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The Hindenburg LZ-129 Reels

The Hindenburg LZ-129 cover art featuring the burning zeppelin.

3D Reelz has produced an outstanding set of two reels with featuring 14 historic images of the famous airship Hindenburg LZ-129. The huge zeppelin, the largest ever built, comes alive right before your eyes.

You are looking at the airship flying past in 3-D, you are inside the LZ-129 as if you were there and you are reliving the final last seconds of the terrible disaster on May 6, 1937. See the bloodied survivors in total shock with horror still in their eyes. Watching these images in 3-D is a real emotional, historical adventure.

The rare images were carefully collected over many years were meticulously converted into stereoscopic 3-D and the results are stunning. "You have never seen or felt the Hindenburg's demise as the airship bursts into flames like you will experience on these reels," said Van Beydler, Editor of 3-D Review Online Magazine. "The disaster is shown for the first time in excellent converted 3-D from photos taken from several different angles. Some of the angles are images I have never even seen in 2-D before. The images are breathtaking and should be in every View-Master® or stereo enthusiasts collection. This set brings back the 'wow" factor of 3-D viewing for me. I kept looking at the disaster photos and seeing more details and emotions with every view."

Reel One - In Flight

  1. The airship Hindenburg, the largest ever built, is nearing completion in November 1935.
  2. The Hindenburg entering its hangar at the U.S. Navy Air Station in Lakehurst, on May 9, 1936.
  3. Controlling the enormous zeppelin took a lot of ground crew.
  4. The Hindenburg promenade windows offered amazing views.
  5. Ground crew surround the gondola before departure from Lakehurst USA on May 11, 1936.
  6. Arrival at Lakehurst (June 22, 1936) after the third crossing from Germany to the United States.
  7. The Hindenburg serenely over Manhattan, a few hours before it exploded, caught fire and crashed.

Reel Two - Disaster

  1. The zeppelin Hindenburg bursts into flames still 65 meters above the ground. Lakehurst, May 6, 1937.
  2. The tail of the airship drops to the ground in a blazing inferno.
  3. The giant German air cruiser comes to a grim and tragic end within 1 minute of the first explosion.
  4. Horror in their eyes. Two bloodied survivors are in total shock after their escape from a flaming death.
  5. One day after, seen from above. The wreckage leaves a zeppelin shaped outline of twisted metal.
  6. Amidst the huge, ruined framework.
  7. Two days after the disaster, The LZ-129 didn't make it into the safety of the empty hangar.

The Hindenburg LZ-129 reels are available from Must See 3-D™ Award certificate.www.3dworldshop.com located in Holland and they ship worldwide. Ronald Schalekamp also has a large variety of other 3-D books, glasses, and vintage products, including custom reels, available for sale on the website. They also buy complete collections of stereo and 3-D items. This can be stereoviews, stereo viewers, stereo photography, View-Master®, 3-D projectors, 3-D camera's or anything else 3-D/stereo.

The Hindenburg LZ-129 reels receive a "Must See 3-D™" Editor's Choice Award.

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