device with QHD 3-D Display, HTC EVO 3-D, Coming This Summer

As the first national wireless carrier to launch the groundbreaking data speeds of 4G, Sprint announced the upcoming availability of its 4G-capable device, the HTC EVO™ 3-D.

HTC EVO 3-D takes the mobile multimedia experience to a new level, providing the ability to capture and view in 3-D and share at 4G speeds, offering consumers the ultimate glasses-free 3-D experience.

Built with the Gingerbread (2.3) version of Android™, HTC EVO 3-D features America’s first QHD 3-D 4.3-inch display and a powerful 1.2 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon® dual-core processor. HTC EVO 3-D also features dual 5 megapixel cameras, which can be used to capture both high-quality conventional and stunning 3-D images and videos, opening up new frontiers for user-generated content, social networking and streaming video.

“Sprint is taking wireless innovation to the next level once again as we bring our customers the ability to experience 3-D on their phone without glasses,” said Steve Elfman, president - Network Operations, Product and Wholesale, Sprint. “HTC EVO 3-D makes it easy to take pictures or movies in 3-D when you are on vacation, and then feel like you are there again when you view it months later. This device takes full advantage of Sprint’s powerful 4G network and offers the innovation one would expect as the next benchmark device in the prestigious EVO product line.”

As 3-D has become more sought-after in both movie theatres and family rooms, the ability to enjoy 3-D on a wireless phone – 3-D glasses-free – will change the way customers interact with their devices. According to The NPD Group's 3-D 360° Monitor, consumers show a high degree of interest in working with personal media in 3-D (with one-third saying they would like to take photos in 3-D). For details, visit http://www.3dmarkettrends.com.

The countless ways customers benefit from HTC EVO 3-D’s dynamic ability to capture and playback video in 3-D include:

  • Real estate agents can create and share 3-D virtual tours of homes that let out-of-town buyers “walk through” the house and truly experience the listings before they can see them live.
  • Dad can feel like he is in the bleachers watching the ball leave the park for a home run even if he’s forced to skip a Little League game because he is stuck at the office.
  • 3-D mapping of terrain will help build new and exciting features for navigation, and hikers will be able to get aerial views of the topography of rivers and mountains while in the backcountry.
  • Families can “relive” the excitement of their vacation and feel like they are there again.

“At HTC, we believe in offering a wide portfolio of beautifully designed, powerful and highly customizable devices for our customers, and the HTC EVO portfolio at Sprint does just that,” said Jason Mackenzie, president - HTC Americas. “As HTC continues to push the limits of innovation, we are looking forward to delivering the HTC EVO 3-D to Sprint customers this summer.”

According to ABI Research (Dec. 20, 2010) mobile 3-D devices will be driven by three key applications: creation of user-generated 3-D content by integrated video and still cameras, playback of 3-D content and 3-D gaming. It also anticipates that mobile devices may turn out to be the most successful form factor towards bringing 3-D technology into mainstream markets.

With integrated 3-D HD (720p) video capture, 4G speeds, and the latest version of the acclaimed HTC Sense experience, HTC EVO 3-D makes it possible to become part of the action and then easily and seamlessly post high-quality video to YouTube™ or Facebook, or share moments in real time over the Internet live, via Qik. Its integrated DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) capability makes it fast and easy to share stored music, pictures and user-generated HD video wirelessly with other DLNA-certified® home electronics, including HDTVs, monitors, digital cameras, printers and more. Using an HDMI cable (sold separately) makes it possible to also share user-created 3-D video content via a 3-D TV.

Additional key features of HTC EVO 3-D include:

  • 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for video chat.
  • 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously.
  • Android Market™ for access to more than 150,000 useful applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience.
  • Google mobile services such as Google Search™, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Navigation, Google Calendar, Voice Actions, and YouTube™.
  • Sprint’s unique implementation of Google Voice, allowing customers to keep their Sprint number and seamlessly move to Google Voice.
  • Corporate e-mail (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®), personal (POP and IMAP) e-mail and instant messaging.
  • 4GB Internal memory/1GB RAM.
  • microSD slot (supports up to 32GB memory card).
  • Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n.
  • Stereo Bluetooth®.
  • Integrated GPS.
  • 1730 mAh Lithium-ion battery.

Blockbuster On Demand Provides Access to the Latest Movies

HTC EVO 3-D will be the first 3-D handset pre-loaded with the Blockbuster On Demand® mobile application that has access to one of the largest catalogs of movies, including 3-D titles. This movie store in your pocket offers video optimized for viewing on HTC EVO 3-D’s 4.3-inch screen.

“Consumers want to watch the latest entertainment anywhere, anytime,” said Scott Levine, vice president of Digital, Blockbuster. “Sprint and Blockbuster are taking the movie watching experience to the next level with enabling 3-D on a smartphone.”

Blockbuster On Demand offers the hottest new releases on the same day they become available on Blu-ray and DVD. Customers can buy or rent digitally and download directly to their smartphone, along with select 3-D movies.

If a video isn’t available digitally, Blockbuster also gives customers access to more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, as well as games, through store inventory at any of the Blockbuster stores nationwide. Also, Blockbuster® by Mail is another option for consumers. They can manage and update their mail queues from their phone, while on-the-go.

Blockbuster On Demand purchases can also be watched on other Blockbuster On Demand-compatible devices. Rentals range from $1.99 to $3.99 each, and purchases are $5.99 and up. Rentals will be available for viewing on one screen within 30 days of rental, with a 24-hour viewing period once the title is first played.

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The 3-D Musketeers Trailer

Here is the first preview of the new 3-D Three Musketeers movie.

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The Smurfs 3-D Movie Trailer

Here is a preview of the upcoming movie The Smurfs 3-D.

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Auction Results

View-Master wood tabletop display.

A 1950's View-Master® wood countertop display sold for $209.60 with 12 bids. The display is made of wood and contains the original Model C viewer. The wooden hand holding the viewer is in relief to give a sense of depth to the display. The display measures 9" tall by 10" wide. More than likely produced for the Belgium plant since it contains words in French and the seller is from the UK.

Gettysburg stereoview.

A Tipton Civil War stereoview sold for $499 with 11 bids. The card shows Mary Tippee a Vivandiere at Battle of Gettysburg-Collis' Zouaves with a pistol medal and other items. The card features lbumen photos mounted on a flat mustard yellow stock.

Montana stagecoach stereoview.

A Montana stereoview sold for $1,000 with one bid. This circa 1869 stereoview shows several small buildings near the mouth of Prickley Pear Canyon, known as Wolf Creek Canyon today. The caption reads "MOUTH OF PRICKLEY PEAR CANON. [205]". The stage station is in the approximate location of the present day Sieben ranch. The southern mouth of the canyon can be seen in the background. Sieben is located about 25 miles (via highway) north of Helena.

This stereoview was published by photographers Charles R. Savage and George M. Ottinger, both of Salt Lake City, Utah. Savage and Ottinger were partners from 1862 to 1870.

This green-colored flat mount stereoview measures almost 3 1/2" by about 7". The mount is in very good condition and the images are in good to very good condition. with good clarity and good three-dimensional viewing. The upper right corner of the left image is missing. Text printed on the back includes "SAVAGE & OTTINGER'S PIONEER FINE ART GALLERY, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Views in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, all sizes. Scenes on the U. P. R. R., Salt Lake City.

Sherman collection.

A W.T. Sherman stereoview with autograph sold for $1,000 with one bid. The stereoview is mounted and framed in archival glass along with a clipped signature on heavy paper stock. The display also contains an 1889 Allen and Ginter History of Gen. Sherman booklet. The overall display is 10 3/4 inches square.

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