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Four Rare View-Master® Collectables Reels Feature Rarely Seen VM Products

The Rare View-Master® Collectables is a series of four reels produced by 3dworldshop.com featuring the amazing world of View-Master® collecting. 3-D photos of rare View-Master® displays, viewers, advertising signs, thermometers and more are featured on the four reels. "I had never seen some of the displays items featured on reel 1," said Van Beydler, Editor of 3-D Review Online Magazine. "These reels feature a awesome images of rarely seen official View-Master® collectible items and copies. Ronald Schalekamp is to be commended for making these available to the stereo collecting world."

Reel one cover art featuring an ultra-rare View-Master lighted display.

Reel 1 - Displays and Other Rarities

  1. Two rare lighted shop displays used for View-Master® promotion.
  2. This rotating ship display holds five Model G viewers.
  3. This lighted display is extremely hard to find. This one was originally used in a shop in Holland.
  4. Two wooden tabletop displays from Belgium and a large carton reel for promotion.
  5. A View-Master® thermometer and a large lighted hanging sign.
  6. The View-Master® promotional globe is one of the most sough after collectibles.
  7. Tyco time. A commemorative tin plate, a nice plastic display and a visitors badge for the factory.

Reel 2 cover art showing a View-Master model A viewer.

Reel 2 - Model A & B + Copies

  1. The large lens model A viewers were the first ever produced. Production started in 1938.
  2. The first model A viewers (left) had one raised ring and "PAT.APPLD.FOR". They are seldomly found.
  3. The somewhat later model A viewer (right) had two rings and two rivets.
  4. Collector Ronald Schalekamp showing the rare large lens, "PAT>APPLD.FOR" viewer.
  5. An all-lbue, a blue-black, a brown and a British model B viewer.
  6. A Russian model B clone with reel and booklet. Made in the early 1950's.
  7. THe Hungarian model B copy was available with a small series of reels.

Reel 3 cover art of Collector Ronald Schalekamp with a lighted viewer.

Reel 3 - Model C + Copies

  1. Collector Ronald Schalekamp showing a lighted model C and 2 rare Swiss Ivolene music boxes.
  2. The Ivolene music box plays a melody when the image of the model viewer is advanced.
  3. A rare View-Lite and a regular light attachment. Also a display-stand for the model C viewer.
  4. The Spanish ARPA-viewer was made in the 1950's. It resembles a VM Model C, but it's bolted together.
  5. The View-Lite Illuminator preceded the Sawyer's light attachment. The Arpa viewer and pretty box.
  6. The bakelite Photo-Scope viewer was made in Sydney, Australia in 1947.
  7. Tele-Visex was another copycat producer. A bakelite and bolted viewer, made by Alto-Relevo in Brazil.

Reel 4 cover art with a Stereo-Rama viewer and box.

Reel 4 - Stereo-Rama and other Italian Makes

  1. The Stereomax viewer was manufactured in france by Offrimex for I.F.A.S./Sterio-Rama.
  2. The "Special" is the mid-level viewer made by I.F.A.S. (Stereo-Rama); with focusing lenses.
  3. The "De-Luxe" is the top-level viewer by I.F.A.S., with focusing lenses and a higher magnification ratio.
  4. The "Italian" View-Master® Model C was likely made by Italstereo, the Italian distributor of VM products.
  5. The Stereoshow projector, mady by I.F.A.S., is the only known Italian stereo projector for VM reels.
  6. Stereo-Cine (S.I.S.E.) and Vis-Ster (Generalstereo) were the first VM-format viewers made in Italy.
  7. Italstereo made its own carton library box, we well as Stereo-Rama, probably by Offrimex in France.

The Rare View-Master® Collectables reels are available from Must See 3-D™ Award certificate.www.3dworldshop.com located in Holland and they ship worldwide. Ronald Schalekamp also has a large variety of other 3-D books, glasses, and vintage products, including custom reels, available for sale on the website. They also buy complete collections of stereo and 3-D items. This can be stereoviews, stereo viewers, stereo photography, View-Master®, 3-D projectors, 3-D camera's or anything else 3-D/stereo.

The Rare View-Master® Collectables reels receive a "Must See 3-D™" Editor's Choice Award.

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Vintage View-Master® Photo Store and Dealer Displays

This photo of a View-Master® display at a dealer show in Scotland is from the UK Photo Trade World June 1955 issue. A tabletop display for the Queen Elizabeth II wedding reels sits atop of a viewing display with a photo of a Model C viewer on the front.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.

Layla Ellis Painted Neon Art Uses Chromadepth 3-D Glasses at Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota, Florida Jan. 26 through Feb. 2, 2021

Layla Ellis paintedneonart promotional image.

Layla Ellis will be participating in the Art Ovation Hotel Autograph Collection Jan. 26 through Feb. 2 at 1255 N. Palm Avenue in Sarasota, Florida. The event is open daily from 4 to 7 p.m. Ellis' 3-D neon art extravaganza incorporates the use of Chromadepth 3-D glasses, which will be included during the event.

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North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau's View-Master® Marketing Program Wins Nebraska Tourism Award

North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau View-Master set.

The Outstanding Marketing Campaign Award for communities with populations 10,000 or greater was awarded to the North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau for the Group Tour View-Master® Campaign.

The North Platte / Lincoln County Visitors Bureau sent group tour operators a mailing that coincided with their current marketing campaign featuring the new Buffalo Bill. The mailing was stamped with Buffalo Bill’s “Buffalo of Approval” and inside the box contained a vintage North Platte postcard and a View-Master®, complete with a reel of images on film featuring North Platte attractions.

The campaign was intended to show operators in a unique way what North Platte and Lincoln County have to offer. Positive responses were received from the mailing and with the booking of a group tour, this single marketing campaign has already returned more than $7 for every dollar spent.

Marketing to 2018 group tour operators is a long-term proposition and the economic impact of this campaign will continue far into the future as relationships continue to build.

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Auction Results

Sealed Ultraman Tomy Japan View-Master® Blister Card

A rare sealed View-Master® Tomy Japan Ultraman packet sold for $326 with 38 bids. The mint condition sealed packet came from the Sheldon Aronowitz collection.

Cover art.

Back of packet.

Ultraman VM monster.

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