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Reel-Master Picture Frame Seeks Online Funding with Kickstarter Initiative

The Reel-Master Picture Frame is a 19-inch picture frame shaped like a View-Master® reel. It is not available yet, but it could be if enough people become backers through a Kickstarter project to fund tooling and an initial production run.

The project is the brainchild of Ron Brengartner and family from Cleveland, Ohio. "We have three lovely, talented daughters and there’s always a craft project taking place at home," writes Brengartner on the Kickstarter site. "Some time ago, I ran across a vintage store display of a 3-D reel sold by Viewmaster®. I thought, 'That would make a great picture frame.' I took the idea home and asked the family if they were interested in embarking on a small business they could create, manage and build on their own. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and were all in. Everyone had a chance to get their hands dirty and be involved with the entire process from concept to finished product. They were the primary decision makers on how it was designed, helped tremendously with production and assembly and made it fun. They also persevered through some of the grief, mistakes and hard work associated with a project like this."

The Kickstarter website is a funding platform made especially for creative projects. A project has a clear goal, like making an album, a book or a work of art. A project will eventually be completed and something will be produced by it.

As of April 2, the project had 25 backers with $1,247 pledged of their $15,000 goal. That leaves 43 days to go of the 50 day solicitation period. This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Wed. May 16 at 11:34 a.m. EDT.

Reel-Master picture frame.


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Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace 3-D Conversion Featurette

Here is a behind the scenes look at how Lucasfilm converted Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace from a 2-D film to 3-D. The featurette includes comments from Star Wars creator George Lucas.

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Chuck's Challenge Goes 3-D with Kickstarter Initiative

Niffler Ltd. has just launched a Kickstarter page to raise funds for Chuck’s Challenge 3-D, that follows on from their successful game Chuck’s Challenge, previously available exclusively for the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch® and the Apple iPad®.

Chuck’s Challenge 3-D is a puzzle game that walks through the evolution of gaming: move from A to B, collect items, the red key opens the red door, etc. But, like Lego, knowing what each piece does is only the beginning of the fun, as players can also create and share their own levels using a simple paint-style interface.

“As we're making a game for the players, we thought we should make it with the players,” says Chuck Somerville. “ We want to know what they think should be included in the game and we believe Kickstarter is a great place to do just that”, Somerville continues.

Chuck’s Challenge 3-D is being developed with the Unity Game Engine to enhance the graphics in glorious 3-D, and to initially port the game to PC and Mac. The money raised through the Kickstarter initiative will be used to measure how much content can be included in the game: if the estimated goal is exceeded, extra features may be added such as:

  • Full Facebook integration such as friend’s lists, profile images and notifications if one of your friends plays or beats you on a level.
  • New game elements including laser, mirrors and bots.
  • Enhanced and intelligent search that learns the levels you like.
  • Co-operative player with multiple players on a single screen.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.

The Hunger Games 3-D Motion Poster

We have not been able to find a lenticular poster released to theatres for The Hunger Games 3-D but Lionsgate did post a cool Hunger Games motion poster online.

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YouTube Goes 3-D

YouTube logoYouTube has rolled out its 2-D to 3-D conversion software and now your can view certain videos in 3-D with the touch of a button.

View with colored glasses (anaglyph)
Colored glasses let you see two different images from one image on your monitor by allowing each eye to only see colors the other eye can't see. This method only requires a pair of bi-colored glasses, but has the disadvantage of not displaying a video's true colors.

Colored glasses have a pretty big effect on the way you see video. With certain colors, they can cause an unpleasant feeling called "retinal rivalry." To minimize this feeling, you can try out a few different settings. While watching a video you can choose one of the following options from the 3-D menu (or click on the 3-D menu button to toggle between them):

Full color
Select this 3-D viewing mode for: Red / Cyan, Green / Magenta, Blue / Yellow
The colors aren't modified, only separated for the two eyes. No retinal rivalry compensation.

Select this 3-D viewing mode for: Red / Cyan.
The video will not have any pure red or pure cyan. Instead, it will have a greener color that both eyes can see. Colors are less vibrant in optimized mode.
The optimized mode can also reduce "ghosting" in some cases. Ghosting is when the left eye sees some of the image intended for the right eye, or vice-versa.
For technical details, read about the Dubois anaglyph.

Select this 3-D viewing mode for: Red / Cyan, Green / Magenta, Blue / Yellow.
Colors in the image are changed to shades of gray so both eyes receive the same amount of light.

View with 3-D TV / monitor, or active shutter glasses
3-D capable TVs and monitors are great for displaying 3-D content, but they don't all work the same way. Often some configuration is needed on the 3-D device as well. Consult your 3-D TV or monitor manual to determine which option to choose.

Interleaved Rows, Columns or Checkerboard
Select a 3-D viewing mode if your monitor supports it: rows, columns, checkerboard
In this mode, some of the screen pixels display the left image, and the other pixels display the right image. Polarized 3-D glasses are used to let each eye only see the pixels it's supposed to see. Interleaved pixels can be arranged in rows, columns or in a checkerboard pattern.

Side by side
Select one of the following 3-D viewing modes if your 3-D TV supports it.

Half width, full width
Select this option if your 3-D TV supports it. In this mode, some TVs can take as input two videos placed side by side and turn it into one 3-D image. You may need to set up the TV to work with this mode. Consult your 3-D TV manual for details.

HTML5 Stereo View (including NVIDIA 3-D Vision):
HTML5 Stereo View allows standards compliant devices to watch 3-D content. For more information on viewing 3-D content using HTML5 Stereo view, please visit this help center article.

View without glasses
Haven't got any 3-D devices? You can still watch 3-D video without a special 3-D device, but the methods to do so can be difficult, and may not work for everyone.

If you pick this option, you'll be able to choose from several viewing methods in the YouTube player's 3-D menu:

Two images will be displayed side by side. Cross your eyes until your right eye is looking at the left image, and the left eye is looking at the right image. Two white dots are placed above the images to make this simpler: cross your eyes until you see 3 dots above the video. It may take a few tries before you finally master this technique. This method can cause headaches for some people.

This is similar to cross-eyed viewing, except that instead of crossing your eyes, you look off into infinity (un-crossing your eyes). Unfocus your eyes until your left eye sees the left image and your right eye sees the right image. Two white dots are placed above the images to make this simpler: cross your eyes until you see 3 dots above the video. This method is more difficult than viewing cross-eyed.

Mirror split
Two images will be displayed side by side. Using a mirror each eye can see a different image. To see an example of how to set it up, watch the beginning of REQ2010's video.

Left / right image only
Just want to watch in 2-D? You can watch just the left or right side of the image.

Set up HTML5 Stereo View
HTML5 stereo view allows you to view 3-D video on YouTube using specialized hardware and software. YouTube currently supports the following solutions for viewing YouTube 3-D video through HTML5 stereo view.

NVIDIA 3-D Vision
Configure 3-D Vision for watching YouTube 3-D
provided by NVIDIA.
For help setting up your hardware or software for HTML5 stereo view, select a link from the above list.

HTML5 stereo view adheres to Web standards so new devices can easily support watching 3-D on YouTube. YouTube aims to expand support for additional standards compliant devices in the future.

Convert 2-D Video to 3-D
If your video is not already 3-D, we can create a 3-D version of it for you. Your original video will still be available, but a 3-D icon will appear at the bottom right of the player allowing users to toggle on 3-D.

To convert a video to 3-D:

  • Log into your YouTube account.
  • Go to your video once it's been uploaded.
  • Click on Edit Info above the video.
  • Select 3-D Video on the right hand side of the banner.
  • Select Please make this video 3-D. Save the settings and check back after a few minutes.

Note: This feature is in beta and converted 3-D videos don’t currently display in 3-D on the HTML5 player or mobile players. This affects users of NVIDIA 3-D Vision, and 3-D mobile phones.

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The Stars Come Out for Titanic 3-D

When James Cameron originally made Titanic he tried to get every detail exactly right, but there was something he missed. Eagle-eyed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson saw the error during its initial release and noted the star map was wrong for the time and place of the sinking.

Tyson says although the film was "widely marketed as having precisely captured the details of the ship" and even though "we know the day, the time, the longitude...everything" about when and where the ship sank, when Kate Winslet's character looks up at the night sky toward the end of the movie, it is "the wrong sky. In fact, the left half of the sky was a mirror reflection of the right half," or, as Tyson says: "It was not only wrong, it was lazy."

Tyson contacted James Cameron to let him know about the error and reportedly the 3-D re-release of the film will have the stars in the sky will match those one would have seen at 4:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912 from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

See Tyson tell the full story on YouTube.

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Lincoln's Stereoscope

Did you know?
Because he was away from home a lot, sometimes three months at a time, Abraham Lincoln would buy gifts for his sons, Willie and Tad. Among them a stereoscope (now valued to be worth $8,000 to $10,000 today). Reportedly, the boys' favorite views were Niagara Falls and the Taj Mahal.

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Auction Results

View-Master Second Chance movie preview reel.

Eight View-Master® movie preview reels were offered in separate auctions. In the early 1950s when View-master® reels were already in every household, the movie studios used viewmaster reels in theater lobbies to advertise upcoming 3-D releases. These "movie preview" reels were only made for about 30 different movies, many of them featured major stars of the time including Vincent Price, Dale Roberson, Kim Novak, Jane Russell, Edward G. Robinson and many others. The production number on these reels was much lower than the standard reels that Sawyer's produced and so they are highly sought after by collectors.

Eight of the rare preview reels were found at a Goodwill store. Although the reels were only in good to poor condition, it is still remarkable to find reels like this at a Goodwill store. According to the seller, "The reel surfaces show bubbling, the film chips themselves are "cupped" as is often seen for reels that have been in the heat of a projector lamp for long periods of time and there is a set of fine spots on many of the film chips that give white spots on dark areas of the image and dark spots on light areas of the image when the reels are viewed in a viewer. Still, the images are striking and are certainly representative of the films from that era."

The reels sold at auction included the following titles:
Second Chance with Robert Mitchum and Jack Palance (Sold for $40.44)
Sangaree with Arlene Dahl and Fernando Lamas (Sold for $36)
The Maze with Richard Carlson and Veronica Hurst (Sold for $69.36)
Inferno with Rhonda Fleming and William Lundigan (Sold for $77.12)
Wings of the Hawk with Van Heflin and Julia Adams (Sold for $31.01)
Gun Fury with Rock Hudson and Donna Reed (Sold for $38)
The French Line with Kim Novak and Jane Russell (Sold for $42.48)
Dangerous Mission with Vincent Price (Sold for $73)

Green Hornet Vari-Vue rings

A box of vintage Green Hornet Vari-Vue flicker rings was offered for a price of $1,999.99. This is another phenomenally rare and amazing warehouse find. A vintage 20th Century Fox and ABC Television officially licensed 1966 Green Hornet TV series Vari-Vue Flicker Ring Store Display including 36 Mint/Untouched Flicker Rings in an aged but completely solid fine box. Quite possibly the only example of this item available now or any at any other time. A near pristine example of this virtually unseen display.

Wollensak stereo camera

A 1951 Wollensak Model 10 stereo camera sold for $154.66 with seven bids. The camera was listed in excellent condition in its original box with leather Wollensak case and included the manual, original lens cap, and several paper shooting and exposure guides.

View-Master Model G with box and Planter's Peanut advertising reel.

A model G View-Master with a Planter's Peanuts advertising reel sold for $10.56 with four bids.

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