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Google Cardboard

Use your Android smartphone to enter an interactive 3-D world after building a cheap cardboard headset

Google Cardboard headset.

Cardboard is Google's 3-D project named for the visor that houses the phone that can be constructed from simple materials. Google handed out pre-cut corrugated kits at its I/O Developers Conference, but you can make your own out of any cardboard box or other materials using a printable template available online. The headset also needs a pair of lenses to magnify focus on the smartphone and create the 3-D effect. Lastly, a magnet and washer, which interact with the magnetometer (compass) in the phone to create a button that lets you navigate the virtual world.

Some companies are already assembling and selling their own headsets if you don't want to make your own. Kits start around $20. Google says it won't sell headsets and is concentrating on the Cardboard app. The app currently lets users use their cardboard visors to look around Google Earth and view 360-degree photos. The app also lets users view 3-D YouTube videos. It will be interesting to see what new 3-D features developers come up with using the open platform encouraged by Google.

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Stereo World Magazine May - June 2014 Vol. 39, No. 6

Stereo World Magazine May-June 2014 Vol. 39, No. 6 cover art.

The May-June 2014 issue of Stereo World magazine is now available.

Inside this issue:

  • Another 3-Der bights the dust
  • William Culp Darrah - Paleontologist, Professor, Sterographic Pioneer
  • Autostereoscopic Display with Dynamic Backlight
  • DIY Underwater 3-D Camera Housing
  • Don't End up Flat!
  • Easy Aerial Hypers with the Fuji W3
  • The Society and Beyond
  • Texas History in Photographic Detail
  • Norm Kenkels 1930-2014
  • NewViews
  • Personalities in Perspective: Garret A. Hobart - The President Who Never Was
  • A Flat, Gray Hell
  • Classifieds

Join the National Stereoscopic Association and get six issues of Stereo World with your annual membership.

To order individual printed back issues of Stereo World from the past three years only, write to:

Back Issues
P.O. Box 86708
Portland OR 97286

Or, email strwld@teleport.com.

Back issues are $8 each postpaid in the U.S. and $10 each for international shipment.

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Reelagram is a company that allows you to use your Instagram photos to make your own 7-image View-Master® style photo reel.

Just go to the Reelagram website, sign in with your Instagram account, choose seven photos from your gallery feed, preview and then checkout. For $19.95 (not including shipping and handling) you can have your own personal reel made. You can only use seven photos so the photos are flat images instead of a stereoscopic.

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Central Pacific Railroad stereoview

An 1868 Central Pacific Railroad Stereoview listed for $1,500 sold for an undisclosed buy it now offer. The view was produced by Alfred A. Hart #217 titled "All Aboard for Virginia City - Wells Fargo and Co's Express."

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