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Stereo World Magazine, March/April 2018, Vol. 43, No. 5

Stereo World magazine cover art

The March/April 2018 issue of Stereo World magazine is now available

Inside this issue:

Alonzo Bunker's People and Scenes in Burmah
Stereo for Ears and Eyes - 60 year old Article Empasizes Similarities
View-Master: Stable and Still Very Much Alive
A Stereo Guided Falls Experience
The Uknowns
Home Theatre 3-D
European Gems
Charles Reincke (1936 – 2017)
Classifieds and more!

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View-Master® Movie Preview Reels

Movie preview reels were issued by View-Master® in the early 1950's to promote the release of several 3-D and "flat" movies. The movie companies allowed View-Master® photographers on the filming sets. National Screen Service distributed the reels and a special lighted lobby display viewing cabinet (made of painted sheet metal) allowing movie-goers to preview the film with realistic 3-D pictures.

View-Master® collector's prize these reels because they were never released to the public.

Arena, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1953

Polly Bergen
Lee Van Cleef
Jean Hagen
Harry Morgan
Gig Young

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef, 20th Century Fox, 1953

Richard Boone
Peter Graves
Terry Moore
J. Carroll Naish
Gilbert Roland
Robert Wagner

The Charge at Feather River, Warner Brothers, 1953

Guy Madison
Vera Miles

The Creature from the Black Lagoon*, Universal-International, 1954
Richard Carlson
Julie Adams
Richard Denning
Antonio Moreno
Nestor Paiva
Whit Bissell
Bernie Gozier
Henry A. Escalante

Dangerous Mission, R.K.O., 1954
William Bendix
Piper Laurie
Victor Mature
Vincent Price

Devil's Canyon, R.K.O., 1953

Whit Bissell
Jay C. Flippen
Arthur Hunnicutt
Robert Keith
Virginia Mayo
Stephen McNally
Dale Robertson

Drums of Tahiti, Columbia, 1954

Cecile Brown
Patricia Medina
Dennis O'Keefe

Flight to Tangier, Paramount, 1953
Corinne Calvet
Joan Fontaine
Jack Palance

Fort Ti, Columbia, 1953
George Montgomery

The French Line, R.K.O., 1954

Arthur Hunnicutt
Kim Novak
Gilbert Roland
Jane Russell
Craig Stevens

The Glass Web, Universal-International, 1953

John Forsythe
Beverly Garland
Kathleen Hughes
Edward G. Robinson

Gun Fury, Columbia, 1953
Phil Cary
Roberta Haynes
Rock Hudson
Lee Marvin
Donna Reed

Hannah Lee: An American Primitive
, Released as Outlaw Territory, Realart Pictures, 1953
Macdonald Carey
Joanne Dru
John Ireland

House of Wax, Warner Brothers, 1953
Charles Bronson
Paul Cavanaugh
Carolyn Jones
Phyllis Kirk
Frank Lovejoy
Vincent Price

Inferno, 20th Century Fox, 1953
Rhonda Fleming
William Lundigan
Robert Ryan

It Came From Outer Space
, Universal-International, 1953

Richard Carlson
Charles Drake
Russell Johnson
Barbara Rush

Jesse James vs. the Daltons, Columbia, 1954
Bret King
Barbara Lawrence

Kiss Me Kate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1953
Bob Fosse
Kathryn Grayson
Howard Keel
Ann Miller
Tommy Rall
Bobby Van
James Whitmore
Keenan Wynn

Lost Treasure of the Amazon
, Released in U.S. as Jivaro, Paramount, 1954
Rhonda Fleming
Fernando Lamas

The Maze, Allied Artists, 1953
Richard Carlson
Veronica Hurst

Miss Sadie Thompson, Columbia, 1953

Charles Bronson
Jose Ferrer
Rita Hayworth
Aldo Ray

Money From Home, Paramount, 1953
Jerry Lewis
Dean Martin

The Nebraskan, Columbia, 1953
Philip Carey
Lee Van Cleef
Roberta Haynes
Jay Silverheels
Regis Toomey

The Robe, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1953
Richard Boone
Richard Burton
Dean Jagger
Victor Mature
Michael Rennie
Jean Simmons

Sangaree, Paramount, 1953
Arlene Dahl
Fernando Lamas

Second Chance, R.K.O., 1953
Linda Darnell
Robert Mitchum
Jack Palance
Roy Roberts
Reginald Sheffield

Son of Sinbad, R.K.O., 1955
Mari Blanchard
Sally Forrest
Vincent Price
Dale Robertson
Lili St. Cyr

The Stranger Wore a Gun
, Columbia, 1953

George MacReady
Lee Marvin
Randolph Scott
Claire Trevor

Taza, Son of Cochise, Universal-International, 1954
Jeff Chandler
Rock Hudson
Barbara Rush

They Called Him Hondo, Released as Hondo, Warner Brothers, 1953

James Arness
Ward Bond
Geraldine Page
Michael Pate
John Wayne

Those Redheads From Seattle, Paramount, 1953

Gene Barry
Teresa Brewer
Rhonda Fleming
Guy Mitchell
Agnes Moorehead
The Bell Sisters

Wings of the Hawk, Universal-International, 1953

Julia Adams
Van Heflin
Abbe Lane

The reels were mailed to theatres in a 4 1/2" mailing envelope printed on both sides and rubber stamped with the movie title.

The reels for Beneath the 12 Mile Reef and The Robe were only made as test reels and were never sent to theatres.

*The "Lost" View-Master® Creature from the Black Lagoon Movie Preview Reel

Even though it was annoucned, The Creature from the Black Lagoon reel does not exist. The View-Master® Theatrical Lobby Display was featured in the movie "presskit" sent to promote the film at theatres but no "Creature" reel has surfaced. Images from the proposed reel are printed in the pressbook. One has to wonder if a test reel was ever made?

Filmed and released in 3-D in 1954, Universal-International created a special campaign to promote the film using a View-Master® movie preview reel.

The movie presskit for The Creature from the Black Lagoon has a photo of the View-Master® display cabinet that a theatre could use in its lobby to promote the 3-D playdate of the film. No one seems to have one of the display cabinets either.

The display cabinet was described in the presskit:
"The cabinet holds three permanently attached viewers, each containting seven scenes mounted on a revolving reel. Patron presses lever to change scenes. Cabinets are 48" long, 1" high, 10" deep and may be fastened to lobby walls or mounted on stands. You buy the cabinet with three viewers outright for $24.50 each, F.O.B. New York City. Set of three reels (each containing seven scenes) for insertion in viewers, are available separately along with display cards. Order cabinet, reels and printed display card from your National Screen Service branch." (Note: The description in the presskit of the display being 1-inch high was probably an error by the people who assembled the presskit. It probably should have been listed as 1-foot high, based on the photo showing the cabinet.)

The seven sample View-Master images for the Creature movie preview reel.

View-Master Hondo mailer

View-Master® Prevue reel Hondo cardboard holder

View-Master House of Wax mailer

View-Master® Prevue reel House of Wax mailing envelope

View-Master It Came from Outer Space mailer

View-Master® Prevue reel It Came from Outer Space mailing envelope

View-Master® Movie Preview Reels were also issued on sets of 14 high quality 35mm 2x2 slides by a company named 3-D Enterprises.

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Sharing The World In 3-D: Rich Dubnow and Oregon's Iconic View-Master®

Oregon photographer Rich Dubnow knew in his first year of college that he wouldn’t be a great writer.

“But I was an outstanding, thoroughly enthusiastic photographer,” he said.

That enthusiasm led to a job at the iconic stereoscope company View-Master®.

From 1978 to 1997, Dubnow traveled the world photographing icons from Pope John Paul II to the Muppets, all in stereoscopic 3-D.

See a video and read more about Rich and his company Image3D on Oregon Public Broadcasting's website.

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Auction Results

Milwaukee Bucks 3-D Viewfinder Promotional Viewer, Reel and Box

Milwaukee Bucks 3-D viewer, reel and box.Photo courtesy of Gary Dineen

A Milwaukee Bucks 3-D Viewfinder boxset sold for $15 with buy it now. As a 50th anniversary promotion, The Milwaukee Bucks recently gave out 5,000 of these View-Master® knock-offs as a game-night promotion for fans - the oddly-titled "VIEWFINDER". Gary Dineen, the Milwaukee Bucks team photographer, is also quite an avid collector of everything 3-D (but not a big practitioner of 3-D). "Evidently, no one working on this project knew about my 3-D interest," said Dineen, "as I may have been able to contribute some ideas or images, but it's still cool that they did this, converting 2-D images from the archives". This included some of Dineen's photos. "The quality isn't very good, the plastic reel seems to get stuck in the viewer, and seeing the images in focus is nearly impossible with glasses," said Dineen.

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