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Once again, as a special Halloween treat, the October issue of 3-D Review Online Magazine presents some classic 3-D monster information as well as the latest 3-D items.

3-D News  

World's Most Beautiful 3-D Magazine

Photo by Nick Saglimbeni.  Used by permission.  All rights reserved by Nick Saglimbeni.

3-D magazines have been around for more than 50 years, but the newly released 1st issue of World’s Most Beautiful (WMB 3D) sets a new standard as the first commercial magazine entirely photographed and designed in 3-D. World’s Most Beautiful captures the most beautiful people, places, products and fashion on the planet, and bring them closer to you than ever before. Unlike other publications who have used 3-D as a one-time gimmick, every page of World’s Most Beautiful magazine is in 3-D, from cover to cover, including the ads. It’s an unprecedented, completely immersive 3-D viewing experience.

World's Most Beautiful 3-D is the collaboration of celebrity photographer Nick Saglimbeni and business mogul Howard Misle. World's Most Beautiful 3-D is the brain child of Saglimbeni. The entire magazine was photographed using the Saglimbeni3D™ camera system, designed by Nick Saglimbeni. Each page features eye-popping 3-D images and layouts...even the text jumps off the page. Universal red-cyan anaglyph glasses, easily found anywhere in the world, are required to view the images in 3-D. Glasses are also available at WMB3D.com.

The first issue, released in August, is a stunning 100 pages of immersive 3-D. The cover features Kim Kardashian who also appears in a Wild West 3-D photo spread. The 3-D publication also includes the entire issue printed in 2-D in the same publication. The 3-D version is printed on the first 100 pages and the 2-D version is printed on the next 100 pages on the flip side of the magazine. The magazine measures a hefty 12" tall x 9" wide with full size photos and double-page photo spreads throughout.

The breathtaking 3-D images include features with Venezuelan beauty Sonia Vera as she models her signature line of designer swimwear, a profile of super car Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, a travel feature showing some of Italy's most famous sites, World Poker Tour's Melanie Iglesias, who deals a wild card of a photo spread and a few more surprises.

The 3-D images are created by celebrity photographer Nick Saglimbeni using his proprietary Saglimbeni3D™ two part system, comprised of true-stereo capture and newly developed 3-D post-production and retouching techniques. The Saglimbeni3D™ camera system is among the highest-resolution 3-D camera systems in the world. The magazines images are classic red/cyan anaglyph images but Saglimbeni3D™ images can be rendered in any full-color 3-D format, including ColorCode, RealD 3-D, polarized, eclipse method, interference filter, red/cyan, red/green, 3D HDTV and glasses-free 3-D.

Post production work with cutting-edge image factory SlickforceStudio led to developing 3-D post-production techniques never-before available to the photography arena. These extend commercial retouching and image-processing into the third dimension, allowing for spatial retouching, perspective-based filtering, 3-D compositing, and the ability to move elements to any position in three-dimensional viewer space. Read more about the Saglimbeni3D™ system at http://saglimbeni3d.com/about.php.

Not only is World's Most Beautiful 3-D available in a limited edition hard copy magazine, you can also download World's Most Beautiful 3-D apps in the iTunes App Store and from the Android Market. The apps feature sample 3-D galleries. Thanks to the recent explosion of tablet and smartphone technology, 3-D looks better than ever before possible on these luminous, crystal-clear, backlit displays. Images are delivered in high-resolution, allowing the reader to zoom in to read text clearer, inspect the dashboard of a super car, or to get a closer look at the latest fashion accessories. Best of all, with each 3-D issue comes a standard 2-D version, included free with your purchase.

The post production pays off. The 3-D is as easy on the eyes as are the beautiful women featured in the photography. No harsh reds, balanced color and super sharp large photos printed on heavy stock paper make these 3-D images some of the best anaglyphs ever produced for any 3-D magazine. When viewed electronically on the apps using a smartphone and especially and iPad, the backlit 3-D images are some of the most vivid 3-D images available.

The WMB3D.com website features behind-the-scenes photos of their shoots and backstage videos including celebrity and model interviews. In an effort to make the world even more beautiful, a portion of profits from each issue will be donated to a different charitable cause.

World's Most Beautiful WMB3D website

Order the magazine
This limited edition issue of World's Most Beautiful magazine contains 200 pages (100 pages in 2-D and 100 pages Must See 3-D Awardin 3-D) and two pairs of WMB 3D paper glasses.

WMB iTunes App

WMB Android Market App


World's Most Beautiful 3-D receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D Award™" for producing the highest quality commercial 3-D magazine ever released. This one truly belongs in your 3-D collection before the limited edition issue is sold out.

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World's Most Beautiful 3-D Magazine's Halloween Party in Hollywood set for Oct. 26, 2011

WMB Halloween party.

If you're in Hollywood, California on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011, you might want to attend the World's Most Beautiful 3-D Magazine 3-D Halloween party at Drai's Hollywood. Doors open at 10 p.m. with DJ Dre Sinatra. More...

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Jack-O-Lantern View-Master® Viewer

Jack-o-Lantern View-Master.

Michael Myers favorite toy except he repeatedly removed the reels using a steak knife.

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Twilight Zone The Movie Lenticular Flasher Pinback Button (1983)

Twilight Zone lenticular button.

Here is a lenticular flasher pinback button used by Warner Bros. Pictures to promote the release of 1983's Twilight Zone The Movie. The button measures 3" in diameter. The image flashes from the Twilight Zone The Movie logo to the words, "Do you want to see something really scary?"

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Buy 3-D items at The Stereo Store!

Andy Warhol's Frankenstein 3-D 45 rpm Radio Spot (1973)

Warhol Frankenstein radio spots label.

In 1983, technology being what it was, movie companies promoted their films by producing 45-rpm radio spots distributed on vinyl records. Here is the label for Andy Warhol's Frankenstein 3-D. Note: Someone wrote on the label with an ink pen that the film was Rated X. These radio spots records usually are only pressed on one side only. The Frankenstein disk contains two radio spots: Cut 1 at 60 seconds, and Cut 2 at 30 seconds.

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Dracula 3-D - The movie

Dracula is back from the dead and next time he will be in 3-D.

Actor Rutger Hauer will play the famous vampire killer Van Helsing in the horror film Dracula 3-D. Hauer revealed he is unlikely to be in the upcoming Christopher Nolan-directed Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises. “I think not,” said Hauer on his return to the Batman franchise. “I would have heard about it.” Hauer played the CEO of Wayne Enterprises in the first Nolan’s Batman series with 2005’s Batman Begins.

The adapted screenplay for the Bram Stoker novel was written by Italian director Dario Argento with filming in Budapest. The film is set for 2012 release.

Dracula 3-D still.

Dracula 3-D still.

Dracula 3-D still.

Dracula 3-D still.

Dracula 3-D still.

Dracula 3-D still.

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Batgirl #14 in 3-D - Batgirl, Supergirl and Dracula

Batgirl and Supergirl vs. Dracula comic book cover.

DC Comics released Batgirl #14 Terror in the Third Dimension on Sept. 9, 2010. It’s terror in the third dimension starring Batgirl, Supergirl and Dracula…and Dracula and Dracula! When Supergirl decides to get away from it all and visit Stephanie Brown on the campus of Gotham City University, a quiet, relaxing weekend turns into a monster movie mash-up! After a science experiment goes horribly wrong, 24 black-and-white Draculas are brought to life, and Batgirl and Supergirl are forced to become vampire hunters in order to stop an army of the celluloid undead!

Batgirl 14 original art.

Original cover art by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau.

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Terry Beatty's Original Shock Stories, Urban Legends and The 3-D Creature from Another World Comic Art for sale

Shock Stories artwork in 3-D.Terry Beatty, who did the artwork on the 3-D trading card set Shock Stories, is selling some of the original art for that trading card set.

Individual cards are all $50 each. Images are 5x7 inches, india ink on bristol board.

Artwork is also available from the sister card set Urban Legends.

See more of the card art for sale here.

Beatty also is selling the artwork featured on the 3-D cover for The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom featuring his artwork titled The 3-D Creature from Another World on bristol board and four layers of acetate for $250.

Find out more at Beatty's website.



Terry Beatty artwork for sale.

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Creature from the Black Lagoon Collectibles

The most famous monster to star in 3-D films is The Gill Man from The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Thousands of collectibles are available featuring our favorite fish-man. Are you a Gillie?...and do you have these recent and vintage items in your collection?

Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D Pinball Machine Translite

Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine translite.

A Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D pinball machine translite sold for $65 with 11 bids. The Bally translite measures 23" x 31.5" and was framed.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball Machine Promo Video (1993)

Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball Machine KeyFob

Creature keyfob.

This is a promotional keyfob was produced in 1992 by Bally to promote the Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball Machine Coaster

Creature coaster.

This is a promotional 3 3/4-inch plastic coaster was produced in 1992 by Bally to promote the Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine.

Monster Bash Pinball Machine

Monster Bash Pinball Machine

Monster Bash Pinball Machine

Monster Bash Pinball Machine


Monster Bash Pinball Machine

Monster Bash Pinball Machine

The Creature from the Black Lagoon was one of the Universal Monsters featured on the Monster Bash pinball machine. There was also a promotional poster created for the pinball machine.

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Frankenweenie 3-D Concept Art and Models

Frankenweenie concept art.

Here is a look at concept art and models of Victor and Sparky for Tim Burton's big screen version of Frankenweenie. The film will be shot in stop-motion, black-and-white and 3-D. Burton's original 1984 short film was live action. Release date for the new film is Oct. 5, 2012.

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Monsters and Sci-Fi on View-Master® Reels

Nearly all of the classic monsters and sci-fi movies and TV have been featured on View-Master® reels. Here are some of the packets.


Frankenstein 1976 packet.

Frankenstein packet from 1976 using the Universal monster makeup design for the creature.

The Wolf Man

Wolfman View-Master packet on hang card.

This is the hard to find 1978 Wolf Man packet repackaged in plastic with a hang card. The original packet is stapled to the hang card.


Dracula View-Master cover art.


Godzilla artwork.

This packet features artwork similar to the Godzilla comic book published by Marvel Comics. Japan's Toho Studios did a short 3-D version of the live action Godzilla for a Japanese theme park ride. Other 3-D Godzilla projects have been announced and died over the years.

King Kong (1976)

1976 King Kong View-Master packet.

Kong - 8th Wonder of the World (2006)

Kong (2006)

In the mysterious land of Skull Island, King Kong rules supreme over ferocious dinosaurs and other primordial beasts that lurk within its dark jungles. Join the team of brave adventurers that dare to challenge the mightiest beast the world has ever known. Images are from Peter Jackson's King Kong movie. 21 images on three reels.

Dark Shadows (1969)

Dark Shadows View-Master packetThe Dark Shadows View-Master® Reels weren't like most View-Master® sets...as you can tell from the tag line on the envelope, "WITH 16 PAGE FOLIO PRINTED IN MANY SOMBER COLORS."

"Somber" is right: The reels and booklet summarize the Dark Shadows storyline featuring Angelique as a vampiress, Dr. Julia Hoffman, Barnabas Collins, Nicholas Blair and the Frankenstein-and-Bride-inspired Adam and Eve.

The 3-D images are great, and the booklet also contains some small drawings of key Dark Shadows characters. The story (reprinted below) is fairly intense for kids, including a lot of references to murder, Liz's obsessive fear of being buried alive and Joe's suicide attempt. Surprisingly, also included is the most controversial development in the Dark Shadows storyline: Nicholas Blair's audience with Satan in Hell. It's not exactly on par with the adventures of Strawberry Shortcake or the Smurfs.

Dark Shadows View-Master bookletThis GAF product first hit the market in 1969. Two variations of the packaging exist: the one pictured here, and another with the GAF logo much more prominently splashed across the top.

Following is the text from the View-Master® booklet:

Dark were the shifting shadows that waxed and waned among the turrets and gables of the great house of Collinwood. Darker still were the shadows that deepened over the souls of those who dwelt within -- shadows of fear and evil and despair...It was fear, and a desperate necessity, that drove Barnabas Collins to leave the house in the dead of night to make his way to a lonely dwelling by the sea. Asleep in that house was Eve, a strange being whom he must destroy before her evil genius could destroy Adam, her hapless mate within whose man-made body pulsed the life-force of Barnabas himself. He didn't know that behind this reasoning was Angelique, who wanted Eve killed to thwart the warlock Nicholas, who had great and terrible plans for Eve and Adam. As the curtain lifts we see Barnabas stealthily approach Eve's bed, the lethal hypodermic in his hand. Overcoming his revulsion, he steels himself, flings back the covers...

Reel One

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

1. An exclamation of dismay escaped Barnabas' lips. The form beneath the covers was not Eve at all but an artful dummy. He had been lured into a trap! But who...how...? From the darkness came a low, mocking laugh and he whirled, stared incredulously. "You!" he burst out, his voice hoarse with sudden terror. "But I thought you -- I thought Nicholas..."

Again came the laugh. "You though Nicholas had destroyed me, Angelique, your old love. Well, he didn't. At the last he let me live. And now, Barnabas...." She moved a step toward him. He tried to recoil but the heavy bed stopped him. "And now, this is what I am!"

The lovely lips parted in a smile and Barnabas froze in horror. In her mouth were not ordinary teeth -- but fangs!

As the hypodermic clattered to the floor from his nerveless fingers, Angelique lunged, clasped him in her arms and he felt those wicked fangs pierce the flesh of his neck.

2. His strength ebbed, he staggered to a chair. She knelt beside him, her hypnotic eyes fixing him. "Now you are mine forever," she whispered. "You can never escape me. Your will is now my will."

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

3. Every step a monumental labor, so weak had he grown, Barnabas dragged himself back to the great house. Awaiting him was Dr. Julia Hoffman, who had created Adam by a series of transplants as part of Nicholas' great experiment. With her was Prof. Stokes. All Barnabas could tell them were the lies Angelique willed him to voice. "I didn't do away with Eve," he panted. "She wasn't there. Nobody was there. I searched the house...no one."

4. But Adam was there in the house by the sea and he had at that moment awakened to the touch of his master, Nicholas Blair, who had sold his soul to Balberith, a Prince of Darkness. He exclaimed as his eye caught fresh fang marks on Adam's neck, identical with those on Barnabas'. Also, Adam was strangely weak, just as Barnabas was, and tormented by fear. His voice was a whisper. "Nicholas -- something horrible has happened, hasn't it --something to do with -- with Angelique?"

The handsome but sinister face of Nicholas was grim as he got to his feet. "It has," he told the frightened Adam. "But it won't happen again, I promise you. Now go back to sleep; I'm going now to have a word with -- with a certain woman, and take care of the matter."

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

5. Confronting Angelique, Nicholas told her bluntly, "You will have to
stop seeing Barnabas -- at once!"

"Stop seeing him!" She retorted. "But I need him! You know that."

"Of course I know it. But I also know -- and so will you if you try to recall -- what Eric Lang's tape recorder message was." Her face told him that she remembered. "Well, what he said was true. Just now I found fang marks on Adam -- because of what you did to Barnabas. I forbid you to hurt Adam again, so you must find another to meet your -- your needs. When nightfall comes again, summon Joe Haskell -- not Barnabas."

She sneered. "So you can have Joe's precious Maggie Evens for yourself. You..." He glared her to silence.

6. That evening, Maggie found Joe at the Blue Whale drinking despondently. They tried to talk, but the evil shadow of Angelique was between them; and as night drew near, Joe left the tavern and went to her against his will. But, filled with her unholy craving for Barnabas, she rejected Joe, taunting him with the mirrored scene of Maggie in the arms of Nicholas. Maddened, he seized a letter opener, plunged it into his chest and fell lifeless to the floor.

The merciless Angelique thought only of getting rid of the body. She needed help. "Barnabas!" she whispered, knowing he must come in spite of himself.

Dark Shadows View-Master images

7. Impelled to answer Angelique's summons, Barnabas arrived to find her in a strange state of excitement, and on the floor, the lifeless body of Joe Haskell, who had been his rival for the frightening affections of the woman in white. "Take him away!" she commanded hysterically.

Obeying, he caught sight of something that turned his blood to ice water. There on the dead man's neck were fresh marks like those on his own. Was it possible? With Joe already dead, had ngelique...? His legs weak with the horror of it, it was all he could do to stagger out of the house with Joe in his arms.

Reel Two

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

1. As fate would have it, the next evening was the time the mystery woman, Eve, chose to leave Adam's room for the first time, in defiance of Nicholas' orders, and on the terrace to encounter Jeff Clark. Recognition dawned slowly then ecstatically. "Peter!" she cried out, "Peter Bradford!"

Bewildered, he denied the name, but she insisted. "But you _are_ Peter! My_ Peter Bradford -- but -- but I saw you die! Long -- long ago --" A sob broke from her and she ran from the terrace.

2. Bewildered, Eve fled back to Adam's room only to find Nicholas awaiting her, demanding to know whom she had seen that disturbed her. Her answer was confusing, but it told him enough to know that Jeff Clark was involved. Needing to know more, he mesmerized her to send her back to her previous life nearly 200 years before.

"Fix your eyes on the candle," he commanded, "and concentrate. You are moving back through the years -- back --"
First Eve went limp, then she stiffened and cried out, "Peter! I did it for us! For you and me I killed Philip -- because he would have killed you! I swear he would! Peter -- don't look at me that way -- don't condemn me -- I tell you I had to do it! Peter -- "

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

3. Such was the force of Nicholas' mesmeric powers, that, for a time, Eve lost all awareness of the present, and returned completely to her previous existence in colonial Collinsport, near the end of the 18th Century. Reliving her tragic confrontation with Peter Bradford, she cried out again and again under the merciless lash of his anger at her slaying of Philip, who had tried to come between them. In the end Peter had rejected her utterly with the cruel words: "Get out of my life and never return!"

But now Peter himself had returned! Watching her with fascinated eyes Nicholas saw her suddenly snap out of the trance, tears streaming from her eyes, murmuring, "The man I saw tonight is Peter Bradford -- and I love him!"

The working of implacable fate lay behind Eve's confrontation with Jeff on the terrace. In the Collinsport of Colonial days grim tragedy parted these star-crossed lovers at the very foot of the hangman's scaffold. Jeff, whose name in that earlier incarnation had been Peter Bradford, saved Eve's life by confessing to a murder that she, not he, had committed. Condemned to die on the scaffold, Peter heroically rejected Eve's pleas to save himself by surrendering his soul to the powers of witchcraft which she herself had embraced long ago. Thus an innocent man died in ignorance of the fact that Eve's powers would work on him even in death and that the two of them would meet again after long centuries had passed.

4. While Eve's retreat to the past was going on at Blair House, fear permeated one of the rooms at Collinwood like a tangible thing. Victoria Winters, trying to tell Elizabeth Stoddard about her plans for marriage with Jeff, found the older woman returning again and again to the dread conviction that had been growing on her for some time -- that her fate was to be buried alive.

Vicki's efforts to make light of this obsession met with no success."It's no use talking," Elizabeth insisted. "I can hear the spirits of the dead. They say I will be among them, but -- but I will not be dead!"

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

5. In another room of the great house, time was running out for Joe Haskell who hadn't quite succeeded in killing himself. Poison, however, had been poured into his medicine by Harry Johnson, and now Barnabas, moving like a sleepwalker at Angelique's command, was about to feed the
concoction to the helpless man. He was aware that he was about to commit a murderous act but was unable to stop himself.

At the ultimate moment chance intervened. Julia Hoffman, seeking the Professor, burst into the room barely in time to knock the spoon from Barnabas' hand.

6. Joe emerged at last, from his death-like sleep just in time to hear Julia say that the medicine was poisoned, and that Barnabas had tried to give it to him. Enraged, Joe seized a cord, and prowled the darkness until he found Barnabas dozing in a chair. Whipping the cord around the defenseless neck, he jerked it tighter -- tighter. Barnabas' eyes bulged -- the world turned black.

Again, fate took a hand in the form of a woman. Mrs. Johnson appeared and, with a scream, hurled herself on the panting Joe, and loosened his grip on the murderous cord. Barnabas slid lifeless to the floor.

Dark Shadows View-Master images

7. Roger Collins, hoping to talk Elizabeth out of her obsessive determination to build a new, "safe" mausoleum, went with her to the family crypt. Sounds they heard there, interpreted by Elizabeth as spirit voices, turned out to come from Joe, who had come there, weak and terrified, to hide after his assault on Barnabas. Roger, after calming his hysterical companion, carried Joe back to the house.

Reel Three

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

1. With the setting of each day's sun Angelique became bolder and more rebellious against her domination by Nicholas. She would outwit him and make Barnabas hers forever. Then he, too, would sleep in coffins by day, and by night roam the world seeking...

Luring him to a secret cave by the sea, she bared her fangs and grasped him in her terrible embrace, draining his life essences almost to the last drop. When he recovered enough to speak he panted, "You've gone too far. I'm going to die -- I hope I die. And Nicholas -- Nicholas will wreak a fearful vengeance on you."

I n reply she shrieked, "I defy him to do his worst. And you -- You will not die. You will be mine forever!" And with that she fled back to her crypt, for day was near.

2. Though she defied him, Angelique did not deceive Nicholas. Discovering that Adam had weakened to the point of death, he knew that Angelique was endangering the life of Barnabas and ruining his plans. For this she must pay with her life -- and the only way to take the life of a vampire was to drive a silver stake through her breast as she lay sleeping in her crypt...

But when he arrived, armed with hammer and stake, Angelique's coffin was empty! He trembled, aghast, for he knew why. Balberith, his own master, had summoned her to the Netherworld, and the outcome of that meeting could bode nothing but ill for Nicholas because he had been outwitted by Angelique's greed for Barnabas.

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

3. The evil miasma of the Netherworld curled around the golden head of Angelique and the hooded figure spoke in awesome tones: "My faithless servant Nicholas has become enamored of a mortal female named Maggie, while you, Angelique, have defied him. You shall be rewarded -- and he
shall suffer a dreadful punishment!"

He paused while the screams of the damned swelled up and then receded. Then he went on: "As your reward, Angelique, I will remove the curse I put upon you -- and you shall return to human form!"

4. Only moments after the confrontation in the Netherworld, Maggie Evans paid an unexpected call on Nicholas at Blair House. She seemed confused, almost trance- like.

"What is it, Maggie?" he asked uneasily. "Why did you come here?"

"I -- I don't know," she replied. "I only know I had to come. Something made me -- some power that --" Suddenly stark terror filled her eyes. "Oh, Nicholas!" she gasped, "everything is getting dark -- and I can't get my breath -- Oh, Nicholas, help me!"

She reeled, staggered to the sofa, and collapsed. An unearthly hum filled the room, the lights went dim...

Dark Shadows View-Master images
Dark Shadows View-Master images

5."Nicholas!" Every vestige of color drained from Nicholas' face. His name had been called from the throat of Maggie, but it was not Maggie's voice! It was the voice of Balberith, and the room seemed to pulsate with his unholy presence.

"Y--yes, Master," Nicholas quavered.

"Prepare to meet your judgment, Nicholas!"

Nicholas seized a chair to support his weight.

"J-judgment?" he moaned.

"Tomorrow you will appear before me. Prepare yourself."

6. With supreme effort Nicholas pulled himself together after Maggie had gone. His fertile brain worked swiftly. Balberith was calling him to account for letting Eve die, and for other sins as well. With some kind of plan perhaps he could stave off the utter destruction that threatened him.

In a flash it came to him, and he dashed off to Collinwood to find Julia Hoffman. It all depended on her. Not even caring that Elizabeth was listening, he told her she must repeat the experiment, infusing new life into the dead Eve. Balberith needed Eve so that she and Adam could start a new race of men who would be his servants.

Horrified, Julia refused, and Nicholas played his trump card. "Very well, then I will take Adam's life."

Julia paled. "Then Barnabas too -- will die."His answer was an evil smile.

She stared at him with revulsion, but at last she sighed with resignation. "So be it. You may bring Eve's body to my laboratory tonight."

Dark Shadows View-Master images

7. Nicholas' hour had come. He stood before Balberith in Limbo, pleading for one more chance. If the experiment worked he could go on serving his master in the human world -- and have Maggie besides.

His proposal met cosmic scorn. "I give no second chance, Nicholas, as you did with Angelique. No -- you will return here -- for eternity. But -- if the experiment is successful you may bring the woman with you."

"Bring her! But that means she must die!"

"Of course! On the Black Altar!" The fiend's laughter rose, filling the vast corridors of Limbo. "Go, Nicholas -- go back to earth -- and prepare your wedding plans!"

Roiling masses of fog billowed about the towers of Collinwood as Nicholas returned, creating, even by day -- dark shadows.

Images © 1968 Dan Curtis Productions / GAF View-Master®

The Munsters

The Munsters View-Master packet.

Lost in Space

Lost in Space View-Master packet.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family View-Master packet.

Land of the Giants

Star Trek

Various Star Trek View-Master sets.
Star Trek | Star Trek The Motion Picture | Star Trek The Wrath of Khan |
Star Trek Mr. Spock's Time Trek | Star Trek The Next Generation packets and blister packs

Star Trek - The Omega Glory
Star Trek - The Omega Glory

Mr. Spock's Time Trek
Star Trek: Mr. Spock's Time Trek

Monster Times Star Trek VM ad.
View-Master® Monster Times Star Trek Ad

Battle Beyond the Stars

Battle Beyond the Stars packet.

James Bond in Moonraker

Moonraker packet
Moonraker packet

Moonraker blister packet
Moonraker blister pack

VM Moonraker counter display.
A View-Master Moonraker counter display.

Space: 1999

Space:1999 View-Master packet.
Space: 1999 packet

Space: 1999 album pack.
Space: 1999 album pack

Space: 1999 Danish blister pack.
Space: 1999 French blister packet
Space: 1999 German blister pack.





Tron cover art

The Tron View-Master® reels were issued in both U.S. and Belgian versions. Here is the U.S. blister pack.


Dune View-Master cover art.

The Dune View-Master® blister pack shows up occasionally on the secondary market. However, the Dune View-Master® Gift Set is hard to find.

Dune Gift Set


Batman TV packet.
Batman TV booklet.
Batman (TV) packet and booklet

Batman TV packet.
Batman (TV) blister pack

Batman Returns boxset.
Batman Returns boxset

Batman Begins
Batman Begins

Batman Begins
Batman Begins boxset

Batman Animated Series
Batman Animated Series

Batman Animated Series
Batman Animated Series boxset

Batman Forever
Batman Forever molded viewer and reels

Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin

Adventures of Batman and Robin
The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Batman Joker View-Master blister pack.
Batman - The Joker's Wild blister pack (1981)

Batman - The Joker's Wild blister pack (1991)


Superman The Movie
Superman The Movie

Superman II
Superman II

Superman III
Superman III

Superman Returns blister pack.
Superman Returns

Superman and the Computer Crook View-Master cover art.
Superman Meets Computer Crook packet (comic)

Superman blister pack.
Superman Meets Computer Crook blister pack (comic)

Super Heroes packet
Super Heroes (Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman/Robin)

Tom Corbett Space Cadet

Tom Corbett Tom Corbett

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Doctor Who

Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost packet.


Terrahawks cover art.

The Terrahawks View-Master® blister pack from the mid-1980s. In the year 2020, Earth is under threat from Martian androids who want revenge on the human race. They consist of Zelda, her son Youngstar and her sister called Sister. An organization is set up on Earth called Terrahawks, which is top secret to the rest of the world. This is led by Dr. Tiger Ninestein with other characters such as Sergeant Major Zero.

Terrahawks is similar to Thunderbirds, both were written by Gerry Anderson. Thunderbirds was a smash sci-fi success on U.K. Television during the 1960s. All of the characters, vehicles and buildings are models and puppets. The basis of the story is that there is an International Rescue Team that comes to the rescue when all else fails. The creators were true masters of modeling and puppetry and therefore the popularity of this series still exists.

Talking View-Master® Monsters

The following monster and sci-fi titles are available on talking View-Master® sets:

  • Dracula - TB324
  • Frankenstein - AVB323
  • Godzilla - TJ23
  • King Kong - TB392
  • Land of the Lost - TH1
  • Planet of the Apes - AVB507
  • The Six Million Dollar Man - AVB559
  • Space: 1999 - TB451
  • Star Trek "Mr. Spock's Time Trek" - AVB555

View-Master talking Godzilla cover art.


Talking View-Master Planet of the Apes  cover art.

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Walking with Dinosaurs 3-D is walking in hand with James Cameron

BBC Earth Films logo.Academy Award-winning director James Cameron is to supply his 3-D filmmaking expertise for the BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs film.

Cameron/Pace, the joint venture between Cameron and 3-D technology expert Vince Pace, will provide Fusion 3-D technology to Walking with Dinosaurs 3-D, produced jointly by BBC Earth, Evergreen Films and Reliance Big Entertainment. The part live-action part CGI 3-D drama will combine factual content with the story of a dinosaur family living 70 million years ago. Fox holds the distribution rights to Walking With Dinosaurs 3-D, and expects to release the film in 2013.

Cameron, named a National Geographic explorer-in-residence in June, said,“Walking With Dinosaurs 3-D offers a fantastic opportunity to push our advances in 3-D even further. We’re inspired by the creative ambition behind the film and the opportunity to work on a feature that aims to bring audiences a real, visceral experience.”

Cameron/Pace announced at the IBC conference in Amsterdam that Alaska-based Evergreen Films is the first studio to be “CPG Certified”, meaning it will rely exclusively on Cameron/Pace technology and expertise to produce 3-D content.

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Auction Results

Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine translite.

A Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D pinball machine translite sold for $65 with 11 bids. The translite measures 23" x 31.5" and was framed.

Wally Wood Spawn of Venus art for 3-D comic.

Wally Wood's artwork of Spawn of Venus for EC 3-D #3 sold for $38,837.50 for with 10 bids. The complete 8-page 3-D story is the original art from 1954. EC's foray into the fifties 3-D comics craze included four fan-favorite yarns, one from each of the titles Mad, Weird Science, Frontline Combat and Crime SuspenStories that were featured in the premiere issue of 3-D. For the second issue, four yelp-yarns from Tales From the Crypt were retold. Both of these special 3-D issues were published in 1954. Offered here is Wally Wood's reworked 8-page version of the Weird Science #6 classic, The Spawn of Venus, slated for a never-published third issue. The art is rendered on Craftint art paper as well as multiple pieces of acetate, each piece representing a "level" of art. The pieces were then stacked together, with eye-popping results, making the 3-D effect striking. Unlike the previous issues, this story was actually rendered in six levels of depth, rather than the previous standard of four levels. This science fiction masterwork finally saw print in Wally Wood's own prozine, Witzend #6 in 1969. From the Jerry Weist Collection.

View-Master counter top wood display reel box.

A View-Master® wooden counter display sold for $54.57 with three bids. The vintage in-store wooden counter display browser box was used for selling single reels. It is vinyl covered and measures 13" x 16" and is 3" high.


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