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The Ultimate 3-D Collection (2002)

Ultimate 3-D Collection box art and accessories.

This special collection showcases three films that were originally presented in IMAX theatres across the country. All films, which were digitally remastered from the IMAX format, are presented in both 2-D and 3-D versions. The package included two pairs of special 3-D shutter glasses for the best quality possible in 2002.

Transform your living room into a multi-dimensional adventure filled with eye-popping digital effects, live-action thrills, and gravity-defying races. This first of its kind Collector's Edition includes everything you need for the Ultimate 3-D Experience!

Titles include: Haunted Castle, Alien Adventure and Encounter in the Third Dimension starring Elvira.

Haunted Castle

A young musician is summoned to his mother's castle in accordance with her final wishes. Upon his arrival, Johnny quickly discovers that things are not as they appear. The castle begins to come alive as materializing spirits lead him to Mephisto (voiced by Harry Shearer), the ghoulish henchman to Mr. D (also Harry Shearer), who makes Johnny a tantalizing offer. The same offer that his mother accepted over twenty years earlier: surrender your soul in exchange for fame and fortune. Experience a whirling visual thrill ride as Johnny explores the underworld of the castle to the explosive climax where Johnny confronts Mr. D and fights to free his mother's spirit.

Alien Adventure

Steadfastly moving through the galaxy, a group of aliens head toward planet Earth in hope of establishing a new home for their people. Little do they know, they're in for the ride of their lives when they land in the middle of "Adventure Planet," a new hi-tech amusement park not yet open to the public Join the Glagoliths in this first full-length digitally animated giant-screen 3-D film and become immersed in a succession of eye-popping adventures NOT for the weak of stomach.

Encounter in the Third Dimension

Join Stuart Pankin and Elvira Mistress of the Dark on a groundbreaking venture into the realm of 3-D filmmaking, where captivating computer generated imagery mixed with live action thrills abound. Encounter early incarnations of the third dimension, from a recreation of one of the earliest 3-D movies ever made to classic clips from Hollywood.

Product Identifiers UPC 0017078991024
Product Key Features 3-D and 2-D Versions
Rating NR
Format DVD
Genre Horror, Horror/Suspense
Region Code Region 1
Number of Discs 3
Release Date Aug. 20, 2002

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The Ultimate 3-D Horror Collection DVD Boxset (2004)

The 3-D Theater is easy to set up: The video transmitter and wired glasses easily connect between your TV and VHS video player, DVD player or other source so you can view the DVDs.

In the box

  • Two pairs of wired high performance 3-D shutter glasses
  • Video Synchronization Controller
  • RCA video cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Plus 3 3-D Movies

Night of the Living Dead

The first zombie movie of its kind brought back to life in gruesome 3-D!

Killer zombies focused on killing every human in sight terrorize a once peaceful countryside. In an old abandoned house, a small stronghold of desperate survivors fight for their lives to keep the zombies at bay. They don't make horror movies like this anymore. Night of the Living Dead will put a shiver down your spine and keep you out of the fridge.

Dementia 13

Francis Ford Coppola's directorial debut is now available in 3-D!

A tangled web of lies and murder haunt the dignified Haloran family as they gather in an eerie Irish castle to mourn the death of Kathleen, their youngest daughter. Louise Haloran must await the death of her crazy mother-in-law while attempting to hide the death of her husband in order to receive her inheritance. Richard Haloran tries in vain to make wedding plans with his fiancée. All the while an axe murderer lurks in the mist waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on this ill-fated Irish clan.

Little Shop Of Horrors

A true cult classic in 3-D!

This film contains murder and mayhem when Seymour, a flower shop employee, realizes he is growing a blood thirsty, man-eating plant. In order to keep his beloved plant alive, Seymour is forced to kill to feed his plant's hunger. Soon our friendly man-eating plant is out of control and somebody needs to stop him!!! Watch this deadly plant fight for its life in 3-D!

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Hondo 3-D Anaglyphic Glasses (1991)

These red/blue anaglyphic glasses were issued for the 1991 Hondo John Wayne 3-D movie.

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View-Master® Promotional Ink Pens

Two pens with View-Master GAF logos

A white View-Master® ink pen and red GAF View-Master® ink pen.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.
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Corridor in the Vatican Library by Michele Mang

Vatican library stereoview

A stereoview of the Vatican library sold for $605 with three bids. The image shows a corridor in the Vatican library by Michele Mang.

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