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The Mask Released on 3-D Blu-ray and

The Mask Blu-ray cover art

The Mask is now available on 3-D Blu-ray, released Nov. 24, 2015 by Kino Lorber under the Kino Classics label. Julian Hoffman's 3-D psychotronic classic was restored in 3-D by The 3-D Film Archive. The Blu-ray includes a bonus feature, the 7-minute 3-D animated short film One Night in Hell with music by Queen's Brian May.

Originally shot in Toronto, Canada on a shoestring budget, The Mask (retitled Eyes of Hell for its American release) claims the distinction of being the first feature-length Canadian horror movie. Director Julian Roffman turns the act of wearing the anaglyph 3-D glasses into part of the theatrical experience: when Barnes' voice intones the immortal words "Put the mask on, now!," the audience puts on their glasses to witness the doctor's visions, a riot of psychedelic imagery rendered in bright, blazing color. Premiering at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, this edition of The Mask was digitally restored by the 3-D Film Archive from the best surviving 35mm film elements.

The Blu-ray and the DVD have different features. The DVD includes a 1983 anaglyphic 3-D video introduction with magician Harry Blackstone.

After the shocking death of a disturbed patient, psychiatrist Dr. Allan Barnes (Paul Stevens) comes into possession of the ancient tribal mask that supposedly drove the young man to his doom. When Barnes puts on the mask, he is assailed with nightmarish visions of monsters, occultists and ritual torture. Believing the mask has opened a portal to the deepest recesses of his mind, the doctor continues to explore this terrifying new psychic world, even as the mask reveals a latent violence in Barnes' nature that threatens those closest to him.

A Roffman-Taylor Production
Produced and directed by Julian Roffman
Screenplay by Frank Taubes and Sandy Haber
Photographed by Herbert S. Alpert
Art director: David S. Ballou
Special effects and depth-dimensional sequences by Herman S. Townsley
Music by Louis Applebaum
Director: Julian Roffman
Starring: Bill Walker, Claudette Nevins, Paul Stevens
Country: U.S.
Genre: Horror
Type: B&W
Year: 1961
Language: English
Length: 83 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1

Blu-ray Features

  • 3-D sequences provided in both stereoscopic (3-D television required) and anaglyph formats (red/cyan glasses not included)
  • Newly restored Electro-Magic Sound (optional 5.1 Surround during 3-D sequences)
  • Audio commentary by 3-D film historian Jason Pichonsky
  • Julian Roffman: The Man Behind the Mask (20-minute documentary)
  • Four trailers and TV spots
  • Setup Video (for monitor calibration)
  • Films by visual consultant Slavko Vorkapich
    • The Life and Death of a Hollywood Extra (11 min.)
    • Abstract Experiment in Kodachrome (2 min.)
    • Montage Sequences (6 sequences, 12 min. total)
  • One Night in Hell
    UK 2014 Color 7 Min. 3-D Dolby Atmos
    Directed by James Hall and Jason Jameson
    Turn-of-the-century stereopticon images are given a 21st-century resurrection in this playfully macabre computer-animated 3-D film, with music by Queen's Brian May.

DVD Features

  • 3-D sequences in anaglyph format
  • Custom anaglyph 3-D glasses, replicating the cardboard "masks" of the original theatrical release
  • Newly restored Electro-Magic Sound (optional 5.1 Surround during 3-D sequences)
  • Julian Roffman: The Man Behind the Mask, a 20-minute documentary
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Mystic Magic (1982, 19 Min.) a videotaped introduction to The Mask hosted by magician Harry Blackstone, presented in anaglyph 3-D

This is a classic 3-D film being made available by the fine folks at Kino Lorber. It is Must See 3-D Award logogreat to see these films getting a Blu-ray 3-D release so fans of stereoscopic motion pictures can enjoy them, sometimes in even better 3-D than the original theatrical presentation. Add this title to your collection as soon as possible.

Not only do you get to see the classic film, you also are treated to Brian May's One Night in Hell, a modern 3-D mini-movie marvel based on his Diabaleries book.

The Mask receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D™ Award" from 3-D Review Online Magazine.

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12th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival is Scheduled for Dec. 12 and 13

Festival to feature program of international 3-D short films

3-D Fest 2015

3-D Space is pleased to announce the dates for the 12th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival, to be held on Saturday Dec. 12 and Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015, at the Downtown Independent Theatre. The festival will showcase a selection of new international 3-D shorts in competition, 3-D feature films, special presentations, the 56th Hollywood International Exhibition of Stereo Photography. Top award winning entries will receive prizes and the coveted LA 3-D Movie Festival "Ro-Man" trophies.

This year’s festival marks the 12th time 3-D Space and the LA 3-D Club have brought the best new independent and rare historical 3-D motion pictures to audiences in Los Angeles. The group held their first competitive festival of 3-D short films in March 1997, and subsequent festivals were held over the next decade. The LA 3-D Movie Festival became an annual event in May 2009, when the seventh version of the fest found it’s home at the Downtown Independent Theatre. Throughout the year, the organization presents regular monthly curated 3-D screenings, presentations and events, culminating with the LA 3-D Movie Festival, now held every December.

Festival passes will be available in early December, when the complete festival program will be announced. Individual tickets will also go on sale in early December. All festival events will be held at the Downtown Independent Theatre at 251 S. Main Street in Los Angeles, CA. Check the festival website for further information prior to the event at

For more information, contact Festival Director Eric Kurland at 818-636-1311,
or by e-mail

About the festival organizers
3-D Space: The Center For Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema, and Education is intended to be a museum, gallery, theater, library and classroom dedicated to both the preservation of the history of stereoscopic imaging, and the advancement of current and future 3-D arts and sciences.

The LA 3-D Club was established in the Greater Los Angeles area in 1955 by a dedicated group of 3-D stereo photographers to further the art and science of stereoscopic photography. For six decades members have been meeting monthly to share images created through stereoscopic photography, computer generated imagery, and film and video. For more info, visit

Stereo Sisters is a point of convergence for Women who work, live and love in 3-D! Their focus is synergy among Women in 3-D via mentorship, education and community. they are directors, stereographers, editors, producers, writers, photographers, and artists – and they welcome all women who have a passion for exploring this new dimension of entertainment!

The 3-D Film Archive, LLC has been preserving our Stereoscopic Film Heritage since 1990, visit

About the venue
The Downtown Independent Theatre is downtown Los Angeles’ premiere venue for screening independent film and video. The modern facility features 236 Stadium style seats including 16 reclining sofa seats, digital and 35mm projection, a lobby art gallery, and a rooftop reception space. The LA 3-D Club outfitted the theatre with a dual projector, polarized 3-D projection system and silver screen, specifically for the screening of independent 3-D content. For more information about The Downtown Independent Theatre visit

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View-Master® Supplemental Book is Now Available

View-Master Reels and Packets Vol. 1 book cover art

View-Master Reels and Packets Vol. 2 book cover art

View-Master Reels and Packets Vol. 3 book cover art

Harry Zur Kleinsmiede started a life-long love affair when he started collecting View-Master® items in 1952. Harry has completed and published the supplemental book about his favorite topic, which is the fourth and final book in his View-Master® Collector's Guide series.

3-D Review Online Magazine will be doing a full review of the new supplemental book in the near future. The first three books are pictured above. These are must have books for your View-Master® collection with the most detailed information about View-Master® items you never even knew existed.

In the meantime, you can order the book directly from Harry. The cost is $85 plus shipping. Contact Harry at

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Analeigh Tipton in 3-D

Analeigh Tipton portrayed Vanessa Bennett, the nerdy girl who knocked on Sheldon Cooper's door, on The Mystery Date Observation episode of the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory, which aired on Nov. 12, 2015 on the CBS Television Network. Analeigh posted a 3-D slideshow image on her Facebook page on Oct. 14. Here are anaglyphic, cross-eyed and drift versions of her 3-D image.

Analeigh Tipton cross-eyed view

Analeigh Tipton drift view

Analeigh Tipton anaglyph

Analeigh Tipton color anaglyph

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Auction Results

Mill on Ogden Canyon stereoview

An 1870s stereoview of the Mill On Ogden Canyon sold for $760 with nine bids. The photographer was J. Stephens of Ogden, Utah.

Japan stereoview

A Japanese lady, child and wet nurse stereoview sold for $578.88 with four bids. It is a rare 1860s Japanese stereoview in which the wet nurse is nude.

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