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In memory: Ricou Browning 1930-2023

<a title="Florida Memory, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons" href=""><img width="256" alt="Ricou Browning in his movie costume at Wakulla Springs (15055100304)" src=""></a>

Ricou Browning (Feb, 16, 1930 – Feb, 27, 2023) was an American film director, actor, producer, screenwriter, underwater cinematographer and stuntman. He is best known for his underwater stunt work, especially in the 1954 film The Creature from the Black Lagoon, in which he portrayed the titular Gill-man during the film's underwater scenes (actor Ben Chapman played the Creature on land). Browning reprised the role for the underwater scenes in the film's sequels Revenge of the Creature (1955) and The Creature Walks Among Us (1956). Browning also co-created Flipper with Jack Cowden, and directed a number of episodes of the 1960s television series

Browning made his feature film directorial debut with Salty (1973), which he also co-wrote with Cowden, and went on to direct Mr. No Legs (1978). Browning directed the underwater sequences in 1965's Thunderball, the fourth James Bond film by Eon Productions, as well as the Bond film Never Say Never Again (1983). He also directed the underwater scenes in the comedy films Hello Down There (1969) and Caddyshack (1980). A Florida native, Browning was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 2012.In 2019, he was inducted into the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards' Monster Kid Hall of Fame. Prior to his death, Browning was considered the last surviving original actor to portray any of the Universal Classic Monsters.

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Stereo World Magazine, March/April 2023, Vol. 48, No. 5

Stereo World cover art

The March/April 2023 issue of Stereo World magazine is now available

Inside this issue:

  • 3D-Con 2023,, Buffalo, NY, July 31 - August 7. Come Early, Stay Late
  • 3D-Con 2023 - Call for Papers
  • The New Diableries, Making Modern Tissue Views by Nancy Nehring
  • James Valentine of Dundee, Scotland's Second Stereo Photographer by Peter Blair and Ken Hall
  • A Most Beautiful Bridge by David A. Horine
  • A Stooge's Stereos, Moe Howard's 3-D Slides by Eric Kurland and Lawrence Kaufman
  • 3-D as a 2-D Gag
  • The Unknowns, Can You Identify the Subjects of These Views by Russell Norton
  • Francois Beaulieu (1954-2023)
  • Steve Thomas (1950-2022)
  • Anaglyph Jukebox by Joe PedotoNewViews
  • Editor’s View
  • 50s Flavored Finds
  • Classifieds and more!

Join the National Stereoscopic Association and get six issues of Stereo World magazine with your annual membership.

To order individual printed back issues of Stereo World from the past three years only, write to:

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P.O. Box 86708
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Back issues are $8 each postpaid in the U.S. and $10 each for international shipment.

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National 3-D Day Celebrated on March 21

National 3-D Day logo

National 3-D Day was observed on the third day of the third week of the third month, which fell on March 21, 2023. Many people posted 3-D photos online to celebrate.

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RIP Allan Silliphant

Allen Silliphant

Allan Francis Silliphant was born on April 7, 1941 in Los Angeles. His older half brother Stirling Silliphant (1918–1996) and brother Robert Silliphant (1937–1999) had also been in the movie and television business. Stirling is probably best known from his long career producing and writing. Allan grew up in Glendale, California and studied Biology and Bio-med sciences at Glendale Community College.

In 1968, Silliphant partnered with Chris Condon and co-designed and patented the world’s first single camera 3-D motion picture lens, named “Magnavision 3-D.” They were subsequently approached by Magnavox, so in 1969, StereoVision, a new entity, was founded by director/inventor Allan Silliphant and optical designer Chris Condon.

The 35mm single-strip format printed two images squeezed side by side and used an anamorphic lens to widen the pictures through Polaroid filters for viewing. Louis K. Sher (Sherpix) and StereoVision released the softcore sex comedy The Stewardesses(1969) (self-rated X, but later re-rated R by the MPAA). The film cost $100,000 to produce and ran for months in several markets. Reportedly earning $27 million in North America alone in fewer than 800 theaters, becoming the most profitable 3-dimensional film to date, and in purely relative terms, one of the most profitable films ever. It was later released in 70mm 3-D.

The Condon-Silliphnt Company distributed 3-D movies in North America in the early 1970s, including re-releasing House of Wax (1953.) Some 36 movies worldwide were made with Stereovision over 25 years, using either a widescreen (above-below), anamorphic (side by side) or 70mm 3-D formats.

Silliphant wrote, produced and directed three 3-D features with StereoVision, The Stewardesses (1969,) Supersonic Supergirls(1973) and Surfer Girls (1978,) with aliases such as Alf Silliman, Alf Silliman Jr and Frank Sillman.

In 1971 the duo co-founded Sierra Pacific Airlines. Silliphant married Condon’s daughter Victoria, they later divorced. Around 2000, Allan retired and produced and starred in a series of travel programs shot in North America and Europe.

For many years he promoted a plastic pair of anaglyph glasses that he promoted as superior to cardboard glasses with gel filters, he called his glasses and process ‘Anachrome.’ Many of his 3-D photos are available on his Flickr site: Allan passed away at 81 on Feb, 21, 2023.

Thanks to Lawrence Kaufman for providing the information.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.

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Auction Results

Whiting's Sculptoscope Penny Op Stereoview Photo Card Viewer

Whiting's stereo viewer

A Whiting's Sculptoscope Penny Op Stereoview Photo Card Viewer sold for $550 with 11 bids. The viewer containged approximately 90 cards including titles like the French Cook, Courtship and Marriage, Fun for the Kids, Assorted Comedy, Scenic Adventure, and Comic Situations. Accordign to the seller, the viewer had all original glass with the magnifying glass in good condition. Key and top door work perfectly and the coin operation was in working order to see 15 exciting photos for a penny! The viewer measures approximately 14 x 12 x 7 and weighs about 12 1/2 pounds.

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