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Using Online 3-D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image to Make a Stereo Pair

The website 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image lets you upload a 2-D facial image and convert it to 3-D. The 3-D preview can then be rotated to show the depth of the face. Using screen grab, a left and right stereo pair can be made from the reconstruction using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. We used a black and white original 2-D photo to make the cross-eye stereo pairs shown below.

The 3-D reconstruction can also be downloaded as an *.OJB file. Read more in the 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression scientific paper.

You can also sharpen the facial image using the photo enhancing app Remini. Remini allows five free enhancements per day or charges a subscription for unlimited use.

Gina 2-D to 3-D conversion to a stereo pair.
2-D to 3-D facial reconstruction made into a cross-eye stereo pair.

Gina Howser colorized 3-D  conversion.
We colorized the black and white version using online colorizer.

Gina Howser refocused photo.
2-D photo enhanced with the Remini photo enhancing app.

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Stereo-Rama and Other Italian Makers of View-Master® Look-Alikes Book

Stereo-Rama and Other Italian Makers of View-Master® Look-Alikes Book cover art featuring a Stereo-Rama viewer and De-Luxe Box.

When a successful product like View-Master©® is invented, knock-off versions are always seen. The book Stereo-Rama and Other Italian Makers of View-Master® Look-Alikes is an excellent history and collector's guidebook of some officially licensed internationally produced View-Master viewers and reels along with unofficial copies.

Author Fabio Sabatelli's book about these look-alikes is the first of it's kind dedicated to the Italian makers of viewers and reels compatible with the View-Master® system. It is a welcome and essential addition to the library of books written about stereoscopic collectibles. The book also comes with a 3-D Reelz produced 7-image reel with stereo photos of rare Stereo-Rama

This first edition of Stereo-Rama and Other Italian Makers of View-Master® Look-Alikes has been published in 2020. It is a 158-page softbound book measuring 6 x 8.5 inches. The book is a work in progress and Sabatelli asks readers to contact him to help identify more items that may exist, which would be great additions for future editions.

The book is loaded with full-color and black-and-white illustrations including reels, reel envelope and packaging comparisons of official View-Master® vs. look alikes, projectors, catalogs, and much more.

Chapter 10, Copying the View-Master®, is an interesting look at the legal battles View-Master® went through to protect it's trademark. Sometimes succesful in getting a verdict and fines, but less successful in stopping production. There are comparision images of the View-Master® logo vs. the Stereo-Rama logo, which uses a very similar font. Also pictured are similar design elements for the single reel envelopes and Fairy Tale booklets. It's a great read and should be in every stereo collector's library..

Table of Contents

1 - The View-Master® System
2 - History of Stereo-Rama and Other Italian Makers
3 - Italstereo (1952-1953)
4 - S.L.S.E. Stereo-CIne (1952-1953)
5 - Generalstereo (1953-1955)
6 - I.F.A.S and Stereo-Rama (1955-1958)
7 - Bromostampa (1959-1960)
8 - Technofilm (1960-19??)
9 - Estereocolor
10 - Copying the View-Master®
11 - Bibliography

Appendix 1 - List of Stereo-Rama reels (All makes)
Appendix 2 - Reels issued by Generalstereo
Appendix 3 - Reels issued by I.F.A.S and Stereo-Rama
Appendix 4 - Reels issued by Bromostampa
Appendix 5 - Reels issued by Technofilm
Appendix 6 - Technofilm reels with "French numbering"
Appendix 7 - Reels issued by Estereocolor
Appendix 8 - List of Technofilm packets
Appendix 9 - Bruguiere Catalogs

The Stereo-Rama and Other Italian Makers of View-Master® book is available from Must See 3-D™ Award located in Holland and they ship worldwide. Ronald Schalekamp also has a large variety of other 3-D books, glasses, and vintage products, including custom reels, available for sale on the website. They also buy complete collections of stereo and 3-D items. This can be stereoviews, stereo viewers, stereo photography, View-Master®, 3-D projectors, 3-D camera's or anything else 3-D/stereo.

The Stereo-Rama and Other Italian Makers of View-Master® book receives a "Must See 3-D™" Editor's Choice Award.

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Batman Flicker Rings, Keychains and Gumball Machine Inserts (1966)

Here are some rare gumball machine inserts used to draw kids to buy cool Batman flicker rings and keychains back in the 1960s.

Member Batman Ring Club Lenticular insert View #1

Member Batman Ring Club Lenticular insert View #2

Batman Flicker Pictures Paper Insert

All 12 Batman Flicker Rings

Batman Flicker Picture with Key Chains Paper Insert

Batman Flicker Pictures Uncut Sheet

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.

Pee Wee Herman Uses His Fujifilm W3 Camera to Take a Picture with Snoop Dog

Pee Wee Herman and Snoop Dog look at a 3-D photo  of them taken with a Fujifilm W3 stereo camera.
Pee Wee Herman uses his Fujifilm W3 stereo camera to show Snoop Dog a 3-D photo taken of them.

Pee Wee Herman is apparently a 3-D enthusiast as shown in this video where he visits Snoop Dog backstage. Pee Wee uses his Fujifilm W3 stereo camera to take a 3-D picture with him. Before showing the 3-D photo to Snoop Dog, Pee Wee says, "You're gonna freak out." He also shows Snoop Dog some 3-D video. Snoop Dog is impressed and responds by saying, "Wow...that's next level right there, Pee Wee!" The video was posted on Twitter by Eyes on Cinema.

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View-Master® Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps featuring 3-D items.

Dr. T listed these View-Master® and Nimslo rubber stamps at auction. Starting bid was $24.95 each for the Personal stamps and $19.95 for the Nimslo stamp. The rubber stamps were manufactured by the Stereo Stamp Co. in 1993.

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