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Bugs Bunny View-Master® 14-Scene Non-Stereo Reel #P-11

Bugs Bunny non-stereo reel

Sawyer's View-Master® made several 14-image non-stereo reels over the years. Here is one featuring Bugs Bunny. It is reel #P-11.

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Paravision Dreams 3-D Blu-Ray - The Golden Age 3-D Films of Pine and Thomas

Paravision Dream cover art

Paravision Dreams: The Golden Age 3-D Films of Pine and Thomas will be released on 3-D Blu-ray on Sept. 6, 2022. This collection includes three classic 3-D films in glorious Technicolor.

(1953) – Fernando Lamas stars as Dr. Carlos Morales, son of an indentured servant, who rises to power in the state of Georgia shortly after the Revolutionary War. Romance, political intrigue and a plague outbreak in Savannah highlight this lush historical drama. Co-starring Arlene Dahl and Patricia Medina.

DISC 1: Sanagree (1953)
Special Features:
• January 25, 1955 Lux Radio Theatre adaptation with Arlene Dahl and Cesar Romero
• Before/After Restoration Demo
• 3-D and 2-D Release Trailers

Those Redheads from Seattle
(1953) – Four ruby-haired, golden-voiced young women arrive in Alaskan Gold Rush territory to help their father run his newspaper—only to find him murdered. The Klondike gets all fired up as these redheads get work at a salon and search for the killer. Starring Rhonda Fleming, Gene Barry and Agnes Moorehead.

DISC 2: Those Redheads from Seattle (1953)
Special Features:
• Audio Commentary by Film Historians Hillary Hess, Greg Kintz, Jack Theakston and Bob Furmanek
• 2006 Interview with Rhonda Fleming
• Before/After Restoration Demo
• Theatrical Trailer

Jivaro (1954) – Fernando Lamas and Rhonda Fleming team up for this romantic and thrilling adventure, also known as Lost Treasure of the Amazon. Alice Parker (Fleming) arrives at the Brazilian trading outpost of Rio Galdez (Lamas) in search of her fiancé (Richard Denning), an alcoholic engineer who has ventured into treacherous headhunter country on a quest for gold. Co-starring Brian Keith, Rita Moreno and Lon Chaney Jr. 3-D Restorations by 3-D Film Archive

DISC 3: Jivaro (1954)
Special Features:
• Audio commentary with Mike Ballew, Hillary Hess, Greg Kintz and Jack Theakston
• JIVARO: A Shot by Shot Stereoscopic Analysis (8:24)
• Theatrical Trailer

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Palliard-Bolex 3-D Movie Studio Contest (1954)

Palliard-Bolex ran an advertisement in 1954 to win a home 3-D movie studio. The ad offered the winner a choice of "Everything you need to take and show your own 3-D color movies with sound or $3,000 cash.

The prize package included a Palliard-Bolex "DeLuxe" H-16 camera with a 3-D lens and three other movie lenses for taking close-up, long-range and ultra-speed regular pictures, camera tripod, turret lever and trigger handle, viewfinder, mash and brack. lights, microphone, new Bell & Howell 16mm 202 Filmosound recorder, projector with 3-D lens and screen with 12 pairs of viewing glasses. The prize package also included $1,000 worth of film and sound processing allowance.

To enter you needed to send in a name for the Dash puppy. We assume this was in conjuction with Dash diswashing detergent, but the advertisement graphic we found is incomplete. We don't know who the winner was, what prize they chose or the winning name of the Dash puppy that was chosen.

Bolex movie studio contest advertisement

Bolex stereo rig

Bolex camera with stereo adaptor from the Hillary Hess collection.

Bolex projector screen

Rare Bolex projector screen. Photo courtesy of Hillary Hess.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.
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Funeral of Abraham Lincoln - Broadway, NY Hearse Procession Stereoview

Lincoln Funeral in New York stereoview front and back.

An April 25, 1865 stereoview of the Funeral of Abraham Lincoln Broadway NY Procession Hearse Anthony Stereoview sold for a best offer after being listed for $525.

The streroview shows the Catafalque passing up Broadway.After lying in state for a day inside City Hall, Lincoln's body was carried up Broadway in an enormous procession.

On the afternoon of April 25, 1865, Lincoln's funeral procession left City Hall.

After leaving City Hall, the procession moved slowly up Broadway to Union Square. It was the largest public gathering New York City had ever seen.

An honor guard from New York's 7th Regiment marched beside the enormous hearse which had been built for the occasion. Leading the procession were a number of other regiments, often accompanied by their bands, which played slow dirges.

As enormous crowds lined the sidewalks and watched from every vantage point, Lincoln's funeral procession moved up Broadway with storefronts were decorated for the occasion. Even Barnum's Museum was decorated with black and white rosettes and mourning banners.

A firehouse just off Broadway displayed a banner reading, "The assassin's stroke but makes the fraternal bond the stronger."

The entire city followed particular rules of mourning which had been printed in the newspapers. Ships in the harbor were directed to fly their colors at half-mast. All horses and carriages not in the procession were to be taken off the streets. Church bells would toll during the procession. And all men, whether in the procession or not, were requested to wear "the regular badge of mourning on the left arm."

Four hours were allotted for the procession to move to Union Square. During that time perhaps as many as 300,000 people saw Lincoln's coffin as it was carried up Broadway.

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