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Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor 3-D Blu-ray

Doctor Who 3-D Blu-ray cover art.

The 50th Anniversary of the world's longest-running sci-fi series is celebrating with an explosive special, The Day of the Doctor, to be available on DVD and 3-D Blu-ray/DVD combo pack starting Dec. 10, 2013 in the U.S. and Dec. 2, 2013 in the United Kingdom. Matt Smith and David Tennant star with Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and Academy Award nominee John Hurt.

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Doctor Who 3-D Collectibles

Last month in the October 2013 issue of 3-D Review Online Magazine we featured several Doctor Who 3-D collectibles. We found more and in observance of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, we now give you a more complete list.

Doctor Who View-Master® Blister Pack (1981)

Doctor Who View-Master set from 1981.

Here is the rarely seen View-Master® three-reel blister packs featuring Tom Baker as The Doctor. The Doctor Who set was released in 1981 and features the Full Circle storyline. The set contains reels BD 1871, BD 1872 and BD 1873.

Doctor Who View-Master® Blister Pack (1983)

Doctor Who View-Master set from 1983.

The View-Master® set with Peter Davison as The Doctor was released in 1983 and features the Castrovalva storyline from the long running British sci-fi TV series.

Doctor Who 3-D Hologram LP Album (1986)

Doctor Who 1986 hologram LP record cover art.

In 1986 a three song record album was released titled Doctor Who: Theme from the BBC-TV Series. The LP features a 3-D hologram on the front cover showing Daleks as well as other Doctor Who villains. Music includes the original Ron Grainer theme arranged by Dominic Glynn and the theme by Delia Derbyshire on side one. A Doctor Who "cosmic remix" by Mankind is on side two. This 12-inch LP disk plays back at 45 rpm instead of the standard 33 rpm. Record companies released extended mixes of music this way on a regular basis during the 1980s featuring disco-fied versions of music or version remixed from the original material to have a long playing version.

Doctor Who was first broadcast on Nov. 23, 1963. Eleven actors have portrayed the Doctor on TV including William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith. Hammer film legend Peter Cushing portrayed The Doctor in two theatrical movies, Doctor Who and the Daleks (1965) and Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966).

Doctor Who Classified! A Confidential 3-D Dossier (2005)

Doctor Who Classified A Confidential 3-D Dossier cover art.

Doctor Who Classified! A Confidential 3-D Dossier is a 26 page book with 3-D glasses included. It was released on Oct. 27, 2005 by Penguin Books Ltd UK.

Doctor Who 3-D Glasses Action Figure (2008)

Doctor Who action figure with brown suit and 3-D glasses.

A Doctor Who action figure with brown suit and 3-D glasses was released in the Doomsday set with Cyberman and Dalek.

Doctor Who Lenticular 3-D Posters (2008)

Dr. Who lenticular poster art.

Daleks lenticular poster art.

Doctor Who 3-D lenticular posters were released in March 2008. These excellent 20-inch x 27.5 inch posters features Dalek Sec, a cyberman, the Tardis and the inimitable Doctor Who as played by David Tennant. The second poster features Daleks.

Doctor Who Adventures Magazine 3-D Issue #122 (July 2009)

Doctor Who Adventures magazine #122 July 2009 cover art.

The July 2009 issue #122 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine featured a pair of 3-D glasses, holographic stickers and a giant double-sided 3-D poster featuring The Doctor running from an explosion on one side and on Daleks in space with the Crucible on the other side. In addition, 10 huge 3-D scares were promised on the cover.

Doctor Who 3-D Mask Activity Book (2010)

Doctor Who 3-D Mask Activity Book cover art.

The Doctor Who 3-D Mask Activity Book was released on March 6, 2010. The interesting thing about this book is it contains a cardboard Dalek mask with built-in 3-D glasses.

Doctor Who SFX Magazine Lenticular 3-D Cover (April 2010)

SFX magazine cover art April 2010 issue.

Here is a 2-D version of the Doctor Who cover art featured as a 3-D lenticular for the April 2010 issue of SFX magazine.

Doctor Who 3-D Lenticular Poster - Vortex

Doctor Who Vortex animated lenticular.

Doctor Who - Vortex is an 18.7" x 26.8" 3-D lenticular poster from Pyramid International.

Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series Blu-ray Limited Edition 3-D Lenticular Cover

Doctor Who Fifth Series Blu-ray with 3-D lenticular cover.

A special limited edition of the Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series Blu-ray featured a 3-D lenticular cover showing The Doctor and Amy Pond in a vortex.

Doctor Who The Complete Sixth Series Blu-ray Contains Bonus 3-D Artcards

A special Blu-Ray edition of Doctor Who The Complete Sixth Series starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston also comes with four limited edition 3-D artcards. Animated 3-D versions of the cards are shown below.

• A Christmas Carol
• The Impossible Astronaut
• Day Of The Moon
• The Curse Of The Black Spot
• The Doctor’s Wife
• The Rebel Flesh
• The Almost People
• A Good Man Goes To War
• Let’s Kill Hitler
• Night Terrors
• The Girl Who Waited
• The God Complex
• Closing Time
• The Wedding Of River Song

Special Features
• 5 X Night And The Doctor Additional Scenes
• 2 X Comic Relief Sketches
• Commentaries
• 4 X The Monster Files
• 4 X Prequels
• Trailers
• 14 X ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ Cut-Downs
• Doctor Who Confidential: A Nights’ Tale
• Up All Night Additional Scene (this has been incorrectly credited on screen; the scene was written by Tom MacRae, rather than Steven Moffat)
• Limited Edition Raised Silence Head Slip Case
• 4 3-D Art Cards

Doctor Who Lenticular Chess Set

Doctor Who Lenticular Chess Set box art.

This fantastic chess set includes 32 highly detailed Doctor Who characters captured in 3-D lenticular motion images. The 3-D images are featured on both sides bringing some of the most beloved Doctor Who heroes and villains into animated life.

Doctor Who 3-D Kit

Doctor Who 3-D Kit.

The Doctor Who 3-D Kit contains a pair of 3-D glasses and a Doctor Who Adventures stationary set with notebook and pencil. The notebook has an anaglyphic 3-D image of The Doctor with companions Amy and Rory.

Doctor Who Framed 3-D Lenticular Poster - The Doctors

Doctor Who animated lenticular.

Doctor Who - The Doctors framed 3-D lenticular.

Doctor Who - The Doctors is an 10"'x 8" framed 3-D lenticular poster from Pyramid International.

Doctor Who Framed 3-D Lenticular Poster - Enemies

Doctor Who Aliens animated lenticular.

Doctor Who - Aliens framed 3-D lenticular.

Doctor Who - Enemies is an 10"'x 8" framed 3-D lenticular poster from Pyramid International.

Doctor Who Framed 3-D Lenticular Poster - TARDIS

Doctor Who Tardis animated lenticular.

Doctor Who - TARDIS is an 10"'x 8" framed 3-D lenticular poster to be released in the future from Pyramid International.

Doctor Who Free 3-D Poster with T-Shirt only available on Nov. 23, 2013 offered a pair of specially designed Doctor Who 50th anniversary t-shirts for 24 hours only on Nov. 23, 2013, the day of the 50th anniversary of the show. People who purchased a shirt also got a free anaglyphic 5x7 3-D poster and a pair of free 3-D glasses. The t-shirt art for both was also available on a sticker and mini-poster.

Other Doctor Who shirt designs available from the website featured the 10th Doctor on a fake cereal box of "Doctor Whovi-Os Cereal" promoting "free 3-D glasses inside" and a Bad Wolf Rose t-shirt with the Doctor's 3-D glasses as part of the design.

Doctor Who 50th anniversary 5x7 3-D mini-poster and 3-D glasses promotion artwork.
Doctor Who 50th anniversary 5x7 3-D mini-poster and 3-D glasses promotion.

Timelords t-shirt artwork from TeeFury.
The Timelords t-shirt artwork included the 10th doctor wearing 3-D glasses.

Time will tell t-shirt artwork.
Doctor Who Time Will Tell t-shirt artwork with the 10th Doctor wearing 3-D glasses.

Doctor Who Whovi-os fake cereal box artwork for a t-shirt sold by
Doctor Whovi-Os "fake" cereal t-shirt artwork with "free 3-D glasses inside!".

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Rose t-shirt artwork with the Doctor's 3-D glasses on the left.
Doctor Who Bad Wolf Rose t-shirt artwork with the Doctor's 3-D glasses on the left.

Doctor Who Dimensions in Time (1993)

Doctor Who Dimensions in Time, a 3-D adventure with The Doctor, was aired in 1993. The two part film was produced to help raise money for Children in Need. Five doctors appeared in Dimensions in Time.

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StereoPhoto Maker 4.41 now available

StereoPhoto Maker (SPM) functions as a versatile stereo image editor/viewer and can automatically batch-align hundreds of stereo images in multiple 3-D output formats. StereoPhoto Maker 4.41 is now available free on the Web.

The new and improved version adds the following functions:

  • Improved the algorism of Multiple Images/Auto rotation adjustment (One by one).
  • Added "Easy Create Popup Anaglyph" option in Multi Conversion. This option uses the latest setting of Easy Create Popup Anaglyph.
  • Added "SWAP L/R when Interlaced mode" option in Preferences.

Creator Masuji Suto's powerful StereoPhoto Maker program is freeware. Anyone using digital 3-D cameras such as the Fuji W3 will find this an invaluable tool for getting those 3-D images into stereo pairs, anaglyphs, separate 2-D images and more.

StereoPhoto Maker 4.41 receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D™" Award from 3-D Review Online Magazine.

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View Productions Architecture of the 60s two-reel set could be the last custom reels ever produced by View-Master®

View Productions Architecture of the 60s cover art.

View Productions has released a View-Master® two-reel set titled Architecture of the 60s. The packet, View Productions #202, could be the one collectors want to get before its gone because it might very well be the last custom produced View-Master® set ever produced since the factory has stopped offering custom production runs as of August 2013.

Considered one of the most daring design decades of the 20th century, the 1960s was one of progress and optimism, political turmoil and social unrest. Its exuberant architecture marked by aesthetic and structural innovation is captured in these vintage images when the buildings were new and 3-D photography was already out of fashion.

World's Fairs have a history of innovative structures that push the technological and aesthetic limits of their time. The ephemeral nature of a fair emboldens architects to design what would ordinarily be too expensive or functionally impractical in the real world. Expo 67 Montreal was no exception. Operational for six months, many of its pavilions were demolished soon after the fair's closing, while some others remained until 1981. However, several structures did survive and are now part of Parc Jean-Drepeau, a city recreational area. These include Buckminster Fuller's great 250 foot diameter geodesic dome, which was originally the U.S. pavilion, now the Biosphere Environment Museum and Moshe Safdies Habitat 67, a 158-unit housing project assembled from large prefabricated concretes boxes connected by terraces and walkways.

The original images used on the reels were taken in the 1960s by Michael Kaplan. Kaplan used a TDC Stereo Colorist camera and Kodachrome 25 film. The photos were scanned, touched up and submitted to Alphacine as high-resolution digital files, then transferred to 35mm internegatives and finally to 16mm positives for insertion into the reels.

While 500 reels were ordered by View Productions, only about 20 percent of the 202-1 reels were approved and assembled into packets for sale. At that point, on Aug. 16, 2013, Alphacine discontinued the production of custom View-Master® reels and the flawed reels were never rerun. As a result only 100 packets will be available for sale and might be the last custom reels produced under the View-Master® brand. The remaining 202-2 reels featuring images from Expo 67 Montreal will be packaged as a stand alone single-reel packet and made available at a later time.

Graphic design of the new set, like all previous packets, was done by Gregory Terry, a practicing architect, graphic designer and co-founder of View Productions.

View Productions Collector's Checklist
VML - View-Master® Stereoscope with 103 sample reel
101 - Antonio Gaudi: Park Guell
102 - Historic Charleston
103 - Sample Reel (see VML)
104 - Russel Wright: Dragon Rock
201 - Frank Lloyd Wright: Fallingwater
202 - Architecture of the 60s (limited quantities)
301 - Bruce Goff: 3 Houses
302 - Fallingwater: Wright and the 3rd Dimension (out of print)
303 - Johnson Wax: The Wright Buildings (out of print)
304 - Frank Gehry: Sheet Metal (limited availability)
305 - Charles & Ray Eames
306 - Hans Scharoun: Buildings in Berlin
307 - Frank Lloyd Wright: 3 Houses
308 - Ralph Erskine: Buildings in Stockholm
309 - Frank Gehry: 3 Theaters

View Productions was founded in 1997 by Michael Kaplan and Gregory Terry to document and publish great works of architecture using stereoscopic photography. Michael Kaplan in Professor of Architecture, Emeritus, at the University of Tennessee. Knoxville. He has lectured and published widely on architecture and design. Gregory Terry is an architect residing in Knoxville. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Architecture, and received a Master of Architecture with Graphic Design concentration from North Carolina State University.

You can order the Architecture of the 60s packet and other View Productions titles from their website at View

View Productions Architecture of the 60s receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D™" Award from 3-D Review Online Magazine.

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National Stereoscopic Association Starts Facebook Group Page

The National Stereoscopic Association has started a new group page on Facebook and will be deleting it's generic Facebook page. To join the group, visit the National Stereoscopic Association group page.

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Gravity 3-D - Experience the Third Dimension Featurette

The filmmakers of Gravity 3-D talk about how 3-D becomes a part of the movie in this special Gravity - Experience the Third Dimension featurette from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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3-D Review is now on Twitter

3-D Review Online Magazine has joined Twitter.

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Stereo World Vol. 39, No. 2 - September/October 2013 Issue now available

The September/October 2013 issue of Stereo World magazine is now available. The magazine is sent to all people who are members of the National Stereoscopic Association (NSA). The magazine contains many color and black-and-white stereo pairs, some anaglyphs and lots of information about 3-D imaging past and present.

Stereo World magazine Septebmer/October 2013 cover art.

In this issue
Michael Kessler 1941-2013
Murder, Madness, Muybridge and Full - Stereo's Strange Link to "Jack the Ripper"
An Android Tablet Goes 3-D!
3D-Con 2013 Part 1
The Society - News from the Stereoscopic Society of America
View-Master Returns
Diableries: The Resurrection
Depth of Hell Revealed!
NewViews - Current Information about Stereo Today
Collecting Invited
3-D Rolls On

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True-View™ Uses Crowdsource Funding

The TRUE-VIEW™ is a beautifully designed device, marketed by The Prately Company, that allows you to take, view and share your own 3-D photos and videos, directly from your smartphone. The device is in the prototype phase and was seeking funding for the TRUE-VIEW through the Kickstarter crowdsource funding website. The funding drive was unsuccessful. The funding period started on Sept. 27, 2013 and the project would only have been funded if at least £125,000 was pledged by Friday Nov 1, 12:11am EDT.

The base of the device contains a widget of strategically placed mirrors that splits the camera lens of the smartphone into two stereoscopic images. These images are placed at a specific distance apart that is similar to the distance between your two eyes. The device then allows users to take photos and videos with their smartphone placed inside the TRUE-VIEW. When the left eye views the left image and the right eye views the right image independently of each other, a stunning 3-D effect is seen.

The Pratley Company's goal with this project was to bring user-generated 3-D content to the fingertips of anyone with a smartphone.

True-View concept art.
True-View Concept Art

What is the TRUE-VIEW
The TRUE-VIEW is the world's first device that allows iOS and Android users to take, view and share stunning 3-D photos and videos directly from their smartphones. These stereoscopic photos and videos can then be viewed in 3-D either through the TRUE-VIEW itself or on a 3-D TV.

  • The TRUE-VIEW is a sustainable device that is designed to work with future smartphone models by simply swapping the interchangeable base tray that holds the handset in place.
  • The TRUE-VIEW has no moving parts and is compact in size.
  • The TRUE-VIEW is designed as a retro-feel collector’s item, but has the magic of capturing awe-inspiring 3-D photos and videos.
  • The TRUE-VIEW is made from the highest quality materials with a huge focus placed on manufacturing a quality device responsibly.

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Avengers 3-D Lenticular Poster

The Avengers 3-D lenticular poster features The Hulk, Captain America, Ironman and Thor.

Avengers lenticular poster art.

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Captain America 3-D Lenticular Poster

Here is the artwork featured on the Captain America: The First Avenger 3-D lenticular poster.

Captain America lenticular poster art.

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Avengers 3-D Lenticular Trading Cards

A set of 3-D lenticular collector's cards was released at 7-11 stores but only in the Philippines.

Avengers trading cards packet.

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Avengers 3-D Lenticular Puzzles

The Avengers movie spawned several 3-D lenticular collectibles including various puzzles manufactured by Cardinal.

Avengers lentricular puzzle cover art.

Avengers lentricular puzzle cover art.

Avengers lentricular puzzle cover art.

Avengers lentricular puzzle cover art.

Captain America lentricular puzzle cover art.

Captain America lentricular puzzle cover art.

Marvel Heroes lenticular puzzle cover art.

Thor lenticular puzzle cover art.

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Avengers 3-D Lenticular Valentines Cards

Several Marvel Comics characters were featured on 3-D lenticular Valentines cards.

Avengers lenticular valentines cover art.

Captain America lenticular valentines cards cover art.

Thor lenticular valentines cover art.

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Avengers 3-D Lenticular Spiral Notebooks

Back to school kids could get 3-D lenticular spiral notebooks and journals featuring their favorite Marvel super heroes.

Avengers lenticular sprial notebook cover art.

Avengers lenticular sprial notebook cover art.

Avengers lenticular sprial notebook cover art.

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3-D for Kids Workshop

3-D for Kids is a 45 minute workshop in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, where filmmaker/musician Jeff Boller from The Simple Carnival, demonstrates the art and science behind 3-D (stereoscopy), how to create 3-D art at home, and the different ways to make and view 3-D art. The audience participates in 3-D photography demonstrations and also has hands-on access to various 3-D gadgets. "I conducted nearly 20 of these workshops in 2013 and it's been a big hit with kids and adults alike," said Boller.

"This workshop is intended for kids ages seven and up and their parents," Boller continued. "You'll learn how 3-D works. You'll learn how to turn a regular 2-D camera into a 3-D camera. You'll learn how to draw 3-D comics. You'll participate in 3-D photography demonstrations. You'll see how ordinary things like pencils, construction paper, and paint can be used to make sophisticated animated 3-D cartoons."

"I provide a portable 3-D movie theater (projectors, movie screen, cinema-style 3-D glasses, and PA system) and various 3-D gadgets to use in hands-on demonstrations. There are no special requirements for the event host other than an electrical outlet, a room that is at least 10' x 18', the ability to dim the lights on cue, and an audience!," exclaimed Boller. "The more people, the better."

The kids receive an activity sheet with 3-D projects that can be created at home. Some of these projects require red/cyan 3-D glasses, which the kids also receive at the workshop.

"In 2014, I'll be demonstrating how to make a 3-D video with a 2-D video camera, how to draw 3-D comics, and a humorous, behind-the-scenes look at a new animated music video," said Boller. "Even though it's called '3-D for Kids' I have also conducted this workshop for teen and adult audiences. I tend to use bigger words and go into a little more detail when the audience is older."

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Auction Results  

Doctor Who View-Master set from 1981.Doctor Who View-Master set from 1983.

A pair of Doctor Who View-Master packets sold for $20.50 with eight bids.

1882 Arizona stereoview.

A stereoview, photographed by J.C. Burge, showing an Arizona main street sold for $322 with 11 bids. "Main Street Globe A.T. looking south" 1882 is hand written on the front of the card. The back reads "Views of Arizona Scenery photographed by J.C. Burge."

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