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Once again, as a special Halloween treat, the October issue of 3-D Review Online Magazine presents some classic 3-D monster information

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Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D Insectosaurus Toy

Here is a rarely seen Insectousarus Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D gumball toy.

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View-Master® Movie Preview Reel Display Cabinet for It Came From Outer Space

It Came From Outer Space cabinet advertisement.

View-Master dealers advertisement

Here are scans of pages from the 1953 pressbook for the movie It Came From Outer Space listing the availability of the movie preview reel display cabinet and reels during the original release of the film and encouraging theatres to tie-in to View-Master® dealers..

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Creature Collectibles

Here are more collectibles featuring 3-D's favorite golden age monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Horizons Creature from the Black Lagoon Model Kit

Horizons Creature Model

Uncle Gilbert visits The Munsters (1966)

Uncle Gilbert - The Munsters (2022)

Uncle Gilbert toy

The Munsters Uncle Gilbert Wall Decor

Creature wall decor

Uncle Gilbert Enamel Pin

Pin artwork

Uncle Gilbert Danbury Mint Figure

Coffin and creature

Why That Must Be...Uncle Gilbert Model Kit

Model kit box art

Uncle Gilbert Iron-On Patch

Iron-on patch artwork

Uncle Gilbert Shifter Knob

Uncle Gilbert shifter knob

Uncle Gilbert Creature Nodder

Creature nodder

Burger King Creature Toys (1977)

Burger King Creature Toy

Creature figure (1977)

Burger King Creature Toy head and  sealed figure

Creature Head and Creature sealed figure (1977)

Monster cards

Advertisement and four Universal Monsters cards including Dracula, the Creature, Wolfman and Frankenstein (1977)

Burger King booklet

Burger King Adventures with Creature and other Universal Monsters (1977)

Creature Wall Plaque

Creature Wall Plaque

Revenge of the Creature Japanese Theatre Sign

Revenge of the Creature theatre sign in Japan

Huge sign for Revenge of the Creature at a theatre in Japan.

Revenge of the Creature Advertisement

Revenge of the Creature newspaper ad

Revenge of the Creature and Cult of the Cobra double bill newspaper ad.

Visible Creature Model with Real Monster Guts

Visible Creature box art

Visible Creature model from Super7 Atlantis features "real monster guts!"

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Uncle Gilbert Cameo on Rob Zombie's 2022 The Munsters Movie

Uncle Gilbert, Lily and Herman in The Munsters 2022

Uncle Gilbert paid a visit to The Munsters in Rob Zombie's 2022 film.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.
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Keystone Air Transportation Stereographic Library Vol. 1

Keystone Air Transportation Library box set

A Keystone Air Transportation Stereographic Library Vol. 1 boxset sold for $595 with one bid. The set featured stereoviews of the Wright Brothers, Lindbergh, USS Akron, Goodyear Blimp, B-36 bombers, balloons, airplanes and more.

Rome Italy Spithover Stereoviews

Rome, Italy stereoview

Eight Spithover stereoviews of Rome, Italy sold for a total of $3,108.

1800s Wharton Prison Convicts, Raleigh, North Carolina

Prison convicts stereoview

A pair of 1800s stereoviews showing prison convicts from Wharton prison in Raleigh, North Carolina sold for $699 each.

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