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Kúla Bebe and the Kúla Deeper Launch Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Kula Deeper and Kula Bebe
Kúla Bebe for smartphones (front) and the Kúla Deeper for DSLRs (rear)

Kúla Inventions Ltd. launched two new 3-D products, the Kúla Bebe for smartphones and the Kúla Deeper for DSLRs on Oct. 21, 2014 in connection with a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter campaign lasts 30 days and is a way to secure yourself a copy from the first batch and help reach the goal of $40,000 to aid in production costs. The campaign reached it's goal with more than 15 days to spare but additional backers are welcome to contribute and get special offers from the company, Kúla expects the Kúla Deeper to be delivered by January 2014 and the Kúla Bebe by March 2015. The campaign started on Oct. 21 and ends on Nov. 20.

Kúla Inventions Ltd. has a mission to give people the opportunity to discover the magic of personal 3-D pictures and videos in an easy, accessible and inexpensive way. "I would love to show people the affection of personal 3-D pictures and the value of having their moments captured in 3-D” says Íris Ólafsdóttir, the founder of Kúla. “I am hoping that Kúla Deeper and Kúla Bebe will make a lot of people discover how awesome it is to watch their friends, grandparents and their important moments in 3-D. Personally I prefer my personal 3-D content on the 3-D TV screen over hobbits and aliens.”

Kúla Bebe is tiny 3-D mirror attachment that turns your smartphone into a 3-D camera. It easily attaches and detaches from the smartphone camera. The accompanying Kúlacode app offers four 3-D output formats:

  1. Wigglegram/animated gif
  2. Stereoscopic
  3. Anaglyph
  4. Cross-eyed

Kúla Deeper is a 3-D mirror attachment for DSLR camera lenses. The resulting image or video is side-by-side stereoscopic and can be experienced in 3-D directly on the camera display with a stereo viewer. To view unprocessed images you can use a stereoscope, Google Cardboard VR, Oculus Rift, Avegant glyph or other retro or super tech futuristic 3-D viewing method.

For other 3-D formats, Kúla's software Kúlacode can transform your images and videos to any 3-D format ranging from the old school anaglyph format for red/cyan glasses, to the more modern *.mpo format for 3-D TVs.

Kúla Deeper and Kúla Bebe are made of four high precision mirrors with reflection coefficient around 94 percent, resulting in super sharp images and videos and a pleasant 3-D experience.

To start with, Kúla Bebe will only fit iPhone 4s, 5s, 6, 6 plus, iPad mini/air, Galaxy s4, s5, Note 3 General (fits Nexus 5 f.ex). Different mounting plates are being developed. Kúla is running a survey to find out which smartphones supporters are using and currently Oneplus One is quite popular. Visit Kúla's survey to participate.

Kúla Deeper can be attached to the camera lens in one click. It uses the lens thread and fits lenses of diameter Ø77mm by default. For smaller diameters you'll need an adaptor ring and to begin with Kúla is making adaptors for lens diameters Ø52, Ø62 Ø67 and Ø72 mm.

3-D Review Online Magazine is excited to try the Kúlacode software for the Kúla Bebe for smartphones and the Kúla Deeper for DSLRs. A request has been sent to the company to review the products as soon as they become available. The software looks like it has impressive conversion power and would be easy to use.

Kúla was founded in 2011 and is funded by the Icelandic Technology Development Fund.

See examples of 3-D photos and videos taken with the Kúla Bebe and the Kúla Deeper on the Kúla gallery Web page.

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The Bubble 3-D Blu-Ray release date set for Nov. 18, 2014

Kino Lorber proudly announces the release on its Kino Classics label of Arch Oboler's thrilling and groundbreaking 3-D sci-fi classic, The Bubble, in a special 3-D Blu-ray edition, packed with bonus features.

Originally released in 1966, The Bubble was a milestone in the history of 3-D filmmaking, being the first production shot in the Space-Vision 3-D system, an innovative new process that revolutionized the way 3-D movies would be made for the next 30 years.

Now, this landmark film is back for new viewers to see in its original, groundbreaking Space-Vision 3-D on Blu-ray, restored from the original 35mm negatives by the 3-D Film Archive. The Blu-ray edition of The Bubble will be available on Nov. 18, 2014, with a SRP of $34.95, presented in 3-D (requiring a 3-D player, television and glasses, but which will also display in 2-D on regular setups).

Restoring The Bubble
The 3-D Film Archive acquired the rights and were shocked to discover the original camera negative was the only existing 35mm archival element on the film. None of the people who had owned the rights had spent the money to create a back-up, preservation 35mm master.

For nearly 30 years, the negative had been handled very poorly. The last time it was stored in a dedicated film vault had been the late 1970s when Monarch Releasing held the rights. Since then, the cans had been in warehouses and public storage lockers. When we finally rescued the elements in 2009, they had been baking for the past five years in an outdoor storage unit in the Southern California heat. The filthy cans were banged up and rusty with loose masking tape labels.

Before doing an HD transfer, the negative had multiple ultra-sonic cleanings. When we finally had it scanned, we found that much of it was faded from the years of bad storage. Thankfully, there was no shrinkage or vinegar syndrome deterioration. Available funds for the restoration were not sufficient to do a wet-gate scan (which is four times the cost) so we had to do manual dirt clean-up and repair. In addition, the original printed-in opticals for fades and dissolves were filthy and those dupe sections had been cut directly into the negative. They have been a part of the film since day one.

Greg Kintz, Technical Director for the 3-D Film Archive, painstakingly went through every optical one frame at a time in order to minimize the dirt and damage. You’re also seeing more of the image. In theatres, the Space-Vision prints were badly cropped to overlap the above/below 3-D image onto the screen.

In addition, when the film was edited by Igo Kantor in 1966, he used a standard splicer instead of one designed for anamorphic elements which would have given a narrow overlap of .03 inches resulting in much thinner splice lines. As a result, at every cut, there are white lines across the top and bottom of the image.

The Bubble splice lines before and after.

In the 1999 Rhino DVD release, they simply zoomed-in on all four sides to hide the splices and still retain a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The massive amount of cropping wreaked havoc with the original compositions. This solution was not acceptable to the Archive so Greg went to work retaining the full 2.50:1 negative image and removing every single splice line at each cut. The final results are outstanding and the picture is cleaner, sharper and brighter than anyone has ever seen before.

More than anything else, Greg has optimized the vertical alignment from shot to shot for flawless 3-D. The Bubble now truly demonstrates the superb optics of Robert V. Bernier’s Trioptiscope lens and Charles F. Wheeler's excellent stereoscopic cinematography. As a final tribute to the filmmaker, we have restored Arch Oboler’s spoken introduction from the 1966-1968 roadshow engagements plus the original opening title, which was taken off the film in 1976.

The Bubble damage repair before and after.

"Greg and I have seen this film many times over the past 38 years, both theatrically and on various home video formats," said Rorbert Furmanik of the 3-D Film Archive. "I can honestly say that it has never before looked this good. We are very pleased with the end result and hope that you will enjoy our new restoration of Arch Oboler’s The Bubble." More information about the production and history of single-strip 3-D for The Bubble is available on the 3-D Film Archive website.

Bonus features include an essay by noted film preservationist Bob Furmanek, founder of the 3-D Film Archive; screenplay excerpts that detail deleted scenes from the film; trailers; a stills gallery; an alternate opening (presented in both 3-D and 2-D); and a restoration demonstration (presented in 3-D and 2-D). We especially liked the control given to the viewer to be able to choose the stills and keep them on screen instead of a slideshow.

The new 2k digital 3-D DCP restoration will also have its world premiere at the Museum of Modern Art's "To Save and Project" festival in New York, with screenings on Nov. 7 and 9.

In addition to being a pioneering work in 3-D film production, The Bubble is also a classic of the sci-fi genre. It tells the thrilling tale of a young couple who find themselves stranded in a most unusual town, one in which the populace exists in a kind of zombie-like state. They soon realize, to their horror, that the entire town is enclosed under a giant dome, with the people trapped like insects, and the young couple must make their escape before they too become permanently trapped in this strange place. Was The Bubble the inspiration for Stephen King's Under the Dome? Only King knows the answer to that question.

Now fully restored by the 3-D Film Archive, this Blu-ray edition will give classic movie buffs, genre fans and 3-D enthusiasts alike the chance to experience this sci-fi classic on their home entertainment systems in the way it was meant to be seen!

The Bubble is the "eerie and enjoyable" (Los Angeles Times) science-fiction spine-tingler that sicked audiences and revolutionized the cinematic world of 3-D! The eye-popping thrills and chills begin when a plane carrying pregnant Catherine (Deborah Walley) and her husband Mark (Michael Cole) is forced to land in a mysterious remote town. The townspeople are quite strange, indeed: they repeat certain phrases and movements ceaselessly and stagger through the streets like brain-dead automatons. Then there is an even more terrifying discovery -- the zombie inhabitants live under an impenetrable dome, trapped like insects in a jar. Can Catherine, Mark and their newborn baby escape or will they become mindless drones trapped in a human zoo?

The Bubble introduced the groundbreaking Space-Vision 3-D system, which pioneered a new way of both shooting and exhibiting 3-D film. These single-strip 35mm stereoscopic techniques were used in almost all major 3-D features for the next 30 years, making The Bubble not only an "amazing" (Hollywood Reporter) sci-fi thriller, but also an important first of it's kind milestone in the history of cinema. Now fully restored from the 35mm negatives by the 3-D Film Archive.

3-D Review experienced quite a bit of ghosting when watching the 3-D Blu-ray the first time. Scenes went from perfect 3-D with super sharp resolution to dizzying overlapped ghosted images. We experienced the same problem with Warner Bros. Dial M for Murder 3-D Blu-ray disc. Eventually, we figured out a setting that eliminated the ghosting, which was probably caused by the 3-D TV and not the disc.

The Bubble (aka Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth)
Written and directed by Arch Oboler
Starring Michael Cole, Deborah Walley and Johnny Desmond
Genre: Science Fiction
Blu-ray Street Date: Nov. 18, 2014
Blu-ray SRP: $34.95
Blu-ray UPC: 738329132224

Technical Specifications
1966 / English / Color / 91 mins. / 2.50:1 / Mono / DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

Bonus Features
3-D (Requires 3-D player, television and glasses - will output in 2-D on regular setups)
Essay by Bob Furmanek
Screenplay excerpts of deleted scenes
Stills Gallery
Alternate Opening (3-D and 2-D)
Restoration Demonstration (3-D and 2-D)

The Bubble has been announced as one of the entries in The Museum of Modern Art’s To Save and Project: The 12th MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation. The Bubble will be seen in 2K digital 3-D for the first time after an extensive 14-month restoration by the 3-D Film Archive. The restoration of The Bubble premieres Friday, Nov. 7, at 8:30 p.m. at The Museum of Modern Art’s Theatre 1 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theatre 1). An encore screening will take place in Theatre 2 on Sunday, Nov. 9, at 1 p.m.

The Bubble receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D™" Award from 3-D Review Online Magazine!

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Shockwave, Darkside 3-D Poster Art

Shockwave, Darkside in 3-D poster art.

Here is the poster art for Shockwave, Darkside in 3-D. Five soldiers, shot down and behind enemy lines in a battle over water, frozen in the deep craters of the lunar surface, find themselves marooned on the dark side of the moon. With depleting air and supplies, they have no choice but to start a dangerous trek through hostile territory. As their numbers dwindle and nerves fray, they make an amazing discovery about the moon that just might save their lives, but destroy the very cause that they are fighting for.

Inspired by the storytelling of classic science-fiction literature from the 50's, but with a 21st century 3-D twist, Shockwave, Darkside is an exciting, thoughtful and timely exploration of the tense collision between faith and reason.

Break out your red/blue 3-D glasses and see a prequel 3-D anaglypic comic book series leading up to the Shockwave, Darkside movie.
Editor's Note: The 3-D effect in the online comic book is not very well done, the 3-D basically lifts the entire page off the screen.

Bill Sage as Dalton
Mei Melançon as The Machine
Sonequa Martin-Green as Private Lang
Rich Ceraulo as Corporal Kim
Alexander Cendese as Private Schorr

The film had its debut on Aug. 22, 2014 at the London FrightFest Film Festival.

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Poppy 3-D viewer.

The Poppy 3-D transforms your iPhone into a three-dimensional camera and viewer, so you can record and share your experiences as they are really are. Just install the free iPhone app, slide your phone into the Poppy device and you're ready to go.

Poppy uses a series of perfectly-positioned mirrors and lenses to capture photos and video from two slightly different perspectives. When you look into the viewfinder, your eyes see two different images and your brain seamlessly merges them together into one striking 3-D picture.

Poppy works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and the 5th gen iPod Touch with rear camera

Product Features
Instantly turn your iPhone into a 3-D camera and a 3-D viewer.
Just install the free app, slot your iPhone in and your ready to go.
Works with photos and videos.
Capture and share an immersive and life-like experience.
Poppy is just mirrors and optics, so there are no batteries to charge or replace. Ever.
Successfully crowd-funded on Kickstarter.

Measures approximately 26.3cm(W) x 16.4cm(H) x 7.5cm(D)

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China stereoview.

A very rare stereoview by Pierre Joseph Rossier sold for $911 with 24 bids. The card, No. 23: Joss House - Perspective View, is from the "Views in China" series published by Negretti and Zambra dating to between 1858 to 1862.

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