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Wings of the Hawk 3-D Blu-ray is Must See 3-D™

Wings of the Hawk 3-D Blu-ray cover art

Another "Must See 3-D™" film restored to glorious 3-D Blu-ray is the 1956 western Wings of the Hawk, starring Van Heflin, Julie Adams (of Creature of the Black Lagoon fame) and George Dolenz. The film was directed by Oscar "Budd" Boetticher. The Blu-ray is available from Kino Lorber, currently at 40% off the original price. Again, The 3-D Film Archive restoration is awesome. The dedication to quality and detail is saving these films in the 3-D format for film lovers and generations to come.

Gringo miner Irish Gallager (Heflin) is caught up in the Mexican revolution of 1910-11 when corrupt administrator Colonel Paco Ruiz (George Dolenz, Scared Stiff) unjustly seizes his gold mine. Gallager saves the life of guerrilla leader Raquel Noriega (Adams), then finds there’s a price on his head; he becomes romantically involved with her in the course of a series of rescues and ambushes, leading up to Pascual Orozco’s (Noah Beery, The Spikes Gang) march on Ciudad Juárez.

Blu-ray Extras

  • 3-D and 2-D versions of the Wings of the Hawk feature film and Woody Woodpecker cartoon, Hypnotic Hick cartoon
  • Newly Restored in 3-D by The 3-D Film Archive from a 2K scan of the left and right interpositives
  • Full feature audio commentary by film historian Jeremy Arnold
  • 20-minute audio commentary by 3-D expert Mike Ballew
  • Theatrical trailer
  • 3.0 original 1953 high dynamic range theatrical audio mix
  • 5.1 Surround (2020 Compressed 3.0 Midnight Movie Mix)
  • Dual-Layered BD50 disc
  • Optional english subtitles

Van Heflin
Julie Adams
Abbe Lane
George Dolenz
Noah Beery Jr.
Rodolfo Acosta
Antonio Moreno
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez

George Dolenz was the father of actor Micky Dolenz of The Monkees (1966), husband of actress Janelle Johnson Dolenz and the grandfather of actress Ami Dolenz.

Order your copy of Wings of the Hawk from the Kino Lorber website. Help support the companies like Kino Lorber that are releasing these 3-D gems so they can continue to offer additional 3-D titles in the future.

Wings of the Hawk receives an Editor's Choice "Must See 3-D™ Award" from 3-D Review Onlne Magazine.

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BTS Official Film Viewer Kit

BTS Official Film Viewer kit with all the accessories.

BTS Official Film Viewer close up.

Grammy nominated group BTS is adding it's own take on a View-Master® collectible to it's line of merchandise available exclusively to its ARMY membership holders. The specially designed viewer patented by Big Hit Entertainment in 2020 is available in black and BTS's signature purple with a cool purple chrome advance knob. The BTS logo is on the knob and printed on the storage box cover.

The viewer has a built in handle that can be hooked to a special BTS colored lanyard. Photos of the kit also show a mini keychain version of the viewer included with the kit.

Titles of the 3 reel sets revealed during pre-order include:

  • 2 COOL 4 SKOOL
  • O!RUL8,2?

Exclusive to ARMY Membership holders, BTS' Official Film Viewer first became available for pre-order via the Weverse Shop at 11 a.m. KST on Feb. 26, 2021.

The Special Kit priced at $96.32 comes with the Official Film Viewer, a tin case, deco stickers, 8 film reels, mini keyring set and strap, and 7 photo cards. The Official Film Viewer is also available to purchase separately for $40.86, while the 2 COOL 4 SKOOL and O!RUL8,2? reel sets are priced at $11.67 each. The SAY HELLO reel set retails at $35.02.

BTS Official Film Viewer concept art.

BTS Official Film Viewer art from Big Hit Entertainment

BTS Official Film Viewer concept art.

BTS Official Film Viewer art from Big Hit Entertainment

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Colleen Woolpert and the Twinscope Viewer

Art for Colleen Woolpert's Twinscope In Depth Kalamazoo event showing a man using a Twinscope looking at framed stereoviews.

Colleen Woolpert, inventor of the Twinscope, has been featured in an article about her life, work and art, including stereograph images. Read Al Jones' article about Woolpert's Twinscope viewer used in exhibitions at the Smithsonian in Washington, Museum of Modern History in New York, and libraries, archives and other museums on the Second Wave South Michigan website.

The In-Depth Kalamazoo poster shown above is from one of Woolpert's previous exhibitions held from 2019 through 2020. See more examples of Woolpert's work on her website at colleenwoolpert.com.

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Momenta Art Exhibit View-Master® Reel is in the Works

El Camino College is hosting the online exhibitionMomenta by Lauren Kasmer, a multidisciplinary artist, until May 9, 2021. Momenta includes various mediums of art such as non-narrative videos, otherworldly landscapes, wardrobe and furniture installations, photography and more.

Hosting the exhibit online was a challenge for Kasmer, considering past exhibits included interactive art that would include guests which participate in the installations to include invited chefs that would cook thematically related food in relation to her art and also invite people to try on the wearable pieces that were a part of the installations.

Kasmer is also planning on making several announcements of physical items that will be available to acquire from the Momenta website such as one a limited edition View-Master® inspired reel of imagery from the exhibit currently in the works.

The Momenta exhibit is available on the El Camino College Art Gallery page.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.

How to Clean Your View-Master® Model D Focusing Viewer

Model D viewer and box.

Retrofixes.com has an online step-by-step tutorial to help you clean your View-Master® Model D focusing viewer.

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Wolfgang Sell Shares Video of Charley Van Pelt Talking about his Years Working for View-Master®


Wolfgang Sell has posted a video on YouTube featuring the late Charley Van Pelt who talks about his many years as a View-Master® salesman and photographer. He was also a co-author on the book View-Master Memories with Wolfgang and MaryAnn Sell. In the video,

Charley shows newspaper ads from View-Master® dealers across the U.S., advertisements he worked on with some of his clients, merchandising displays, and many rare factory produced deluxe full color View-Master® catalogs, too. At the end of the video he shows some of the stereo cameras he used and many of the packets he photographed over the years.

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In Depth Gospel CD Features Over 300 Anaglyphic Stereoviews

Front and back cover art for the In Depth Gospel CD by Stephen L. Newby created in 2019. The CD contains more than 300 religious stereoviews converted to anaglyphic.

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Revenge of the Shogun Women 3-D Blu-ray 3-D Film Archive Kickstarter Campaign Successful

Revenge of the Shogun Women poster art.

The 3-D Film Archive is currently restoring Revenge of the Shogun Women for a 3-D Blu-ray release in August 2021. Revenge of the Shogun Women is the English language version of 13 Golden Nuns. This restoration will be presented in both BD3D for those with 3-D equipped TVs and projectors as well as compatible anaglyphic 3-D, which will play on any system or monitor.

Due to licensing restrictions, this release is region A and the campaign is available for U.S. and Canada backers only. The 3-D Film Archive is workign on some exciting bonus extras for this release to be announced later in the campaign so check out the Kickstarter page to find out what you might be able to get with a pledge. Past campaign extras have include specially produced View-Master® reels, Blu-ray extra features and more.

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Auction Results

Red Belgium View-Master® Viewer

A red Belgium made View-Master® viewer sold for $837 with 10 bids from eBay seller Keir Neubauer. (twoguystoys).

Red View-Master viewer from Belgium

Blue Model B View-Master® Viewer

A blue Model B View-Master® viewer with black front sold for $612.99 with 33 bids from eBay seller Keir Neubauer. (twoguystoys).

Blue View-Master Model B viewer

16 View-Master® Library Boxes

A collection of 16 View-Master® library boxes sold for $333.77 with 18 bids from eBay seller Keir Neubauer. (twoguystoys).

16 View-Master library boxes.

Sawyer's Tru-Vue Projector

Asking price for a Sawyer's Tru-Vue Projector was $39 with no bids from eBay seller Keir Neubauer. (twoguystoys).

Sawyer's Tru-Vue projector

Sawyer's View-Master® Model D Lighted Viewer with View-Master® Pedestal Stand

A Sawyer's View-Master® Model D lighted viewer with View-Master® pedestal stand sold for $214.06 with 23 bids. Unbelieveably, the eBay seller Keir Neubauer. (twoguystoys) had two sets of these for sale. The second set sold for $213.06 with 12 bids.

View-Master Pedestal Stand with Model D Viewer

View-Master Pedestal Stand with Model D Viewer


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