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View-Master® Reels and Packets - A Collector's Guide Vol. 3 - Showtime and Education Book is Now Available

View-Master Reels and Packets Vol. 3 book cover art

The new book, View-Master® Reels and Packets - A Collector's Guide Vol. 3 by Harry zur Kleinsmiede is now available. Watch for a review in an upcoming issue of 3-D Review Online Magazine.

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3-D Holiday Greetings from Plants vs. Zombies and Introducing Popcorn Dragon by PopCap®

PopCap® recently produced a pair of View-Master® style reels to promote their video games. Characters from some of their games delivered season's greetings. A second reel produced by PopCap promoted the upcoming release of their video game Popcorn Dragon.

The 3-D on the Popcorn Dragon reel is exceptional, especially the view showing the theatre entrance. The seven images are:

  1. Popcorn Dragon Theatre Entrance - Coming Spring 2012.
  2. Who is Ignatius Flambe?
  3. Explorer (the cave spider, the stairway and the idols).
  4. Ghost Hunter.
  5. Scourge of the Seven Seas.
  6. He's just a little dragon...
  7. ...with big dreams.

The Holiday Survival Guide reel features characters from PopCap's extremly popular "fun-dead" video game Plants vs. Zombies.

  1. Holiday Survival Guide by PopCap (Zombie hand with a snow covered greeting card).
  2. Have More Pie.
  3. Make Peace with Relatives (A snowball fight between Snow Pea vs. Zombie).
  4. Send Holiday Cards. (Zombie
  5. Light Up the Night (Mushroom vs. Zombie tied up with Christmas lights).
  6. Feast with Friends (Zombie serves up a holiday bird for other characters including Sun Flower).
  7. Travel First Class (Zombie mashed inside a car travelling during a great 3-D snowfall).

These reels, the viewer and custom designed mailing box are extremely hard to add to your collection because they were only sent out as promotional items.

You can play a free 60 minute trial version of Plants vs. Zombies on the PopCap website.

PopCap View-Master style viewer, reels and promotional box.

Pop Cap Holiday View-Master reel.

Pop Cap Popcorn Dragon View-Master reel.

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Image3D Offers a Create Your Own View-Master® Reel Service

Image3D reel and viewer.Ever wanted to use your own photos on multiple View-Master® style reels? Image3D, a company founded by Rich Dubnow, the lead photographer for View-Master® for 20 years, has started allowing users to create their own individual images on reels...even a single reel.

"You can now load digitial photos through Image3D's website to use on the your own reel," said Dubnow. "Online software also includes the option of adding background or text. The text appears to float in front of the image in 3-D. Unfortunately, two-dimensional images will still be seen as two dimensional through the viewer, unless you are able to provide a stereo pair of images, in which case the full 3-D effect offered by the Image3D, View-Master® style viewer will be displayed."

It costs $24.95 to purchase a viewer and one reel of seven personalized photos. If you were throwing a wedding and wanted to have a viewer on each table loaded with the same pictures of the bride and groom, each additional viewer and reel would cost from $8 to $15, depending on how many you order.

Image3D will advertise its new service on the wedding websites, GetMarried.com, TheKnot.com and in the Sky Mall catalog.

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Stream TV Networks to Unveil Ultra-D Technology for Glasses Free 3-D at CES 2012

In a press release from Stream TV Networks Inc., the company has announced it will unveil its new Ultra-D technology at CES 2012. According to the company, Ultra-D is a next generation 3-D without glasses display technology that (reportedly) surpasses all 3-D viewing experiences offered to date.

Developed by Stream TV Networks Inc., the producer of the eLocity brand of mobile tablets launched first in 2010, the Ultra-D technology is strictly proprietary and leverages custom hardware, middleware techniques and software algorithms to create unprecedented autostereoscopic 3-D imagery. This technology will provide consumers with access to unlimited 3-D content by enabling real-time conversion of 2-D content into 3-D autostereoscopic (without glasses) and 3-D stereoscopic content (with glasses) to 3-D autostereoscopic (without glasses)

The Ultra-D technology supports the immediate adoption of 3-D consumer hardware despite limited availability of 3-D content. Real-time conversion of 2-D to 3-D and 3-D with glasses to 3-D without glasses works seamlessly with various content formats including Blu-ray, DVD, PC gaming, Internet, cable and satellite content.

Another key differentiator of the Ultra-D technology enables customization of the 3-D effect to address individual differences in spatial perception and the varying impact of 3-D rendering on viewer comfort. The technology allows users to increase or decrease the real-time 3-D rendering effect, adjusting for variance in content quality and source as well as personal preference so that consumers can use all Ultra-D products to achieve the optimal 3-D picture every time.

"We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish with our Ultra-D technology. It is capable of creating a significant shift in the way people view media, comparable to the transition from black and white to color TV," said Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks Inc. "Our ultimate goal was to create a solution that addresses existing concerns impeding the adoption of 3-D, consumer aversion to expensive glasses, viewer discomfort, variance in individual vision and preference and the slow creation of 3-D content. It seemed we were aiming for the impossible but we've made it possible and will be sharing these hard-won achievements with consumers in 2012. Ultra-D is the next generation 3-D technology designed to replace 3-D with glasses and win preference over 2-D devices."

More information on the Ultra-D product line will become available for the first time to members of the press at the Ultra-D Launch Press Conference at 8:30 am on Jan. 9, 2012 at CES 2012. Additional demos can be scheduled by appointment at Stream TV Networks Inc.'s CES booth #14815 in the Central Hall of LVCC during the tradeshow.

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Metallica 3-D Concert Film

After various reports and rumors, veteran metal gods Metallica are going to celebrate their 30th anniversary by filming a concert in 3-D.

"A 3-D project in the very early stages of production!" according to their website. "We wish we could tell you more right now, but we don't have all the finer points nailed down just yet. What we can tell you is that we are planning on being in a theatre near you sometime in 2013 and as you hear us say ever so often, this will be the space for all the details as we finalize them."

Metallica was the subject of the candid 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster, in which the three core members (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett) entered group therapy together in order to exorcize their personal demons in time to focus on their then-new album St. Anger.

Metallica celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011 with a series of small shows in San Francisco that included guests like Motorhead's Lemmy, Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, Kid Rock, Reed and others.

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Men in Black 3-D

Men in Black 3 poster art.

Men in Black 3 once again finds Agents J and K battling troublesome extraterrestrials on behalf of the secret MiB organization. Jones's role is somewhat diminished, however, as Smith's Agent J is forced to travel back in time to the 1960's, where he teams with a younger K, played by Josh Brolin. The cast also includes Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson, Alice Eve, Bill Hader, Rip Torn and Nicole Scherzinger. The sequel arrives in theatres on May 25.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3-D

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter poster art.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter follows Honest Abe as he, you know, hunts vampires in the 19th Century. British actor Benjamin Walker won the title role, while Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing Mary Todd Lincoln, leading a supporting cast that features the likes of Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Jimmi Simpson, Alan Tudyk and Rufus Sewell. It's set for 3-D release on June 22.

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Star Wars - The Phantom Menace 3-D Poster

Star Wars - The Phantom Menace 3-D poster art.

Here is the artwork for the first movie poster promoting the 3-D version of Star Wars - The Phantom Menace.


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World Most Beautiful 3-D Releases 2nd Issue

WMB 2nd issue cover art.

The latest issue of WMB was released in January 2012.

The issue features African-American actress and model Gabrielle Union on the cover. Plus, features Indian model Mallika Sherawat, comic book legend Stan Lee and more. Check back soon for a full review.

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Space Junk 3-D Poster

Space Junk 3-D poster art.

Space Junk 3-D is to be shown in science centers around the globe, with the movie's premiere scheduled for Jan. 13 at the Omnimax Dome in St. Louis. Enjoy the behind the scenes video link below.

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Auction Results

View-Master Fairy Tales cardboard display.

A View-Master® Fairy Tales cardboard countertop display sold for $305 with five bids.

Tethered View-Master viewer.

A tethered retail display brown Model E View-Master® viewer sold for $19.95 with one bid.

The Sawyers Model E View-Master® viewer (#2015) was produced between 1955 and 1961 and was the replacement for the Model C. It was made from bakelite. This is a modified tethered retail version used by stores at the sales counter. The tether is attached to the body internally and a screw is placed in the center of the reel holding area to make sure that the reel used in the display didn't walk away. Most of these were badly abused, but not this one. The ring does have some rust.

Bern, NC Civil War soldiers stereoview

A Civil War stereoview showing african american and white Navy sailors sold for $810 with eight bids. The stereoview shows the sailors standing in front of the New Bern, NC Naval Hospital.

Mark Twain family steroview.

A stereoview of Mark Twain and family sold for $995 with one bid. Identified on the back in old ink as"Mark Twain & Family of Hartford. The Comic Writer". Taken by Camp, Photographer, Hartford, Conn. Additional later writing on the back identifies as "Twain, wife, and daughter with Dr. A. Reeves Johnson and Wife. Johnson accompanied Twain in Europe, 1867." Photo cannot be from 1867 as written text states, but probably closer to 1875 as he moved to Hartford in 1872 the same year his eldest daughter Suzy was born and she looks to be about age 3 in this photo sitting on her dad's lap.

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