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StereoPhoto Maker Pro 6.26 Update Now Available

Masuji Suto has released the latest update of the world's best 3-D photo making software tool Stereo Photo Maker.

The newest version is Stereo Photo Maker Pro version 6.26. The new version added reverse conversion (Perspective to Equirectangular) of the feature of Equirectangular to perspective added in Ver. 6.22.

In case you missed it, prior updates to the software also allow you to make 2-D to 3-D conversions using depth maps.

Stereo Photo Maker receives another 3-D Review Online Magazine "Must See 3-D™ Editor's Choice Award" for this latest version. Keep up the great work Masuji!

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View-Master® by Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Gorman (2014)

View-Master album cover art

View-Master® by Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Gorman was a live performance event held in Scotland and England. Ryan and Dan lead you on a playful, sometimes surreal, journey to a distant land and bring you back in under 15 minutes. An intimate poetry performance involving only you, a poet, a sound artist and a retro stereoscope.

To re-create the experience at home you can purchase the book, audio and visuals from the performance. While the live performance cannot be replicated the authors hope the combination of audio and images along with the physical book will allow you to sample the experience at home. Published by Stewed Rhubarb and Invisible Agent records.

A preview of the album tracklist and ordering information is available online.

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View-Master® Super Sounds Projector (2006)

Super Sounds projector purple and silver

Super Sounds Projector orange and gray

The View-Master® Super Sounds Projector came in at least two color combinations. One had a silver/gray ball with purple base and the other an orange ball and silver/gray base. Each projector came with a remote control.

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Vintage 3D Viewer Collection is a Vast "A to Z" 3-D Stereoscope Website

Over 180 vintage stereoscopes are featured in alphabetical order on the Vintage 3D Viewer Collection website. You can click one to see more photos and learn more about it from the 3DIQ to Ziess Ikon Ortho-Stereoscope. Keita Wangari has assembled an awesome collection with high quality photographs and backgrounds of some true stereoscope rarities.

You can search by text list, year, format and material or use the search box at the bottom of the page.

The Vintage 3D Viewer Collection website receives a 3-D Review Online Magazine "Must See 3-D™ Editor's Choice Award" for this great website presentation.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.
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Auction Results

300 Personal View-Master® Reels 1950s

300 View-Master Personal reels in 3 storage cases.

A collection of 300 Personal View-Master® reels sold for $1,735.55 with 32 bids. The reels cam from a military family stationed in Yokohama, Japan for several years. Most of the images are dated between 1953 to 1957. There are also many west coast destination including California images and national parks.

Personal View-Master® Reel with Alfred Hitchcock

A Personal View-Master® reel featuring an image of Alfred Hitchcock sold for $488 with nine bids. After doing some research the seller found out that Hitchcock was filming on location in October 1957 for Vertigo and used the San Juan Batista Mission as one of the locations. Other images identified on the hand-written Personal sleeve included El Camino Real San Juan Batista, the Portico (with Mrs. Mack and Mary), hotel, Castro House (rear) and Trumpet Flower at the Mission.

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