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Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3-D Viewer

Sony HMZ-T1Sony brings back the days of virtual reality using a head-mounted display with the HMZ-T1 that uses two OLED screens to produce a 720p 3-D picture.

In the HMZ-T1, two 0.7-inch OLED displays show twin 1280-by-720 images, producing a high definition 3-D picture. This simulates a 150-inch 3-D HDTV seen from 12 feet away, an experience only reproduced in a movie theatre or using a projection system that costs several thousands of dollars.

Sony's HMZ-T1 will include a 5.1-channel surround sound through the built-in headphones, with four different sound modes for watching movies, playing video games and enjoying other movies and music.

The device will be available only in Japan starting in November. No news yet about an international release.

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3-D TV: The Eyes Have It

Here is a video archive of the webcast of Inside Biz webcast: 3D TV - The Eyes Have It, a special insider's look at how to plan, produce, package and profit from the growing business of 3-D television. The video length is 90 minutes. It was previously webcast on June 1, 2011, only on

The program agenda:
GENERAL INTRO TO 3-D - George Taweel (Program Moderator)
THINKING & CONCIEVING IN 3-D - Ted Kenney (3-D Producer/Director)
THE CASE FOR EPISODIC 3-D TELEVISION - Steve Schklair (CEO & Founder, 3ality Digital)
INDEPENDENT 3-D PRODUCTION - Pierre de Lespinois (Evergreen Films)
3-D POST-PRODUCTION - John Nicolard (Head of Digital Production, FotoKem Digital Film Services)
THE BIZ OF 3-D TV - Tim Pastore (VP Production & Development, 3NET)
WHAT’S NEXT IN SMALL SCREEN 3-D - LG Demo of 3-D Tablet and 3-D Smartphone
Q & A and Wrap-up - George Taweel

The webcast was produced by Conrad Bachmann, Alex Georgiev, George Taweel and Brian Zink.

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Toshiba No-Glasses 3-D TV

Toshiba 55L72 3-D TV

CNET reports Toshiba has unveiled its new 55LZ2, a large-screen 55-inch TV that can be viewed from a wide range of angles in 3-D.

Toshiba's TV uses numerous tiny lenses to direct two different views in slightly different directions so each eye sees something different. Toshiba's 55LZ2 divides the overall viewing area into nine separate regions so people can use the 3-D over a broad range of angles. Read more...

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Panasonic announces 2-D/3-D HDC-Z10000 3-D Videocamera

Panasonic 3-D videocamera.

Panasonic has introduced a new 2-D/3-D videocamera. The HDC-Z10000 shoots full HD video using two 3MOS 6.5MP sensors and gives you 10x optical zoom and 3D macro shooting for your money. Plus there’s a glasses-free 3D LCD screen to view your scenes.


  • Professional quality 2-D/3-D images.
  • 3MOS sensor.
  • Crystal Engine Pro II.
  • F1.5 lens with nano-surface coating.
  • 1080/60p (50p) recording.
  • FULL HD 3-D recording with double 3MOS system.
  • 3-D macro close-ups to 45cm.
  • Twin XLR terminals.
  • Linear PCM recording.
  • 5.1ch Surround Sound System.
  • Triple manual rings.
  • 3-D convergence control.
  • 3-D compatible LCD.
  • Color viewfinder.
  • Independent control buttons / function memory.
  • Dual SD card slot.
  • Multi format recording.
  • Sophisticated image tuning.
  • Custom scene function.
  • Compact, lightweight body.
  • HYBRID O.I.S. +.
  • iA (Intelligent Auto).
  • 32mm wide angle, 10x optical zoom.
  • Quick power-on / quick-start.
  • 2-D/3-D still picture recording.
  • HD Writer XE 1.0.

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Underworld Awakening 3-D Trailer

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Auction Results

Brady Civil War stereoview.

An 1865 Matthew Brady Civil War stereoview of dead southern soliders in a trench at Ft. Mahone sold for $330 with 15 bids. From the series of War Views the card features a disconcerting image of dead Confederate soldiers in a trench at Fort Mahone referred to by the soldiers as "Fort Damnation" at Petersburg. The view is titled on the label at the back "No. 3182. Southern Soldiers killed in the Trenches of Ft. Mahone, called by the Soldiers Ft. Damnation. The view shows the construction of the bombproofs and covered passages which branch off in every direction." This view was taken the morning after the storming of Petersburg, Va., April 2d, 1865. The stereoview is from “The War For the Union” Series taken by Brady photographers. The stereoview offered here, was printed from Brady’s original negatives and published by E. & H. T. Anthony.

The trench is littered with blankets, hats, shoes and other equipment and to the left the entrance to one of the many bombproofs that made up Fort Mahone can be seen. The view is mounted on a rounded corner, flat orange card mount with affixed Anthony label on the back which includes the title of the view and the publisher's slug. The mount measures approximately 7" x 3 1/2".

Johnstown flood stereoview.

A boxed set of stereoviews of the Johnston flood sold for $305.99 with 10 bids. The boxed set of an edition of 25 stereoviews showing the vast devastation of the May 31, 1889 Johnstown Flood was photographed and assembled by R. K. Bonine, Tyrone, Pennsylvania, which is located 30 miles from Johnstown. The views are in excellent condition and the box is solid and sturdy. There are two views that have a different backing than the other 23, but the set is consecutive and complete. These two views are of the same condition and patina as the others. The seller surmised it is in the assembling of the printed photographs that these two numbers were grouped as such.

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