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3-D items for sale in the Stereo Store.

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3-D items for sale in the Stereo Store.


3-D News


The Three Dimensional Museum Collection of Online Raumbild 3-D Images

The Three Dimensional Museum collects objects collections, publications, images and texts related to three-dimensional imaging techniques.

The collection includes hundreds of diverse objects of historical and stereo stereoscopic cameras from the mid-nineteenth century up to modern cameras and digital displays. An important part of the MT section "How does it work?" Where you can find the explanation of techniques and guides stereoscopic viewing 3-D "naked eye" and perform the correct stereo images.

Recording and playback of spatial images can be obtained in several ways, but the collection of exhibits representing prevail MT classic dwuobiektywowa stereoscopic photograph. They also have objects relating to other methods of three-dimensional imaging including holography.

Almost all the exhibits can be seen in 3-D pictures such as stereoscopic images of sets of Raumbild World War II books available online, among references to many other 3-D publications.

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Zorro 100th Anniversary Trading Card Set features 18 3-D and Six Lenticular Cards

Zorro 3-D card art.

A successful Kickstarter campaign will produce a Zorro 100th anniversary trading card set, including 18 anaglyphic 3-D cards and six lenticular motion cards.

The card series includes:

  • A 180 card set broken up into numerous subsets covering a visual history of Zorro from his beginnings in Argosy Magazine through the silent film era, the 1930s/1940s movies and serials, 1950s TV show and the more recent movies as well as the comic books of the 1950s on up through American Mythology's current Zorro Comic Book series. These 180 cards also feature 18 different newly created anaglyph 3-D cards by Christian LeBlanc.
  • A selection of 'flicker' Lenticular Motion Cards!
  • Limited Edition Graphite Realism portraits by long-time official RRParksCARDS artist Macarie Claudiu (who did the official portraits for card series The Three Stooges, Sharknado, Quatermass and the Pit, and Mystery Science Theater 3000).
  • Sticker cards of classic Zorro movie one-sheet posters.
  • Beautiful American Mythology Zorro comic cover cards created by those great folks at Faerie Metal.
  • Four different genuine 35mm Zorro Movie Theatre-Used Cell Cards.
  • Free pair of 3-D glasses in each box or Master Set plus a FREE Zorro Mask you can wear!

What's in the Box?
With each full, sealed box of The 100th Anniversary of ZorroTrading Card Series you will receive all 180 base and subset cards (a complete set) PLUS a FREE pair of 3-D glasses and a Zorro mask. Plus you're guaranteed chase cards: 1 lenticular motion card, 1 sticker, 1 Genuine Movie Cell Relic Card, 1 Limited Edition Macarie Portrait Art Card, 1 printing plate, 1 Original Art Sketch Card and 1 Genuine Production printing Plate, 1 Limited Edition Metal Box Topper Card ... plus some bonus goodies (including the 30+ mini clipout cards printed right on the packaging).

What's in the Master Set?
If you want the Master Set you get all 180 different cards, the complete set of lenticular motion cards (currently planned to be 6 different), all 4 different Cell Relic Cards (each with a unique cell or pair of cells -- no two cards are alike), all 7 Limited Edition Macarie Portrait Art Cards, all 10 different Zorro Stickers, all 9 different American Mythology Comic Book Cover Metal Cards, at least 1 genuine printing plate and one original art Sketch Card plus more! The Master Set gets you everything!

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Stereo World Magazine, September/October 2019, Vol. 45, No. 2

Stereo World magazine cover art

The September/October 2019 issue of Stereo World magazine is now available

Inside this issue:

3D-Con 2019
Gordon D. Hoffman 1937-2019
3D-Con 2020
Stanley Julius Morrow - Frontier Photographer of the Kakota and Montana Territories
Editor’s View
50s Flavored Finds
The Society
Classifieds and more!

Join the National Stereoscopic Association and get six issues of Stereo World magazine with your annual membership.

To order individual printed back issues of Stereo World from the past three years only, write to:

Back Issues
P.O. Box 86708
Portland OR 97286

Or, email

Back issues are $8 each postpaid in the U.S. and $10 each for international shipment.

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Johnny Carson vs. Jack Kirby

By Robby Reed - Dial B for Blog

In 1982, comic book legend Jack Kirby was labeled a "con man" on national television, by a world famous comedian! Only this was no joke.

It all started when Jack and Ray Zone did a 3-D comic book called Battle for A Three Dimensional World.

Like many 3-D books, the comic came complete with its own set of 3-D glasses. The glasses had some art from the book printed on the frames, along with the credit "Designed by Jack Kirby, King of the Comics."

NBC's The Tonight Show was hosted by Johnny Carson. Around the time Battle for A Three Dimensional World came out, a local TV station in Los Angeles was running a 3-D movie hosted by Elvira. As a promotion, they were selling 3-D Xglasses at 7-11 stores for $1.50 a pair. Carson had been joking about the glasses, so his staff got him a pair to wear on the air one night, while he did his monologue. Except the glasses weren't from the Elvira hosted movie, they were from Battle for A Three Dimensional World. Carson didn't know that at the time.

The show began, as usual, with Ed McMahon announcing, "HEEEEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!" When Carson came out and put on the 3-D glasses, the audience roared. The Ed told Johnny to read what was Xprinted on the inside of the glasses.

He did, and saw the credit on the right: COLLECTOR'S GLASSES DESIGNED BY JACK KIRBY "KING OF THE COMICS."

Battle for a Three Dimensional World  3-D glasses

Carson associated the term "comic" with "comedian." Johnny knew plenty about comedians, and he had never heard of any comedian named Jack KIrby. So Johnny said, "Who is Jack Kirby? He's king of the con men as far as I'm concerned."

I happened to be watching The Tonight Show on the night this happened. At first I was thrilled when Jack got mentioned, but then Johnny called him a con man. I loved Johnny and watched his show every night. I knew he was speaking out of ignorance, so I couldn't hate him. Besides, comics had been dumped on for decades by the whole world. All comic fans were used to that. What was one more swipe?

But according to Mark Evanier, Jack was watching that night, and Johnny's words upset him greatly. Kirby had his lawyer, Paul Levine, contact The Tonight Show, to demand a retraction, and threaten to sue them for libel. Evanier also spoke with Carson's producer, Freddie DeCordova, who suggested he write Johnny a letter. He said he'd get Johnny to read it on the air. Two weeks later, after Johnny returned from an extended vacation he apologized. Carson said, "I have to start with an apology tonight, and I mean sincerely...we don't know as much as we might think. Mr. Kirby is the "King of Comics" because he created or co-created such classic comic book characters as The Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, and many others. As a matter of fact, the main records book on comic history, The Steranko History of Comics is dedicated to Jack Kirby. We are very sorry."

I saw this show too. It was a wonderful moment for comic fans across America, with one exception: Kirby co-created Spider-Man? Sigh. They'll never get it right, I thought. Then Johnny went on to say that the situation had been explained to him in a letter from Mark Evanier, and noted that Jack Kirby had recently been honored at the recent American Booksellers Convention, held in nearby Anaheim, California. According to Evanier, Carson also sent Jack Kirby the most sincere form of apology imaginable, a check for a considerable sum.

It was a happy ending, but Jack never really got over the incident. It wouldn't have happened to the boisterous, highly-visible Stan Lee! "If you don't fill in the word balloons," Kirby once said, "They don't give you credit for anything."

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Auction Results

Rare Murders in the Rue Morgue Lenticular Light Box Comes up for Auction

Phantom of the Rue Morgue lenticular frame

This backlit Phantom of the Rue Morgue 3-D lobby display was created by Warner Brothers for the 1954 horror film starring Karl Malden, Claude Dauphin and Patricia Medina. Although movie-going audiences had been treated to the occasional stereoscopic film, the period from 1952 through 1955 is generally considered the Golden Age of 3-D movies, with this piece coming from the height of that fondly-remembered era. The piece includes a metal light box, which is attached to the framed image.

A Phantom of the Rue Morgue display is currently up for auction at Bruce Hershenson's eMovieposter website. One of these came up for auction in 2008 and it sold for $657.25 with six bids.

Hershenson's site also has several rare 3-D related movie posters for sale include one sheets for the 1955 Revenge of the Creature and 1953 It Came from Outer Space, 1954 Creature from the Black Lagoon and 1955 Revenge of the Creature window cards, six 1953 It Came from Outer Space lobby cards, a lead print block for 1953's 1953 It Came from Outer Space and many more.

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