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World's Most Beautiful 3-D Magazine - Issue No. 3 is now available

WMB 3-D Issue No. 3 cover art.

World's Most Beautiful 3-D issue No. 3 is now available in it's online and hard copy versions. The third edition of Nick Saglimbeni's landmark 3-D publication was released in June 2013 featuring Estella Warren on the cover.

"After the success of our first two editions of WMB 3-D: World’s Most Beautiful, I wanted to follow up with an unforgettable third issue," said Saglimbeni. "I envisioned a bold cover to round out the trilogy, and yet I knew only an amazing and experienced model could make risqué look both artistic and classy. Estella delivered on all fronts, and she was charming throughout the shoot, despite the provocative and sometimes painful poses. She was particularly excited about being photographed in 3-D. I am eternally thankful to Ms. Warren for our most memorable cover yet."

Behind the Scenes of the Cover Shoot
"Alright, I’m just going to come right out and say it: I love my job," said Saglimbeni. "When I was kid, I could only have dreamed that one day I’d find myself in a career where I am constantly surrounded by the world’s most beautiful women. With all that said, it’s not everyday that you get to photograph an actual supermodel."

"Like most, I had first 'known' Estella Warren from seeing her in countless Chanel campaigns, and in Hollywood blockbusters like Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. My first shoot with Estella was in 2011, when I photographed her for Breast Cancer Charities of America’s iGoPink campaign, and we became instant friends. Her stories make me laugh, and on camera she conjures the most striking expressions with seemingly minimal effort, truly a photographer’s dream." See behind the scenes photos of Estella Warren's 3-D photo shoot online.

You can see Estella’s cover, interview and 8-page photo feature in Issue 3 of WMB 3-D. It is available on iPad, iPhone and on Google Play. There are also a limited number of collector’s print editions available in the Saglimbeni Store.

Like the first two editions, issue No. 3 of World's Most Beautiful 3-D merits an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D™" Award from 3-D Review Online Magazine.

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R.I.P.D. 3-D Poster Art

RIPD poster art.

Here is the poster art for R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department) 3-D.

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Kol Kid View-Master® Ad

Kol Kid produced an online advertisement showing the toy recognition factor of the View-Master® viewer. The iconic toy is shown as being a "real" toy vs. a kid playing with his parents smartphone. Too bad a search of the Kol Kid website revealed the company doesn't even carry View-Master® products.

Video credits
Advertising Agency: Tribal Worldwide, Toronto, Canada
Managing Director: Andrew McCartney
Creative Directors: Louis-Philippe Tremblay, Denise Rossetto
Copywriters: Sanya Grujicic, Tiffany Chung
Art Director: Andrew Bernardi
Agency Producer: Andrew Schultze
Strategy: Lisa Hart, Dino Demopoulos
Production Company: Code Film
Director: Tom Feiler
Director of Photography: Alan Lukatela
Cameraman: Andrew Easson, Michael Tung
Sound: Shawn Kirkby
Line Producer: Magda Czyz
Post-Production Company: School Editing
Editor: Kyle McNair
Online Editor: Paul Binney
Colourist: Jason Zukowski
Audio House: Pirate Toronto
Audio House Director: Stephanie Pigott
Audio House Engineer: Jared Kuemper
Casting Agency: Andrew Hayes, Powerhouse Casting

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25th Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference and Exhibition is set for Feb. 2 to 6, 2014

SD&A logoThe next Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference and Exhibition is scheduled for Feb. 2 through 6, 2014 in San Francisco, California. The annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference is the world's premier conference for 3-D innovation. It is the largest and longest running technical conference dedicated to the discussion of technical stereoscopic imaging topics.

SD&A celebrates 25 years of 3-D excellence with the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference. SD&A focuses on developments covering the entire stereoscopic 3-D imaging pipeline from capture, processing, and display, to perception. The conference brings together practitioners and researchers from industry and academia to facilitate an exchange of current information on stereoscopic imaging topics. Also, a highly popular conference demonstration session provides authors with a perfect additional opportunity to showcase their work. Large-screen stereoscopic projection is available and presenters are encouraged to make full use of these facilities during their presentations. Publishing your work at SD&A offers excellent exposure, across all publication outlets. SD&A has the highest percentage of papers in the top 100 cited papers in the stereoscopic imaging field (Google Scholar, May 2013). Of particular interest to academic authors, a peer-review process is available, and new in 2014, there is the option of publishing directly in the Journal of Electronic Imaging while presenting at SD&A.

The SD&A conference is part of the IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Symposium held in San Francisco. The conference program includes a range of exciting and useful special sessions, as well as research-based oral and poster presentations. Special sessions include the 3-D Theatre, showing the latest stereoscopic footage and live demonstrations of stereoscopic displays and applications.

The SD&A conference is currently seeking submissions for the February 2014 conference. Further information about the conference is available online.

SD&A Deadlines

  • Aug. 5: 500 word abstract due from prospective authors for conventional SD&A conference papers.
  • Aug. 5: 500 word abstract due for optional Journal of Electronic Imaging focal track papers
  • Aug. 5: Expression of interest in Stereoscopic Games Competition due.
  • Oct. 7: Notification of Successful and Unsuccessful Authors
  • Jan. 6: Full Proceedings Manuscript Due Date
  • Feb. 3 to 5: Electronic Imaging Symposium 2014
    1 day: Stereoscopic Displays Short Course
    3 days: Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXV conference

SD&A 2013 Video Highlights
A large selection of presentations at the 2013 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications were recorded, including plenary and keynote sessions. Some of the videos are available online in full HD 3-D. Links are available for all videos at the conference website.

Experts in 3-D capture, perception, display, and applications convened at the 24th annual SD&A conference in February 2013 within the Electronic Imaging symposium coordinated by the professional organizations IS&T and SPIE. World-class research and expert opinions were presented in 15 technical sessions, two plenaries, two keynotes and a panel discussion.

Keynote: History of Polarized Image Stereoscopic Display
Vivian Walworth, who performed pioneering work at the Polaroid Research Laboratories (1944-1985) and StereoJet Inc., gave a technical and personalized account of the history of polarization in stereoscopic display. This historic overview is not to be missed.

Keynote: Coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games in 3-D
Jim DeFilippis, independent broadcasting consultant, gave a riveting first-hand account of the technical and organizational hurdles involved in capturing and broadcasting the Olympic Games stereoscopically.

Discussion Forum: 3-D Movies – Is There Enough Depth?
Conference attendees had the opportunity to hear and question four world-class contributors to stereoscopy. Panelists included: Eric Kurland (stereographer at 3-DIY, whose work includes "The Longest Daycare"), Jenny Read (vision scientist at University of Newcastle ), Paul Judkins (Director of Technical Film Products at IMAX Corp.), and Phil "Captain 3-D" McNally (Stereoscopic Supervisor, Dreamworks Animation). Do today's stereoscopic films have a too-restrictive depth budget? Are the movies compelling in and of themselves? The panel was moderated by conference co-chair Gregg Favalora.

Index to All Available SD&A 2013 Presentation Videos
Visitors to the presentation index will find an array of intriguing work in the fields of: large-screen autostereoscopy, perceptual science, test methods for stereoscopic eyewear, standardization and much more.

To help SD&A spread the word about your favorite presentations on Twitter you can use the conference's hashtag: #SDAconf.

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Dredd 3-D Blu-Ray Lenticular Cover Art

Dredd 3-D lenticular cover art.

Here is the lenticular cover for the Dutch release of Dredd 3-D.

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Image3D sponsors Dog Days of Summer Contest to win a free custom View-Master® style reel

Image3d Dog Days of Summer contest graphic.

Image3D, the leader in custom View-Master® style reels and viewers, is hosting a giveaway. Two lucky winners will each be awarded a Celebrate set, consisting of a custom View-Master® style reel and viewer with their own pictures, a $40 value.

To enter the contest, Image3D asks that entrants send a fun or cute picture of their dog to commemorate the "Dog Days of Summer". Pictures can be sent via email, Twitter or Facebook. Limit 1 entry per person.

The last day to submit an entry is Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013. The winners will be announced Thursday Aug. 8.

The winning entries will each be awarded a gift card to use on the Image3D Celebrate website. On Image3D's website, customers can build their very own custom View-Master® style reels, using the online Build-A-Reel program.

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Auction Results  

View-Master® Deluxe Gift Pak

View-Master® Deluxe Gift Pak

View-Master® Deluxe Gift Pak

View-Master® Deluxe Gift Pak

A 1950s View-Master® Deluxe Gift Pak sold for $38 with 11 bids.
Vintage Sawyer's Lighted Stereo View-Master® Deluxe GiftPak contained a 1958 Model F Sawyer's Lighted Stereo Viewer and several packets including

  • Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty
  • Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
  • The Seven Wonders of the World
  • Greece
  • Grand Canyon II
  • Rockefeller Center, New York City
  • Mexico
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • The Beautiful Caverns of Luray, Virginia
  • Southern Africa
  • Yosemite National Park

The deluxe gift pak box is a unique packaging design as shown in the photos.

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