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Vintage 3-D Christmas Card (1950s)

3-D Christmas card cover art.

3-D Christmas card inside art in 3-D.

Here is a vintage 3-D Christmas card, most likely from the 1950s. Terry Beatty, who did the artwork on the 3-D trading card set Shock Stories, has quite the collection of comic book related Christmas card photos.

Although not a comic book card, Terry writes, "This 3-D Christmas card is a hoot! The front has a slot where there must have originally been a pair of red/green 3-D glasses in front of this cute critters' eyes. If you have your own 3-D glasses, dig 'em out and enjoy the 3-D effect on the card's inside illustration."

From the Terry Beatty Collection, used by permission.

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Stereo Club of Southern California Holiday Party is Dec. 15 in downtown Los Angeles

by Susan Pinsky

The Stereo Club of Southern Calif. (now known as LA 3-D club is doing an unusual holiday party for 2011. Instead of meeting at a restaurant and then putting up a big tripod silver screen with regular digital projectors, they are meeting for a simpler style (and less expensive) buffet dinner at Pitfire Pizza downtown LA, for pizza, pasta, salads and soft drinks and then walking right down the street about half a block to the Downtown Independent Theatre, where they always have our monthly 3-D movie division meetings.

The night is Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011.
The time is 7:30 pm - meeting at Pitfire Pizza, 108 W. 2nd St. (corner of Main & 2nd in Downtown LA).
The price for buffet dinner and the all the 3-D shows is $20 per person (you can barely get popcorn and a movie for that). Payable at the door.

The shows? In this amazingly, perfect theatre, which holds 220 people with raked seating so every seat is a good one for 3-D, there will be four shows by Robert Bloomberg and Marilyn Freund. They have traveled the world and gone to places most of us will never go to. His photography quality is outstanding, his partner, and wife, Marilyn Freund, works with him on the writing and research for each show, and he composes and creates his own music. Their creations are some of the best 3-D work in the country!!

The Program

1. Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Somewhere Else (8 min.) Greetings from some of the worlds most famous and not-so-famous sites.

2. El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) (14 min.)
Once a year, at the beginning of November, Mexico celebrates one of its most joyous holidays, when those who have died return to earth for a brief time to rejoin the living. Altars are built in homes, churches, and public squares, to welcome the dead with offerings of food and favorite mementos. The celebration culminates in an all-night vigil at the cemetery with food, drink, candles and stories to honor and keep alive the memory of the departed souls.

3.The Lost Temples of Angkor (26 min.)
A thousand years ago the great Khmer civilization arose in the jungles of Cambodia and came to dominate all of Southeast Asia. The magnificent architecture and exquisite sculpture of its temples illustrate the myths, religions and history of this remarkable culture. The ruins are now a World Heritage Site, and include Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world.

4. The City Quakes: The San Francisco Earthquakes of 1906 and 1989 (26 min.)
The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 was the worst natural disaster in American history and the first to spark a worldwide media frenzy. This show features rare images never before seen in 3-D, as well as dramatic stereo photos of the 1989 Loma Prieta quake.

Each one of these shows is a gem, but the Lost Temples of Angkor is worth coming for by itself. If you're anything like me, it's one of those places where you'll probably never go to, and they have gone a number of times, capturing the ancient ruins now overgrown with massive trees, but stunning and fantastic to behold. None of these are long shows, and they're all great, and watching them on our 16 foot by 32 foot silver screen with a bunch of other 3-D enthusiasts is going to be a blast.

Shows only? Show up around 8:30 to 9 p.m. at the Downtown Independent Theatre for $10 for shows without dinner.

Hope to see you there! If not, happy holidays to you and your family.

PS: You can pay at the door, or order tickets in advance on the club website at Pay by PayPal.

Editor's Note: You can see a weekly 3-D movie on the LA 3-D Club's website, too.

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The LG Optimus 3-D P920 is here now and more 3-D Smartphones are on the way

LG Optimus 3-D P920 has twin lenses to take stereo photos.

The LG Optimus 3-D smartphone includes twin lenses on the back to take stereo photos.

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3-D Center looking for new home

The 3-D Center of Art and Photography Board of Directors recently made the very difficult decision to close the store front on NW Lovejoy in Portland.

The recent major increase in rent has exceeded the existing economic support provided by the 3-D community and their Transition Train Campaign was far short of its goal. As a result, they cannot afford to continue operating in their current location.

3-D Center President Ron Kriesel said, "We are not going away completely, indeed, your continuing support has never been more crucial to us as we continue our search for a new physical home." The 3-D Center is asking for tax deductable donations. With a donation, you will get a chance of winning one of three, fantastic, Fujifilm W3 digital 3-D cameras, generously donated by Fujifilm.

Kreisel continued, "And we are not closing before once again holding our annual 3-D Santa Photo Booth on Dec. 10. The 3-D Center is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons."

"We will still operate as a registered 501(3)c non-profit and plan to continue to fundraise so we can eventually move to a new, more affordable and better location in Portland. We maintain an online 3-D Center presence and gift store, featuring unique 3-D books, cards, prints and other stereo imaging items. The 3-D Center collections of historic cameras, equipment, media and memorabilia will currently be housed in storage."

The 3-D Center first opened in February 2004 thanks to the work of members of the Cascade Stereoscopic Camera Club. It has been supported by 3-D photographers and enthusiasts from around the world. For the remainder of December 2011, The 3-D Center will continue to operate as a unique Portland art and science experience, only charging $5 for adults 15 years of age and up with free admission for those 14 and younger. A complete 3-D Center experience includes a free pair of red/blue 3-D glasses, a brief history and explanation about how stereo imaging works and theatre presentations featuring some of the world’s best amateur and professional 3-D filmmakers.

The entire 3-D Center team would like to invite you to celebrate a wonderful eight years by visiting during December and enjoy The 3-D Center with its incredible artwork, movies and tours.

A drawing will be held the last day, Dec. 31, to give away three Fujifilm W3 digital 3-D cameras. For each $25 donation, your name has a chance in the drawing. Contributions will help fund moving and storage costs. The 3-D Center is a 501(3)c nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible.

"On behalf of everyone at The 3-D Center, past and present, we want to thank all of our visitors and supporters over these eight years. We will be back…. we’re 3-D after all!" said Kreisel.

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The Thread Concentration Occurrence View-Master® reel and The Werkwelt Apparatus

View-Master viewer and reels.Detroit, Michigan's Noel Night is a festive celebration held this year on Dec. 3.

Crowds of people, long lines of cars and musicians and performers filled the streets down Woodward Avenue. People from all over came to get into the holiday spirit and more than 60 venues participated.

A unique piece called “Thread Concentration Occurrence” was a digital imaging by Ryan Standfest, a Lecturer in the art department. It had to be viewed through a View-Master® reel. His other work called “The Werkwelt Apparatus”, also incorporating a View-Master®, was a model construction of an abstract face with a speech bubble. One side of the bubble stated, “I see what I know,” the opposite side, “You see what I do not know.”

The reel for Thread Concentration Occurrence is incorporated in The Werkwelt Apparatus. You can see 2-D versions of the images here.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference is Jan. 23-25, 2012

The Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference is held as part of the annual IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Symposium.

The EI Symposium runs Jan. 22 through 26, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel, just south of San Francisco, California.

SD&A itself will run Jan. 23 through 25 with Andrew Woods and John Merritt's excellent short course the day before, Sunday Jan. 22.

Nineteen other imaging conferences share the symposium, including two other 3-D conferences, providing good synergy across the imaging community.

The full 2012 conference program is available online.

According to Andrew Woods, "We had a record number of submissions and have put together an exciting program of papers. In order to accommodate the bumper crop of papers this year, parallel sessions are scheduled. The conference will also feature plenary addresses, keynote presentations, discussion panels, demonstrations, the SD&A dinner and the ever-popular 3-D Theatre.

The 3-D Theatre session at each year's SD&A conference is one of the most popular sessions. The purpose of the session is to showcase the wide range of 3-D content being produced around the world. The SD&A 2012 3-D Theatre session will be held at 5:30pm on Monday Jan. 23, the first day of the conference. An illustrated listing of past 3-D Theatre presentations is available online.

Woods continued, "We are now seeking content submissions for the 3-D Theatre session. If you are a 3-D content producer, or have recently worked on a 3-D production and can help obtain permission, please consider submitting your work for inclusion in this very popular session. We accept a wide range of 3-D content, from studio blockbusters to student productions. Industrial 3-D applications footage is also accepted. 3-D content should be tightly edited and well produced." 3-D content owners should in the first contact Andrew Woods for submission details.

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TINTIN Oakley Special Limited Edition 3-D Gascan® GlassesTINTIN Oakley Gascan 3-D Glasses art.

Oakley Inc. announced the release of special edition 3-D glasses that commemorate The Adventures of TINTIN, a new 3-D film directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson, debuting this holiday season. The Oakley 3-D Gascan® TINTIN Limited Edition uses the company’s unrivaled optical innovations to offer the ultimate 3-D entertainment experience.

“Oakley is proud to join forces with Paramount Pictures to celebrate a groundbreaking new movie that pushes the limits of 3-D technology,” said Oakley CEO Colin Baden. The Adventures of TINTIN is a state-of-the-art film that sets the standard. From day one, that has been our goal with optical performance in 3-D, and we achieved it with Oakley 3-D Gascan. Audience members who get their hands on this limited edition collectible will have the most innovative 3-D glasses on the planet to experience this exciting film,” Baden concluded.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to collaborate with Oakley in bringing audiences another way to enjoy the incredible visual experience of this film. These fantastic glasses, along with Oakley’s marketing support, allow us to further our outreach to moviegoers during the holidays,” said LeeAnne Stables, EVP, Worldwide Marketing Partnerships for Paramount Pictures.

The Oakley 3-D Gascan TINTIN Limited Edition features art inspired by the movie. Rich graphics on the earstems of the Polished Rootbeer colored frame salute the thrilling saga of The Adventures of TINTIN. A custom Microclear™ bag is included for frame storage and lens cleaning, and the bag carries film-inspired graphics. Just 4000 units of the limited edition 3-D glasses will be available worldwide.

Oakley 3-D Gascan is the world’s first optically correct 3-D eyewear, a performance attribute that has nothing to do with prescription correction.

Conventional non-prescription lenses can distort vision, but with Oakley HDO-3-D technology, these glasses offer the best possible 3-D experience. They provide truer alignment of 3-D images so the wearer will not see the ghosting that comes with ordinary 3-D glasses. Engineered with a lens shape that minimizes reflections and glare, they are the first 3-D glasses ever made with high-wrap lens curvature for a wide field of view, and the optics offer truer perception of the colors intended by the film director for every shot. Comfort is optimized with lightweight O Matter™ frame material and a precise Three-Point Fit.

Oakley 3-D glasses have earned official certification by RealD®, the world’s most widely used 3-D movie technology. In addition to maximizing the 3-D cinema experience, Oakley is pursuing partnerships with manufacturers of home 3-D systems that utilize passive polarization technology. This will allow consumers to use the same glasses for 3-D entertainment in the home and the cinema.

Based on the series of books by Hergé, The Adventures of TINTIN tells the story of an intrepid young reporter whose relentless pursuit of a good story thrusts him into a world of high adventure. Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Defiance) stars as TINTIN, and Daniel Craig (Quantum of Solace, Defiance) stars as the nefarious Red Rackham. This first film of the movie trilogy was directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy. Jackson’s company Weta Digital provided the animation and special effects, and Jackson will direct the second movie in the trilogy.

These special edition 3-D glasses represent the second collaboration between Oakley and Paramount Pictures this year. Oakley created limited edition 3-D glasses for the July 1st debut of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

The Oakley 3-D Gascan® TINTIN Limited Edition is currently available in multiple countries worldwide and will be released in the U.S. and Canada on Dec. 21, 2011.

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Toshiba sets a date and price for 55-inch Glasses Free 3-D TV with a Resolution FOUR TIMES Hi-def

Toshiba logo.Toshiba's REGZA 553X is capable of '4K' resolutions - four times current hi-def TV sets. It will only be available in Japan to start with but will launch in the UK early next year.

Unlike previous glasses-free technologies, Toshiba's uses a face tracking system so each person sees perfect 3-D. Earlier sets, such as ones pioneered by Philips, required you to be precisely in front of them to see 3-D.

Toshiba is a leader in producing 3-D TVs.Toshiba's technology uses high-powered computers to aim separate beams of parallax 3-D at each viewer. The technology is based on the stereoscopic principle of simultaneously delivering a picture for the left eye, and another one with a small offset (parallax), for the right eye to achieve the 3-D effect.

To deliver a glasses-free 3-D experience, a range of lenticular lenslets guide the dedicated images to each viewer.The ZL2 is able to provide 3-D images for up to nine different viewing positions, enabling multiple people to enjoy simultaneous 3-D viewing, with no glasses required.

The lenslets are tiny lenses that focus the image towards each viewers, using face tracking to ensure each person sees a correct left eye and right eye image.

Early tech demos have been highly impressive and Toshiba is well ahead of rival TV companies in glasses free 3-D. Most sets from rivals are around 25 inches.

The TV screen has a resolution of 4,000 x 3,000 pixels. It is the first consumer TV with '4K' resolution...even though there is no way to watch a film in 4K, so far. Reportedly, Peter Jackson is to film The Hobbit in '4K 3-D'.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Lenticular 3-D Poster

For one weekend only in October, anyone who made a cinema visit to UK theatres to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two received a free special 3-D lenticular poster with their ticket as a special celebration of the films last hurrah. The poster measures 16.5 x 11.5 inches.

Harry Potter 3-D lenticular animated poster.

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Snapily 3-D App Turns iPhone and iPad2 into 3-D Cameras

Human Eyes logo.For the first time, iPhone and iPad users will be able to take actual 3-D pictures with Snapily's new 3-D app, Snapily 3-D, available worldwide exclusively through the App Store. Snapily 3-D allows iPhone 4 and iPad2 owners to turn their iPhone or iPad2 into a 3-D camera and shoot true stereoscopic 3-D pictures. The app offers users several shooting and view modes (including gyroscope and anaglyph mode, for which 3-D glasses are required) and also enables them to share their photos via email or on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, they can order 3-D prints directly from their iPhone or iPad for $3.99 a print.

The Snapily 3-D iOS app is available for $1.99 in multiple languages in iTunes' Photo and Video category.

Snapily is also launching a new online service enabling 3-D camera owners and 3-D smartphone owners to quickly and affordably print high-quality 3-D files, including MPO and JPS formats. The process is easy: after uploading their favorite 3-D pictures to , photo lovers can order their 3-D prints directly from the website and have them shipped by Snapily within days.

"Shooting, sharing and printing high-quality 3-D pictures has never been easier or more affordable!" said CEO Vered Levy-Ron. "By pioneering the very first app that turns iPhones and iPads into 3D cameras, we are leveraging our established 3-D expertise to literally bring the 3-D experience to consumers' fingertips. 3-D is the future and we are already there making it affordable for everyone to enjoy."

Snapily has more information about the company's entire line of customizable 3-D and flip animated products online.

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Auction Results

Michigan Ironwood St. stereoview.

A W. W. Lamb 1870s stereoview showing an Ironwood Street scene in Michigan sold for $425 with one bid.

Omaha Indian chief Gehega stereoview.

A stereoview showing Omaha Indian chief Gehega sold for $442.55 with 16 bids. The card has handwriting on the back that reads, "GIHEGA - OMAHA CHIEF. JACKSON BROTHERS. OMAHA NEB. C. 1870." Also handwritten on back: "Gahega - an Omaha Chief."

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