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Three Amazing New American Ruins View-Master® Reels from Wurlington Press

Three new reels feature American ruins
Wurlington Press continues to bring high quality View-Master® reels to market with their latest release featuing an American ruins theme, showcasing the remains of a once mighty, world-renowned candy factory, the creepy remains of a now empty hospital and the leftovers of a trade school.

American Ruins: Brach's Candy Factory

Brach's Candy Factory cover art.

Chicago was once America’s candy capital, with dozens of candy factories across the city. The E.J. Brach factory was the largest in the world, where over 3,000 workers turned out 1,600 different types of sweets. When the company moved operations to Mexico, the enormous factory complex was left to ruin.

"This is my favorite reel among the new releases from Wurlington Press," said Van Beydler, Editor of 3-D Review Online Magazine. "Seeing some of the places where this world-famous candy was produced was exciting but sad at the same time, knowing the home of Brach's candies for more than 100 years was now closed." Not only are the images striking but Wurlington Press has gone the extra mile to present the history of the candy factory in the accompanying booklet. One of the more interesting facts included in the booklet are related to how the factory was used in the 2008 Batman motion picture The Dark Knight. This is a definately a "Must See 3-D" reel.

American Ruins - Michael Reese Hospital

Michael Reese Hosptial cover art.

Not long ago this hospital was one of the finest in Chicago, part of a large complex of medical buildings designed by internationally famous architects. Now its empty and decaying wards are only occupied by ghosts. Again, the illustrated booklet included with the reel takes you into the world of this once thriving hospital, including a center-spread map showing the physical locations of where the images were taken inside the hospital. We couldn't help but wonder if there was a set of the View-Master® Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy reels among the ruins of the old medical library pictured in image 3.

American Ruins: Washburne Trade School

Washburne Trade School cover art.

This training school was once the pride of Chicago’s manufacturing trades. But now the magnificent former factory building is only a memory, like so many of the old industries which powered the city years ago. A 12-page illustrated booklet expands on the history and downfall of this former learning institution.

Must See 3-D Award

Wurlington Press receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D Award™" for the release of its American Ruins series of View-Master® reels. To order, visit the Wurlington Press website. 3-D Review Online Magazine reviewed their Route 66 View-Master reels in our February 2010 issue.

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Major Matt Mason Movie in 3-D

Tom Hanks's production company Playtone Productions plans to produce a 3-D movie based on action-figure toy Major Matt Mason, using a screenplay written by Hanks.

The actor may also take the lead role and Robert Zemeckis is in discussions to direct the live-action 3-D film.

Major Matt Mason, a 1960s Mattel toy, was an astronaut who went to the moon and lived on the space station.

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Success Story TV show of Sawyer's View-Master Factory in the 1950s

Here is a rare 16mm kinescope of a 30-minute episode of Success Story, an early 1950's live television program in which the show tours and shows the operations of companies in and around the Portland Oregon area. This episode shows the inner workings of Sawyer's View-Master factory in the Portland, Oregon area. Success Story was aired on KING TV out of Seattle Washington and on it's sister station in Portland Oregon, KGW-TV. This video came from an original 16mm print posted by Sci Fi Bob Ekman.


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Hasbro's My3D Viewer and Apps for the iPhone

My3D viewer

With the My3D viewer, you can now experience 3-D and 360 degrees of entertainment on your iPhone or iPod touch.

A variety of specially-formatted My3D apps are available for download on the App Store and more are on the way! First, download the free My3D Presents app to sample a variety of the latest content available (many selections are free!) and even see movie trailers, all in 3-D!

Simply insert your iPhone or iPod touch into the My3D viewer and you are ready to experience 3D entertainment in a whole new way. Tilt and turn your iPhone or iPod touch to experience interactive and immersive 3-D entertainment including gaming and 360 degree experiences. The viewer includes four cradles.

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Pic3D Lenticular Sheets for Computers, Tablets and Mobile Devices

At the 3-D and Virtual Reality Expo in Tokyo, the Japanese company Global Wave demonstrated its Pic3D sheet, which converts your Windows-based desktop or laptop, or iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a 3-D display.

The sheet uses a lenticular lens system instead of a parallax barrier for viewing a 3-D image, yielding a reported 90-percent transmission level and 120-degree field of view. The sheet is applied like the plastic used to protect screens on smartphones. The company's Windows and iOS apps output video in a side-by-side format, simulating a 3-D image. The software allows you to view side-by-side content from the Web.

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Toshiba To Launch Glasses-Free 3-D Laptop

Qosmio F750Toshiba will begin selling what it calls the first glasses-free 3D laptop in August 2011. The Qosmio® F750 will allow viewing of both 2-D and 3-D content such as games and movies. The drawback is only one person at a time can enjoy the 3-D effects by sitting directly in front of it.

The price of the 15.6-inch display Qosmio F750 remains a mystery.

The Qosmio F750 uses a lenticular screen to create a slightly different perspective for each eye to create the 3-D effect with full HD resolution. A 120Hz refresh rate will eliminate blur or ghosting. according to Toshiba.

An integrated webcam tracks the user's eye movements, allowing the laptop to adjust the 3-D effect to match the eye position. It is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia Geforce GT540M graphics processor with a SATA 640 gigabyte hard drive with 6GB DDR3 (1333MHz) random access memory Relevant Products/Services and also has a Blu-ray XL re-recordable drive and runs Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, with Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth 3.0.

Toshiba's website expands on the offerings of Qosmio computers. Grounded on NVIDIA® 3-D Vision™ technology, select Qosmio laptops transform PC games, 3-D movies and digital photos into an eye-popping immersive experience. Choose a model offering stellar stereoscopic 3-D viewing and add dimension to live chats with a 3-D webcam. Use an HDMI® port to super-size your viewing on a 3D-ready display. Or enjoy 3-D movies on Blu-ray Disc™ and easy 2-D to 3-D conversion.

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Morfo 3-D Face Booth

Morfo 3-D Face Booth is an iPhone app to make an amazing talking 3-D face from a photo of anyone, then record and send videos to all your friends! With a photo of a friend, celebrity, pet or just about any object you can imagine you can quickly create a talking, dancing, life-like 3-D character! Once captured, make your character say anything you want, wear wigs and makeup, speak in a silly voice, rock out, disco dance, suddenly gain 300 pounds and more.

Morfo 3-D Face Booth is simple, fun and flexible. Features include:

  • Turn friends, celebrities, pets, drawings or objects into life-like 3-D characters.
  • Record, then email or post videos of your characters directly to Facebook.
  • Apply wigs and makeup to your faces - seven theme packs with over 80 different costumes!
  • Use Morfs to make characters instantly super fat, mega heroic or crazy cute!
  • Make faces rock out to crazy speed metal, disco or cartoon music!
  • Use Simple Edit features to quickly create characters in seconds.
  • Use advanced edit features to 'dial in' life-like characters.
  • Custom costumes: superhero, gothic rock, fantasy hero, 60's, animals and more!
  • Email photos of your faces to anyone.
  • Play with six fun, read-made characters right away.
  • Unlimited saving of all your customized characters.

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Auction Results

Brewster Stereoviewer

An English Brewster stereoscope with adjustable turned optics sold for $1,009.99 with 32 bids. The walnut pedestal has the patent date blindstamped into the bottom of the column, "Patented Oct. 31, 1871". The mirrored trap door reflects light to illuminate regular solid stereoviews. The auction included a tissue stereoview as well as a couple regular views from the 1870's.

Langenheim train stereoview

A tinted glass stereoview by Frederick Langenheim dated 1854 sold for $1,062.99 with 15 bids. The stereoview is hand titled showing the coal region near Tamaqua Pennsylvania and is inscribed "Old Locomotive Catanissa, the first ever run in the U.S."

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