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Talking View-Master® 5-Reel Pack (1970)

Talking View-Master 5 reel pack image

GAF View-Master® released this 5-reel pack featuring cartoon titles of Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

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Kandao Announces Launch of QooCam EGO 3-D Camera and Viewer

Kandao Announces Launch of QooCam EGO – Portable 3-D Camera to Snap, View, Edit andShare 3-D Content Instantly

Kandao, a pioneering company in the field of VR technology and Ultra-HD video cameras recently announced the launch of QooCam EGO – a pocket-size 3-D Camera to snap, view, edit and share 3-D content instantly. This exciting new device is the very first viewer integrated 3-D camera/viewer combo that allows users to capture special moments in an incredibly immersive first-person perspective. QooCam EGO provides fluid, crisp, and vital 3D videos that show the world in ultra-realistic 3-D. QooCam EGO far exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $30,000 by getting $195,000 in pledges from 656 backers with 27 days to go in the campaign. Early birds that make a pledge get a discount price lower than the suggested retail price, plus other incentives are available. Unfortunately, the "Super Early Bird" price sold out quickly.

Using stereo 3-D technology, the camera lets users capture moments like never before. Unlike other devices that split one image into two to render a fake 3-D effect, QooCam EGO has two lenses to capture the true 3-D footage. The concept of stereo effect comes from the depth perception created by the visual deviation of human left and right eyes. To fully restore the sense of realness, the inter-distance between binocular lenses of EGO is equal to the average interpupillary distance of 65mm. Its revolutionary optical correction algorithm could study and optimize all details involved in the blink of your eye, thus enabling it to create images with incredible depth and excellent realness. Recording at 1920*2160@60 FPS and working together with our HD display technology, EGO displays images at excellent smoothness, brightness and visual comforts, catering you with a boundary-pushing experience that frees you from the dizziness caused by distorted 3-D effect.

“QooCam EGO is more than just a 3-D camera, it is an integrated creative tool that liberates images from the 2-D screen, and it is the first product that solves the easy-viewing issue of 3-D content. The images it produces are more lifelike than ever before, as (according to the company's news release) the video quality is up to four times sharper than 3-D blu-ray movies. "Our mission is to enable photographers and content creators to present their work in the most vivid way possible." QooCam EGO unlocks a new dimension in visual storytelling. 3-D is the coolest way to vlog, allowing you to immerse your audience in captivating stories. With smart editing and unique 3-D effects, our App unleashes your creativity even further.” Kandao CEO Dan Chen said.
"QooCam EGO uses a unique and innovative detachable magnetic 3-D viewer for instant playback, and the clip-on design on both sides effectively prevents it from falling off. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and the camera body weighs just 160g, so it travels easily for any adventure. When going shopping, eating out, attending a music festival, or taking a dog for a walk, users can hang your EGO on their bodies and complete the whole shooting process with one hand. It is cloud storage capable, so capacity is never a problem. Furthermore, it includes a powerful app with smart editing and unique 3-D effects templates to easily create stunning content that can be viewed and shared instantly by uploading to the cloud and generating the unique PIN code. The 3-D video can be viewed in various devices by simply insert the SD card. There’s no need for converting or stitching as the video format is perfectly compatible with major 3-D displayers, VR headsets and social media platforms that support 3-D videos.

QooCam EGO, the world’s first 3-D camera for recording, viewing, editing and sharing memories online instantly.

The editors of 3-D Review Online Magazine hope to be able to review this product in the future.

Kanadao 3-D camera with  viewer attached
Kanadao camera and snap on viewer

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Where are the Original View-Master® Slides Now?

I've wondered many times where the extra 3-D slides might be from images that were not used on the final release of View-Master® reels, because of the limit of 21 images for a 3-reel set and even the 7-image single reels.

What a treasure it would be to find some of those 3-D images that were not used and be able to publish them. It certainly makes sense that more images were taken since there were updated reels over the years that had "different" images. Some, of course, were updated due to changes in attractions such as new Disneyland rides or updated buildings in Vegas, etc.

Does anyone have any information on where these images were or where they might be now? Were original 3-D slides stored at the factory? Were they in the photographer's possession after final images had been selected? Did some of them end up being discarded?

I know when I produced the Branson, Missouri View-Master set and the 100th Anniversary of the Missouri State Fair set, I took hundreds of 3-D photos until I decided which ones of the 21 to include on the 3-reels. Since I photographed and produced the Branson, Missouri set, the originals were returned to me, but I have hundreds more shots from both sets that never made it to the final product.

Some of these lost images may still reside in the possession of photographer's that were hired to do shoots or their family may have the slides if the photographer has passed. We may never see these long lost 3-D images, but who knows. It's a treasure yet to be discovered.

- Van Beydler
Editor - 3-D Review Online Magazine

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Jaws Hallmark 3-D Anaglphyic Poster

Hallmark Jaws poster art

This 3-D Jaws poster was a Hallmark novelty item and originally sold in a cardboard display unit. This poster has the Jaws 30-D glasses attached to the top of the poster. The poster measures approximately 20” x 28” with glasses and the poster without glasses measures approx: 20" x 25”. The poster is made from a heavier cardstock. Ambassador made the 3-D glasses.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.
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Jaws 3-D Japanese Anaglyphic Poster

An anaglyphic Jaws 3-D poster sold for $19.99 with one bid. A second seller offered a lot including four Japanese Chirashi posters from Jaws movies including standard Jaws, Jaws 2 and Jaws 3-D posters. The anaglphyic one from Jaws 3-D came in a bag with a pair of 3-D glasses. The posters measure 7-inches by 10-inches.

Jaws 3-D anaglyphic poster showing the shark coming out of the movie screen toward the audience.

Jaws 3-D glasses and polybag.

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